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Happy Friday My Friends!  Boy Oh Boy Oh BOY do I have some surprises and THINGS to CELEBRATE with you!  I wanted to give you a heads up so you know what’s coming your way and what to be on the Look Out For!  You MAY even want to mark your calendars for a few VERY Important Dates coming up This coming Month, MAY 2012, because we have a LOT happening!!!!

What’s Going On Megan? Why Should I Mark My Calendar!?   Well Let me tell you! 🙂

  • We Have a NEW Schedule for Videos, Posts and Freebies Coming your way so let me prepare you!
  • We have several EXCLUSIVE Content items that Britten and I have been working VERY hard on for several months!
  • We have Prizes and Giveaways you Will NOT want to miss!
  • We have Classes and Workshops ready for you to watch, download and create along with!
  • We have National Scrapbook Day May 5th with a LIVE Video that Night!
  • We have Special Offers and Discounts for followers only!
  • We have a FREE GIFT (A Sample Sheet of Stickers) for EVERY non Digital Product Order in the ARS store!
  • We have BLOGS TO FEATURE! May we are celebrating ALL our crafty bloggers and friends so WATCH for your Blog to be on the list!!!


When Can I Watch for Posts that I LOVE So Much?

  • Monday: Monday’s are kinda Manic, so we will only be posting things that will give you pick me ups! You will RARELY get a post from us on Mondays because time is precious, BUT, THIS Monday (April 30th) we are posting our first VERY Special ARS EXCLUSIVE that will answer the #1 question I receive in the ASK Megan section or emails that I get – EVER. You can NOT Miss Monday’s Post! For the most part though, Monday’s will be an  “off” day that you won’t hear from us too much!
  • Tuesdays: You are going to continue to love and Enjoy Tuesday Tutorials that will show all kinds of wonderful project ideas using a variety of tools, papers, supplies, die-cutting machines and MORE…They just keep getting better! 🙂
  • Wednesdays: Check THIS Out!  Every Wednesday I’m going to be posting a 3 minute or less video showcasing some kind of product!  It could be ANYTHING!  Viva Decor Magic Pens, Silhouette Cameo, Markers, Favorite Papers, ANYTHING at all!  Just something so you can see What’s OUT there (It’s definitely an ENABLER alert so don’t have your hubby’s block me! LOL)
  • Thursdays: TNT Thursdays these TNT videos are EXPLODING with Tips and Tricks!  Every Thursday I’m going to post little tips or tricks that I have found that work just FABULOUSLY whether you’re a paper collector or hard core scrapper, I’m sure you’ll find little pearls of help in these 3 minute or less videos! 🙂 Thursdays will also be the release days of our different classes, workshops and NEW Kits so watch for those!
  • Fridays: We are calling this FREEBIE FRIDAY for a reason! Every Friday I am going to have a FREE Digital download for you my faithful friends and followers!  I have a LARGE library filling up preparing for such an event and we will be giving away helpful resources, tools and even my new line of SVGs that you can use with your eCraft, Silhouette Cameo or SD, Pazzles, Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut Software!
  • Saturdays: Once a Month I am going to CONTINUE Make Someones Day Saturday! We will have different Challenges and surprises On Saturday every Month and for May we are going to host that on May 5th, so be prepared to make something to MAKE Someone Else’s Day!
  • Sundays: Enjoying Life’s Moments this is where I’m going to take more time posting a little more about the personal sides of life.  These posts may involve something crafty, or something about the kids, or a personal struggle, or a goal I want to achieve.  These posts wont happen EVERY Sunday, but watch for them from time to time! 🙂 I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


You SAY Exclusive Content but what does THAT Mean?

  • Hehehee!  I’ m honestly so excited about what we have up our sleeves!!  Britten and I have been working on ALL kinds of fabulous tools and guides to help you further your creativity, save you time, save you money, and help you even earn a little bit too!  You’ll just have to trust me when I say – You’ll want a binder to print out and keep ALL these downloads!

Prizes and Giveaways:

  • May 5th is National Scrapbook Day 2012 – so I’m going to have a FEW prizes for those who participate in our Make Someones Day Challenge!  So start thinking now of a card, a scrapbook page, or something else you can MAKE to Make Someone’s Day!

Classes and Workshops: Guess What They’re HERE!

  • Starting May 1st I have Workshops and Classes You are going to LOVE to add to Your new Library!
  • Classes:  Video classes designed to walk you through step by step various topics and products so that you can master your crafting!  You’ll be able to walk away feeling confident and extra creative with every Video Class You Take! Best part is, once you take the class, it will be stored in your library to watch over and over again, I dare say, its cooler than our DVDs!
  • Workshops: Our amazingly talented team of Instructors are working hard to put together Downloadable, Printable workshops that are like Make and Takes in your own home!  There are wonderful pictures and detailed written instructions for how to create all of the wonderful projects that our talented team creates.
  • LIVE Classes:  We even have LIVE Participation Classes that you will be able to take starting the End of MAY!  I’m SO excited about these classes! More info on those LATER! 🙂
  • Megan Elizabeth Kit: New Kits put together by Myself! I’m THRILLED about these because different from past Club Ruby Kits, these new kits are specific to projects we are going to be instructing, specific techniques we want you to learn, filled with Megan Elizabeth products and special touches AND the lowest possible prices we could offer! (only $29.99 per kit!!!!)

Special Offers and Free Gifts!?!? Sign Me UP!

No need to sign up if you’re already an Above Rubies Studio Backstage Subscriber – but if you’re not – GO ahead and CLICK here TO Sign up!

  • For National Scrapbook Month we are going to give away a FREE Megan Elizabeth sample sheet of Alpha Stickers* with ANY purchase of non digital products in the Above Rubies Studio store!
  • Scrapbands is having some amazing offers and deals we will fill you in on
  • is going to have some fun offers
  • Glue Arts has something to offer you as well

Blog Lists? Am I on It?

You’ll LOVE what we have up our sleeves – we are listing ALL of YOUR Blogs and MORE!  And if we don’t have your blog in our directory yet, we will tell you more about how to get on that list on Monday!  Watch on Wednesday May 2nd and there are great ways to win some FUN things through this comprehensive list CELEBRATING ALL our Crafty Blogging Friends!

Thanks for sticking out this email!  There was LOTS in here!

Have a GREAT Weekend!  We will see you Monday when we will be starting all the Fun!

Enjoy the Moments!


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