CTO: Rest Easy Music Video 19

I know my Check This Out videos are USUALLY about new Scrapbooking supplies or tools and whats hot and how tos and such…BUT!

My dear friend Cindy Guy from PA has entered a Music Video contest and shared with me this video and I HAD to share it with you all to check it out!  You don’t have to do anything but watch it and be encouraged by the music, I know I am.  REST EASY….

You know, going through many things in life right now, still healing with this teeth/jaw surgery, personal struggles and more, RESTING has NEVER been something that I “do”.  Megan doesn’t REST, she’s not STILL (I can barely be still long enough to let the Viva Dry!), but it’s something God wants so badly of us.  To let HIM take our burdens, to rest, to heal, to be relieved.

After what many of you had started with this “Make Megan Smile” project, RESTING EASY Is just what God prove He wants me to do too! It’s amazing and my heart is so thankful and overwhelmed! Thank you Elizabeth, and each and everyone of you who know who you are and what you have done. THANK YOU!

I’m NOT trying to preach at anyone here, so I hope you don’t take it that way.  And this music may not be everyone’s cup of tea! I can hear the comments now “Megan I watch you for crafting tutorials, stick to that would ya?” I know, and that is where my passion is, but I’m much more than a crafter, and I thank you for taking your time to read this blog and to share life with me!


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19 thoughts on “CTO: Rest Easy Music Video

  • Jane Dubois

    Oh, Megan… Thank you so much for this video. I was feeling so down today, feeling caught between everyone’s negative opinions of me and one another. The only light I’ve had today was a lady who gave me game pieces that she didn’t want from the supermarket (she didn’t have to go out of her way to do that) and this video. Hopefullly I can re-group and find some more joy today. You are a blessing to me today. God love you.

  • Penny Haskins

    Such a beautiful video. Thank you so much Megan for sharing. It brings a peaceful, REST EASY, feeling to ones soul! I truely do hope you are getting the much needed rest you need to heal! Then we will all be glad to see the new, re-freshed and always bubbley Megan sharing her bounty of knowledge with us again. 🙂
    Thank you so much for your giving and sharing spirit. I have learned sooo much from you and your videos.
    You are the BEST!! Feel better soon my friend…

  • Teresa

    I had a rough day today. This video hits the spot. I know a couple of ladies that are struggling through some life situations and this video will hit the spot. I struggle with some ups and downs in my life and miss my mom and dad dearly, this video hits the spot. Guess what I am trying to say is…. I thank your friend and I thank you for sharing. We have fun crafting, it is an escape, but our true escape is knowing that we can rest of minds because of Him!!! Oh and Megan, continue doing what you doin’ and that is being the TRUE you!!!

  • Sandy Christman

    Megan, Thanks so much for sharing a wonderful video and song. You can tell just as it starts out it’s about God’s love. I’m so greatful you’re in my life. Maybe someday we may actually meet. Rest today, those are my Dr. instructions as well. I had to have another procedure on my back to help releave some of the pain I live with constantly. A good day is a 5 and that’s on a lot of medicine. I got my mystery box today and so looking forward to something good for a change, Thank you. And Thank God

  • Tina

    I don’t do organized religion, but I do have God in my heart. This song just feels right to me thanks for sharing. Take care of yourself, no one can do that for you.

  • Linda

    I check your blog every couple months. I’m an atheist so I don’t buy in to all the religious posts. But, I do believe in freedom of speech and you have the right post about what you believe. Even though I don’t believe in “god”, I think it’s a great song from a parent to a child. Hope you feel better.

  • vivian kaufman

    Thank you for this. It is so true we all need to just take the time and rest easy in God. We are so busy taking care of our families, our jobs, etc. We need to justt take some moments and just relax in God and let Him just fill us up so we can do the things He want us to.

  • Cris Nosack

    Megan, this video touched my heart. My life is so full of struggles right now, sometimes I’m not sure I even want to survive through them…It’s such a blessing once in awhile to remember it can be worth it….people care, God cares. I love my world full of crafting friends, people I will probably never meet but who have touched my life more than they could ever know.
    Thank you, God bless you, and you remain in my prayers.

  • RUTH

    I truly enjoyed that and hope to share with my people. Thank you so much for all you do for us I hope you are feeling better real soon, for us too but mostly for you.

  • Diane

    Thank you, my husband of 32 years died unexpectly 6 weeks ago and last Sunday a friend also died unexpectly from stroke at age 42 leaving behind a wife and two young children. Rest easy is so meaningful on many levels. I am always in awe at how God works. Thank you for following his guidance. God Bless and speedy recovery.

  • Vicki

    Thank you for sharing this. So many things going on in my life. God did remind me to give it to Him then with the song you shared just made things complete. God bless you Megan.

  • Victoria

    Thank you so much for this video. I called one of my best friends who has terminal cancer. She is like a sister to me for over 34 years, and lives in the East Coast. I reside in the West Coast, and right after watching this video and listening to the words, I was compelled to play the music over the phone to her. Together after the song, we cried. I told her I love her, and she will always be in my heart, and she can Rest Easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this video, and song.

  • Jannie Bell

    Hi Megan! For some reason lately, I haven;t been able to view your yutube videos,but had no problem with
    the music video you posted. It keep telling me that this video is no longer available. Am I the only one with this problem?