Mommy & Me Scrapbook Layout with Expression 2 and Paper Layerz 16

Well now, this is a fun twist of events recently!  On top of everything else that has been happening, my iPhone died last week (and thankfully was replaced for free) and now my computer that I do all my videos and postings and work from has died/fried, dead.  I feel like I can’t catch a break these days to just get things stable and going.  AND I have to have more surprise dental work done on September 24! (Yikes!)  Hoping to get myself back up and running again soon, but working from my iPhone for now and I have a video to share with you on the Anniversary Edition of the E2 with Paper Layerz.  It’s a cute little layout that I think you’ll enjoy!


There is SO much happening with Cropped Event – with over $5,000.00 in prizes and giveaways ready to find their way towards happy crafting homes, are you ready to participate in the challenges, the demos, the entertainment, the education, and did I mention, THE PRIZES?!?!  Get your tickets before it’s too late!

This is all going to be SO fun and amazing!  There is so much fun stuff planned!  I just “packaged” up the “mystery bags” for our professional crafters to compete to be the Cropped Champion on Saturday during the event (oh my goodness are they going to be surprised what they have to create with!)  There will be three rounds of compititon for our Professional Crafters to compete in; Card Making, Scrapbook Layout and Home Decor.  Each round we will eliminate one Pro at a time to see who will become the Cropped Mystery Champion!  Who’s Competing for the Professional Challenge?

Britten Linn who you all know and love from and

Shawn Mosch mom and talent behind and

Abbey Burlingham the talented designer from

and we have one Surprise guest that I’m going to just keep you hanging on for right now 😉

Can’t believe this is only a LITTLE bit of the LOADS of Prizes!

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16 thoughts on “Mommy & Me Scrapbook Layout with Expression 2 and Paper Layerz

  • Court

    I am soooo sorry about all your techy problems. I know your followers are very understanding, so don’t worry about it! Things happen! Great video! Thank you! Oh, and I love your head band in it! Did you make it?

  • Jan Davis

    The video was really cute. I will have to try that layout. For the lady who posted previously, Megan explains how she made the headband in the video “Projects & Inspiration Disc”. I think it came in a bundle deal with paper. I can fined the video, but once again can’t find the paper packs I got. Each time I find them, I use them then I put them up in a place I just know I won’t forget, then the next time, the search is on. It’s come to a point it’s almost a hide and seek game. The paper is so great that you don’t want to leave it with your everyday paper. I save this paper just for using with my cutting machines.

  • Pat Davenport

    Love Paper Layerz, there is NO OTHER paper like it in the whole world……at least not one that I have tried. Your layout was really cute and easy to make. Am so sorry for all your problems, but things will soon get better, The Cropped Event is one of a kind and so are you Megan, you are WONDErFUL. So much talent in such a young package. You are in my prayers.

  • Joene Rahn

    Enjoyed the video and very neat idea for a page. Turned out darling. Hope your dental work on the 24th won’t be too miserable for you. I think you have been through enough.

  • Shari

    Megan, so sorry to hear that you’re still having to deal with life’s down side. I do have an extra laptop you could use until you are back up and running please contact me if you are interested. I hope things get better for you real soon. God Bless. – Shari

  • MommyMe

    Well, since things tend to happen in 3’s, (like your doodle dots), you should be done with the unpleasant surprises! I’m so glad you have the BUSY, but exciting distraction of “Cropped”! My prayers continue to be with you!

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, So sorry to hear about the technological problems you’ve been having. Sending prayers for the unexpected dental work on the 24th. Cropped is not far off now. It’s getting so exciting! Loved your video today. I might try that layout (I’ve never done any scrapbooking before).

  • JoAnn

    I really enjoyed watching your video – thanks! good luck on the 24th… now off to find any more of your demos!! Very inspirational. I have myself booked into a day long scrapping day next Saturday and this was a great motivator!

  • Pat Yenor

    Sorry to hear about your problems. However I am having a problem I hope you can solve I do not have a website or a blog and I am unable to upload my project for the first challenge. Can you tell me what to do?

  • Athna-May Porter

    Hi Megan! The easiness of your project really taught me to not over think a page. Looking at a blank sheet of paper can sometimes be a deal breaker. Love your enthusiasm and your hair is adorable!! Thanks for all you do!

  • Teri

    Where can I find the video that you showed how to place the images to be cut with the layerz paper,
    in the right area so they will cut in the 4 inch space? I have the Expression and the Anniversary 2

    I saw it awhile ago, but now cannot find it. I so want to see it again.
    Many thanks, Teri

  • Janell

    Hi i was watching your video on the annaversary of the cricut 2. I just wanted to know where did you get your paper i liked it? I also liked your little critters!

    thanks jp