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Hey! Happy Thursday!

I like having videos for you guys for these things, but I haven’t quite gotten everything up to editing and posted yet, so I’m sharing this little Sketch Book I made!

If you’ve been following ARS for awhile I’m sure you’ve already downloaded your own SKETCH SHEETS for Cardmaking and Scrapbooking. (If you haven’t, GET THEM HERE NOW!)

Well, I found this little notebook laying around the house. It was just a plain Kraft cardboard Notebook with a button closer.  Inside are just plain white sheets – no lines nothing fancy, just a plain notebook. And I thought, ooo, this is such a GOOD size to throw in my purse and use it as an actually inspiration/idea sketch book!

I don’t always sketch out the layouts and cards that I make for tutorials and such, but ONCE in awhile an idea hits me (I had one the other day and didn’t sketch it and now I CAN’T remember it darn it!) and I like to jot it down to create it later.  This is also a great tip because planning can help you save money and time when you DO get moments to sit down and create!

So I made this cute little cover for it!

I used the BE YOU Paper Kit from Fancy Pants Designs – this is CURRENTLY my FAVORITE collection out there and you can get the entire “kit” right here. Now don’t go buying them all, because I need to get more of this paper! 🙂 The “Be You” on the front of the notebook is actually the packaging from the bottom 1/4″ strip on the Scrapbook Papers in the Collection (USE THE PACKAGING!)

I also used a piece of Black, swiss dot Washi Tape that was in my drawer (Don’t ask the company/brand I don’t know!)

I used Bachelorette Pink Ink Edgerz and Megan Elizabeth Mini Stickers for the word “Sketch Book”

And Viva Decor Pearl Pen to give a little dimension and also “cover up” the mistake around the button already on the Sketch book.  If you look closely, I just glued down paper all over the front, and the flap already had a button on it.  I thought oh I’ll just cut out a hole in the paper and it will be great…well, it wasn’t as “clean” as I wanted it to look so I encircled it with Viva and Viola! It looks great!



Enjoy the Moments my friends! Hope you enjoying sketching projects out!  Please, feel free to post pics on facebook and tag me or links in the comments here so that I can see what you sketch and what you create!  You never know what could happen when you do 😉

PS – The Above Rubies Studio store is back up and running!  🙂  YAY!  SO you can get your Mystery Boxes again!  Can’t WAIT for Cropped!

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9 thoughts on “TNT: Sketch Book Projects

  • judi farrell

    I am not seeing any picture of the sketch book you made. Where is it?? All the links mentioned in your explanation are all for products and not the sketch book. Not sure where to look. HELP!!! 😉

  • Marissa

    I am so excited! Just got my box today and I am going to attack it!!! Feels like Christmas! I think that polka dotted tape is from the Smash book collection? Your sketch book turned out so cute!

    • Megan Elizabeth

      I am SO excited about this event! We are going to have SOOO Much fun Sept 21-23 – that’s WHEN ALL THE MAGIC happens!

  • Karen

    I love your ideas for the sketch book. I’m 6th grade teacher and I’m going to have my “kids” jazz up their school journals this school year by having them give their ordinary composition notebooks a personal touch using techniques. It’s my hope that my kids fall in love with writing by letting them express themselves not only with writing, but their artistic style. Thanks Megan!

  • MommyMe

    I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, and left a comment. Then, I realized the comment posted with the pic, not here. Oh, well!

  • Elizabeth Morris

    What an awesome project!!! I am still in awe that with all you are going through, there’s a new post or project or video from you almost daily!! And I am so Glad to hear that people are really responding. We will make you SMILE yet!! C’mon everyone!! The MAKE MEGAN SMILE PROJECT is in full force. Forego that $5 starbucks or even the $1 candy bar and save the calories while helping our dear friend Megan get her smile back. Send your smile donation through paypal to (Megan has confirmed this goes directly to her).