Code Pink Princess Down Code Pink: Scrapbook Layout 26

This Layout is so fun and one I’ve been wanting to do for the past, um,  oh year! LOL (YES I am VERY, VERY far behind, more than 3 years behind really, but whatcha gonna do!?!? I’m pretty sure that’s the story of a scrapbooker!)

Last Halloween the kids and I went to visit Britten and her family in Florida and enjoyed an awesome WARM Trick or Treating night, all while PA got a surprise bombard of snow and cold yuck!

Bensen was Superman, but the girls all dressed as various Disney Princess’ of course.  The back story to this layout is, all the kids would RUN from house to house, yelling “thank you” over their shoulders as they would run to the next house.  Jenavieve, being the 2 year old Princess at the time, wasn’t very stable on her feet with a long gown and catching up to the 4 year olds took a little more work.  Every so many houses we would have a “Code Pink Alert” where a Princess would go down and the candy bucket would fly across the various yards.  It really was quite comical and something I had to do a layout of.

Here is the challenge of it though: My Pictures of CODE PINK were not quite clear.  They’re fuzzy and in the dark with a cell phone, I am working with what I got.  The thing about it is, I’m really quite sure that the blurry picture doesn’t compare to the memory and the enjoyment of the moments that came along with it….so my challenge to you is, what blurry pictures still tell your story!?  USE THEM!  NOW! Don’t wait!  Tell the story, put the picture down, write the story down and ENJOY it for years to come.

*Here’s another tip,  all those blurry and not quite awesome photos that DO tell you story, reserve a special Smash book just for those!  You can fill an entire smash book of stories and it feels like it gives you a little more “freedom” for it to not be perfect and in your beautiful masterpiece album on your shelf.  Let the smash book be extra special story tellers and give yourself permission to let it be less than “perfect”. LET IT TELL YOUR STORY OF MEMORIES YOU ENJOY! *Yes, those are shouty capitals, because I can’t stress this point enough LOL. I do mean it though. I know so many of us, even myself, get caught up in the art of paper crafting that we forget to just enjoy our moments in story telling and smiles.  That’s why I’m sharing this post today!

Ok Now, all that garble, you wanna see the scrapbook page right? Just for the Princess!



Here it is!  The Princess Page with hearts and pink and lots of Glitter!

I used stamps and the Cricut for all the wording and did one of my favorite “tricks” of layering stamps on top of stamps to get a double color shadow on my stamps.

I picked all my paper from the Be You Fancy Pants Design Paper (I told you all it is my favorite right now) and the Paper Layerz Perfect Gems Happy Dots sheet of paper.  Then I used lots of stamps and glitter!

Type Candy Font Cricut Cartridge, letters at 1.5″ base and Shadow.




Border stamps that Melissa got at Hobby Lobby and I so wanted to just sneak them into my bag!  Looking at the layout before and now after starting to stamp – I’m pretty sure I went a little too stamp happy, but I still love it!!!


I used the Megan Elizabeth Alpha Stamp set for the very first Code Pink you see on the page first stamped in Ink Edgerz Bachelorette Pink and then over top with Versafine Black Ink. But the thing I love most about this alpha set is the ITTY BITTY words that say, Dream, Inspire, Create and Faith, Hope, Love. They add such cute little touches to layouts and cards, so subtle but there!

Here is the other thing I discovered from Melissa, which ABSOLUTELY has changed my world and I can’t wait to show you in VIDEO, it’s these Gelly Roll Glitter Pens by Sakura. This is Clear Star and I. Went. Nuts! You won’t believe that you can actually WRITE in GLITTER with these pens.  I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic is in these pens, but they are incredible and I went every color! You can write over top of your stamps, journal with them, and doodle all kinds of fun. They are a must add!

These are hand cut Pendants from my favorite Papers in the layout.  That green is from Paper Layerz and the stripes from Be You, Fancy Pants Designs.

Here’s a side note, even writing this for you guys I’m getting all giddy excited about creating this layout again! LOL I’m so weird!

Let me know if you have any questions about what you see, but its just basically stamping and a few scraps of paper.


The hearts were cut out of the Cricut and I positioned the blade a little off instead of cutting the hearts all out in a straight line, I cut one at a time so some could be higher and some lower, than I used U Cut It adhesive foam to pop up some of the hearts.  The stamps were various alpha sets in Melissa’s  collection, so I don’t have exact names (sorry!).

Hope you feel inspired to tell a story with a less than perfect picture and Enjoy The Moments!



I wanted to share one other thing today:

Something Melody Ross wrote and it has inspired me beyond words, Melody always does and I enjoy Brave Girls often, but I had to share this.  Her story and her heart here has touched mine deeply.  I can relate to how she feels in this more than you could ever know. I am still struggling over not having my teeth, not being able to wear my “dentures” and a lot of other things that have gone into this and the stress levels with it.  She could not be more right in letting others love you. It’s been very hard for me as she shares as well.  Elizabeth Morris had started a “Make Megan Smile” campaign of some sort and as THANKFUL and beaming as I felt about it, I also felt unworthy, ashamed, and other things, it was HARD to let you all LOVE ME, and you do it so well! THANK YOU for loving me. Thank you for reading this blog! Thank you for your support! Thank you for your cards! Thank you for your comments….I have to be brave, accept and just enjoy these moments and say THANK YOU! 🙂

Read Melody’s story here:

Melody Ross:

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26 thoughts on “Code Pink Princess Down Code Pink: Scrapbook Layout

  • Debbie C.


    I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share this story with, sounds like nows the time. About a year ago I was watching one of your live broadcst (which I never miss) my then 2 year old granddaughter came in and asked what I was doing I told her I was watching Megan, she watched for sometime then ran off to play. A couple of months later I was watching one of your Tuesday Tutorials & she happend to come crawl on my lab and start watching, all of a sudden she says I know who that is it’s Megan, I like her, she’s fun, now lets craft!

    She loves your Christmas CD & always wants to make something from it!!

    Hope this brightens your day just a little.

    • Megan Elizabeth

      You are so sweet to share! That absolutely makes me smile 🙂 I’m thrilled she loves to create and you can enjoy those special moments together and make something to last a lifetime 🙂 thank you for sharing!!!

  • Sandy

    Megan for people like you and myself sometimes accepting gifts of any kind, for me even praise is difficult.It is much easier to give than receive, more blessed as well. But if we don’t stop and let people love us and give to us I think it is one of the hardest for me to do and walk the Christian life.For people that give all the time it is difficult to learn to receive and be happy about it. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • jenny

    Hey Megan you give a lot of people joy, just accept it. I know were you come from in a way, and I am sure all these followers make you feel good. I have a small craft group that has kept me going, but I didn’t want them to know all “cos that is my happy place.
    I am not religious and I know your faith gets you through. I guess accepting and telling people what has happened makes it real – so you don’t want to go there.
    I have like 3 years of “things will get better” and there are plenty worse off than me (and you probably think the same – sometimes) and finally my husband lost his job because had foot surgery again – no income & then I have my 3rd lot of breast surgery……………..
    anyway enough, you would have heard so many sad stories. You know what it has made me stronger. I also have a wonderful DRU yoga teacher that makes me feel sooo good and I have Amazing Megan (have my DVDS to watch until you are back on board) my exciting craft lady who helps me “Enjoy the Moments”

  • Lynette Sadowy

    Megan, that photo of your little princess laying flat on her face in the grass made me laugh out loud this morning. And your comment to use the blurry shots because they still tell your story really hit home. I’ve been in Michigan for 4 days getting my 16 year old son settled into his new adventure of playing OHL hockey and billeting with a family. We live near Toronto so it’s a big move for all of us. My mom and I took lots of photos while there and a few of them are blurry. Thanks to you, I’m going to use them anyway to capture the laughs and tears we had this week. God Bless you.

  • Karla (aka Scrappynut)

    LOVE the layout!!! Poor little Jena, though ….. but one day she’ll look back at this and laugh, I’m sure!
    Megan, you are such an inspiration to all of us! You are going through more than I’ve ever been through, yet here you are still giving us tips and tricks and sharing your craft expertise (and, yes, you are quite the expert in my opinion). THAT means a lot to us out here who follow you!
    I’m excited for CroppedEvent. I’ve got my box and my extra gift for the messed up boxes, and I’m going to work on my first two challenges this weekend (first weekend I’ve had time in forever!). I’m ready to “enjoy the moments” with you and all who will be with you. I must ask, though, is this going to be a UStream type thing, or will we need a web cam ourselves and speakers, or what? I’m not quite sure what to expect.
    Hugs to you and your beautiful children! xoxoxo

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Thank you so much 🙂
      I’m THRILLED about Cropped its going to be a BLAST! we have a LOT of fun things planned and it will be Ustream LIKE, so you don’t have to worry about any extra computer equipment 🙂

  • Irene Baker

    Megan, I too am not able to accept “help” easily from others. My girlfriend told me it’s because I’m such a take charge kind of lady. I’m used to giving help…not accepting help. That is very difficult for me. So I have a major surgery coming up next week (complete shoulder replacement). I have friends who have offered to make cassroles for my husband and myself, during my convalescense, and this time I have taken them up on their offers. I know it sounds trivial, but I also know that I won’t be able to do it myself. I will be recuperating for several weeks. So at least I know that my hubby will get fed, and that will be one less thing that I will have to worry about. So my advice to you is to take baby steps like that, accept meaningful well wishes from people who love you (like we all do), and smile about them. Who knows, maybe someday you will make a scrapbook layout about your toothless journey. Remember you and your little ones are truly loved!!

  • Dale Rose Stream

    Meaghan, this is HILAAAARRRIOUS! I myself would not have had the patience for multiple episodes of this, having to ‘nip it in the bud’ after picking up after them. But your page & story are still soooo funny & your TITLE & PAGE DESIGN are AWESOME!

  • Sandra V.

    1st) I Love this layout. How cute. What laughter will come when she is older and looking back at this page.
    Gel pens are one of my faves to write with. Love love love them. (can U tell I love them..LOL!)

    2nd) You are such an inspiring giving person. You just brought a Happy tear to my eyes. Yes, it is very hard to receive when we feel unworthy. I think for nurturing and giving women it is especially the hardest. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are helping me keep my spirit going while my body decides whether it wants to allow me to do daily life.
    My Lupus has continued to get worse this year, so my crafting has become sparse. But, I refuse to allow this disease define who I am inside and I continue to share some things on my blog. On days that are good I get to craft a little here and there. Thank you for continuing to share your talents as you struggle with the dental issues. I know how depressing that can be. We are all so in that “instantaneous fixes”. But the Lord never gives us what we can not handle. There are reasons we go through these difficult times. For me, I have learned to be more appreciative of what I am capable of doing and try not to focus on what I am not able to do today. I also am learning to accept help when I am not able to do. I do not know you personally but I feel I have known you all my life. THANK YOU for sharing and being true to you!
    Love your wonderful tutorials , tips, tricks, and all the many ideas you give me. I keep you and your family in our prayers and I know that tough times will pass and we will be better and grateful people because of it.
    Sending Love & Hugs your way. Love +Hugs =LUGS 😉
    God Bless you and your family.
    Happily Scrapbooking & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.

  • Irene

    Hi Megan,
    You are such support in so many ways for your followers. It breaks my heart to know how much physical and emotional pain you are going through. I hope each day gets brighter and sunnier. My Mom always said, “this too shall pass” and it will. Know that we do love you unconditionally, whether you are tired, sick or wounded. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and this too shall pass.

  • facsmom

    I love the advice of less than perfecty photos for a SMASH book. Smash/Splash books are fun to make from composition books. I am of the opinion that there are many people who follow this blog who are some of the world’s most generous givers, and I’m not even thinking money. Several someones have reminded me, in learning to be a gracious receiver (but I’m still in remediation), that we all must be willing to be receivers or there will be no one for givers to give to. Enjoy the Moments of this long weekend.

  • Shari Young

    CUTE layout. Yes, sometimes fuzzy photos are the only ones we have to tell a specific story, so use them.

    Keep you chin up and depending on the Lord and allowing those he sends you way to asist you in their own ways. I know it is hard, but when we turn down the help of a friend, loved one or even a stranger, we are robbing them and ourselves of a blessing too. When it is really hard to accept help or praise, I try to remember that God wants to bless them in their giving and who am I to get in God’s way.

    Love you, keep sharing, you inspire me in my crafting and in my life.

    Shari Y

  • Luria

    Hello Me gain,

    We love you just the way you are. I hope that you know it is what is in your heart that counts. And you are such an amazing person what is not to love.


  • Cathy W

    Megan. I continue to abe thankful for your uplifting spirit and all the gifts you bring us. BUT…. I have to laugh about “SMASH” products, because when I started scrapping over ten years ago, we all did SMASH stuff! Our scrapbooks were not so much Works of Art as Works of HEART, and that is what I still do. When I was told to discard blurry pics, I only pitched those that I had other, better shots, and used my blurry shots whenever I needed to. The most important part is to tell the story, and make it fun, not worry over whether the pinks exactly match, etc. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Thr3ddzgirl from Texas

  • Pat Hawkins

    Megan you are SO RIGHT about using “less than perfect” pictures – if anyone remembers “BD” photography – that’s “BEFORE DIGITAL” – they might remember a phenomenon referred to as “double exposure”. One time I took pictures of a family trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, apparently on the same roll of film (anyone even remember what FILM is?) as pictures from my brother’s wedding. Well, there in the background of the pictures from Williamsburg, you could see stained glass windows of the church that my brother was married in! Weird! I wound up scrapping the photos with lots of journaling to explain the two “angles” for each of the photos …
    Your Code Pink layout is adorable, and what a fun and funny memory you’ve captured! Keep of the great, inspiring work!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    We have never met, but through following your ARS blog the past few years, I have grown to admire and love yu for who you represent. Your encouragement, I know you have had to deal with a lot of life outside ofARS and it has not always been easy, but you are so inspiring and you lift me up. You truly serve us in your writings, your tutorials, you lessons and everything else that you do. I just hope one day this 65 year old scrapbooker can meet you one day and enjoy the moment.