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Hey Everyone,

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial was NOT working out for me at all!  My main computer (the only one I can edit from) has a bad fan, so working with my video files keeps shutting it down. Everything is backing up right now, and hopefully I can resume my videos I’ve been working on for you soon.

Today: I have a chapter from the Paper Layerz DVD that shows using the Cricut Expression 2 and how to position the cutting blade anywhere you want it to start cutting. This is how you would cut various scraps of paper, Paper Layerz, projects you would want to cut in the middle.  Now I still find this a little bit of an “annoying” process with the Cricut e2 as opposed to the original ease of the directional arrows of the first Cricut.


Hope this helps answer questions about the E2 for you and we will resume making really great projects and learn more about the Cricut Expression 2 in this mini series that I’ll continue several more weeks.  IF there is a major question you have about your E2, let me know so I can be sure it’s scheduled in here.
*All the videos I have done so far have been recorded prior to my surgery.  I have to get over myself and just film with my dentures, I really will do it soon!

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14 thoughts on “Cricut E2 How to Position the Blade Cut Where You Want

  • Debbie Z

    Even though I do not have the E2, a friend of mine does and always asks me questions on “how to” do things with it. Watching your videos helps me pass along the info. Thanks for all that you do!

  • CraftyJAR

    Such a good tutorial! This one and all the other E2 videos that you have made are just great help. I wanted to let you know if you press the Magnifier and hit the icons the name of the icon will pop up over it. So you really don’t need the book around every time you cut.

  • Connie Bagg

    Megan you have been a life saver for me with my attempts to be proficient with the E2. I ove your tutorials and really appreciate your willingness to share your gift.

  • Natalie B.

    Sorry to hear you’re having such computer troubles! Have you found someone to fix it for you? Replacing a fan is really an easy fix for a computer guru. Maybe try checking Craigslist for a cheap tech.

    Thanks for the great videos. We are all rooting for you! : )

  • tina kuhlmann

    i’ve had dentures since i was 20 years old over 30 years ago. my advice is just put them in and leave them in. for me it took having to go in the hospital for something unrelated but because i didn’t want anyone to see me without them i never took them out. after that i’ve haven’t been without them except to clean them. then i hurry and put them back in. don’t like NOT having them in now. and if they feel like u have to many teeth or to big for your mouth then that’s good. that is how a good set of dentures should be so over time your mouth doesn’t sink in. i will be praying for you. i know it’s a hard adjustment. but one for the better. LETS SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!

    • Rose

      Thanks for this video, I got my E2 over a year ago still had trouble using it. I didn’t want to go through the book, now I got my lesson, I learn better when it’s verbal rather than written. Now I know what I’m doing. Again Thanks!

  • MommyMe

    I’m so happy to see you! Even though it’s an older video. I’m so appreciative of this series, as I received an E2 for Christmas. I’m NOT tech savvy, so I know very little about the machine. I do use it all the time, but only because my Gypsy is permanently attached! I also appreciate your efforts to keep us inspired, despite all that you are dealing with. Know that we all enjoy your smile, because it comes from within. So, whether they’re your “original” teeth or your “new” teeth, (or even without teeth), that same smile will shine through.

  • Jo Ann

    MommyMe is correct. We all know your smile comes from within.

    You will be lisping and probably get tounge tied more than once when you start your new tutorials. Look on the bright side, you usually do. When you replay the videos next year, you will have something to really smile and laugh about. lol. We will all be ready when you are, but don’t overdo either.

  • Kathlene E Tuengel

    Hi Megan, I was wondering where I go when the directions in using a cut (CTMH Cricut Artiste Cartridge) specifies using the Real Dial Size, but on the E2 machine, I don’t have the Real Dial Size and I have been trying to figure out what they mean and where to go on my machine. Are you going to come up with a book or CD with all the knowledge you have in using the E2 cricut machine? I would really like to have the information so I could learn more about this machine. Also thank you for taking the time to show us how to use different ways to figure out how to use this machine. I have been so frustrated with it, that I have not used it much at all. I guess I will just have to keep playing with it. Thank you again.

  • Debbie K

    I currently own a Pazzles machine and I also own a Cricut Expression and approzimately 180 cartridges. I have heard the Imagine was a bust because of the inability to produce vibrant colors. Is it worth me buying an E2 just to be able to use the Imagine Cartridges? Or would you advise to purchase the Imagine as it is now available? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Dodie

    Thanks for the video. You’ve answered some questions that I had in it.

    I’m wondering, however, how to figure out how much the machine moves when using either the “space” or the return. Is there a secret to it?

    Thanks again!