Silhouette Cameo Tote and Quick Packing for Scrapbooking on the Go (Crop Packing) 21

Hey Guys!
There is a VERY AWESOME deal going on RIGHT now for the Silhouette Cameo and the New Tote Bag that goes with it at and I HAD to share this bag with you!

If you haven’t played with the Cameo yet, or you are considering buying one, NOW is the time with the GREAT bundle deals has going on now through the 25th.Ā  (Mothers Day! It’s coming!Ā  – Forward this post to your significant others as a GREAT hint šŸ˜‰ LOL!) This Tote bag is normally $95.00 by itself, but with the bundle you’ll save $65.00 on it! šŸ™‚ Can you say “Saaaweeeettt!!!!”

In this video I’m going to show you the Tote Bag and a few essential items I pack for going to a Crop.Ā  I need some kind of die-cutting machine for on the go whether I’m scrapbooking, card making or working on home decor projects – I have lots of room for tools in this bag and then one other bag for my paper and viola “Look Ma I only have two bags at the crop and I still have a hand free!”


YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the Moments!


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21 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo Tote and Quick Packing for Scrapbooking on the Go (Crop Packing)

  • corina daily

    I have the cameo and the pink tote and love them! My hubby and his parents bought it for me as an early B- Day gift and I love that it is easy to take with you and it cuts beautifully!!!

  • MommyMe

    This looks like a fantastic bag! But, I’m a Cricut girl, and I don’t go to crops. I appreciate the product info, nonetheless!

  • kroppinkaren

    Will any of the Cricut Machines fit in here? Megan, I have the exact same laptop! It is a bit of an issue to find a bag for it.

  • Rebecca

    Although I use the Cricut, I am interested in that bag. Would the Expression fit in that bag? It would be perfect if it did for traveling with the laptop, especially since the “real” Cricut bag is beyond a tight fit only for the machine. Any info would be greatly appreciated! I love that bag! Thanks !!!

  • Crystal Nichols

    I want a siillhouette cameo. I have a cricut, but love the versatility to cut SVG’s with the cameo with my make the cut software(made at provo for that, but oh well). What a great deal to get the bag with it. Thanks for sharing Megan šŸ˜‰

  • kscookie

    I’m also curious how this bag would work with the cricut. It looks like it would be perfect to take my expression and stuff when we travel to minimize the bags that I would have to shuffle,

  • Jackiedancer

    Thanks for the info. I’d still love to see you demo the Cameo. I’m a Cricut user and don’t know what features and advantages or differences there are with the Cameo to know if I need to get one. Thank you

  • Dianne Bell

    I am really thinking seriously about buying the Silhouette from Craft-e-Corner. The sale seems to be a great deal. But, I still have reservations about the Silhouette. Is it as great a deal as it sounds or does the product have some set backs? I am, as it is called,”computer challenged”. I guess you could call me a computer nerd. I hate that I cannot move around the computer as easily as others and that is what is holding me back. i do not want to buy something that I will not be able to use. Any suggestions?

  • Stacey Halbgewachs

    O.M.G!!! We have the same laptop! How funny šŸ™‚ Would love to try the Cameo…but DH would so not go for that right now! But the bag is a great Mother’s Day gift idea!

  • Cathy DeCillo

    Really love this bag!!! I also have the same questions as a couple fellow crafters…Will this bag fit the Expression 2. If it will, I will most definitely buy it!!

  • Vanessa

    Also would really love to know…. will this hold a Cricut Expression??? I’ve been looking at the Cgull, but this bag seems to do everything i need!!! I have googled this question, but can’t find anyone who can answer (i’ve even written to Silhouette directly – waiting and hoping for a positive answer).