Opps! Did You Miss This? 7

Here are all the videos from National Craft Month you may have missed. Lots and lots here and I didn’t get to post them all individually on AboveRubiesStudio.com –

This is the Play list of all the videos – Take some time and scroll through – there are 45 or more videos here!

All the videos done were based on projects made with Club Ruby Kits – While Club Ruby has been discontinued – I’m still working with craft-e-corner.com to bring you all new kits, classes and workshops right from AboveRubiesStudio.com

The Only Kits that are Left are:

Christmas Theme: Be Merry

Love Themed: I’m In Love

Halloween Themed Kit: 10/11 Club Ruby

The Boys Themed Kit: Fancy Pants

Summer Theme: Summer Days of Fun

Thankful for Home Theme: Home Sweet Home

End of Summer Theme Kit: Kaiser Bird

Spring Themed: Owl My Mind’s Eye

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7 thoughts on “Opps! Did You Miss This?

  • agnes

    hey megan, i want to wish you a very Happy Easter!

    psss! and i am bookmarking this page for when i have extra time to watch them, since it is time for gardening in my house. šŸ˜€


  • Sonia Rowe

    Either it is me or I am having a hard time finding the videos. Underneath card video you wrote check out playlist. Where is the playlist?


    • Sonia Rowe

      Hey Megan….just had a AHA moment!! Founfd the playlist. Have never seen tabs under the video. Woohoo now I can look at all of yoour awesome videos!!

      May you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!

  • steph

    Hope your Easter is a blessed one. Thanks for all the vidio. Have a question which of your machine do you use the most your cameo or your pazzle and why. Thanks