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Saturday 7: Sharing Ideas and Instructions from AboveRubiesStudio and many others to create fantastic projects!

One Little Word Display Collage

Today’s Saturday 7 is all about that ONE LITTLE WORD for your year!  My word for 2014 is Balance! It’s all about the new baby, my two other kids, work, fun and personal growth for me – and focusing on that perfect BALANCE is my thought!

There are many ideas and ways to wear, share and display YOUR word for the year to keep you in constant reminder for you to be inspired!  Check out these 7 below!

1. Wear it Word Pendants!  Here is one that I love, but there are many ways you can recreate this without having to solder.

2014 One Little Word Reminder 1 You can grab shrink film and write you word on it to make a charm.

You can use jewelry findings to create a charm with your word.

You can bend wire into your word shape and wear it.

You can use bottle caps and write your word inside with some viva glass effect gel.

You can pick up custom pennants in many places…but wearing your word is a great reminder at all times to go towards your focus, your goals, your dreams and more!



2. Create a Scrapbook Layout of your One Little Word

2014 One Little Word Scrapbooking 2


You can use things like Project Life and Picture My Life Albums.

You can do My Crush Book or Smash Book Pages of your Word.

You can do a full 12×12 Layout and frame it in your favorite room.

You can do a smaller mini album to track your words and notes on your word for each year!

Lots of great ways to incorporate your Word into your Scrapbooking for this 2014 year!



3. One Little Word Display Card

2014 One Little Word Card 3 I love this idea!  something simple and inspiring for your one little word!  Make up several of these cards and post them on mirrors, in your car, at your desk, anywhere you can think of seeing it often!

Making a magnet out of the card to post on your refrigerator.

Using a mini plastic stand to set it on your kitchen counter.

Using repositionable adhesive right on those bathroom walls/mirrors.

How could you display it in this way?



4. Scrabble Tile Display!

2014 One Little Word Display 4 I Love everything Mckenna posted about her one little word, but I also love the ideas of taking game pieces to display that word!

If you have extra game pieces and game racks how cute would it be to have set up on a shelf all year long, or mantle, even your dresser in your bedroom…. I think this is a brilliant way to easily switch out your word every month if you wanted to do that as well!

Pretty cool!


5. Make it your Cell Phone Wallpaper/Lock screen!

2014 One little display 5


If you’re anything like me you look at your phone 800 million times a day!  What a cool way to display your One little word than to create a wallpaper for your phone!

You can create your own wallpaper using apps like Phonto, A Beautiful Mess, InstaCollage and more!





6.  Word Stones

2014 One LIttle Word Reminder 6 Using little glass stones and alcohol ink you can create something colorful and beautiful that can go in your pocket.  Everytime you reach in you will be reminded of your word, or you can display it on a dresser, mantle or a windowsill!



7. Word Pillows

2014 One Little Word Pillow Display 7 WORD PILLOWS Are a HUGE trend right now anyway, so make that word count!

Use fabric appliques to place your word on a pillow case

Use fabric paint and stencil your word right to a pillow

Use Viva Decor Pearl Pens and dimensionally add your word to pillows

Use Rhinestones for spelling out words on fabric

There are so many creative ways you can display your word in your home I love this colorful one too!



What ways inspire you to pick a WORD and how will you remind yourself of the importance of that focus this 2014 year?


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