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Happy Tuesday!

Today is a super exciting day – as I write this I’m sitting in my parents living room and prepping for a big day tomorrow! I can’t share all the details – but it has to do with Television and praying for dreams to come true!  I can’t wait to see what happens to to share more about this when I can!

Megan Elizabeth scrapbook hand

It’s been a really rough week – on Thursday some of you may know from Facebook – I slammed my right middle finger in the van door and the door latched close. I dislocated the knuckle and severed a nerve in the finger – it’s so bruised and swollen and awful and I’m just hoping it doesn’t affect things negatively tomorrow because it still looks really bad and is still causes a lot of pain. I’m thankful for all the well wishes from so many of you!

I’m doing all I need to with ice, pain meds, elevation etc….It’s gotten better – but WOWSER! It’s been a week of weeks!


This tutorial thankfully was filmed BEFORE this happened.  So, I have a Tuesday Tutorial for you today that I uber love!

I used the Basic Foundations pack from Three Birds the HSN exclusive  – I LOVE this! I used the Orange chevron pattern in last weeks Tuesday Tutorial card and now this week I’m using several other sheets to create this bright and easy to recreate scrapbook layout. The fun part of this layout is creating the “hidden” journal tags and messages in the page. Ways to still tell your story with the photos, but not have it out there for everyone to read.  I gave a bad sounding example in the video I created, but I think you’ll get the picture of what I mean!

YouTube Preview Image

I hope to see some of you inspired enough to recreate this for yourself! Tag me in Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter if you do recreate it I would love to see it! 🙂

Enjoy the Moments!

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32 thoughts on “How to Make Hidden Messages and Journal Tags in Scrapbooking

  • Sharon v/d Westhuizen

    Hi Megan

    I’ve tried to watch your video a few times already, yet I still get the same message:
    “This video is private.” So I’m unable to watch your Tuesday tutorial, so sad. 🙂

    I hope this will be fixed soon, so I can watch the video. 🙂



  • Mindy

    I get the same message as Sharon! Hopefully it is just a flick of the switch to make it so that we can see you! I hope your hand heals quickly…

  • Ash

    Had the error message too. On the iPad, just go to settings, safari, private browsing and switch it to ‘on’. That sorted the problem. Lovely video! Hope this helps.

  • Lynette Sadowy

    Oh my goodness, that looks SO painful. I actually cringed when I saw the photo. How awful for you, especially with a TV appearance ( I think?) coming up. Just as someone who uses her hands so much you must have been worried. If no one else has suggested, get some Arnica gel. You can buy it at Walmart or any drug store (Walgreens etc.) It really takes down the swelling and bruising faster than anything else. You can take it in pill form, but the topical gel is the best. Good luck with your other ventures this week, and pleas know that I’m praying along with everyone else for your full, speedy, recovery. Thanks for sharing your talents with us every week. God Bless.

  • Deborah Horn

    Hi Megan!
    Love the tutorial. My little 9 year old granddaughter and I will be trying our hand at making one of these
    today. The tutorial gave me lots of ideas. My sweet and wonderful hubby is on the look out for the glue glider gun you use. I had and ATG. It would work fine for awhile, and then bam! I would have the tape messing up or peeling off in globs! Finally it bit the dust, before I bit it. LOL! When I first purchased it, I was
    impressed. I have severe arthritis in my hands and the bulk of the ATG would make my hands hurt. I was
    forever asking hubby to open it so I could change tape. If there is a place in Heaven for discarded glue guns, may it rest in peace. The concept was great, just lacked ease in use.

    Keep those tutorial coming! LOve them!
    Take care of your hand. OUCH!!! makes me hurt to look at it. Good luck with the TV endeavor. Hope all works out for you. You bring so much enthusiasm to what you do, it makes others want to purchase product and be creative. You are a real gem!

    Debbie Horn

  • kim

    OUCH! Thanks for the tutorial though- Now I want that paper- you have a way of getting me to spend. I just spent too much on HSN craft day yesterday already! 🙂 Good luck and dying to know where on tv you will be?

  • Mabel

    Very cute layout Megan…love those happy pics! The sight of you hand made me shiver. I just can’t imagine the pain. Heal fast…my prayers are with you!

  • Debbie

    Great video and tutorial and I am so sorry about your accident. The picture of your poor hand is so painful looking that it made me cringe. Praying for your quick recovery

  • Irene Baker

    I had no trouble watching the video. Very cute layout. Hope your day goes well today, and you are able to “punt” regarding your television spot. Remember you have a lot of people rooting for you!!! Thanks for the tutorial..

  • Marilyn Coleman

    Yep you’re so good message was hidden well! Now if you could teach me how to do that little trick.of yours I would be ever so Happy!
    Just kidding I’m not getting it either, hope fixed soon. Hope your hand heals faster. Blessings to you.

  • Connie Gage

    Wonderful video, love all your scrapbooking and card making, always want MORE etc… keep them coming. Love them. OUch for your poor hand, hope it heals up quickly but looked awful and very painful for you. You poor thing.

  • Shelly Baker

    Great Video! Thanks for showing how to use different colors and patterns that I wouldn’t typically think of using. I can’t wait to try this one out.

  • Carme

    Hi Megan~ I really enjoyed the video! I have a new stack of paper with chevrons and hexagons…I want to make something similar~ Thanks for the neat idea~
    I hope your hand feels better soon! When I saw the picture, it made my hand hurt to look at it. I pray for it to heal quickly~
    I cant wait to see what your new TV adventure is~ whatever you do, i Hope that you will continue to inspire your MANY MANY fans! We need you and would be so lost without you!
    May God Bless You today and everyday~

  • Pam

    Hello. I love all your wonderful ideas and inspirations. You are in my prayers for a quick & full recovery. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw the picture of your hand. It was painful to look at. I have a question. What brand is the paper trimmer you were using in this tutorial? I need a new one and I love how well that one works.

  • SandraRW

    Ouch, I am sympathizing with you. I fell at the beginning of Feb. and broke my arm. The therapy is extremely painful. Hope your finger recovers quickly. Can’t wait to see what “you have up your sleeve” now with the TV tease. Praying you and your family have a blessed Easter.