Cropped Mystery Box Issues Addressed 44

It has come to my attention that several of our Mystery Boxes have been shipped out and received in less than perfect condition!  This news absolutely tears me up and breaks my heart, because you guys are #1 most important to me and making sure you get the products you order in best conditions possible is absolutely something I take pride in.

I have not done my own packing/shipping of products or customer service emails directly in the past two years, but I put a lot of trust into the people that do, and there was a rush and a few troubles with this mass ship out on these boxes in not anticipating receiving troubles.

I wanted to personally let everyone know that the issue has been resolved and all future boxes shipped will not be received THAT way again and I am so very sorry!

We are also making sure anyone that received their boxes in less than perfect conditions receive a $10.00 giftcard to as well as a 25% discount to on their next purchases, as well as resending out any products that had been damaged.

I know that the value is still in each one of these boxes and more importantly in the Cropped Event itself!  All along we have been focused on making sure everyone knew that the value was in purchasing your Ticket for the Event and receiving the Mystery box as part of this fantastic and unique event! 🙂  I am so excited for the discussions, challenges, projects, and demos we have to share with you Sept 21-23!  This is just going to be beyond FUN!  We have several people coming to join us live and are all filled up on space and we also have more and more Prizes we add EVERY day to the Vault! 🙂 Over $4,500.00 in value!! This is SOO Exciting and AMAZING!

I really hope you accept my sincerest apologies that not all our boxes lived up to my personal standard, but that you also know I have you’re interest in mind first and foremost!  You mean the world to me and I’m here enjoying life’s moments with each of you, because of you!

I love you all and excited to create with you during our Cropped Mystery Challenge Event!

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44 thoughts on “Cropped Mystery Box Issues Addressed

  • Debbie Z

    Megan, I’m so glad that you mentioned there was a problem. I thought it was just my box and I emailed a notice about it with no reply. I received 6 sheets of paper, 2 pieces of ribbon, 1 bottle cap, 1 piece of plastic called Glitter Cuts by fancy pants that is smeared all over with red ink (supposedly supposed to be red glitter dots), 1 wood tree and 1 star paperclip. My girlfriend got her box and her box was loaded with paper, alphabet stickers, buttons,, stamps, more stickers and a bunch of other goodies. I am truly disappointed for the price. I asked for either a refund or to be sent the rest of the goodies and have yet received no reply.

    I’m sorry you have had problems with the boxes, that isn’t fair to you or to your customers. I am hoping that maybe you can help me get this straightened out. I really am looking forward to the crafting weekend!

    One last question, where are we supposed to upload the projects?

      • Debbie Z

        Thank you for your help. I received an email from Melissa at craft e corner with the offer of help, which they have offered to replace the mystery box. I sent a reply back so I’m sure this issue can be resolved in a timely manner now. It just breaks my heart that I had to ask for your help when you have enough issues going on. Thank you again and I pray things are getting better for you in all aspects. I’m anxious for the upcoming event to have some fun with everyone! I just love your positive energy that you put into your crafting and customers!

  • Pat Davenport

    Both mine and Faye Sundermeyer’s box arrived safe and sound. Her buttons were scattered out of the bag they came in but all is well, she picked them up and put them into a baggie. We are both excited about the crop and can hardly wait. You are wonderful…..we love you.


    Hi Megan,

    I wanted to thank you for addressing this for those of us who had problems with our mystery boxes..

    I also wished to tell you that I e-mailed my problem the very same day I received it and by the next morning I had a reply and my missing DVD item is on its way. I understand that with high volume mailings there can be problems. I am very impressed with Craft-E-Corner handling the problem quickly and efficiently.

    Looking forward to the crop and seeing everyone live. Hope you are feeling better each and every day. Thanks for the videos.

    Sue R.

  • Donna Boyce

    Thanks so much for your post on facebook. I too was disappointed in how my box arrived. The bottle caps were thrown loose in the box and seemingly have scratched the glitter off many of the other items. Also the ribbon was just loosely tossed in instead of being wound up and secured with either tape or a rubberband and so it has many creases in the ribbon. I am looking forward to the event and learning and sharing new techniques. Thanks for putting this event together and sorry that things didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. I mention the above so that if you do another event like this… some of these packaging issues can be avoided.

    Have a great day!

  • Linda Rogers

    Enjoyed reading the comments. Sorry to hear about the problems with the boxes. Was very impressed with the way you took care of the problems. I could not afford to purchase one at this time, but I know you all will have a great time. Megan, keep up the good work. May God richly bless you & your family & friends.

  • Sandy

    Thank you for addressing the problem. I love doing buisness with you and Craft-e-corner.I did send you sevverale-mails but with out a reply in return. I am looking forward to the experience. Bottle caps? Are they in all the kits? If I knew what was supposed to be here, then I know what I am missing. I realize the experience is the focus, for which I’m glad and looking forward to. But I know some of the thigs that are missing thru your comments, but honestly don’t know it all. I did get the dvd and enjoyed it. I just used my paper to make the front of my card using the wonderful masking project. I loved that. Part of the problem I’m stressing about is how do we participate so you are not frustrated doing this if you tell us to get something out and we dont’t have it? i SO APPRECIATE YOUR DOING THIS FOR US SO WE CAN HAVE A GOOD LEARNING EXPERIENCE.Are we alllowed to use our cricuts or Cameo to cut items to prepare for this. I have some vynal I was hoping to make a home decor project or a canvas to make something. I don’t want to do the wrong thing. I do have Christmas and Fall paper I could add to my box. I don’t know. I appreciate the discounts, this will help us feel better. But could we know what should be in the boxes, a general idea so we can get what ever is missing? Thanks for your attention to this problem. May God bless you and make you well soon. Thank you

    • Megan Elizabeth

      Each box had a variety of DIFFERENT embellishments and paper (or were supposed to) so no two boxes are EXACTLY the same – that was part of the fun for the event….I really am unsure of what you had received, but the best thing to do is send an email to – hello (at) – this goes directly to my customer support team and they should address any issues directly with ANYONE who has any concerns about what they have received. Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts in this! I really am trying!

  • Dianna Naugle

    Hi I did my card and challenge #2 And I have used just about all the stuff that I got in the box. Just on challenge #2 So I really dont have every much for the next 3 challenges that are coming up. I dont know if I can use my stuff. Could you let me know. And I really had a hard time With the URL because I dont have a web site or any thing. I had my daughter post it for me. Thanks you for doing this for all of us. Dianna

  • Margaret

    Megan, I was one that had a problem with my box. I sent an email and received what I felt was a condescending reply. I relied to this email and I have heard nothing back. Now that I am reading these posts I am becoming more perplexed.

    Initially when I ordered my box my understanding from the video was that there were only a limited number of boxes available. I did get the pre-public notification. I came away from this with the feeling to order early before “they sell out”.

    One would think that there were only so many boxes because supplies were ordered to fill this specific number of boxes. Now reading that each box has different supplies, and numbers of each supply, …..well this makes me wonder if this was just a way to get rid of old supplies. It appears that the boxes were just thrown together, and by the condition of my box that is a literal statement.

    I have attended events and have taken classes before and everyone receives the same supplies. Even if every box is different there should be some common thread to what is in each box: same number of pieces of cardstock, of ribbon, of patterned paper, bottle caps, buttons etc. They could be different colors etc. to allow for individual creativity yet everyone should have received the exact same amount of each item.

    I did ask for a specific supply list of what I should have received. I did not receive it and now I understand why. How does anyone know if they receive what they should have without such a list. There also should have been a list of supplies needed for each challenge. One to list what is in your box for each challenge and second to let you know what you need from your stash or need to purchase for each challenge. Not everyone has the same level of stash at home and may need to get some things.

  • Raven

    My box was very smashed and I was surprised to find things just thrown in the box. I got like two stickers and they were bent almost didn’t see them as they were stuck in the packing in the box. A piece of ribbon that was frayed. I did like the paper that came in the box. Are we allowed to use our own materials as I don’t see how I can complete 5 projects with what was in the box?

    I didn’t call customer service as I figured these were just leftover items and the fee was mostly for the classes.

  • Lucinda

    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for addressing the issue of the messed up mystery boxes. Mine really did come “thrown together” but I just sorted and bagged everything and it was fine.I have a question about the challenge. I realize that we use our our glues/inks etc but do we only use just what is in the box for the challenges? Just want to make sure I’m following the rules. Thanks!

  • Margaret

    I realize that the cost of the event is included. I have taken other online classes that have lasted much longer and are taught by a variety of well known instructors in the field and were less than half the cost of this event. I would not have signed up for this event if I felt the majority of the cost was the event itself. It was not “pitched” as the event being the major expense, the “box” was the pitch.

    The information below is actually copied/pasted from your site. I wonder what “tool” anyone got in their box. Did anyone get the ME stickers.

    Cropped 2012 Mystery Box

    Your Cropped 2012 Mystery Box contains various materials with a retail value of products totaling over $60.00. You are guaranteed to get one of Megan Elizabeth’s educational DVDs, Paper Layerz, Megan Elizabeth stickers, 10 or more sheets of designer paper and SO MUCH more! Every box will have a variety of embellishments, tools and accessories for scrapbooking and cardmaking! Also included with this purchase is admission to the Cropped 2012 Mystery Challenge Event.
    There will be no returns accepted on Mystery Boxes.

  • Carol Kirby

    Who do we contact about problems with the box. I ordered mine within the first hour. I was looking forward to getting it. My box was pretty banged up and things were not packed very well and did not ride well. Paper and lose items were crushed. I did get my DVD. Not alot of items in box. I opened went oh my, tried to uncrush as many items as I could and left it alone until I saw this post. You have been through so much and I have written too much already on this post. Thanks Carol

  • Jan

    Megan I want to thank you for the speedy customer service I reacd as my box was damaged also
    I also have a question. I am not on Facebook, I don’t blog- I have signed up for the scrap event but not sure how I can even download teh first two projects Where do I start?

  • Shirley E.

    My box also arrived in poor condition and the contents strewed all over, but I dealt with it!!!
    No Big Deal!!!
    If life bring a few thorns on your roses….discard those thorns and Enjoy the beauty of the rose!
    Very excited for the event!
    Good Luck to all my Scrappy Friends!
    See you Sept 21!!

  • monica

    i never thought of writing to anyone about my box. the box itself was in good condition and i feel that what i received is what i expected. the only complaint i have is that all the small items were just thrown in the box loose, it would have been nice to have everything in a baggie to make sure we didn’t miss anything, i did have to lift up all the flaps of the box to find all the little embellishments. i ordered my box through craft-e-corner but not sure i will order from them again if that is how they ship small items. i am excited for the crop event!

  • Kathy T

    Megan, I have been a follower of ARS since the beginning and was excited about this cropped event. I purchased this mystery box quickly assuming they would run out of boxes and did not want to miss out. When I received my box I was heart broken to see a smashed up box. When I opened it “stuff” was scattered all over the place. Things were bent, the baggie was ripped so my embellishments were everywhere and I had to pull up the flaps and release some of them from the tape. I was also disappointed because there was not a list of items included so I did not know if I got all the items or if some of them fell out when they were shipped. That was a lot of money to spend and I did not feel the items added up to the price I paid for the box so I thought I lost some items. Your advertisement said “Your Cropped 2012 Mystery Box contains various materials with a retail value of products totaling over $60.00”. To be honest, I have been so discouraged about the box and the poor condition it came in and not sure if I received everything, I have not even tried the challenges yet.

    I did not know who to report this to and thought I was the only one who felt discouraged so I appreciate your honesty about the problem. It would be helpful to get a list of what the contents of the boxes should include so we all can find out if we received everything we were supposed to receive. Please provide a number to call or an email we should report the problem to.

    I realize this was something out of your control and I really admire your honesty about the problem and always have admired you. You are an encouraging person despite everything you have been going through and I have always loved following you over the last few years. From what you have shared, your life has been challenging but you continue to care about the followers of your site and I appreciate that very much. I also care about what happens to you as a person and as a fellow christian. I include you in my prayer and my hope for you is that you are feeling better soon and this event will be a great success. Thank you again for letting us know about this problem and I am starting to get excited again about the event knowing I was not the only one who had the problem with the box. Have a wonderful day!

  • Sheri

    Hi Megan, My box was broken open. How are we supposed to know if anything is missing? There was no list of materials. There are small items loose in the box and the ribbon is wrinkled. Doesn’t seem like $60.00 worth of product but I could be wrong, I don’t see any tool so let me know what the contents were and I’ll check to see if anything is missing. Thanks and hope you are feeling better. I don’t like to complain but I really had to save to come up with the money.

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Hi Sheri – I sent you an email but we will make sure like I mentioned in the post you get the items that may have been damaged from shipping and get you your coupon codes 😉

  • Florence

    Hi Megan – Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. I understand the problems you are going through, espcially with this mystry box. I received mine ok – except the buttons were all over the place – no problem as I gathered them up and put in a bagie. But after reading the above posts, I didn’t receive any tool – what was it? We will recover from this and I’m looking forward to your future videos. really love them.
    Hugs to you,

  • joyce allen

    my box was not in perfect condition and i don’t know what was missing. I also was very disappointed because by the time I got it it ended up to be $100. with all the shipping and duty. I have enjoyed the video immensly but that is the only thing. Don’t like to complain either but I am glad you addressed this issue.

  • Beth Sparozic

    Megan, I am glad you said something cause I thought that it was just me. I was very disapointed my box came damaged but excited none the less to receive it
    Beth Sparozic

  • Debby

    Hi Megan,
    I received my box today and Im very happy with it and very excited to watch the dvd and participate in the challenges. My only 2 issues are my 2 sheets of paper layerz are different and the #2 challenge calls for 2 identical sheets. I dont mind using 2 different sheets but dont want to be disqualified for it. Please let me know if this is okay to do .Also I didnt receive my certificate for my wall and would love to be able to put it up in my craft room.
    I have never done any crops or anything like this before and cant wait for Sept 21st.

    • Shawn Mosch

      The #2 challenge is to use one of the sheets for the layouts . . . the other sheet can be used for embellishments if you want. So I would pick the one you like the best for main sheet to use for the challenge.

        • Terri Berio

          on the 2nd challenge it specifically says part 2 of the challenge is to use the 2nd paper layerz to make embellishments, it does not say it can be used if you want. Can you please clarify which it is, I want to be sure to follow the instructions properly. thank you/

      • terri Berio

        I thought the challenge was that you had to use the 2nd sheet of layerz paper to make embellishments? If you can just use your own stash instead it seems to take away from the challenge a little. I can see if we can add some of our own, but the initial challenge seems like it would work better if we all had to also use the same materials.

  • Donna

    I don’t know what happened yesterday to the post I wrote, so I’m rewriting it!!! Megan I think you know we all love you and admire you. We know it wasn’t you who packed the boxes. But the way all this was handled is very unfair to the people who put their trust into something. My box cost 72.00 with shipping. My box came smashed and with a hole in it. All the stuff was just thrown in there. I got no tool and I was reading back, you did guarantee a tool in each box! I had only 8 buttons, I did get a dvd, about 5 sheets of paper that was wrinkled and ripped on the ends, 1 piece of ribbon. There is no way that there is over 60.00 in products in that box. Stuff either wasn’t put in or fell out. I really am happy that you addressed this because at first I thought maybe it was an isolated incident, but obviously it’s not. I think people should be entitled to a full refund if they want one! My box is just sitting on my craft table as it came. I still can’t believe it was sent out the way it was. It wasn’t even tapped up. Just a piece of packing tape across the bottom and top. Nothing on the sides. Again Megan, I don’t blame you at all!!!! You had no control over this and I think it’s a shame for you to have to deal with this with everything else your going through because this could of all been prevented.

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Hey Donna, I sent you an email just making sure you got it. I know this is beyond such a shame and I’m so very sorry! We are doing are best to make it up to everyone who had this trouble and resend out and reorder more materials as needed.

  • Terri Berio

    HI! I received my box today and I just love everything! I have a variety of embellishments, ribbons, paper, stamps, glitter and more! Now, my only question is this: Are we restricted to only using what is in the box? I know we need to obviously use our own inks, and photos in the first 2 challenges, but what about embellishments or paper? I just want to be sure I understand the challenges correctly. Thank you! I am so excited to participate in this!

  • Terri Berio

    Oh No! I just read some more posts and now I see that we were suppose to be guaranteed a tool? I did not get a tool and neither my sister who also received hers today, I received a decent amount of stuff so I was not complaining, but now its discouraging to know I am still missing something…. What kind of tool were we suppose to have and can we still get one?

  • Pamela Reed

    I received the most delightful email note today from Megan Elizabeth today regarding the mishap with my Mystery Box. Megan is delightful to work with and a very special person….truly her worth is above rubies….I just want to thank you for great customer service!!


  • Ruth

    Hi Megan
    I too was very disappointed in my box but until I viewed JustDahling’s video on You Tube did not realize anything was amiss. I did get paper ,DVD, ribbon, a stamp set, a 1/3 bottle of dried up glitter glue. No ME stickers, tool & accessories,emblishments etc. I realize that with the box comes a cost for the event but no way was there $60 worth of stuff in the box. Add the $18 in customs & duty because I live in Canada and this is pretty expensive. If you should deceide to do anything about this please send additional product via mail not UPS and put replacement item on the outside so I don’t have to repay the duty and customs fees. Perhaps next year if this goes as planned you could get Tammy at The Paper Gourmet to do the Canadian aspect of this. I have purchased most of your products thru her since April this year although did purchase from ARS before that. Am looking forward to the event weekend and hope that it will be more of a success than the “mystery box” is/was. Hopefully I will receive a reply to this.

  • Kathie

    I got a nice letter in the mail acknowledging the mistakes with box, which included a certificate, and reference to two coupons and a Nesting Die which were to be included with the letter. However, mine did not include the Nesting die, I emailed Megan per the letter, and haven’t heard anything back. Seems the problems with this continue and are systemic.