Clay Instead of Paper? Check This Out! You Know You Want to! 24

Hey Everyone!  Happy Tuesday Tutorial Day! 🙂

As many of you may have seen and know even from posting here over the weekend I’ve been playing a LOT with the Martha Stewart Crafters Clay kit and I am IN LOVE!  Really in love! You can do so much and have so much fun WITH this clay!  I am not a clay crafter at all!  This is actually only the second time in my life I’ve ever touched the stuff (not kidding because even as a kid PlayDough made me throw up and STILL does, my poor kids!’s a smell thing…ANYWAY!) – SO – This IS the paper Crafters Clay I am not even kidding you.   This feels unlike anything I’ve ever felt before its super light weight, it mixes sooooo easily and dries in this flexi SUPER light weight foamy feel.  Its not all hard and rubbery and tough like I always felt clay is/was.  *(Maybe not all clay is like that I really don’t have a ton of experience) What I DO know is, this is all new to me and is the PERFECT introduction into something that ties perfectly into Paper Crafting.  In this video I’m going to show you TWO ways of making Flower Embellishments from start to finish with clay to USE on your paper craft projects like Cards and Scrapbook pages!


The First Part I’m going to show you how to make a Free formed Rose from Clay.  The exception here is I’m going to flatten and shorted the bottom out so that its essentially a sleek, flattish, 3D rose! It is SO easy too!  You’ll see! 😉


The Second Part of this video is a spin on something I LOVE doing with Paper. I’m going to show how to make a Layered Circle Flower.  This was inspired by Lisa Pavalka and what I do all the time with different sizes of circles and colors and patterns of paper!  See what you think!!

YouTube Preview Image

Now that you’ve seen this…What do you feel you could use the Martha Stewart Crafters Clay For?  Which of the Two Flowers do You Like?  Think You can make one??? (Here’s a hint – I KNOW You can!!!) 

If you’re interested in picking up the starter kit or refills or even extra molds – it is available at – I heard that some Michael’s are carrying it but not all have it available – so if you’re stuck trying to find it – check out the web! 🙂  I can almost promise you wont be sorry giving it a try!  It’s so therapeutic 😉

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24 thoughts on “Clay Instead of Paper? Check This Out! You Know You Want to!

  • Amy S

    OMGosh Megan…how adorable and cute!! I am gonna definately gonna try and get this clay to make some flowers (if U can do it and be beautiful, I can do it to)…I love you, all your videos, tips & tricks, thanxs so much.

    Hugs to u 🙂

  • Patti

    Wow the flowers are beautiful. At first I didn’t think this would be something I’d want to try but the video really showed how easy it can be. I’ll give it a whirl. I want to feel how light it is because it seems that it would be bulky on a scrapbook page or card. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sue

    I love it. I am also a paper crafter and I think normal clay would be to heavy for the paper but this looks perfect. I like the layered flower best but both are beautiful. I would make them both. Thank you for showing this. I will have to get some. Oh my something else to buy LOL


  • Pamela

    I haven’t purchased the Martha Stewart crafter’s clay, but it seems a lot like the Crayola Model Magic that’s been marketed to kids for years. Just a tip…you can add color to the white by using magic markers, too. Just write on the wet clay and massage it in. And you’re right. It’s a really cool medium!

  • Shau

    Hi! Glad you discovered clay! I love playing with clay! I don’t (and wouldn’t) use the Martha brand but I love Premo and Sculpy. The Ultralight version is so light and airy too! Since you’re new to clay- I’ll give you a hint someone gave me way back when. To make your projects look even more beautiful and professional, don’t use the clay straight from the package. Always (well almost, not with black, white, or maybe some pearlized options) mix at least 2 colors to together to create a custom blend. It really gives it a designer look! Also, if you’re going to start using polymer clay, you MUST get a pasta machine. I teach mixed media art to kids so I had to buy several and got them inexpensively at Michael’s with a 40% coupon. I just had to go back and send my DH back to use the multiple coupons- lol! If anyone here wants to learn more and really get into it or even a little bit, I recommend a site I go to that is amazing! I have nothing to do with it except be a member who loves it. Cindy Leitz is the teacher’s name. The site is If for some reason the link doesn’t work just google her name. She even has a beginners basic video. I realize there are tons of lessons all over the internet but hers are the best I’ve found! Have fun with clay everyone!

  • Connie

    I have a few pretty embellishments made from a friend using clay. I’ve wondered how she did it and now I know! I think that this might be something that I would enjoy doing. Thanks for sharing the video. 😀

  • Melissa D

    Very good job, I dabble in clay, and I love it. Thanks for the ideas on the roses, I make mine a bit different, but this looks like a nicer way. Thanks for sharing.
    Melissa D

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Thanks so much for doing this video, Megan ! When I first saw this product listed as a new product shown at CHA I thought it looked like fun and something I would like to try. I’m not a clay crafter either, although I do love play doh and moon doh and have always been one of those mothers and grandmothers that bought it and played with the kids with it. You have convinced me that I really do want to purchase one of these kits and will enjoy creating with it. Your flowers are so pretty and your sparkle lights add just the right touch to the clay.

  • MommyMe

    I have been somewhat interested in trying metal clay. But I’m intimidated, it’s a big investment, and I’m NOT looking for a new hobby. However, this seems like the perfect thing for dabbling in to accent paper crafting. Also, my 5 year old just brought home a school project she made with something quite similar. How can I be intimidated now? Thank you for letting us tag along as you explore new things, and encouraging us to grow with you!

  • Rebecca

    The flowers are stunning! I am definitely going to give it a try thanks to your video. I would not have even considered trying this if you had not shown this to us!

  • Laura

    Really enjoyed this segment on clay roses. I have used clay to some extent in my scrapbooks, however, I have not tried doing roses. That will be my next clay project. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mindy

    Looks like a neat kit, but it does look like the stuff Crayola has been making for years. You can even get the Crayola stuff in huge tubs at Michael’s. The molds look like the ones in the candy/cake making section for buttermints and fondant. Might check it out to see if it’s a cheaper way to refill and expand your mold collection.

    I’m glad your having so much fun with clay. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sharon

    Love the tutorial … am I the only one that this video pops, crackles and echoes for? Just wondering if it’s my computer or the video.

  • betty

    looks great and a lot easier than the roses i used to do when cake decorating will go to see about ordering a kit keep the ideas coming love ya betty

  • Vicky Hale

    I think I would like it. Your free form flower is the best, I like that. It might be cool to use the clay to make a seal, like on a love letter or award (best Daddy in the world card)

  • Steph

    Thanks for the video, this is a lot like the paper clay the stamping up use to carry when I was a demo. What we use to do is flatten it out stamp on it cut it into a shape and use it for a christmas ornament

  • Helen

    These are so darn pretty. So happy you made this video for us. I will definitely try my hand at making these lovely flowers. Thanks Megan!

  • Lorraine Padden

    i’ve been patiently, well maybe not, for you to post a video about MS’s new clay products.WOW- going to CC now to place my order.
    Thanks for your great videos.
    Lorra ine

  • Janine Kloiber

    I love the idea of using clay. But would it be a effecting the life time of my scrapbook pages? I would like to integrate the flowers in my heritage album, but I am a little worried….

  • kim

    I got all the molds on sale at Joann’s and have been having a blast with this clay. Thanks for sharing the flowers without molds helps me to think outside the box! LOL! Thx for enabling me once again, Kim
    Love your site and check it out all the time.

  • Jennifer Gagne

    Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you liked playing with the clay!!! I teach both Paper-ed and Wilton Cake decorating classes at Michaels and I love the way the two craft forms are starting to overlap! This clay is just one more way that my cake decorating skills (using fondant and gumpaste) can be applied to my scrapbooking. It’s so exciting 🙂 Great tutorial!