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Why you need to Sand before Decoupage

Hey Everyone! Tanner Bell here with your TNT video!


This week we our talking about my one of my Favorite crafts, Decoupage with Mod Podge! It’s real simple and fun. Just make sure that you do it the right way. I always like to get the wooden boxes, Frames, Etc. From your local craft store decorate with Paper and Mod Podge. So, When I first started I didn’t know that you needed to sand other things (Like a Chair I’m featuring today) I wanted to give you some tips and tricks about it!


Make sure to watch the video below :

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I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me share with you some pictures of the chair. I sanded the top of the chair and it’s stayed down FANTASTIC! But, The legs were super EASY to pull up.

A lot of Products have gloss over them and thats what we really need to sand down, Where it’s more smooth like. 


The Chair Leg before….


After just a LITTLE pulling…. It looks JUST like there was no paper or ANYTHING there before!


The top I actually sanded PROPERLY

So Make sure you Sand, Here’s a picture of what it looks like to sand. You want it to look something like this. It’s nice where you don’t have the “Gloss” feel. Then you will find that your mod podge stays and will last a lifetime!


Make sure you pick your place to Sand wisely because you will make a mess!


Hope this Tip and Trick posted helped you and will save you Time, Energy, and money so you don’t create something and find the mod podge don’t want to stay. I love decoupage and I knew many of you all did too, So I thought I could inform you all. Specially the new ones. I had a different TNT planned for today, But I didn’t have enough salt for the TNT. So for my next TNT I’ll show you how to make Play Dough. Super easy and FUN!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Thursday!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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