CTO: Snazzy Tape by Mavalus I LOVE it! 10

Hey Everyone,

Today’s Check This Out video is brought to you once again by Craft-e-Corner and the fabulous Carrie Duehring right from the CHA trade show floor!

Now, I got introduced to Ted and the nifty Snazzy tape (which WILL be a HUGE giveaway at Cropped in just another week!)  What I love about this is there are 21 different colors and designs in all AND I love that it is a wider tape than many of the Washi Tapes available on the market… I made this card with it and I will for sure be using it in upcoming tutorials and projects as well and you can definitely see what we come up with for uses at the Cropped Mystery Challenge event!

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10 thoughts on “CTO: Snazzy Tape by Mavalus I LOVE it!

  • Joann

    This is sooo awesome! I love that its wider then most washi tapes out on the market and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these! I already have my head filling up with tons of neat ideas! Thanks for sharing Megan!


  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I love that tape. I think I could make really cute earrings using it. Love the variety. Maybe we need to shop at the teacher supply stores for thing to use in scrapbooking. Thanks for the video.
    P.S. Cannot wait for the Cropped Event next weekend. And the massive giveaways. I hope I will win something.

  • Sarah Erwin

    Is this an archivally safe product? Nowhere does it say “acid-free/lignin free”. (( I just sent a query to the company, but no reply yet.) I’d hate to use it in a scrapbook only to have my hard work ruined. Or am I the only throwback who still worries about acid-free?

  • MommyMe

    Thanks for the video! They appear to have some really useful products and fun colors and prints! I hope you’re doing well, and resting up for Cropped. I’m sure you have a million things to do, but I hope you have the support you need!

  • Toni Myers

    I was thinking this tape would be super cute to cover up my Priority Mail boxes that holds my magazines. That 3 ring binder was super cute.

  • DianeK from Indiana

    Oh, I see a day of decorating my scrapbooking cabinets and E-book cover and Expressions cover with this printed tape product. Can’t wait to see it in my local craft stores. Waiting to see what others post about uses at home for holiday/decoration hanging/mounting and creative coverings.