Nesting Dies – In Your Favorite Color! 37

***UPDATE!  The Nesting Dies are NOW IN!!***


Ok maybe not ALL of your Favorite Colors BUT – I do believe in many of you (from votes you gave me on Facebook) a LOT of your favorite colors – PLUS it is becoming the color that you are becoming used to seeing with Megan Elizabeth…


I now have THREE Sets of Nesting Dies Ready for you!!! There are three different sets all in this GREAT “Bachelorette” Pink color that we just love!

Here’s a shot from my room because they aren’t in the store yet 😉 (OK THEY ARE NOW IN!  EDIT!

I just wanted to show you really quick:


I took On Sheet of Paper Layerz and the All Around (scalloped circle) Set of Nesting Dies and Party Girl Sparkle Lightz – I also used the Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz in Limelight, Wrap me in Chocolate and Bachelorette to edge the dies.  (Edgerz are not yet available, but will be soon!  The colors are made to go with the different shades of colors in Paper Layerz line.  So for example the Lime Light green blends well with both the greens on Waiting in line, but is a perfect match to the Lime Green color on the Perfect Gems Happy Dots sheet!)

I used a Kraft Card Base and dotted in a Sparkle light with White Gel pen around the card and Viola!  Card in 5 minutes!  The HELLO sentiment is using the Bachelorette Alpha Stickers available RIGHT now! 😉

You can see what Products are Currently Available at the Shop – Right HERE!  See you soon!

Enjoy the Moments!

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