3D Window Die Cut Card with a Cheery Sunburst 6

retiring stamps close to my heart sunburst 3d card It has been all around the United States, this  “polar vortex” of absolutely freezing temps, here in Wisconsin, I’ve never experienced cold like this before!!! SERIOUSLY!

So for today I decided to share with you guys a card that sends just a little bit of warmth someones way to say hello!  The other day I did a post sharing a few of the stamp sets from CTMH that are my favorite and that are being retired, the new catalog comes out February 1 and I’m going to be showing a lot of new things, but you really are not going to want to miss some of these goodies – not much time left on them – or on the Winter Blues Sale at Shop.AboveRubiesStudio.com



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As I mentioned in the video, I got the ok from the Drs to be up for light crafting, keeping my feet up as much as possible and a nap everyday is still on my to-do lists because my blood pressure throughout the pregnancy has still been higher than normal, but we are monitoring it.  I basically go into the Drs office every other day for BP check, and Baby monitoring.  Contractions where coming every 7 minutes pretty strong for awhile, but they did not progress into full labor.  I am still having contractions everyday, and basically in communication with the Drs mixed with my regular monitoring checks on progress. They are certain I am not going to make it until the end of March, but they are also pretty sure they are off on my due-date based on a few other things….as long as he stays in until the first week of March we are all good on health, and thats coming soon!!!! I can’t hardly believe it!!!

Enjoy the Moments my friends!!!

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6 thoughts on “3D Window Die Cut Card with a Cheery Sunburst

  • Liz in PA

    LOVE that card! I ordered all your nesting dies at Christmas and I can’t wait to try to them to make a pop-up window card like that. Also loved the colors you used! BTW-I also ordered some things from you from CTMH and I am having so much fun with the Artbooking cartridge-what an awesome cartridge! It has just about everything!! 🙂 You take care of yourself and rest up! May the Lord bless you and all your little ones!~liz in PA

  • Kim

    Hi Megan,
    My hubby and I were talking about you this morning…were your ears burning! We were wondering what people do about school when they live in one of the northern states such as you. We have been having 2 hour delays for the start of the school day because of these polar temps we have been having. I would venture to guess that you are used to temps in the minus 10’s up in Wisconsin. Do you delay school? Just wondering what it has to get down to before you react? One more thing, my d-n-law had contractions through out her last 5 months of pregnancy and especially during the last three months. She got very little sleep because they were sometimes a bit ouchy…..but we have a beautiful, healthy grandson to love now so I know that God can bring you right to where you need to be for a healthy son also! You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the little one and the rest of your family. Wish I was closer to help!!

  • Peggy Crawford

    Take it easy and stay warm. Keep that little one in as long as possible. God is watching over you, and I pray that he keeps your health and baby safe and comfortable. Take care and don’t worry about blogs/crafts till well after the baby is here. God first, family second, then some where after all the craziness comes us blog followers 🙂 Stay well and blessings