CTO: Printable Magnetic Paper from Silhouette America 10

Here’s a video I recorded over 3 months ago and never posted it!  Woohoo for that right!?!?

This is not only a GREAT product with TONS of possibilities, there’s also a really good tip in this video as well!


There are so many possibilities of things you can create and use this for:  Whats the first thing you think of making?

You can find this Paper in the Craft-e-Corner store here

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10 thoughts on “CTO: Printable Magnetic Paper from Silhouette America

  • Debby

    This magnet paper is on my list. I bought the cameo and love it. I was thinking of making paper dolls with this that can be played with on the refrigerator.

  • Dennise Robinson

    I have a question on this paper. If you wanted to use it in an outdoor setting once you have printed on it could you laminate it and still have the magnet work through the laminating material?

  • Karla (aka Scrappynut)

    I used a similar product when making Save the Date magnets for my daughter’s wedding. At the time I didn’t have my Cameo, so basically I just designed the STD in Paint Shop Pro and then printed it on the magnet sheet on my computer. Now that I know you can put this through the Cameo, I can see the possibilities are endless! Whoo-hoo!! Thanks for shairng, Megan, and I hope you’re beginning to feel better!!

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Nope! Deep cut blade is not necessary with this particular magnet product because its very much more of a paper than it is a thick magnet sheet. 🙂 Enjoy it!

  • D

    This looks like fun.
    I’m a reading teacher and can think of lots of ideas to use this.
    Letters etc so the kiddos can built words is just one that comes to mind.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)
    (email follower)

  • Donna Zrichuk

    I took a photo of my granddaughter, and made it into a magnit “paper doll”, then we went through the cataloge and marked clothes that she liked. I “fit them” to the doll in photoshop and printed them out. Put everything together inside a metal lunch pail along with accessories… hats, shoes, umbrella, her pets etc. and gave them to her for Christmas. She loved it.

  • Courtney

    Do you have any idea for settings on the cricut imagine? I have some very similar inkjet magnet paper that I’m dying to use, but the deep cut suggestions in the cutting guide are WAY too deep for it.