4 Days Left Surprise Surprise Surprise! 886

Everyone is REALLY seeming to dig the surprises, so why not just ONE more surprise in this 21 Day Giveaway Event!?ย  That is until Thursday night when TONS of surprises are going to be announced and released and shared and prizes will be FLYING and so much more!!!


To win today’s Prizes – Maybe even the NEW Cricut A to Z 2nd Edition DVD????

All you have to do is share your FAVORITE Money or Time Saving Tip or Trick in the Comments!!! Any tip or trick at all…maybe we can all learn something from you today!!! Can’t wait to see what you share!ย  Doesn’t matter what it is or how popular you think the trick is, let us know what you do to save time or money while scrapbooking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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886 thoughts on “4 Days Left Surprise Surprise Surprise!

  • Lynda

    I do not have a web site ๐Ÿ™ That is why I can’t enter any of your great giveaways but just want to say I love your site. I have been buying your CD’s and the new one 10 cards with the Robot is perfect for a grandma of 14. Congradulations to all the winners!

  • Scrappin Dhilly

    In order to save money my scrappy friends and I will often go into group buys in order to save on shipping. We share paper pads by taking one sheet of each design and we search for all kinds of discounts and deals. We look out for each other when there is a deal and buy in multiples to share the wealth!

  • Granny Sandy

    oops I forgot to answer the question so please don’t think I’m trying to cheat and get two answers in. I like to use old ways to get around doing things. Such as using my old Fiskars Embossing System, hand cutting out frames and circles. Using old fashioned watercolours instead of Copic Markers. Saving plastic covers to emboss with instead of buying transparencies. Those sort of shortcuts!

  • Sherri

    I alter things such as baby wipe containers, empty cans, etc. Also, I use empty cereal boxes for my chipboard. Thanks again for all of these amazing and generous giveaways Megan!

  • Rania K.

    I’m sure NOT the person that can save money when papercrafting!!! When I see new things that refers to cardmaking, I can’t stop my self spending every single penny . The only thing I can do, is whatching every sale on some internet stores- since we don’t have such a store in my town…

  • Christeen Baker

    Well as a newbie my husband would say I have been spending rather than saving but I guess it will all work out cheaper in the long run making cards instead of buying them and besides who can put a price on this much fun. My tip is shop around and check prices on the Internet before buying.

  • Debi Lym

    To save money, I will go to Tuesday Morning, Ollies, or TJ Maxx to buy supplies. Also if I am using a 12 x 12″ sheet of paper as a base page and plan to cover it up with other papers, I will cut out the center and save it for later use.

  • Linda Peterson

    I keep all of my smaller scraps of card stock in a box with dividers–arranged by color. Whenever possible, I use those papers first.

  • Elizabeth

    I try to use what I have before I purchase more of that type of thing. With organization I use canning jars, shoeboxes, etc. to store my supplies. For time saving I use Studio J for digital sometimes because I have been amazed at how much the pages look like I did them by hand – however I will never replace hand scrapbooking – it is too much fun!!

  • Monica

    In Australia scrapping anything can be expensive so a group of us get together and order from places like Above Rubies and share the postage costs, that way we save heaps!!

  • Hils

    Well, I can make a Cricut mat last for months (with a fair amount of useage)by scrubbing it with baby wipes and then putting a new coat of repositionable glue on top ๐Ÿ™‚ And you can squeeze a bit of extra life out of a dull blade by stabbing it in and out of a ball of foil for a few minutes – it sharpens it ๐Ÿ™‚ Both tricks perhaps not so good for more intricate cuts, but they work well with the more basic shapes.

  • kim mcnaughton

    My cricut has been my time saver. I can make a really great looking page pretty quickly. Your new paper also saves time. For saving money I watch for things online and for sales. I will also use coupons when available

  • Kimberly

    Great website and giveaways! I have saved tons of money and space by using my Imagine. When I see a great idea in a magazine I recreate it with the Imagine instead of running to the scrapbooking store and buying tons of new stuff.

  • Diana Kemeny

    Being new I usually am looking for tips more than giving them, I try to use all my scraps and when I buy I try and always use coupons to save some money. Thanks again for the nice gifts.

  • Lisa W

    I have a few things I do to save money. I use tinfoil to sharpen scissors or punches (just punch out shapes through the foil) and waxed paper to lubricate punches if they get “sticky” (just punch through the waxed paper). Also, I save mylar (flexible see-through plastic packaging) and punch shapes with Sizzix Bigz dies (great for making a window or shiny effect – you can emboss it in an embossing folder for a water effect). Another well-known trick is to use repositionable spray adhesive on my Cricut mats when they lose their stick.

  • Martha G.

    I recycle and reuse my packaging from my scrapbooking supplies and my cereal boxes. I cut them down and then just have a folder for them. Since starting this I have not had to purchase chipboard or clear flim…..Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • Judy B

    I hate to admit it but I don’t seem to save much just spend more. Have recently started scrapping and thought I needed to have everything to get started. Well, now I have plenty so maybe now I can save.

  • Janice

    I buy stuff from garage sales. Once got cardstock at 75 cents a package. And Stampin up stamps $3 a set. Love to get deals especially on things I use a lot.

  • Ginney Juarez

    I happened to see this great storage idea on one of my groups on Facebook: I have my spellbinders on the magnetic sheeting for vent covers, but they were getting dusty, so I bought clear pencil pouches and cut the sheeting to fit. I can get 2 different dies in each pouch, the bigger dies can only fit one…and they fit in a 3 ring binder…easy to store and easy to find, and they keep CLEAN!

  • carolyn hartle

    I try to use my scrap paper first, I use the containers I get my lunchmeat in for the glitter and the silver cover of the coffee for water effect and mini play doe cans for containers.

  • Linda

    We have don’t have a lss where I live so I shop with friends so we can split the shipping costs. For saving time, I keep my usable scraps sorted by colors. Thank you for the opportunity to win so many great prizes.

  • Cynthia

    I love collecting scrapbook and card making items so I have lots of options when I have the time and creativity. I find that the more organized I am the more I save since I’m not buying items I already have.
    Thanks for all the fun surprises!

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan! Thanks for other great giveaway! And I try to use all kind of things recycled, paper, plastic, bottles, because I like to recycled and it’s one way to save money; well thanks again! Hugs.. Maggy

  • katie

    Am always looking for new instructions and ideas. And getting them as a gift would be even better.
    Thanks for offering all these nice prizes this past month.

  • Barbara Escalante

    Save all the scraps. Sometimes I just use scraps tocreate cards. Often at Michaels I buy little kits at 2.00 or 3.00 dollars instead of spending more than double and get plenty of extras for other cards and scrapbook pages.

  • Judi Farrell

    I scour the internet looking for good prices on things I want and need. I use coupons @ my hobby lobby store (40% off one item) to get larger items, and I try and buy clearance items to stock up and then trade with friends. If its not on sale or I don’t have a coupon for it, I don’t buy it, I wait until it does. I also cut the inside out of my mats and use the paper for something else on the scrapbook page. I save my scraps to use on other pages too. When I cut something out on the Cricut (even if it is several things), let’s say it is a flower at 6 inches, I save the paper I cut the flower out of and use it to frame another picture on another page. Kinda like the negative—I hope that makes sense. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not sure how to explain that one in words. There are lots of ways to save! I buy inexpensive jewelry at thrift stores and take them apart to use as embellishments on my pages. LOVE THRIFT STORES for great finds!!! There are more ideas, but I have already made myself sound like a cheap-o!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kris Dietz

    I always use coupons on craft items that are not on sale. I never pay full price for any of my craft needs, allowing me to buy more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Laura B

    I never buy anything unless it’s on sale. And I use coupons whenever I can. I, too, will cut out the center of a 12×12 page if it will be covered.

  • JO

    instead of spending money on cards, I make my own. Oh wait – save time/save money? uh, no, I don’t think that happens.
    But I don’t have a blog, I don’t have a web site, so I’m sure that saves me time. I spend too much time jumping around reading others’ blogs & seeing so many great projects, I’m sure if I had a blog that would take time away from seeing others!

  • Ellen Crawley

    Whenever I use pop-up dots, I always make sure I use the sticky foam that the dots are cut from. Lots of times I only need a very small piece and why throw the sheet away just because the dots are gone?

  • Karen

    I enjoy scrapbooking. I shop at TJ Max and Marshall’s and they have punches and the punches are sold at a large discount. I use coupons and they are accepted by many of the competitive stores. I have a large amount of punches, so I punch them on a index card and put it in my purse so when I am shopping and I come across punches that are on sale I just refer to my card and I don’t buy a punch I already have. I take verses from cards I have received and recycle them into new cards. When I shop at a craft store they have free project sheets around the store and I put them in a binder and save money on buying card making and scrappbooking magazines that sometimes you only use a few of the projects

  • Ronnie

    I have a 12 bin storage on wheels, and I save scraps separated by color – even patterns to use when needed. I do not shop without coupons in the craft shops. I’ve even been known to go into the store twice, and when shopping for something, I always shop the internet – i.e., cricut cartridges.

  • Gail Sc

    To save money and time I look for sales and buy many of the same item – then I have some plastic storage bins for buttons, brads, etc. to keep things organized – this saves me time. Thanks, Gail

  • Paula Carden

    I use clear glass jars from General Dollar Stores for my ribbon-sorted by colors.
    I buy from Michaels and ACM with coupons, too bad we can’t use those on cricut products.

  • Lydia

    My husband and my stamping and scrapping friend’s husband think our cards must be worth $25 to $50 each with all of the supplies we have purchased!
    Like some of the others, I’m not sure those hobbies are cost effective : )
    Coupons, sales, and recycling what I have are the money saving ways that I use the most. When I buy from companies like SU and CM, my friend and I order enough to qualify for the rewards and freebies. We do this twice a year so we both profit from the orders.

  • M'Liss

    Thanks for another chance to win. Awesome prises. I try and reuse packaging material that flowers,brads etc come in. Like Prima, their packaging is beautiful to reuse again in a card. A little altering up, no one knows.

  • Tiffany

    I always shop around and look for the best deals available. I never pay full price for anything! I love to make cards and other paper items using my cricut and I use every bit of scrap paper & card stock left over from my larger cuts. Being a a teacher, it’s in my nature to recycle and reyse materials whenever I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linda

    Let’s see… save money…mostly I save by not impulse buying.. if I see something I “need”, sometimes just waiting a couple days will remind me that I don’t need it, or even want it, or sometimes even remember it! Oh, please don’t use this tactic on my SU site!!!

  • Sarah Joy

    My husband would say i do not save enough LOL But I try ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to use old cereal boxes for projects and make sure I use my scraps. I also try to keep my room organized so i can see everything and use what I have before I go buy new.


  • Geri

    1. Watch for % of sales and always use coupons.
    2. Save all scraps from larger pages and use with Cuttebug dies. 3. When I’m not sure what I want to make I simply sit and match up 12 x 12 in solid cardstock with 8 x 8 prints that coordinate as well as any scraps that might work with the colors. 4. When cutting out a happy birthday or get well message with Cricut I do several colors of the same cut then match them up with different colored cards. Just playing with no plans turns into fresh inspiration and I usually wind up with a few finished cards or scrapbook layouts ready to add pictures and/or embellishments.

  • kristy

    My gals and I love holding scrap swaps in order to save money. We put together coordinated packets of paper and embellishments that we do not feel we will use. Then we hold a once a month scrap swap and pot luck. It is so much fun, but I always come home with so much new stuff and I have not spent a red cent. An added bonus is that I was also able to clear some of the clutter paper and supplies from larger packets out of my crafting space. LOve IT!

  • Becky

    A couple of my favorite things to repurpose are waxed paper for punched or die cut flowers and those heavy silver sealers on Jiffy Peanut Butter jars for punching or die cutting. The results are amazing and the extra benefits of sharpening and lubricating your punches and dies while creating save both time and money.

  • Teresa

    I keep old greeting cards and reuse them in my projects. I get alot of supplies at garage sales, sometimes it is only halv a sheet of stickers, but for a dime, you can’t go wrong.

  • Cherylann Brooks

    Love your site. I love to make my own stick pins,but I don’t always want to use the corsage pearl top pins for all of them. I buy the flat top headpins in the jewelry section, they are not sharp so need to make a starter hole prior to placing pin on project. The price is cheaper then corsage pins.

  • DeeDee Tibke

    To save money : Never pay full price. Recycle household item like food boxes, used dryer sheets,pop tops, and my favorite is soda or beer cans. You cut the top off first,then down the side, then cut off bottom. Stampin up rubber scissors works great for this. Then use with sisix die cuts. makes great embelishments and they are free. You can also emboss it. I also make my own stamp cleaner. So cheap and easy to make. You have to try the tin can die cuts they are awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cindy

    I usually look up for coupons. It doesn’t matter if is for 5%, 10% or many times places like michaels has 40%. I usually don’t buy anything without the coupons. When you save a couple of sents, or a couple of dollars, it adds up at the end of the day… To find coupons, I will google the name of the place and add the word “coupon” and search for the best coupons. It works great for me!

  • Janette

    I recently got my craft room super organised… all my papers together, all my glues together, buttons, stamps, dies, embossing folders; you get the idea! It was amazing, I found stuff I forgot I had and now I can see at a glance if I already have what I need for my projects – no more buying duplicates, hurrah! Money saved – to spend on new stuff! LOL

  • Betty

    Sales, coupons, and clearance. I save scraps of paper, ribbon, etc. I use household items, such as cork, sandpaper, etc. When I throw away a shirt or blouse, I cut the buttons off to use.

  • Roz B

    As my number of cricut cartridges grew, I found that I either forgot what was in them or spent a lot of time looking for them. So I decided to spend some time putting all the items into a spreadsheet listing a category (eg.expressions,decor etc)item, page and key number(using Megan’s idea of numbering) and the name of the cartridge.. It took some time to setup originally but now when I want to find something I only have to look it up in my spreadsheet(which I sorted by category and printed off)..Saves me heaps of time and frustration free!

  • Christina 4635

    I use coupons when I can and buy supplies on sale when I can. I also make cards in duplicate when I craft. There are less scraps leftover and if I purchased embellishments I use as many as I can for less “left overs” that could get lost in the mess.

  • Sue Allen

    Where is the like button for all these great ideas!!!! I just use coupons when I can and never buy anything unless it is on sale. Oh and make a list before you go shopping so your just not buying on a whime!

  • Dawn M.

    Coupons and watching for sales – especially sales that include free shipping. Cricut saves me a lot of time and even more when i pre-plan and load what i need into my Gypsy and cut the day i crop. Keep all scraps because they can be used for something – know that i do paper quilts those 1″ strips are very useful.

  • Sharan Grubbs

    I actually don’t think I save money because I spend 40% more when I think I’m saving 40% on one purchase. Isn’t that the Ameican way?

  • Eva Laney

    I scour my favorite internet stores for sales and coupons. I also share my Cricut cartridges with my stepdaughter and her with me, so its like we own twice as many. Oh and of course paper scraps, I am a paper hoarder until I need it, even the tiny scraps.

  • Michaal

    My cricut is a real time saver. I make 25 invites to a party in no time! Your new paper line also seems like a huge time saver. I can’t wait to try it out!

  • donna

    after working on a scrapbook page or card, when making the next card I take it as a challenge to use just the “scraps” remaining on my table. It is amazing how many nice cards one can make using what has been left from a previous project.

  • JoAnn

    I try to only buy more supplies when they are on sale. I save all of my scraps and try to use them up first. I started putting them all in clear zippered bags but they were out of sight out of mind, so I know have two piles on my table of sorted colors of scrap paper that I will grab and use before cutting into a new sheet. I also try to use every square inch of the pop up dots sheets once the dots are gone. If you want a little more depth, just cut a little longer piece and roll it over like you would for scotch tape.

  • Amelia Andrade

    Like many others I NEVER buy any craft supplies without a coupon. Infact, I take my 3 children with me and have each of them go through the line with something. Saves multple trips although when I mention a trip tp ACMoore ot Michaels they usually ask, “We don’t have to go through the line with a coupon do we?” ๐Ÿ™‚ I also restick my cutting mats, use cereal boxes for chipboard ands I think organization is key for saving time.

  • Kathy F

    I try to purchase scrapbook supplies when they are on sale or use my coupons for the craft stores if it is something I need right away. I check prices on the Internet too when I order craft supplies..

  • Lucy

    Our local dollar stores sell scrapbooking supplies which are acid and linen free…i shop online when there are good sales….no shipping…thank for the chance to win…

  • Julie

    I normally spend a lot so I can save a lot when there is a good sale or I have coupons. My theory is the more you buy on sale the more you save!

  • Moira Efird

    Good Morning Megan,

    I have been inspiring others to do their scrapbooks, and the one saving tip I offer them is to decide how many or the types of albums they need and organize their pictures into a box accordingly cuz I can’t do that for them. Then they can move on to the next step. That saves them and me a lot of time so not to get overwhelmed right off the bat. Thank you for the opportunity of winning again. Love the gift of receiving!!! Blessings Moira

  • Sharon

    I take my hubby with me whenever I have coupons and that way I can use two coupons on a visit to the store. Around here he is known as the “Coupon Guy.” I also go into Home and/or Clothes Stores – TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s etc. They often have great deals on scrapbooking items.

  • Mary N from MN

    My tip is buy the 12×24 mats (usually 2 for $7-9.00) and cut them in half, yah, now you have 4 for under 9-$10.00. I also save all my scraps and use them on my greeting cards. Anything that is 2″ square, I keep. I also sort them accordingly to colors etc. Thanks for the chance to win.. P.S. I also buy things at the dollar stores. I just bought popup dots (425 in a pkg) for $1.25. I picked up about 7 of them. I have enough dots for the next 5 yrs or more.

  • Paula C

    Scraps, scraps, scraps!! I find that if I keep my scraps together from one project, I can make a whole other one that is different. Keeping the scraps together means you have the same colors, scheme, etc all in one place.

  • Pamela Palm

    Saving money is another hobby for me! I buy most of my Cricut cartridges on Ebay and get the best prices if I set a price I want it for and then be patient to catch one at that price. Plus, I have two friends with Cricuts and if one of them buys a cartridge that I want but don’t think I would use a lot, I just borrow theirs and vice versa. I volunteer at a recycling store and find things I can use in crafting there. In my stamp club, I have instituted a yearly purge swap where we all donate things and then I swap them out to other members in a big goodie bag!

  • judy

    My money saving tip is to buy everything when I have a coupon or when a sale is on. But mainly when I see a sale I make sure it’s not something I already have so that I don’t buy more than I need. Sometimes that’s hard because I love the sales and coupons, but I just have to tell myself no.

  • Andrea P.

    I recycle any items I use in the household to make cards so I don’t have to purchase chipboard etc. I also feel the more organized your supplies are the easier and cheaper it is. You won’t miss items you already have and make the mistake of ordering more because you didnt see that you already had them. I use all scraps I can. Thanks Megan!

  • Donelda

    I have saved myself tons of money by using good old cardboard boxes for storage in my craft room. No need for fancy plastic containers or baskets. I collected boxes from work that were the identical size that fit perfectly on my shelving. I printed labels for the ends of the boxes for easy organization. Works awesome and has allowed me more cash to spend on craft supplies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Barb A.

    In order to save money, I use coupons, shop at second-hand stores (sometimes find really good buys, and buy things on sale. I rarely pay full price. Thanks for all the giveaways.

  • Lindsay

    I shop at Big Lots and Tuesday Mornings. They have some great finds in their craft departments. It can be a hit or miss so I try to go often. And when I go to AC Moore or Michaels I always use a coupon.

  • Sahily

    I save ALL my scraps of card stock in a file with dividersโ€“arranged by color. I always use those papers first. When they are to samall I punch flowers which I keep in a jar to use later.

  • Tammy Grover-Lupold

    One tip I actually love I learned at a scrapbooking day that was hosted by a stamping up demonstrator. I really never liked using stamps because I seemed to always stamp inconsistently and did not like the look of the ink. The demonstrator said to “huff” just like you huff on your glasses before you clean them. By golly, it works… I enjoy stamping so much more with my newly learned technique I get better results… huffing moistens the ink and helps give you more even inking. Try it if you never have!

  • Amy

    I always use a coupon when shopping, shop at discount stores like Big Lots, and never throw away any scraps or extra cut outs (I end up using them at some point)

  • ellie

    I use coupons, coupons and more coupons. I will print out many for Michael’s and AC Moore.
    Both stores are not that far from my home and I’ll go back day after day if there are multiple things that are needed. This way I can use one everyday.

  • Brandy Minikey

    Mine is a time saving tip, I like to scrapbook a lot, but time is always an issue. I use power layouts to get an entire album plammed out, then when I have 15 minutes I sit down and put together a couple pages at a time! This takes the frustration out of chooseing what pictures and what order to use! If I stick to it I can usually finnish a 90 page album in 5 weeks! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • linda

    I always use coupons, and then try and use up my scarps of paper and things that I have laying around but that never works very long because then I see a project posted here and go out and buy more.

  • Kathy H

    I reuse the plastic on the cricut mats for transpariencies and the plastic from the packaging of the cricut cartridges also. I also use scrap paper whenever possible to make cards and embellishments. Can’t wait to see all the winners; maybe I will be among them! LOL.

  • Viki

    I use a lent roller to pick up little peaces if paper from my desk and mats. I also keep baby wipes in arms reach to wipes up all kinds of little messes

  • Linda

    I am a coupon clipper addict, Michaels, and JoAnn’s both run 40% and 50% off every week and Crafts 2000 once in a while. I am lucky enought (or cursed, if you are my husband) to live very close to all 3 so I don’t purchase unless I have a coupon. It saves so much. I have to run now all 3 had Labor Day coupons.

  • Debbie C.

    Grab my Gypsy and take it with me when I leave the house. Whenever I get stuck just waiting, I have something to do and the time is not wasted. I’ve gotten a lot done just sitting in the car rider lane waiting to pick up my granddaughters.

  • KimMJ

    I save the hard plastic packaging from craft and other items. Besides being die cut for embellishments they are great for palettes for paints, glue, alcohol inks, glitter etc…

  • Melissa L.

    I like to do things in advance as I have time. With my 10 minutes today I might make all my cuts on the cricut and tomorrow I might print all my photos. Also my BFF and I like to buy supplies together and split them (cheaper and we feel like we’ve accomplished something awesome when we actually use all of our supply lol). We also Like to try and replicate expensive products. Like some prima flowers and such. Its fun to be able to put our creative minds to work. Thanks for another chance to win and I hope to gather some awesome tips from this post today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Connie Gage

    To save a little money I take apart cards given to me and re-use or re-make cards with them….plus I save cardboard from cereal boxes to make my own albums with a plain notebooks.

  • Jenny

    I am a compulsive buyer and can’t pass up a sale. What has helped me is to really organize all my supplies so I really know what I have. I was never good about scraps but since getting my cricut and buying Megan’s papers I don’t want to waste any so I keep a box right beside my cricut. now and found I really use the scraps.
    I’m the in my group of friends who has the cricut, cuttlebug, etc and have it all set up in my basement so friends come over and use it. The trade off is that they will buy a die, etc so I don’t have the expense. It is fun to stamp with friends and we always share paper, cardstock, etc. Keep your eyes open and you never know what you can find. I’m getting an old card catalog from my local library and will use it for supplies and label each drawer. I found an office chair with wheels at Goodwill really cheap , Tag sales are great for rolling carts, etc.

  • Phyllis

    I have taken old cards and clipped cute pictures or phrases from them … then made them into embellishments or sentiments for my new cards using my stickles or pearl pens to add extra bling or dimension.

  • KMG

    I save time by doing assembly line on projects with large quanities. Once the sample is completed and done all the way through it is much easier to do the rest each step at a time. Thanks for the chance at another surprise!

  • Carol D.

    I save the extra butttons you get from clothing to use as embellishments. Also remove the label from prescripton bottles to store smaller brads.
    Thanks for all the great opportunities to win!!!!

  • Sandra S

    I love making cards and searching the internet for ideas and bargains. I save all of my paper scraps to use in cards (and for my granddaugthers to use) At work everyone saves the back of tablets for me to make chip board items.

  • Kayla

    I grab all I can on clearance sales and save for later! I make sure and use all my 40% off coupons at the craft & hobby stores. Also, I like the flea markets. I found a brand new originally $99.99 rolling scrap organizing tote for only $20 and a huge plastic bin full of fresh stamping ink pads for only $10!

  • LaVeda

    What a great question!!!! I always use coupons, save my scraps, cut out the center of background pages that will be covered, reuse and re-purpose cereal boxes and other packaging, and I try to get really creative to make sure I get the most of my scrapping supplies.

  • Anna Mace

    I don’tdiscard any scraps of cardstock or paper, then every so often I pull them all out (I separate by color) and I then challenge myself to make cards using them.

  • Nancy

    Like most I only buy with coupons or on sale. I have to really really want something to pay full price. I try to use all the scrap paper. I have spent alot of money but I enjoy every minute I spend scrappin with my Daughter in law and Granddaughters. Thats really what it is all about…memories! I hope it will be precious memories for my Granddaughters.

  • Debbie1

    My friends and I share information about sales and unique storage ideas, we often buy crafting supplies together to save on shipping and I keep tons of scrap paper to use as small embellishments on cards.

  • jeannette

    I check craigslist quite often for scrapbooking and card making supplies. I recently purchased an entire scraproom from someone and got well over $2,000 worth of supplies for $300. I always use local store coupons and when ordering on line I only do it when it is free shipping. At our weekend crops we also do a trash to treasure where we get all our unused and unwanted items, put them in a bag and everyone pulls a number. We start with number one and you go pick a bag. You can get things you wouldn’t think to buy and have fun. I enjoyed reading all the ideas. You can never save enough time or money.

  • Amy

    I surf the web for the cheapest prices and sign up for all the e-mail notices for sales. e-Bay has been a great source for me to get inexpensive supplies too.

  • GrannyCharlotte

    I save everything including packaging from cartridges and cardboard from paper packs. I use coupons and research on line for the best prices before I buy. Using coupons also helps. I find nice deals on cardstock at Tuesday Morning and sometimes find neat scrapbook items from Big Lots. Thanks for sharing. It has been fun reading about ways others save money and time.

  • Linda

    Can’t wait to read all the reader’s response. I guess mine is patience and wait for a sale or coupon to one of my favorite “Big Box Store’s” so I can purchase those must have things that add to my crafting. Thanks again for giving us another chance to win some of those “GREAT” suprises.

  • Kathie

    My biggest money saving tip thus far is using contact paper instead of the Provocraft vinyl on different projects. It’s not as expensive and it come in some really great patterns. It is thinner however, so if you really need a heavy duty vinyl, go with an indoor/outdoor vinyl. Way stronger and still less expensive as Provocraft vinyl.

  • Donna Rinckel

    Man, I’m going to come back and read these when I get time. I’m sure there are some gems in here. My tip would be to punch borders out, crochet flowers, print digis, etc during times when the mojo isn’t flowing or when you can’t haul all your supplies around. We have a second “retreat house” that we often go to on weekends. While I keep a second paper cutter and score board there I often forget one thing that makes it impossible to complete the project. So I take my scraps and punches with me and punch borsers in different colors and sizes or make paper flowers for future cards. I’m not getting cards done but the time savings later when I have everything at hand is amazing!

  • barbara

    I love raiding my husbands workshop for goodies. keeping an open mind i have found lots of ideas for manly cards and layouts. I also look at different packaging and how i could reuse.

  • Terri S.

    Here’s my little tip: I put salt on my napkin to keep my glass from sticking to it.. What a great great prize and I love reading all the comments about different tips/tricks and techniques.

  • Judy

    I NEVER pay full price for anything. I watch for bargains on everything and always use coupons. If I don’t have a coupon, I don’t buy it. I also watch for things at rummage sales etc. If I need a particular die and don’t have it, I will find one on the internet and adjust it to size and print it out…no cost there.

  • Karla

    I have 2 things that have helped me tremendously in saving: To save my patience …. I got this from watching your videos, Megan …. the Zig 2-way Glue Squeeze & Roll — this has saved me tons of time and has kept my sanity intact!!! I used to get so frustrated at the “little” things I was trying to glue. The other is using souvenir bags, maps, brochures …. or even finding pictures of those particular things online and using them.

    Thanks for all the gifts and surprises you are ready to give away on Thursday. I can’t wait. (BTW….will you be telling us how we connect with you at that time?)

  • Ohhh Snap

    One of the best ways to save money is to enter contests :D. I’ve won an Imagine, 2 cartridges, a 123 Stamp DVD (with other crafting goodies). I’ve entered a lot that I didn’t win too, but it’s good to share lol. Other than that I recycle tissue paper and labels from PTI, plastic packaging from almost everywhere, try to always shop with coupons and try to look at what I have in my stash before I buy anything (sometimes I have something that will work just as well).

  • Parth L.

    I recycle plastic containers to use as storage in my craft area. I save all of my scrap papers until there is no usable space and then I recycle those bits of paper. I joined the Michael’s Rewards club and I do my shopping when I have coupons and “rewards.” I also such the web for the best price, with shipping, for my Cricut cartridges.

  • Lourdes Gonzalez

    I created my own cricut cartridge storage with a $2 photo storage box from M’s. I created my own cartridge holders from leftover cardboard packaging. I am able to fit 30 cartridges in 1 box – they are easy to transport (since I don’t do all of my scrapping at home). Plus I use the included dividers to organize by category – basic shapes, basic fonts, fancy fonts, fancy shapes, travel etc. – then on the divider card I put the name of the cartridges so that if someone else is using they know where it should be returned. I then label the top of the cartridges with a sharpie so that you can pick them out

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I buy on sale, with coupons, or sometimes at The Dollar Tree. I save and use my scraps and sometimes use household items to make embellishments. I also work part time at a retail store and get a discount there. It all adds up and saves me money …that I can spend on even more craft supplies !

  • Jean Moe

    buy shoes on sale and then use the boxes for shelf storage for all the craft stuff! I shop goodwill and thrift stores and have found many awesome buys, Kromcoat paper 500 sheet ream for 2,99 for example, and lots of stamps and other goodies also at garage sales. It all helps, especially helps to give me less room to work!

  • Diana

    Instead of the more expensive glues I use rubber cement – it is acid free – archival safe and if you over glue it just rubs off without a trace.

  • Kimisue

    My husband and my mom buy gifts from local gift shops that use the most beautiful ribbons so whenever I get a present from them I re- use the ribbons on my cards.

  • Denise Speigle

    So many timesaving ideas in your comments! I may NE using some! For me as a cricut user…. Wiping down my mats with baby wipes to keep them sticky longer has been great!!! Thanks fir all your generosity! Denise

  • Nancy Olsen

    I also use coupons, save scraps to use first but watching tutorials helps me save $ by getting use out of what I already have. Sometimes I buy a product and only get limited use of it. Your tutorials help by giving me more ideas and getting the most of what I already have. Thanks Bunches!!!

  • Kathy Tracy

    Good morning, I have a tip that worked for me that I would love to share. I started making cards and donating them to my church to use for “Thank You” cards that they send out to visiting pastors. I searched stores for stamps with appropriate sayings to put inside the cards but nothing seemed to work and besides, to keep buying stamps was not an option for my budget. So I said a little prayer and stumbled upon the most awesome website heavensinspirations.com . An answer to my prayer! This woman writes the most beautiful verses and she allows you to print them and use them in your cards and scrapbooking as long as you follow her specific rules for use. All the sudden my cards had the most appropriate verse inside and I did not spend any money! Thank you for the opportunity to share today and hope everyone has a beautiful day!

  • GrannyB

    Coupons, sales, save everything espically ribbon & buttons from purchased items,& scraps. I’ve had to save and buy sales because I live with a hubby who is my sugar daddy but that is about to halt. He will retire! For the items that are not my style there is always someone I know or meet who thinks they are perfect.

  • Madeline Griggs

    I watch for coupons for the craft stores. It’s great when I earn coupons for cricut cartridges from AC Moore. You are always giving great tips to us and I have learned a lot from you. Thanks.

  • Connie

    I bulk up on supplies with friends, use coffee can lids as metal paper, chipboard from cereal boxes and small boxes out of slide containers etc that I paint and paper cover ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Patti Klein

    I use store coupons and I use recycled items from around the house to remake into gifts. I never throw away a jar or container, I see endless possibilities for them and the end results make awesome gifts!

  • Chris Frost

    There is only one scrapbook store close enough for me to drive to and it is expensive, so I do most of my shopping on the internet. I usually buy in bulk to get free postage and I look in their bargain bins and buy paper from lines that are maybe a year old but are reduced by 50-70%. Can’t wait till your big reveal on the 8th Megan.

  • Pam B

    My smart phone is my best timesaver and tool. I take pictures of all the cards I make so I have a record of what I sent to whom. I take pictures from on-line tutorials(if I’m away from home) as a reminder of a new technique I want to try. If I’m stuck for a design I just pull out the phone and get some inspiration.

  • Rochelle Ressmeyer

    my time saving tip is by far the gypsy, don’t have to take out all those cartridges, can design anywhere. and can save all my designs. love it.
    thanks for all the chances to win.

  • Dawn

    I use a quilters 12″ cutting mat with a pressing pad on the back for my layouts at my desk. It’s small size is perfect for card making layouts and the pressing pad keeps my pieces from slipping around so much while I’m working.

  • Gail

    Coupons, free shipping, use whatever I can around the house first. Take empty boxes from stores and place colorful paper over them for storage.

  • facsmom

    To the lady who said she couldn’t enter to win prizes because she didn’t have a blog or website, I must be in trouble, too. You just skip the box that says Website and enter your comments to win.

    I have sheet protectors (8 1/2 x 11 cardstock) and 2 gallon ziploc bags (for 12×12″) for each color of scraps. I specifically put scraps on the same mat, sort of like your own paper layerz when cutting a layered image.

    I recycle empty plastic spice containers for little stuff.

    I wait until I have several items before ordering on-line to make my shipping go further.

    I, too, have a spreadsheet, 1 for images, and 1 for messages for my cricut cartridges. For each category (images and spreadsheets) I have 2 spreadsheets, 1 in order of how I have entered the information and a 2nd with the same info alphabetically by image/message. this way I now what has been entered and the other to make it easier to find what I am looking for.

    Thanks for all of the fun and giveaways with more to come . . .

  • Johanne L.

    I don’t have a big budget for scrapbooking supplies so to save, I go to my dollar store and I buy for exemple, my brads, bling, everything that I think I can use. So, when I can go to a scrapbooking store, I can go for specific things, or something that costs a little bit more. Thanks for the chance.

  • Shirley

    I always look for deals in the clearance sections of my favorite shops and buy with others to get the best price. Thank you for all of the great giveaway items, waiting to see all revealed

  • Darlene

    I am the only one of my friends that has a gypsy. They all let me load their cartridges on my Gypsy. In return, I bring my gyspy and all the cartrdiges I do own to our monthly crops so that all can benefit.

    • Lydia Matthews

      Hey Darlene, I also have a friend who doesn’t own a gypsy and she calls me every time she gets new cartridges (which is often) and says ” when are you coming? I have 4 new carts for you to load in your Gypsy” isn’t that fabulous? I always make her a thank you card featuring one of the carts I got from her.

  • Kimberly

    I am a sale hunter. Buying only when things are on sale and in bulk when you do find a great price is worth it’s weight in gold in my humble opinion!

  • Karen

    Hi Megan. I do a lot of my shopping for my supplies at rummage sales and thrift stores. It is amazing what people get rid of and the golden treasures I find. I also save all scraps, anything I see that can be used for embellishments and cut buttons off of old clothes.
    Use coupons and also join Hostess Clubs.

  • Kristan(Crazy4Christ)

    to save money i use ink from the dollarstore when stamping, i don’t see any difference from the name brand ink. To save time when scraping i always have my cuts and designs on my gypsy that way i am not sitting there trying to figure out sizes and cuts when at my cricut machine. Thanks for the chacnce to win!!

  • Nancy A

    Since I’m new to card making, paper crafting, I’ve been trying to save money by using coupons and buying on sale. I have learned so much reading all the comments. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  • Sally Mason

    I grew up with a family that always made do and mend so most of my knowledge has been passed down to me, but one thing I do do is try not to waste anything if I can help it, I turn old fruit into cakes and tea loaves, or freeze fruit to be turned into chutneys and relishes, sorry its not a crafty tip!! many thanks again for this wonderful giveaway you are providing for us.

  • Dawn

    I like to recycle anything I can get my hands on. My tip is I make my own embossing folders for my cards with my Cricut and recycled chip board.

  • Elaine

    Dutch heritage keeps me thrifty. I save the foil inside flap of Christmas card envelopes,always shop sales and use coupons for stocking up on basics,sort scraps into coordinating colored plastic baskets and use paint chip samples for sturdy and easy cricut cut words. best tip? get organized!

  • Danielle

    Coupons, coupons, coupons!!! I live within about a mile from acmoore, michaels and joanns. There is also a little mom and daughter shop a few miles away. I make sure I always have my coupons with me since they always accept each others. So I will buy wherever has the better price with the coupons. Oh yeah ebay is a great place to save too you just need to know where to look.

  • Thelma N.

    I keep a watch for sales and if I’m looking for a certain item I watch e-bay. Ocassionally I’ll have a Creative Memories party to earn free things.

  • Helen

    Oh my gosh, this is the best exchange of ideas! Love it! I recycle tons of stuff, cereal boxes, plastic casings and buy ON SALE, in this economy you need to stretch your income.

  • Eleanor

    I share my craft room with a guest bedroom and have little space. My bedroom colors are green and ivory, so I covered various boxes with ivory wall paper and cut letters with my cricket out of green paper to identify contents, such as “large scraps; small scraps; card-size sheets; strips; and cut-out sheets” These fit on a bookcase right above my Cricket. The room looks color-coordinated even if the space is small.

  • Nancy

    I use coupons and when ordering online I wait til there is free shipping or split shipping with a friend. We share cricut cartridges so we each have a list of all the cricut cartridges we have so we never double up on them.

  • Dianne Bell

    I have learned through experience that if you do not touch the sticky part of the mat other than put your paper on, it will last longer. I have used my mat almost a year. I think it is the oil on our hands that make it less sticky. I still clean my mat but not as often as it remains sticky longer if I try not to touch it. I use my spatula on almost everything.

  • Kathy Freeman (KathScraps)

    My tip is what I do to try to help others save time and money – when I send a hand-made card, I adhere a liner inside to right on, very lightly, with removable adhesive. That way, they can pull out the insert, add a new one and send it on its merry way to someone else.

  • Pam R

    I use cereal boxes for chipboard, resale shop jewelry, old cards(old ones my parents saved as well as any I’ve kept),coupons, JOIN A CARDSWAP – YOU GETS LOTS OF IDEAS FROM OTHER MEMBERS).Also always check tips and trick wherever you can find them. Thanks!

  • Ruth

    Cricut Design Studio saves me lots of time that I used to spend cutting out shapes or fonts out of scrap paper to see what size I should make them or how they fit together. With DS I just add an image and change it to fit my final project and then I can cut away! I absolutely love it and wouldn’t want to Cricut without it!!! I frequently encourage others on Cricut boards to get Design Studio and I hope this helps someone who follows you in their Cricutting, Megan!

  • Judy Resop

    Here is my tip on saving some time. Keep a note book with you weather it be in your purse or were ever, That way I jot down designs when ever they come to me! So that way I have a basic design to just pull out my supplies & start scraping. Happy Scraping Everyone!

  • P.J.

    To find the black holes in your spending, for 30 days write down EVERY penny you spend. EVERY PENNY! At the end of the 30 days, go over what you have spend your money on and decide if that was a good purchase. Could you have spend less on that item? Did you really NEED that item? What is the reason behind you buying that item? Did you NEED that item or just really want that item?

  • Carol I.

    My lss has a twice-a-year Scrappers Garage Sale, the next one being Oct. 1st, where scrappers clean out their stash, and the garagers reap the benefits. I got lots of paper and embellies for a great price.

  • Cathy P

    My best money saving tip is to keep a list of what you have. I know I’ve bought duplicates of things I like and I know I’m not the only one.

  • Rhonda

    I LOVE this post…since I am fairly new and spending tons of money right now! But having lots of fun! I spend less than the cost of a “golf game” each time I shop…I’m just sayin’….

  • melanie

    I use coupons and buy when supplies when on sale or clearance. Also buy on line a lot if is on sale and shipping is reasonableThese are my money saving ideas so I get more bang for buck.

  • Tanya Thompson

    I love re-using last year’s school supplies. Every year I purchase new colored pencils, water color paints, highlighters, etc. for my daughters. I trade them the new ones for last year’s old ones and use them up on my cards and projects…When they run out or break down, I toss them and don’t feel guilty because they’ve done “double duty”. (And the girls are happy because they get new ones each year!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rebecca

    I have a certain time each week that I have set aside to pull out my papercrafting. I make sure that I make at least one card for general purpose (birthday, thankyou, etc) so I have it when I need it.

  • Sue Givens

    To save money, I usually will wait for a sale or I will use a store coupon to purchase new supplies. Another thing that I do is to save the packaging so that I can reuse the clear bags that a lot of embellishmennts come in.

  • Adeline Brill

    My tip is different from most of the ones listed here. Even though I do traditional scrapbook pages, I love saving money with Studio J. As a member I save $$ on printing my larger photos in those layouts. For the traditional pages, I print my photos at Walgreens when they have their specials – this week prints are $.09 each.

  • Sheila

    I have saved the most by keeping a picture on my phone of my scrapping area – my pegboard wall/clear containers, etc. Even if I can’t clearly see everything, I know pretty much what is where and the picture helps me remember so I am not buying the same things I already have!

  • Lisa R

    Since I can’t afford those beautiful shelves/cabinets for scrapbooking supplies, I bought the put-it-together-yourself storage cubes. You connect all the 12 x 12 sides together. My trick is to attach some of the panels with twist ties, so I have more slots–just right for separating my different kinds of paper.

    There are some money-saving tips I won’t follow, though, and I hope you, Megan, will sometime explain the concept of “photo-safe” to your followers. I want my photo albums to last forever and they won’t if I throw just anything into them. (cereal boxes, paper clips…) I’m willing to use those for temporary items like cards, but never for my albums. Please give your readers a heads-up

  • Rita McVey

    I go to the $1.00 bin at Michaels. They have wooden stamps, clear stamps, acrylic blocks, blank cards & envelopes, stickles, ink pads and ribbon. They usually keep them full and up-to-date for the season. All are $1.00 apiece.

  • Kathy

    I use coupons…look for sales…scour the internet….check Big lots…use scraps of paper anytime possible…These are just a couple of things I do to save money…not sure it saves time because of all the searching…But I love it. Thanks again for all your great giveaways.

  • Penny Mourer

    I have a great group of friends and we look for sales, deals, etc. We also buy in bulk sometimes and save on shipping. I am not very good with time management yet, as I get side tracked with all the possibilities for crafts. I do love your DVD’s and they are so much help.

  • Jelayne

    To save money, I have a list of stuff I “NEED” on my cell phone. (Items needed to complete a page or card.) So I can buy them when I find them on sale. I also have a list of (major tools / supplies) I own so I don’t buy duplicates. (Like my cricut cartridges / cuttlebug dies).

  • Pinky

    I do all of the above, use coupons, make my own cards for every occasion, use scraps, make my own glue dots using tomobow glue, and use my cricut for scrapping which saves a ton of time. I also use my Big Shot all the time!

  • Julie Eaklor

    I recycle all the different plastic and chip board I can find. I visit the thrift store for bits of this and that. The only thing I have not been able to find in any store is TIME!

  • Mary

    I have tons of ink pads and always have to hunt for the color I need. Bought little plastic totes at Wal-Mart with colored lids. Didn’t have all colors but now I can find my reds, blues, blacks and greens easily

  • Nancy Kitson

    I use Crafter’s Companion Stick Away Spray to clean my Cricut mats and us CC Repositional Spray on the mat when I’m ready to use them again. LOVE IT! Also use my cricut for everything. When I see 3d stickers @ the store, I go home and try to figure out how to do it with shadows and blackout on the cricut.

  • Loretta Catlett

    Whenever I make cards, I always make several at a time, that way, I have them made up for those unexpected occasions. I make a log of the cards so I am not sending duplicates to the same people. I enjoy all of your tips.

  • Aggie

    Hi! To save time, as soon as I get pictures back from the store, I sit down and separate them into ‘layouts’ then I go through and find papers or possible papers for each set and put each set in a 12 x 12 envelope or sleeve. If I know of embellishments I want to use, I add those right away as well. That way I am also sure to use up some of my stash, and I am not hunting one at a time.

  • J Lar

    When I cut a pattern, I cut it several times in one shot so I have left over segments to create cards in short notice. I keep the pieces in a zip lock bag with the name of the pattern on the front.

  • Betsy Rowan

    Coupons, sales, eBay, cereal boxes ad chipboard, kits like your that let me try new products, doing research on major investments, and trying to find new uses for household items. Sometimes my biggest money saver is staying out of the stores!

  • star

    I use the packaging! When buying paper remember to use the chip board backing to a pad or some companies add some when shipping. I pull the shipping box apart to have corrugated cardboard pieces to lightly paint and add to a page for texture, or the box gets cut up to use as covers for homemade memory books! Don’t forget with halloween coming up use your cricut plastic to cut out ghosts!

  • Hilary

    I buy some of my supplies from other crafters. Kijiji.ca here in Canada is a GREAT site for people to sell their gently used items, which makes it the perfect place for buying supplies at a fraction of the price! A virtual garage sale.

  • Patti

    My money saving tip is to always recycle anything I can. When it comest scrapping there are so many wonderful things you can reuse – the packaging from the cricut cartridges makes for a great see through card, the cereal boxes are a foundation for keeping your beautiful papers more sturdy. Just try and reuse so we all can enjoy our environment.

  • Linda C.

    If I need a particular logo, caption, team mascot, etc., I search the internet for the best one, then size and print it on photo paper. I get exactly what I want without searching shops or on-line and the price is right!

  • Bobbi

    Don’t buy low quality tools, papers, embellishments, etc. Just because it is cheap, doesn’t make it low quality, and vise versa. Invest in the good stuff. I have wasted SOOOO much money buying cheap, then buying the better one I should have in the first place!!! The quality of the materials put into a project really show in the outcome.

  • Lydia Matthews

    My husband does upholstery, so I use fabric sample books to make my own background papers, by making color copies of the fabric patterns that I like. I can also use the fabrics from discontinued books and the scraps/leftovers.

  • Marsha

    Coupons are a must. If I can’t decide how to use one (what I want is gone ) I get black &brown card stock as I use it a lot. My family also knows to not write on the outside of envelopes when possible and give them to me to reuse.

  • Carol

    While trying to master my Cricut (a big feat for me) I first practice a lot of my cuts using paper grocery bags to avoid wasting any of my decorative papers and to be sure itโ€™s the size and shape Iโ€™m looking for. Then with all/any scrapes I TRY to keep organized in clear page protectors (8.5 x 11) which are kept in an extra wide loose binder/s that I paid 50 cents @ a thrift store.

  • Debbie B.

    I like to use the scrap paper I have to make new paper. Make sure your scrap paper is in small pieces and place into a blender with water. Pour into a large pan, use a piece of screen and dip the pulp onto it, make sure it’s even and let dry. Makes great back ground paper for cards. Plus you use up all your scraps. Also you can add things like glitter to make it stand out. The sky is the limit. This saves money because is’t free and you have great paper to make more cards with.

  • chris

    my favorite cost saying thing is to take my ac Moore coupon and buy adhesive weekly if I don’t need it for something else. You never have enough adhesive. This way you won’t run out during the creative process.

  • Janet S.

    I put myself on a scrapbooking diet years ago when I would shop. Now I take my set of pics, find a sketch layout and put the pics and layout in a 8 1/2×11 page protector and stack them up, then when I go to my favorite store I only buy paper and embellishments needed for that layout, no extra bought or wasted. Then at home I have a 3 drawer 12×12 stacker and they are labeled– to design–to cut–to glue so depending how much time I have I can grab a layout out of one of my drawers to work on, that’s my time saver!

  • Sharnette Wade

    My tip is I like to go to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores. I like to hunt through aisles looking for items that I can alter or use as an embellishment. Shop at the right time and you can find all sorts of good stuff. One time I went “shopping” and I found 2 shelving units for my craft supplies for cheap. They are absolutely beautiful.

  • Jane

    Besides being a scrapper I love photography. Whenever I see an old barn, farm equipment, or a field of flowers I’m in there taking a picture. I print them at home and use them for cards and scrapbooking. Cutting and mounting are so much fun.

  • Betzy

    Hi everyone,
    1. Use color newspaper, specially cartoons and make funny gift bags myself.
    2. I use all my beans cans and upcycle them using pretty scrapbooking paper, cutting letters on my cricut and making personalized pencil holders (my friends love them)
    3.Pieces of too small stabilizer from the embroidery machine I use them to put under furniture avoiding scratching on my hardwood floor. This pieces are good to clean my computer and iphone screen.
    4. When the kitchen paper is out I save the white tube and use it to create rockets when I have my son’s friends at the house. They love to create, paint and play with them. I save them for my cupscout meetings too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well those are some I think of now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Janicez

    I found that the large foil seal on coffee can be run through the cuttle bug and embossed. It give you a fake metal look. Also I use the left over foam adhesive you get after using the dots. These are never seen and gives you more for your money. HAPPY SCRAPPING

  • Colleen

    Whenever possible I try to reuse anything that I have around the house, old shirt that are worn out and have any embellishments or buttons on them I take off and use. I make more than one card at a time saving cutting time for the next card. I save all my scrap paper to use on smaller items that I cut out. I just found a new idea to use old white or off white muslin or linen type material, just cut into strips and then stamp on it to make a cute addition to your cards and scrapbooking. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  • Barbara

    One way I save time is to get all of my elements done, when working on a lot of the same card) and then putting them all together. This works well for our card exchange in my advance stamping club. The way I save money is not buying anything new (Just kidding!). Actually what we do in our club is to place an order as a group and save on shipping and sometimes get some type of bonus.

  • Sharron Turner

    I check Craig’s List to find sales and deals. If you find someone who is looking to get rid of all their stuff, you can really SCORE. I spent under $100 and got EVERYTHING you could need to scrapbook, from a wheeled paper tote with 9 trays full of paper and cardstock, to 6 trays full of brads, eyelets and tools I got it all.

    I also found a cricut machine (hint)web site that had a phenomenal sale this weekend; and I buy my cartridges off of eBay with free shipping. I pay from $17-$20 total for one. Thrift stores and Tuesday Morning are good sources, and of course coupons for Michael’s, Joanns and Hobby Lobby. I LOVE this post – I’ve learned so many helpful tips!

  • Anniebee

    Because I have been out of work for over a year now, I have many money-saving tips and tricks but a main one is to save all of my small scraps of paper, escpecially special ones like foils and glitters. I use these as mats for my greetings on cards and for letters and banners for layouts and other types of projects. When I start a new project, I go through my two scrap boxes (one for solid colored paper and one for patterned paper) to look for something that will work before I cut up a new piece. I also have started buying more 8×8, 6×6 and 4.5×6 paper pads because they’re a little cheaper and don’t take up as much storage space. I won’t buy paper without at least a 40% off coupon. I also buy double-sided adhesive foam tape at Big Lots instead of buying pop dots. This is a HUGE savings and it’s much tackier than pop dots or foam tape I have bought elsewhere.

  • Karen

    t works for me in saving some time is once an event/adventure/day is over I put the mementoes in my scrapbox with any embellishments I know I already have that would go with that theme. Then lay a piece of paper over those special treasures to help divide one layout from the next. Once I print my pictures out for that occasion then I add them to the section that already houses my treasures. This process sooooo helps me keep organized and get some power layouts done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Karen Ogle

    One of the ways I save time with my embossing folders, I cut a piece of scrap paper to 4″x5 1/4″, run it thru my cuttlebug and put it on a ring. I have a sample of each of my folders on that ring and when friends come over they can go to that ring find thier embossed piece, then I have a file that I have separated by name, such as Sizzix, Quickuts are in 1 file cuttlebug in another. On my ring I’ve made a cover telling wheather that ring is Sizzix folders or Quickuts.

  • Mabel

    I never buy crafts supplies unless I have coupons or they are on sale. I also love to repurpose anything plastic such as baby wipe containers. Thanks Megan ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Catherine Leek

    Well, to save money, I ALWAYS go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels armed with coupons to buy paper packs because I love the coordinating colors. When I really have a lot of pages to complete (like a vacation / trip), I use Close To My Heart level 1 and level 2 kits in the same color series and can knock out 16 – 20 pages in no time! I have a friend who is a consultant (not for profit) and we make large group orders and split the shipping. Thanks for another opportunity to Win!!

  • Marilyn

    I don’t have the Gypsy, but I do have Design Studio and whenever I am trying to come up with an idea I refer to DS. I’ll look at the various shapes on DS rather than pull all my cartridges out. I’ll use the Cricutsearch.com to locate the shapes I want to use and then look at them in DS. Saves time and prevents me from making a huge mess! LOL!

  • dianne davis

    Learn from more talented & experienced scrappers(Megan, Joy, Melanie, etc…) how to save time, money, & space for me!!!
    I use my Gypsy to save time(don’t waste time looking through all those books), save money by looking at a cart, to see if I would use it/or could make it with carts that I already own. Shop online for sales, buy only with coupons, or clearance only!!! Organize craft room, so I know & use what I have.
    Enter to win prizes(which I have yet to win), BUT learn so much from reading others comments-like today;););). TFS everyone!!!

  • Debby J

    Besides using coupons to buy things, I look at items that would be used say in the kitchen and try to see it as a craft tool. For example:I am using an old hook system to hang my scissors and tweezers, I have baskets for scrap paper, I use shadow boxes for my stamps and ink pads.

  • Anita

    I always save my scraps. I have a scrap drawer. Then, when I need small pieces to cut, I don’t have to use a new paper I just go through my scrap drawer!

  • Irene Baker

    My time saving tip is that I have a pair of long tweezers on my work table. I use them all the time to pick up little items, lay down medium sized items, and to hold rolly eyes while I put a dab of glue on them for cardmaking. My tweezers have saved me a LOT of time overall, and I love them!

  • Andrea

    My trick to save money, if it hasn’t already been shared, is to buy silk flowers and then pull apart and layer them instead of buying the expensive “pieces.” I just use a pretty brad to hold them all together and sometimes use some dimensionals or other adhesive if I want the petals to look a certain way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • lisa argyle

    I have used elements of wedding invitations to create a card for the bride and groom. or parts of a birthday invite for a gift tag. Saves me money, and really personalizes a gift. I also keep a close eye on daily deal sites like Scrapbook Steals, pebbles in my pocket and Scrapbook.com. Sometimes they have high quality items and tools for –of course–a steal!

  • Pam Blair

    WOW, everyone has posted some really awesome ideas for saving money. I also love to shop in thrift stores and am very blessed to live close to a Big Lots, Marshall’s, Ross and TJ Maxx, occassionally you can find great crafting items priced reasonably. Love the Dollar Tree around the holidays and shop there a lot. Great Question Megan ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Barbara R.

    Being organized is most important to me. If I don’t know what I have, I might buy a duplicate. Also helps me do projects with items I have instead of buying more…..although I love buying more stuff!

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    Love my Cricut but I’m on a limited budget, so I do 2 things: 1) never pay more than $20 for a cartridge (love cricutmachine.com) and 2) enter as many giveaways as I can! I’ve won 9 stacks from the DCWV Blog but haven’t won anything from you yet. Here’s hoping I get lucky.

  • Karen

    I bought legal sized hanging file folders that I hang in a plastic file keeper with a lid (bought all of it at Office Depot). I file my paper scraps by color in the folders and my stickers by theme. It is so much easier to find things now! I actually go to my paper scraps first whereas before I would go straight for a new piece of paper. It helps me save time and money.

  • Rosario

    My money saving tip is that I purchase 95% of my crafting materials when they are on sale. If not on sale I make sure I have a coupon. I especially like the 40% and 50% coupons from Michaels. I purchased my Sizzix Big Shot at half off. My Zutter Bind it All at 40%. Coupons and sales is my motto.

  • Kelly

    To help save time and money, we do all the cards we need for a couple of months at one time. My girls and I figure out what we want to put on each card and then start running the cricut. There is a lot less wasted paper and it’s really a time saver since we don’t have to change out papers and load/unload the cricut as much. It helps me to keep track of what we have/run out of and our cards are always ready well in advance!

  • Valerie f

    My best thing I ever learned was taking dry wall tape . It helps hold on to letters or images in order after I take them off my cricut mat.

  • Cathy J R

    I make cards in mass. I make them generic and then make the sentiments so I can attach what I need at the time. So in my box are 10 cards made. Then I have 10 birthday and 10 sympathy sentiments, 10 birthday verses and 10 sympathy verses all ready to attach. I just pick which one I need at the time. It really beats making one card at a time.

  • Lana

    I am heavy duty into recycling things into something new and special. I use cereal boxes for chipboard, save scrap paper to reuse in other projects, use baby wipes, then reuse the box to put things in. I love to shop and find things at the dollar stores such as the Dollar Tree, Fred’s, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. I also love to shop at Wal Mart, Target, Micheal’s, Big Lots, and T. J. Maxx for great finds!- – You know, I want the Pottory Barn or Martha Stewart look for a very small price. – – Thanks for all your inspiration!!!

  • Patti

    My stamping group does a ribbon share where we get a few of us to go in on a series of ribbons and each gets some of each color. This way its affordable and you get every color instead of trying to pick just one or two.

  • Zandria

    I see we all pretty much have the same tips and tricks! I never pay full price for anything unless I’m shopping at my lss. I shop online based on free shipping. And when there is a great deal I always share with my friends.

  • carla frohne

    Sales and coupons are huge for me. I always try to find the best price on everything. I got metal cubes from a scrapbook rummage and now have a 6 x 4 area covered with them to keep my stuff organized and off the floor.

  • Joan Polete

    wow – really great ideas. Just taking too much time to read them all . I hope they’ll be posted for awhile. I’ll share that we have a recycled card project at church. I have a box in the hallway where parishioners drop off their old cards and there are a few of us that remake the cards into new greeting cards. There is a table or two set up at church like a little “card store”, with payment on the honor system. All the monies earned stay at the church, and we’ve been able to help pay for some major things like new parish hall chairs, etc. I wish I could get more people interested in helping with the project but they all say “we aren’t creative” . .can you imagine???

  • Stephanie Justice

    I scrapbook in chronigical order, so I have found before I start a new year (which I am up to 2008 by the way…..I take a ton of pictures), I organize my pictures by events and keep only the one I want to crop. That way, when I am done with an event, the pics for the next event are ready to go.

  • Joanna P.

    Time saving…When going to a crop, I try to go through my materials, photos, projects I am going to work on and pre-organize items. Rather than go through all the paper I have at a crop, I try to go through this at home, select a few that I think I will use and put them in a big zip with the pics and various embellishments I might use.

  • Melanie Lewis

    One of the best scrappin’ time saving things I have done is to purchase lots of photo storage boxes (the kind you can get for $2 or less on sale) and label them by topic. Each of my boxes contains embellishments appropriate labeled — bling, chipboard, red ribbon, green ribbon, childhood theme, travel theme, etc, etc. Makes things so fast and easy to find and looks good sitting on my selves too!

  • Julie

    I tell myself I’m saving $ by making all my own cards and many of my gifts. But, I’d hate to add up what I’ve spent on scrappy supplies, LOL.

  • Beth W

    If I am using a large piece of paper…especially one I really love but only an edge will show I will cut out the middle of the paper and save it to use on another project.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Angela W

    I use my paper scraps first. When craft stores have coupons that are 40 or 50% off I take my husband and he gets one item and I will purchase another thats way I don’t have to pay full price.

  • celeste d.

    Well hellooooo!
    My trick: When placing a completed page into album it often gets hung up on emblishments or layers of paper.
    Whether top loading album or placing a page protector on completed page… this simple tricks helps ALOT!
    Just place any plain piece of paper( large enough to cover the completed page) on both sides of completed page , load into album (or slide page protector over it). Once it is smoothly in, just slide out the plain paper(s) and done! No more snags!
    Give it a try!

  • Shirley E.

    Hi Megan.
    You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve gotten at second hand stores. I think the people that price those things really don’t know what they are or what they’re worth. I once got a bag with 12 “creative memories” shaped patterns for the cutting system for $0.99. What a savings that was!

  • Melinda

    When someone sends me a greeting card,I hate to throw them away so I try to use parts of the card for other cards or an element on a scrapbook page or t can even be cut and used as a gift tag.

  • Phyllis Antosz

    I always buy on sale or on the web. I cut of the middle of my mates to reuse them. I use note pads and cut out the shapes on them to add to cards. I make two cards at once of the same thing. I save my scraps and use them even if just for circles. Organization is so important. I have a list of my cartridges & etc. Thanks Phyllis

  • Darla Haverstock

    I use erasers instead if Lino block to carve my own stamps out of. I use adhesive front magnet sheets (intended for photos) from the dollar store instead of the cricut magnet material. I use cereal boxes for chipboard. I price check everything a dozen places or more before buying including eBay etc. Hmmm can’t think of anything else right off tge top of my head.

  • mary lawrence

    sales and coupons everyone does that. but what we do is meet at the library and at crops. use each other stuff. tools. does everyone need to have them all. no so we borrow try them out. see if we really want or need to have them. saves space and money.. cricut nite. everyone uses it and cuts out what they need. hope this helps. love your giveaways…

  • Evelyn

    I always look on http://www.retailmenot.com before I buy anything on-line and sign-up to be notified about future comments. I use my Cricut for mass producing Happy Birthday, Valentine, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sentiments when I go to the Baca Senior Center to make cards with the Arts & Crafts group. I try to have a variety of colors and sentiments cut out ahead of time then cut sentiments “on demand” to match whatever projects they are working on. I recently heard about a money saving tip that I haven’t used yet from a woman when I recently attended an all day crop at church — she takes craft foam and runs it through a Xyron machine to make her own custom “pop-up dots”. She will cut it to size to back up her projects. The good thing about craft foam is that you can have other colors besides white which will not show on your project.

  • Barbara Craft Me This

    Being organized is a way of saving time. If you have a craft room and it is organized then you know what you have and where to find it. I only buy cartridges that are on sale. I save all my scraps by color in a 6 bin rolling cart.
    As for a tip if you want beautiful embellishments, I use photo paper and ink it and then cut out different shapes or emboss it. Very cool look.

  • Susan

    I like to check out the coupons, flyers and magazines for pictures, words, etc that can be used on the cards that I like to make. I also wait for items to come on sale at Micheals, or Joanne Fabrics.I like using the coupons for what is not on sale. I have the sure cuts a lot, so am able to search the internet for svg files to cut on my cricut.

  • kim

    I always check the AC Moore and Michales websites before I go to buy something, they usually always have a 40% or 50% off coupon. This is how I could afford the storage units in my craft room, 40% off a 80.00 stand makes a huge difference!!!

  • Jaqui H.

    Costco = Tombow refills best price i can find this saves me a lot of money and it is shipped right to my door. Everyone needs adhesive to craft with.

  • Joy

    Since I’m so new to this I don’t have many, but here’s something I’ve found that helps. I first cut out the shadow of a pic then as I cut out all the other pieces (except the base) I assemble them on the shadow. Lastly I cut out the base and know exactly how to assemble the figure, because I’ve experimented with the pieces on the shadow. This may not be the best but it’s the only one I’ve got so far.

  • tammy

    I only buy for the project I’m making, and use a coupon for it, I made a rule with myself that I don’t make another purchase until the 1st one is completed. Really motivates me to finish things! Thanks again for all the great giveaways!

  • Jennifer C

    Well…. ofcourse I spend more then I save:(
    Lately I have been trying very hard not to be too impulsive . Use coupons and only take cash into a store
    Also shop on line , use ebay and always try to get free shipping

  • Jeri

    To save money I always shop the sales and use coupons. My best money saver is buying my white cardstock in a ream from Walmart. It’s made by Georgia Pacific and good quality. I’ve also found that buying paper stacks in mat size or the new smaller 6×6 size is money effecient. I waste less paper and have less scraps sitting around. To save time I make my card bases in advance to have a stack to grab from. I almost always use white, black or kraft cardstock for bases. Cutting my 8 1/2×11″ cardstock in half for A2 size cards and folding them in advance seems to make cardmaking quicker.

  • Rita B.

    I save by using coupons and buying when on sale. I’ve gotten some really good bargains on eBay and Cricutmachine.com. they’re there if you look. thanks for another great giveaway…

  • Dee

    Clearance and Close outs! Especially at places like Big Lot’s and other discount spots. Our Big Lot’s has a great craft and scrapbooking Isle and the prices are great anyway but I always look at the clearance items first great deals there.

  • Janet Sisk

    I use CD cases from my music purchases to store stamps and dies in. I also use filing cabinets and craft tables that I got for free from my husband’s work when they bought new office furniture. Thanks for a chance to win another great prize. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Linda Posterick

    Oh boy.. getting closer to the big day, its going to be so fun!! I do lots of things to save.. Use coupons, watch the sales, re-sticky my cricut mats, even check out rummage sales… Save money means more new things..lol!!TFS

  • Laura

    I have the opportunity to “leave my scrapbooking out” so I can return when my time allows. This is especially useful when doing a themed photo album. Enjoy scrapbooking!

  • Debbie Baker

    I’m not sure this is a trick but I’ve had my cutting mat for over a year and it still looks great and the sticky keeps coming back. When it feels like it doesn’t hang onto the paper anymore I wash it in warm water with dish washing liquid. I use an o’cello sponge with the non abrasive side. I let it air dry and just like that…..it’s sticky again. When I need some real good stick I use a can of re-positional spray exactly where I need it and I’m back in business! I also buy EVERYTHING on sale and use those 40 and 50% coupons. They’re a big help on the budget! Ciao db:)

  • kathy t.

    visit the craft store every week, and almost always use a coupon for things not on sale. Takes a while to get what I need sometimes, but i refuse to pay full price for my hobby!

  • Tina V

    I try to stretch every piece out of my paper so sometimes when cutting a design smaller than my picture, I don’t go super close to the edge so I can use the paper to frame a photo, the negative cut out is behind the picture and the pretty design is ready to embellish on the page, it’s like two for one! I also save the plastic packaging from items (like the clam shell on cartridge) for when I need clear materials. And my final money saving tip is I save paper from work that is destined to the recycling so use as practice cuts because I don’t care what’s on it, I just want to test the size and shape!

  • Betsy

    I can think of 3 things I do to save time/money:
    1. If I need to cut something from a Cricut cartridge that I don’t own and don’t think I’d use much, I go to my local scrapbooking store and borrow theirs. They have a checkout system (like a library) for their cartridges ~ you can rent a cart overnight for $2. Or I can rent a table in their store for $5, which allows me to use any of their tools (cartriges, punches, etc.) during the time I’m there, including the Cricut carts (I just have to take my own Expression to use).
    2. I have loaded all the manuals for the Cricut cartridges that I own onto my iPad ~ saves me time, as I can just scan through them on my iPad rather than having to get out all the manuals and page through them. Also, I can do this on-the-go!
    3. I use a lint roller to pick up all the little pieces that sometimes get stuck in the die when I’m using a doily die or one with little tiny intricate cuts. Works like a dream to get all those little pieces out and picked up without a mess!
    Thanks for the chance to win all these great prizes!!!

  • Pat Runnells

    So many great ideas! I too, use lots of coupons. But the internet is becoming a great way to find even better deals, especially on Cricut carts! I bought an adhesive spray from Crafter’s Companion that allows me to clean my cutting mats and reapply the adhesive so I do not have to buy new mats. And I look at my junk mail for lots of “special” embellishments. Fancy Klennex boxes make great embellishments when cut apart too. Reuse-recycle! LOL!

  • Andrene

    I save most of my paper scraps and try to use them whenever possible. And I recycle cereal boxes for chipboard as well as the clear plastic covers from cricut carts and spellbinders. And of course COUPONS!!!!!

  • Jessie Conger

    I always shop around for the best deals. I also have a huge cart that has all my scrap paper organized by color and I always try to use it first. I also keep things organized so I don’t second guess myself and buy a product twice.

  • Petra

    My favorite timesaver is to pre-assemble papers, embellishments (mostly made with my cricut), photos and a design layout. I put them into a plastic sleeve and when I go on a crop I get everything without having to think up a layout.

  • Karen G

    I NEVER buy anything at the retail price. I use coupons at Joann’s, AC Moore and Michaels….haven’t gotten to a Hobby Lobby yet. I shop online when I can to save gas and time…especially when there are big sales and/or free shipping. I enroll in any discount or point systems I can at craft stores. I register my cricut reward points….use for carts most often. Thanks for another chance to win!

  • Stephanie Blumberg

    Just recently I discovered that coffee filters are great to use with Undo. It was a snap to clean my Cricut spatula. I try to wait and order on line when shipping is free. Thanks for all the give-aways:)

  • Sharon Harrison

    I shop on Ebay on a daily basis. I also recycle a lot of the food packaging and cans and glass jars for storing supplies.You can get a lot of great ideas from craft store blogs. Using coupons and shopping at dollar stores and thrift stores you can pick up supplies and ideas very economically.

  • Pat

    Just as everyone else who loves to craft, I do a lot of the above ~ coupons, organization, and re-purposing. For a time-saver when I make a card I really like I will make a second to keep on file as a sample for future project.
    Can hardly wait for Thursday!

  • Renee

    I always use coupons and go straight for the clearance section, I remove buttons from old clothes, use cereal boxes for chipboard, have organized my scraps by color in ziplocks that go in a hanging file box. Love to go to Tuesday Morning and Marshall’s for great deals too! Love your site thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • kim

    If you asked my husband he would say I DON”T SAVE MONEY” but I do try. I use what I have around my house whenever possible, like drier sheets for embossing. My kids old pencil boxes and school notebooks decorated and reused for scrapbook things. I am so happy that I found this site, Thanks for all the awesome ideas.


  • nitasha j.

    I save time scrapbooking by making little mini kits from my supplies and taking them to work with me so that I can scrapbook on my breaks. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 30minutes!

  • Nikki C.

    To save money I go to a lot of yard sales and thrift stores and find lots of neat crafting stuff there. I also try to think of new ways to use my older stuff, I’ve been really into ways to use my old school embossing powder lately.

  • Michelle Cain

    I save all my scraps and then will piece them on my cricut mat when using my Design Studio. I can always find paper to match when making a card.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    mlcain0202 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Jo Anne

    My cricut is a huge time saver, making the embellishment/decorations quickly. I shop with coupons and on line to find the best price.
    Thanks again for another opportunity to win a “surprise”. Who doesn’t like surprises!!

  • Norma Weiss

    My sister, daughter and I all scrapbook. So when one of us buys a new cartridge, we let the other know. We share cartridges so none of us has the same cartridge, and our library of cartridges grows and grows. Thanks for another opportunity to win!

  • Nancy F

    I love using hand made greeting cards on my scrapbook pages. It is the perfect accent for the page and preserves that special card. When cut apart, you have the pretty front and the inside greeting. Add a background and photo and your done!

  • Dorinda

    I use pop tabs as an embellishments, you can spray paint them with the colors to match your layouts. Take ribbon and run through the tab, glue the ribbon on both ends of the page. I also use the pearl pen to decorate tab. This adds a little fun to your page.

  • Caprice

    For me…I use my scrap paper to place on my Cricut mats to cut out multiply images at one time…this is was before Megan Elizabeth created her new papers for the Cricut..lol..I also use Tack it over to make my mats sticky again. Happy scrapping!

  • Bonnie Beck

    My best money saving tip is to gather all paper coupons and have my email and app coupons ready from Michael’s and Joann’s before I head out the door to Joann’s. They take all coupons from competitors and their own during the same transaction. So if I have items and 10 different coupons (paper and on my phone) they’ll take them all at the same time. Love that!!

  • Linda W

    Good organization is a must, everything has a place of its own. Yes, there’s a mess on my desk when I’m creating, but when I finished, everything goes back in its place. It really makes finding things so much easier the next time I need an item. I like the organizing cubes where you could use different combinations to make it work to store things the way you want. The other tip is I never buy anything without my 50% off (40% off in a pinch) coupons. That is how I get my crafting toys and supplies without feeling too guilty.

  • Ellie

    When I want a big item for my crafts, I wait for the 50% off coupons and go to my favorite craft store and buy the item. I have saved lots doing that.

  • Angie P.

    I always cut apart the plastic that the cricut cartridges come in and us it for my acetate. Also cut up the cartons your soda comes in and use for cardstock. You cover it anyway with beautiful papers! Cant wait! 4Days!

  • Lauriejane

    Well not original but coupons. I never pay full price for anythin. I also try not to buy a new tool wheen it first comes out. I see how everyone on their blog likes it and wait for the price to come down or decide.if I really need it.

  • Donna Dial

    Wow lots of GREAT ideas. I love the $ saving tips too, we are all about that! I too use coupons and visit Big Lots and Dollar stores for savings. The inventory is always changing too and I like that. I save my cards, birthdays, mothers day etc and use the pictures for embelishment. I am soo excited, cannot wait for Thurs nite!! Megan you are the BESTEST!

  • Rita

    After I cut a shape from my paper I cut the waste from it and save the good paper as scrap. That way it is easier to store and use in the future.

  • Rose

    I buy the paper packs where everything matches. That saves me a lot of time searching for paper that matches. I never seen to can find anything that matches. I especially like the packs that also have solid colors to use for the backgrond or matting.

  • Frania

    Je modifie des choses telles que lingette contenants, des cannettes vides, etc Aussi, j’utilise des boรฎtes de cรฉrรฉales vides pour mon agglomรฉrรฉ. Merci encore pour tous ces incroyables et gรฉnรฉreux Megan cadeaux!

  • Katy Z

    For my cricut and sizzix eclips and slice machines
    I have bought a 1 inch binder for each, labeled the spine so I know what binder goes with what machine. I have gone to the web and found the best photos of the cartridge designs (JPG)usually from the company site or one of the online store they can be purchased at. I use a card program fancy the page up with title of cartridge. print put into a sheet protector, then correct binder that I keep near the designated cutter. Then I can just leaf through the cartridge photos.example Maybe a better bird,flower,flourish, etc. on one than the other

  • Carla

    Sharing Cricut cartridges with my crafting friends. We try to only buy cartridges that no one n the group has. Our cartridge library is much bigger this way.

  • cindy

    To save money on the things I want! First I look at different sites and do a cost comparison between the online sites and the craft stores! I fine out that most sites don’t charge the same amount for cartridges and supplies I may need! Then I also look on ebay but there are times people bid more than I want to pay ! I also check at Walmart just to see there prices! Just the other day I got a 50.00 cartridge for 20.00 ! Its always good just shop around and save where you can save! I am all about getting things cheaper!

  • Carmen

    Everyone has such wonderful ideas! To save money, I save all of my scraps..Every once in ahwile, I will take time to go through my scraps and cut some of them into different sized strips and shapes……then when i need a particular shape in a hurry, it’s right there!
    Also, once in a while I will go through and just load the cricut with paper and cut a whole bunch of different sizes and shapes , so that when i am in a hurry, all I have to do is glue it on! I try to do the letters in different sizes, fonts and colors….It really saves a lot of time in the long run!

  • Tonya

    I save time buy looking for way to craft with items I have at my house, example found out I could cut up all boxes in my house, so cereal, swiss rolls, dog treats lol all boxes got cut by the cricut.

  • Gayle

    Save the scraps after cutting with the Cricut and make ur own homemade paper. What lovely colors that can be mixed together. I am hoping someone has an idea for mailing the gorgeous flowers I have made with the Art Philosophy cart.They are too beautiful to ruin.

  • MissElaineous

    I also shop at a hardware store. You would be surprised how many scrapbooking tools are there, and at a cheaper price than the craft stores.

  • Connie

    When you don’t have a lot of money it’s easy not to spend it. Well, not that easy. I only get cartridges that are on sale. And I sell Close To My Heart so I try only to buy with the money I make selling it.

  • Becky Elfert

    I keep all my scraps in a Cropper Hopper accordion file, sorted by color. I always try to use my scraps first rather than pulling out a new sheet of paper.

  • Brenda Westhafer

    I like to shop around on the internet for the best prices, keep my small pieces of cardstock in plastic totes according to color, cut out 3″ tags and emboss samples of my embossing folders and put on binder ring for samples.

  • Mary Alice Espinoza

    Love these giveaways! Maybe I’ll get lucky? I’m a newbie and enjoy the videos. Little by little collecting my cartridges and materials.

  • NanetteMT

    I’m not sure if you can “save” money when crafting…lol! But…I RARELY ever pay full price for anything. I always use coupons at JoAnn’s and Michael’s or I shop on eBay. My DH thinks I’ve opened a scrapbook store in the house. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The other thing I try to do is think “recycle”. I look at objects and wonder if I can use them for another purpose.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the great give-aways and great inspiration Megan! I try to save money by repurposing. The large clear plastic containers that almonds come in make great containers for flower pieces. With large sides you can see what is in the container. A unit from a hardware store trash bin makes an amazing punch and ribbon holder.

  • Vivian

    Besides many mentioned above about cutting mats-I always use 40% (sometimes 50%)coupons from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby on most expensive items-JoAnns also takes Michael’s coupons; always check clearance items at all stores and on-line; save paper scraps, cereal boxes, decorative tissue boxes; homemade glimmer mist; homemade glue dots using Tack It Over and Over glue, pearl dots using
    Viva Deco pearl pens (both of these on freezer paper); saving feathers found in the yard and always thinking “what can I use that won’t cost anything?”. So many wonderful ideas on the web to experiment with and tweek to my heart’s delight.

  • Shan

    None of us has enough storage space for what we have collected. I use a lot of plastic stands with storage drawers so that I can label the drawers to find what I need. I bought the new art bins for cricket cartridges and love them. I put the cartridges in alphabetical order and label the bins. I generally label with wide masking tape or blue painter tape so that when I need to re-label it is easy to do so. Happy scrappin’

  • JILL

    The pages of books make great background paper for projects. I look at everything before I throw it in the trash. Used dryer sheets can be embossed using spray adhesive on paper and placing the dryer sheet on top prior to embossing

  • Cynthia Guy

    at the beginning of the week, I premake ten PB&J sandwhiches for my kids, cut them in half and stick them in the freezer so I can pull them out when needed

  • Tammi T

    Always try and use a coupon for most expensive item i’m buying and then usually take someone with me who isn’t buying something and have them buy something with a coupon for me at the same time…lol
    kind of a toofer

  • Cyndi Stephenson

    To save money I bargain shop. When I see a good deal or sale, I make sure I stock up on things I know I will need. I also will tuck things away for gifts or so forth if they are a great deal. By the way, “Thank You” for the awesome giveaways.

  • Kathleen

    Faux brads! I use my hole punches to make faux brads out of cardstock scrapbook paper and glue the ‘dots’ to my projects. They can also be treated with crystal lacquer to make them shiny and give more dimension without the bulk of a metal brad. This allows me to match colors exactly to my projects and use my stash of scrap paper. It’s much quicker and cheaper than real brads and just as effective.

  • Cindy L

    The last few months I have stayed out of the stores and have been usng the supplies I have on hand. If I don’t have what I want I just change up my idea and go with that. I have saved probably hundreds of dollars. When my stock pile gets down I will go shopping again. That will be a happy day!

  • Debi M

    I’ll give you three time saving and cost saving tips…Organize, Organize, Organize! I often buy things I see on sale or before I even need them. I have a great organization system (actually it changes alot to keep up) and it makes it easy to find what I need when I need it. My favorite organizational tools…peanut butter jars when my son finishes the peanut butter an my nut jars as i finish the nuts! They are free after we consume the contents and it’s better than recycling.

  • Judie P

    my biggesg money saving technique is using the coupons, downloading them to my smart phone, so I am not wasting the paper, and only buying if I have the coupons. Also recycling items I don’t want or need with friends. Can’t wait to see my e-mail to see what the next give away is.

  • Audrey

    When I make a card I usually make quite a few of the same images or cuts so that I have them handy to use on another card. Saves me time when making cards adn I use the different images for different cards not always the same theme.

  • Becky Atchison

    I just always try to use my scraps in order to save money. I also look for things around the house I can alter like a sign from years ago. Take a can of paint then alter it with new embellishments.

  • Michelle

    I copy fabric that I love from a shirt or whatever on white card stock. It’s an easy way to coordinate a certain theme…great to use on a layout of a grandchild (copy their clothes they are wearing in the photo). Yes you can put the fabric on your printer/copier and it comes out great.

  • Cindy Duffy

    coupons, coupons and more coupons. i’m also paper miser (my friends laugh) but I squeeze every drop of creative use out of a piece of paper before it gets tossed. When I’m a crops I will salvage what others have tossed out to use as borders, frames or punch outs. Waste not, want not!

  • Lady Fair

    I save time and money by using my Imagine and RGB codes to color Cricut cuts. No more searching for the perfect color of red paper for Lightning McQueen. I also repurpose containers to store my embellishments or to decorate and give as gifts. Creamer bottles make adorable “snowmen”.

  • pj

    I carefully remove my Cricut cartridges from their plastic clamshells and then use them whenever I need a piece of acetate to cover an opening in a card or other craft.

  • Vennese

    My time saving tip is for scrapbooking layout: Pick your pictures of the occassion you’re going to scrap, cut the pictures into the manner you intend to lay them out on the paper – then choose your paper and lay out each page and stack them with a FEW basic embellishments – After you have them all done – then go through and you can quickly do your first go at the layouts on the go. When you have time you can go back and Stickle it and/or add some stamping and flower embellishments.



  • Sue F

    I too do not buy any supplies without coupons. I also have all samples of my punches, types and colors of inks and ink pads, colored pencils and pens, cuttlebug folders, cartridges etc in a $1.00 plastic photo album which I purchased at WalMart. This help not to purchase these items twice when I go shopping.

  • Gayle

    Initially it takes time, but you only have to do it once and you have this great help. When I get a new Cricut cartridge I cut all the options out of white paper, both the main ones and the accessory ones and paste them on black paper and put them in a page cover and then put them in a binder. At the top edge center I put the name of the cartridge. This way I can leaf through the pages and see all of the possibilities I have with my cartridges. Then when I find something I would like to use I look at the top of the page to see what cartridge it is on. I do this with my sizzix dies and all of my punches. This has been the biggest time savor for me.
    I also label jars, boxes and/or drawers as to the contents then I don’t waist time trying to remember where I put a certain item I am looking for. Each week I cut coupons out of the paper just in case I need something or run out of something. I shop sales and use coupons most of the time.

  • cheryl

    I try at every store to use coupons and shop around gas prices to shipping charges sometimes makes more sense to pay shipping. I just saw a comment where she splits paper packs with her friends thats a great idea. have a great day!!

  • Elaine Glasscock

    I recycle all types of containers, for making crafts, and storing crafts. I also recycle cereal boxes for chipboard, ribbons from packages, and I love to check out the dollar bins at Target and the dollar stores. It’s amazing what you can find. Thanks!

  • Linda Kinder

    I love scrapbooking! I did one for my wedding. I’m working on one for Christmas for my nephew and I’m doing another for my niece. I even got my daughter into scrapbooking and we try to get together one night a week to work together. What a great hobby and I get to spend time with my daughter at the same time!!

  • Kim

    Read the newspaper and watch for going out of business stores…you find GREAT deals! I still have a stock pile of photo mounting squares from years ago, I cut them in half and put one in each corner of a photo. Enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

  • Cathy Plese

    I always shop with a coupon and the clearance at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joann’s. I use the cardboard off the paper towel rolls, cut them and use them to wind my ribbon, twine, etc. around, this keeps them from getting tangeled and you can store them in a plastic bin. I also get my prints from Sutterfly.com, when you join, you get 50 free prints and they send coupons for more free prints from time to time. I use party confetti as embellishments. I make my own bakers twine by using crochet thread and a sharpie. My time saving tip is to cut double of cards and put all the pieces in a zip lock bag, that way when you need a card you already have it cut and ready to assemble. Mainly keep organized so you know what you have and don’t spend money duplicating.

  • Tonya

    I don’t have many saver tips, other than buy things when they are on sale or with a coupon, and save scraps. Seems I spend a LOT of money and a LOT of time on crafting, but I love it.

  • Sandy Christman

    I use coupons as often as possible. In my free time I make items that may be useful for cards. My mom is in an ALF so I stamp flowers for her to color. When I get them back I clean them up add stickles or something, then I make them into a card she can sen out for different occasions. I also use pretty wrapping paper or bags to help with supplies. Recycle things helps.

  • Shirley

    I trim scraps of all uneven edges and file them, but I keep it simple, red & pink orange & yellow,
    purple, blue, green white and netural,black,and special( as glittered or metalic.)Then I can pulll a file and pick the tint or tone of that color that I need. i keep the files in an open file box on a shelf near my work space

  • helen

    so many amazing ideas have been shared already and i will spend more time looking at them later when the cleaning is done( i am suppose to be cleaning the upastairs bathroom right now that is beside my craft/computer room). i check kijiji for deals and resell or donate what i do not use. i am an original recycler learned from parents from WWII and use cardboard from boxes, christmas & all occassion cards for embellishing a new card, household jars for storing embellishments, check hardware and office supply stores for deals. i even have check garden centers for items, you never know where a deal is found. i have used aluminum tape from the venting system to use for embossing items.

  • Regina

    I have been using scraps of different colored fabrics and colored papers to make paper and fabric flowers, and using glitter and stickles on the edges to bling it up.


    i save scraps of paper nothing is to small you never know when you can use it for small cutouts for the cricut.i also go to thrift shops and trade with friends.

  • Sue Harris

    To save time and money I save all my paper scraps in a rolling cart with drawers and organize them by color. Anytime I’m doing a project I look thru my paper scraps first and can usually find something to use. It saves a lot of time to have the same colors together and saves money because I don’t throw away any paper.

  • Rita

    I recycle parts of cards I receive and any ribbon that comes from any source. I use Dollar Store card stock which comes in 4×6 as matts for my pictures – this saves time and money.

  • Linda

    I recycle my greeting cards that I receive. I use the center point feature on my Cricut and select tags or shapes to use as gift tags or use them in my mini albums.

  • Marissa

    To save money on cricut cartridges, my friends and I each have a list of the cartridges the we have, this way we don’t buy the same cartridges. We put together a binder with a printout of the cartridges shapes. We organized all the fonts in one section and all the die cuts in another, along with our name on it – this way, it is easy to flip through the binder to see which cuts we need/want in our project, and who to go to for the cartridge. We never buy anything full price, and we check out garage sales, ebay, and non-traditional craft stores for bargains. I usually wait until stores have free shipping before I will order from them.

  • Jane

    I like to tape a lunch size paper bag to the edg of my work table so I can sweep small scraps into it. So much neater than lifting the wastebasket, and inexpensive.

  • Poquosonmom

    I never ever pay full price for anything. Do web searches and all for the lowest price possible and then when I find that I will then do a web search for promo coupons and codes. I get some great deals lots of savings. Time consuming but worth the effort.

  • Daviet Knox

    Hello, saving money I’m good at, saving time, not so good. So saving money, I always use coupons from the local stores. I never buy anything unless I have an coupon or its a really great sale. I always try to think ahead for my projects too. For example I was in Micheals window shopping and ran across $3 albums (12X12), what a steal! I bought 15 for my Girl Scout troop, 1 for each girl. We didnt need them right away, but I knew we would be making scrapbooks this summer. The girls were so excited to receive such a great gift!

  • Urszula

    I keep all of my smaller scraps of card stock in a box . Whenever possible, I use those papers first. I always look for best deals on scrapbook supply and tools ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way like many of us I love surprises ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for another chance at a great prize! I don’t have much different that hasn’t been already mentioned in the save money area but to save time I like to make page kits when I get new pictures developed… great for grab and go! I have also finally figured out how to get good pictures off my photo printer and that is a great time saver for me cause no trip to the photo store!!

  • Amy E.

    This question is right up my alley!! I have a website dedicated to saving scrapbookers money on supplies! I get most of my supplies either free, or for pennies on the dollar!

    One of my favorite tips is remembering that most craft stores take competitor’s coupons. We have Michaels and Joanns where I live. Usually when they put out the good 50% off coupons, they have “all” scrapbooking supplies on sale for 25% off, so you can’t use the coupon to it’s maximum potential. So take it to a competitor’s store that doesn’t have the item you want on sale. I did that yesterday with a Michael’s coupon at Joann’s and got a Martha Stewart scoreboard for $10…woohoo!

    Amy E.

  • Briana

    I always buy clearance, and when I do I also look for a coupon code and stack it on top of the already reduced price, loooovveeee saying the money!

  • Jackie

    I don’t know if saving a few pennies here and there is really a big help considering all I spend on scrapbooking and card making. But, I love it all. I use cereal boxes for my chipboard and definitely use a coupon whenever possible. Thanks for all the great prizes!

  • Barbara

    For money, never use coins, always use paper money, then throw all the change into a jar. When it is full, take it to a coinstar (a free one at your credit union). Take your saved money to the craft store and use with a 40 or 50 percent off coupon. Never buy the big craft items unless you use a coupon. Keep a running note in your cell notepad of ‘wanted’ craft tools so you always have a product to get with your craft coupon.

  • Glenda

    Unfortunately my hubby lost his job a month ago, so I have not purchased anything, but I have lots of paper and embellishments. Thanks again for the chance to win, and all the other wonderful items you have been giving away. Congrats to you for all you have done for all of us!

  • Barb R.

    How do I save money? Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. I’m a took junkie, so I’m always looking for the latest thing. But, my friends and I are great splitters – paper packs, bags of buttones, etc. And I always swear I am not going to buy another piece of paper, and try to use some of my stash.

  • Pam D

    Joanns & Michaels are my go to stores for my craft supplies and they usually have either in-store discounts or coupons from the internet you can get. I also buy bulk paper packs in misc. colors where ever I can. I’ve gotten them at Fred Meyer and WalMart for pretty good prices. Oh My Crafts, Scrapbook Pal and HSN are the Internet sites I buy alot from. I also keep all my scraps in a big envelope and has come in handy many times when you just need a small piece of paper or strip for something. Of coarse sites like ARS are also a big help, I’ve bought many items from just watching a lot of your how-to videos from the products you’ve recommended. TFS!

  • myska

    What a wonderful list of ideas! I have used so many of these myself: use up scraps first, recycling, coupons, etc….
    My scrapping friends and I swap supplies and embellishments. Alpha sheets, embellishments, unwanted paper, etc… one person’s trash is another’s treasure!
    I also take leftover and unwanted supplies to school where I have a card-making center in my library. The students love stickers and stamping and making cards for all occasions–even the boys!
    I save time by being organized and gathering all my supplies in one place before I begin.

  • Anna G

    I have the Martha Stewart spider web punch around the page set. I was considering getting the spider web trim punch, when I compared the picture with the one on the page punch, and noticed that they were very similar. I could duplicate the trim by simply cutting a strip of paper and using the edge punch on both sides, being careful to line them up evenly. Similarly, you can create trims of any of the edge punches by using strips of paper and punching both sides.

  • dori

    I love to save family sized tea bags to stamp on (the Tim Holtz stamps look great stamped on it; they are already tea dyed!) Also pop cans to cut /emboss. I buy clearance wrapping paper after Christmas and spend less for an entire roll of lovely foil paper than one sheet of specialty paper! For storage I’ve purchased a cassette holder and a revolving 8 track holder for a dollar each to hold my normal ink pads and stampin up pads. Have gotten some cute polka dot contact paper for $2.00/roll at big lots. I always try to buy outside the box rather than pay specialty prices (think ribbon)…would love it if someone had an idea to improvise so I wouldn’t lust after the spellbinders! :o(

  • Edwina Brown

    I save money by: Every time i’m out if I see a piece of a silk flower on the ground I pick it up and carry it home. I wash it and when it is dry I use it on a card or scrap page. If it is stained it gives it a distressed look. I also ask for the piece of ribbon that usually gets thrown away at the store when I make a purchus. They normally will give it to me and it is big enough for a card. Edwina

  • Annette

    I don’t buy anything unliss its on sale or I have a coupon. Stores always have sales and if I don’t get back to get it or it is all gone, it was never meant to be mine anyways. Actually with all my papercrafting stuff, I really don’t need any more but its fun to collect:)

  • Kathleen

    A trick I figured out for my Cuttlebug, is that I take a square of fun foam (the kind kids use for crafts) and use it for shim to emboss things like coins, keys, etc. I started doing this when I cut out the Pillsbury Dough Boy shape from the plastic lid of frosting and embossed him.

  • Julie

    I’m not too good at saving money while crafting, but one thing I’ve done is join a ribbon buying group. About a dozen women join in and purchase ribbons in different colors, then the lengths of ribbon are divided and you get a dozen or more colors just in a smaller amount – which is fine with me because it would take me forever to use an entire spool.

  • Jill

    I’m a newbie crafter and Cricut user, so I’m loving all these money saving tips! My big time saver is actually giving myself TIME (uninteruppted by children, etc) by attending all-day and weekend crops. I can get a lot done, hang out with friends, and these events are always for charity!

  • Linda j

    Looks like we all use coupons & shop sales, but what has helped me most in Saving is web sites like Megan’s. Seeing the tutorials, tips, and hints from talented people like Megan has helped me understand and see differences in products and supplies. Thanks to Megan, and thanks for these 21 days of surprises!

  • Carol Read

    To save money I first restick my old cricut mats. Saw this first from you megan and at first I was skeptical until I tried it and I love it! Second I’ve been trying to catch up my cricut library with older cartridges and the best way I have found to do that is to stalk ebay! If you are patient you can really find some great deals on them not to mention other great items. And last but not least…..the 40% – 50% off coupons and my local arts and crafts stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels great deals to be found there again if you’re patient and can wait for the sales!

  • Juanita

    I always use the Michael’s and Joann’s coupons, especially for the large (pricey) items and always buy embellies when they are on sale or clearance. Saves alot of money and lets you enjoy scrappin and cardmaking. My girlfriends and I always share our stash when we scrap together. Thanks for the super prizes.

  • Pamela Wilson

    I make my own dishwasher and washing machine soap.
    Works great!
    I get 640 loads on the front loader machine or 340 on top loader. and dishwasher still working on the amount..

  • scrappinc

    I use coupons for my purchases and if it is an item I really like I try and get 2 of them. I either go to different stores or go back later and get the second item with my coupon and now that you can download the coupons on your smart phone it makes it even easier.

  • Valerie

    I use most of the money saving tips already mentioned, but WHERE ARE THE TIME SAVING TIPS??? Wish I could figure out how to save time since I don’t have much and it still takes me forever to put together a card!

  • Melissa

    To save money, I constantly watch for sales. They have to be great sales too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then my mom and I order stuff together to save on shipping costs! This has saved us both a ton of money! Thanks so much for ALL of the chances to win such great prizes!!!

  • Lynn Smith

    I try to make almost all of my embellishments if possible. I make svg files of things that I can find and cut them with my cricut and dress them up, as well as making my own flowers.

  • Chevelle

    I Love to use my 40% off coupons at JoAnn’s and Michaels. I also like to shop Big Lots & Ross Dress for Less for deals (I got Martha Stewart punches for 2.49 each at Ross’s!).

  • Sammy White

    I love your site! I tear apart greeting cards I receive from people and redesign them and make a new card. I love trying different things with them.

  • Bibi Leak

    I use 12×12 photo paper for my (2) 4×6 prints then use the leftover scraps to punch borders for cards or scrapboobook pages. God bless you and your family.

  • Leanne

    I made the mistake of buying things at full cost when I first started scrapping – cricut cartridges included!!! I quickly learned that there are sales several times a year and discount sites on the internet. Using design studio and the gypsy really helps to save on cutting space on your paper as well – you can maximize your cutting if you can nudge things over a bit. And to save time or in my world “multi-task” I taught myself to crochet those cute little flowers on a road trip in the car. Happy Labour Day Canada – great day for crafting!!!

  • Bethany Harlan

    I am always looking for a low cost solution! I use the 40% coupons at the craft stores, use foil to re-sharpen my punches, keep all my scraps and use them when I just need small pieces to punch or embellish. I like to make my own dividers to seperate my colors and I use the drawers from a plastic stand that brke and it hols my 12″ by 12″ paper perfectly!

  • Heather

    I always buy scrapbooking supplies at Michaels when they have discount coupons. Also, I’ve gotten great deals on ebay. We live in Canada 15 minutes away from the U.S. border and so I have my items shipped to the postoffice in the little town close by in the States and drive across and get them. So much cheaper than having items coming from the States shipped to me in Canada.

  • Penny J

    My secret trick is to “stay home”… use what I have and make it work. I’m on a very limited budget and pennies count. So until I save up enough to make my “shopping day”… I stay away!

  • Cydney

    I keep track of cricut carts I want on the Cricut Checklist app on my iPad. I tell my husband I “stalk” the carts until I find them on sale. I have never paid full price for a cartridge. I buy paper when it is on sale too. I save most scraps of paper to use in other projects.

  • Gingera

    I stalk the clearance aisles at Hobby Lobby, visit my local Goodwill store for craft items, and always look at what’s for sale at Tuesday Morning and Big Lots!! I hardly ever purchase anything at full price!! Good luck to all the participants.

  • Debbie Eslinger

    I have been reading all the comments, i do most of those things that has help trying to cut down the cost of this hobby. several i like to repeat is using cheaper flowers to replace the prima, using CCR or DS to cut that way you can hide some cuts and then save paper, using households items that can stand it for other more expensive craft items.
    make your own bling, and using your computer to add sentiments onto the card instead of buying more stamp sets esp if you are buying it for just one saying on the stamp

  • Penny

    I keep a list of the distress inks, Martha Stewart punches, embossing folders and other items I already have in my purse so when I see them on sale I know which ones I already have so I don’t buy duplicates. And of course I always use coupons!

  • Pamela Snyder

    When I create a design that I find realy versatile, I will make and assemble serveral different color variations in an assembly line fashion and then share some with my mom and church to use to lift spirits. Also, for the multilayered patterns, I always cut out one or two extra and save them in a bin for another time.

  • A. Kennedy

    For those that use ATG guns,open up the gun, take a ribbon and loop through near the top of the gun. Close the case, tie a knot or a bow and use a hook near your craft space to hang it. The gun is close by but out of the way(especially since it is so large).

  • Jen Ranney

    I always use coupons at michaels or Joann. I also save the blister packaging from the Cricut carts. I actually learned this tip from Tammy Skinner on your a to z gypsy DVD!

  • Deborah Mussack

    Scrapbooking is all about scraps and I save all my scraps… even the little pieces of scrap paper can be used for the decorative hole punches. Now I just need to find a way to organize all these punch outs.
    I also like to check Craigslist for garage sales and those who are deciding to get out of the hobby… they usually sell their “scrapbooking supplies” for a great bargain. I especially look for those selling their die cut machines at a great price. I have bought a couple now and have been able to donate them to a few people who would not be able to afford one…

  • Kelly Dixon

    When I need a small (3 – 4″ square) piece of a specific color yardstock, but I can’t find just the right color, or don’t want to buy a 12×12 sheet, single color paint samples from the hardware store are the perfect, and free, solution.

  • CathyinMN

    I try to never pay full price for anything. I use coupons and wait for sales to buy paper and try to buy it when it is 50% off or on clearance. I check out the clearance sections of Michael’s and Joann’s. I save most of my paper scraps, even if they’re pretty small — especially if it is paper I really love. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Tara

    Money saving tips are easy – I always use coupons and if shopping online, I usually check with a friend first to split the shipping costs. From a time saving technique, I try and emboss some basic rectangles with my sizzle at one time so if I need to make a quick card, I have some cool bases ready to go.

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    OK, if I told you everything I do to save, I would sound like the world’s biggest cheap skate!! haha But I’ll give you a few tips. I love doing wall vinyl with my Cricut machines, but those little 12X24 sheets are expensive and don’t go very far. My solution? I buy my vinyl by the roll from http://www.signwarehouse.com. It’s Oracal 631, the exact same product that Provo Craft sells in these small sheets. I always have a roll of black and a roll of brown on hand. I save all the clamshells from my Cricut cartridges and use it for all sorts of things–transparent pages in mini album–embossing, etc. I always use every bit of the sheet the Pop Dots are in. I also grab puzzles with missing pieces at yard sales. A little adhesive on each side and these are a great substitute for Pop Dots!! I usually get them for ten cents to twenty five cents and they last FOREVER!! Save all those extra buttons that come with your clothing and use them to embellish things. Coffee cans never get thrown out at our house!!! Wash them out, wrap some beautiful scrapbook paper around it, add some embellishments and these make awesome tool caddies. I have one for scissors and craft knives, one for my corner chompers, one for rulers and bone folders, you get the idea! And they look so pretty sitting on my storage cubbies.
    I also use the soda can techniques. They make awesome embellishments, especially when run through the Cuttlebug. And the aluminum cuts like butter with dies. (Think the Tim Holtz jalopy die cut from aluminum!)I also ALWAYS check Ross, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX and Tuesday Morning for supplies. Big Lots, too! I bought a BIG package of Bazzill cardstock in assorted colors there for $5! I could go on and on, but you’re probably bored by now!! haha Thanks, Megan, for all that you do for us and for helping us get the most out of our Cricut investment!!
    Love ya, girl!

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    OK, if I told you everything I do to save, I would sound like the world’s biggest cheap skate!! haha But I’ll give you a few tips. I love doing wall vinyl with my Cricut machines, but those little 12X24 sheets are expensive and don’t go very far. My solution? I buy my vinyl by the roll from http://www.signwarehouse.com. It’s Oracal 631, the exact same product that Provo Craft sells in these small sheets. I always have a roll of black and a roll of brown on hand. I save all the clamshells from my Cricut cartridges and use it for all sorts of things–transparent pages in mini album–embossing, etc. I always use every bit of the sheet the Pop Dots are in. I also grab puzzles with missing pieces at yard sales. A little adhesive on each side and these are a great substitute for Pop Dots!! I usually get them for ten cents to twenty five cents and they last FOREVER!! If you want thinner puzzle pieces, look for the Puzz3D puzzles. They are thin with foam centers! Save all those extra buttons that come with your clothing and use them to embellish things. Coffee cans never get thrown out at our house!!! Wash them out, wrap some beautiful scrapbook paper around it, add some embellishments and these make awesome tool caddies. I have one for scissors and craft knives, one for my corner chompers, one for rulers and bone folders, you get the idea! And they look so pretty sitting on my storage cubbies.
    I also use the soda can techniques. They make awesome embellishments, especially when run through the Cuttlebug. And the aluminum cuts like butter with dies. (Think the Tim Holtz jalopy die cut from aluminum!)I also ALWAYS check Ross, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX and Tuesday Morning for supplies. Big Lots, too! I bought a BIG package of Bazzill cardstock in assorted colors there for $5! I could go on and on, but you’re probably bored by now!! haha Thanks, Megan, for all that you do for us and for helping us get the most out of our Cricut investment!!
    Love ya, girl!

  • Evelyn

    HI, I save all my scraps for future use…and i just brought in the weekend cheap vinyl at a do it self shop to cut in the cricut and it works perfectly…..great moneysaver!!! Also use aluminium foil to scharpen my punches and siccors.

  • Betty Caspick

    Like most scrappers, I use coupons as often as possible, I save left over paper for smaller projects and shop the Internet for bargains. Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways.

  • Jeanne

    Every so often my crafting group has a swap. We bring scrapping and other craftin items that we are nolonger using and trade amoung ourselvers.

  • Bobbie

    I have two containers for my scraps – one for big pieces and another for the small ones. I always go to them first to see if I have the right color and size for my project. Beats cutting up a big piece of cardstock.

  • Christine America Real

    Well, I don’t have any big money saving trick but I do have a funny story. My husband has a habit of emptying his pockets of change all over the house. So I started putting piggy banks all over the house, everywhere he leaves change. There is on on his bedroom dresser, one on top the washing machine, so I started to notice that he would put it on the kitchen counter right next to the microwave. I found a really cute piggy bank that goes with my dishes and sat it there, the next morning I found the piggy bank with a pile of change sitting next to it…sigh…

  • Danita

    Wow, great ideas! Time saving and cost cutting ideas all on one website! Reading these posts, I just saved time researching other sites and saved money by using others ideas!

    I also use patience and coupons.

  • Becky H.

    I like to incorporate all craft supplies into scrapping. Take the blinders off and look in other departments at the craft store. Sometimes you can find the same thing but cheaper because it isn’t marketed for scrapbooking. I use regular puff paints. I also shop the office supply store for bargains. It’s all in thinking outside of the box.

  • Linda Anne

    I use all of my leftover scrap booking papers. I use flower, circle and square punches and punch out every inch of leftover paper (usually while watching television) and then donate the shapes to my granddaughters pre-school and kindergarten teachers. The children have so much fun using the paper to create collages.

  • Caity Sue Treadwell

    Here is my money-saving tip: You can make your own glue dots by dropping blobs (any size you like) of Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over glue onto waxed paper. You can fold the excess waxed paper over top, once they are dry. All I have to do is open up the waxed paper, pick off one of the blobs and use them like regular store-bought glue dots. They are great and way cheaper! Also the dots can be moved before they ‘set’ so, if you get a wrong placement, you can pick them off and move them.

  • Jackie "B"

    I always have a wish list , as i see things I would like to have I add it to the list. I wait for sales and coupons to various stores and use my 50% coupons. Some stores will match competitors coupons if you present them. I check ebay and watch the craft sites for additional sales. I save all scraps and use them whenever I can. aaaaaaaaathanks for the chance to win and your awesome site.

  • SaraBug

    Just laying out images that I’m going to cut using my Gypsy saves me a lot of paper. It’s so easy to use my scraps of paper when I know exactly where it will cut on the mat.

  • Trena P

    I use the cereal and popcorn boxes as my chipboard, my larger peices of paper, I cut to 6×6 size and save the scraps, I look in other departments for sb items like paint, gems, stickers, or any embelli, and I use coupons when I do go shopping and I ALWAYS take my hubby with me. he will NOT let me “overspend”, if there is such a thing.

  • Marianne B

    I price shop the internet and craft stores, use coupons and free shipping, also check the clearance dept. for bargains. Then I organize these purchases with binders, storage units and bins and recycled plastic baby food containers and assorted jars. Plastic school boxes also make great organizers.

  • Fran T.

    I re-purpose greeting cards given to me by family and friends. Ribbons, lace, anything that can be re-used IS re-used. Sometimes I use them on a return card to the person that sent it!

  • Krysta

    I make cards more than scrapbook. I love to do card “workshops” and use cutting guides to make the most of my papers and get a bunch of cards made all at once. I always have a stash to choose from when a card is necessary.

  • Hilary

    When I have a piece of clothing I love that has worn out, I’ll reuse it for my crafting – either as part of a quilt, a card, or a scrapbook page. Clothes that my babies have grown out of make a great embellishment for a scrapbook page with photos of them in the clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lydia

    I find I can save money just by combining all the tools and supplies from all my crafts. It’s amazing how much cross over there is between our hobbies. I also really like it when the kitchen and craft room merge and I come up with ways to use things I never would have dreamed would work for crafts.

  • Leann

    I do not know if it saves time but I am a messy scrapper. Everything goes on the floor till I am done. The only bad part is at the end I have a big mess to clean. I use the coupons when I buy scrapbooking items and I have learned most things are cheaper online.

  • Phyllis

    When adding a punched flower or embellishment on a layered card, punch that element from the center of one of the layers before adding the top layer to save paper. I also keep a stack of recycled computer paper on my desk which adds a cushion under my stamping and can be used to scribble markers, pens, and stamp pads or to check for color. I also punch from this paper when I need to check for size.

  • Lynne G

    Nothing new here–I buy when things are on sale and use coupons when I can. I am currently trying to spend less so am telling myself to use more of the things I already have while I still like them. Loving reading everyone’s ideas.
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  • cheri miller

    Hello, I always have a large ziploc in my trunk with my room paint samples,fabrics and trims for shopping. I also have this for current projects and crafts so I never have to guess if something will mix or blend!

  • Mary

    Instead of buying storage jars, I save the apx 1×3″ pill bottles. I remove labels and use them. I save money and the bottles don’t end up in a landfill somewhere.

  • Jane L chadwick

    After you use your tools or cardstock put it back on the shelf or in the drawer it came from. Also bulk buy with a friend. It saves money.

  • patricia

    I never pay full price. Michael’s and Joanns always have sells and coupons so I wait for that to happen. I also always check the clearance area and I even bought Cricut cartridges there. Since I’m a teacher I also get an additional discount. I save all my scraps which come in handy with the cricut when I have to cut the layers. I keep my stuff mostly very organize to help me find my items faster. I’m a crazy shopper for scrapbooking items and my local stores know me well, I realized that when the other day I went to Michaels with no money, just to look and when I left the lady in the register says to me: “you are leaving without getting anything?, that’s a first”, I figure I’m in trouble…..fun trouble…I had to go back the next day, there were some great things on sale ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heather W

    For the most part with cricut cartridges I buy them online either in a bundle (cricutmachine.com) or when they are on sale at Michael’s or Joann’s since you can’t use the coupons on cartridges. I never buy anything at regular price, I wait for it to go on sale. I also register at different website to get e-mails to alert me when things are on sale. I save cereal boxes for some projects rather then buying chipboard.

  • Erika

    My newest money saving trick is to purchase items online at websites like scrapbuck.com or shop in monthly bundles through clubsei.com or shopsei.com

  • Sue Anderson

    I use all kinds of tricks to save money…For storage: recycle things you already have like spice jars, peanutbutter jars, etc. For chipboard and covers for albums: Cereal boxes, Hamburger Helper boxes, etc. But my best tip for saving money on papers: Wallpaper Sample Books! They are free from paint stores (I think I got mine from Sherwin Williams). You get huge amounts of beautiful papers, and most designs are already coordinated with several pages. Can’t beat it! Just go in and ask for “discontinued wallpaper sample books”. They are usually happy for you to take them out of their way.

  • Jean_H

    To save both time and money when scrapbooking, I keep my scraps and file them in an accordian folder by colour. I keep it near my Cricut so when I need to cut something I can quickly find what I need and don’t have to cut up a full sized sheet!

  • Jo Ann G

    Use clear Contact paper for laminating. Reglue Cricut mats; after so long, thoroughly clean them and use as a splat mat. Of course, it’s coupons, coupons, and more coupons, too.

  • Anna

    Saving money with scrapping or paper art. Having a Cricut in the end does money as you make your own emblessihments. I save on the mats by cleaning them with a baby wipes. They last so much longer and stay so nice and sticky. (Tip from cardstv). I also try to buy things when they are special. I live in rural Australia and it is hard to find to buy what I need so have to improvise until I do shopping trip to the big cities on coast. Thanks Megan

  • Jeannette aka Jnett

    Like others, I only shop when I have a coupon in hand. The other big savings idea is to make my own ‘pearl’ dots by using my glue gun and nail polish. They look just like the more expensive ones and are ridiculously cheap.

  • Lyndra

    I shop with coupons when possible, comparative shop items I can not use a coupon, purchase supplies on clearnace, and use my scraps for swaps. Great giveaways, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Yvonne Villiard Bresolin

    Of course, never buy without a coupon! Another tip: My Mom receives seasonal greeting card sets from organizations that she regularly makes a donation to, she passes the cards along to me and I “disect” them to use on other cards and layouts.

  • Cindy

    My money saving tricks is to use my Cricut to make embellements instead of buying them. I alter things like flowers with inks and stamps instead of buying specific colors. Of course, I always buy with coupons :):)

  • Cindy S

    Storage solutions – I went to KMart and in the houseware section there is a set of wire cubes. This was under $20 and you can pop them together quickly. You can configure them seeral ways. The Storage boxes from Iris fit in these perfectly. I label the front edge and you can place them four to a cube. If you have to move your setup or change it, these are versatile and completely reusable.

  • Cindy S

    Do you use a lot of acrylic stamps? Need a way to store them? I searched online for clear calendar cases. These are the same size as a CD case but they do not have any open areas. I tried using cd cases and when you remove the insert, you have an open area along the spine which allows dust to clog them up. Calendar cases can stack or place them in a cd rack for ease of use.

  • Michelle Darby

    need a pop dot of a different color? trying using craft foam and double sided tape it works just as good as regular pop dots and you can make them any size or any shape and they come in lots of colors!

  • Joan Peters


  • stacy

    In order to help save on money, I do a couple of things; I save all of my scraps to use first before using a new sheet, I also save all of the tissue paper from gift bags to use, and I am a pretty savvy at using coupons and watching for sales at my favorite crafting stores ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sandra in Collierville, TN

    Our Crop Club group gathers at least once a month. We all have different tools that we share with everyone. 3 of us share cartridges and help others with their projects by cutting what they need. This also saves space too. I may not want a particular cartridge but need a particular cut from someone elses’s cart, so we share. Also, We trade our stash of embellishments, some paper pack, and ribbon too. I may have something that I end up not using or leftovers I’m not going to use, so we swap out items for items we need with each other. There are 9 of us in this group now. It started with just 3. We seem to be adding people to our crop club each month now. Swaping and sharing is our big savings while the economy has been so tough on a lot of our members.
    Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways too.
    sandrav9288 at yahoo dot com

  • Michell

    I love my cricut! I find alot of my deals on Ebay, Pecachy cheap, Oh my crafts and many other sites. Since i lost my job a year ago i have no choice but to stay on a budget. I also recycle everything i can get my hands on. I just started doing learning to scrapbook last Dec. and i practice everyday. I love watching everyones videos learning how to do new things. I dont have a website either but love reading everones ideas here.

    Thank you for offering so many great prizes.


  • Lisa Smith

    After I cut from the cricut, I save the paper, and use the verbiage twice. Just use the sticker machine to line up the wholes (like the inside of the letter O

  • Nancy Alexander

    My favorite crap tip to save time and money is one I got from the Paper Boutique. In order to easily see and use paper scraps you cut your scraps the same size on one side and use Duct tape to bind them. You can easily flip through and see which scraps you have.

  • Lois

    When making a card I always make at least two while my supplies are out. I also use cereal boxes for chipboard, they are easier to cut on my cricut than conventional chipboard.

  • Janice

    Be creative and use what you have. Some of my favorite pages and cards where made out of bubble wrap or tape on paper or fabric. Use fabric for backgrouds or cut out designs or shapes out of it to glue onto your page.

  • Angela

    I recycle (old calenders, tissue boxes, ticket stubs and fortunes from the cookies)and use them for pages and embelishments.
    Thank you for all the tips!

  • Rose

    I take soda cans and cut them up. Then I emboss the back of them for a nice, shiny, fancy background or center piece.

    I never buy chipboard, I use the back of cereal or cracker boxes.

    I save the clear plastic from my cricket packages to use as windows.

    And, I never buy locally without a coupon.

    I find stamps on Craigslist. For example I bought a lot of Stampin Up stamps at $1 or less per stamp.

    So many ways to save money so that I later can splurge and buy something else!!

  • Carla Lacy

    My money saving tick is for storage jars, instead of buying jars for storage, I use Hiners trurkey gravy jars from Christmas & Thanksgiving. They’re all the same and everyone saves them for me. Just paint the lids, label and there you have it!

  • Kim M

    I wait until Joann’s has their paper packs on sale for $9.99. Usually the DCWV are really nice and I use that paper for my Cricut. Even if I don’t use every piece in a pad, it’s really inexpensive when you figure how many cuts you get out of one pad,especially when you are layering and all the colors match.

  • Rose Koslfosky!

    I use my scraps to acut flowers, then store them into an egg carton to use later for making wreaths on a card or book mark. I make bookmarks for the library to give away.

  • Helen

    2 tips – one craft related and one not.

    Not craft related – after purchasing a large package of chicken pieces or pork chops, I place 1, 2 or 3 in a plastic zip lock bag with any choice of marinade or bar-b-que sauce and then freeze for later use. That way my chicken or chops are marinating while they thaw.

    Craft related – At work we buy the super large plastic containers of animal crackers, pretzels, etc for the guys. When they’re empty I recycle the containers but now I use the lids for my acrylic paints when painting my wood crafts. The paint doesn’t spill out of the lid and after it dries, it easily peels off and rinses out for the next color.

    Thanks Megan for these great give-aways.

  • Sandy Panda

    I have a few friends who make their own cards. When ever I receive one I tear them at the crease and store them in a bin to re-mount and re-use on another card, adding some of my own touches. I can’t stand to throw them away because of all of the hard work, and I can’t possibly keep them all. Some times I just save them for inspiration.

  • Jenny

    Surprise …Surprise …Surprise….former Gomer Plyle fan….most of you are probably too young to remember Andy Griffith. Thanks again Megan!

  • GranShoo

    A time saving scrapbooking tip is to have the pictures you are scrapbooking matched with the paper you want to use with those pictures. Then when you go to a crop or get ready to scrapbook at home, you won’t waste time trying to figure out which paper you want to use.

  • Therese

    I Shop sales, use coupons, share shipping costs with friends, use my paper scraps especially with the cricut. I have also recently discovered Tues. Morning. I have found some great prices on paper packs.(not that I need more paper). I am really trying to use what I have before I buy more. (really hard to do).

  • Nadine

    I actually spend a lot on crafting supplies (it seems that every think in my area (Montreal, Canada) is way more expensive than the States…)
    But luckily, I work in a place where they do gift boxes and bags, sometimes they have scraps of papers and chipboard that they allow me to take home. Not all of them work (some of them are way to thick, or like super glossy papers) but I get a good amount of free stuff!

  • Rose A

    I was doing a church bulletin board the one I was working on was showers of blessing and I needed alot of raindrops(about100 to 150) a lot of them.I always stapled every thing on the bulletin boards.So I got out some white blank address labels stickers & made raindrops out of them no stapes needed they worked out perfect.

  • Angela M.

    I re-use the plastic containers that my “Intuition” razor blades come in to hold eyelets or brads. My “Cascade” gel pack container currently has bottles of “Glimmer Mist” in it.

  • Sunny Roy

    Money saving – I save all the scraps of paper no matter how small and when the box is getting full, I spend some time making cards withe the pieces. Some of these cards have been my favorite! Thanks!

  • Laura

    I try to buy online with free shipping coupons. Also, I check the online stores for specials. I also suscribe to those “deal of the day” sites. Sometimes they bring great products at a great discount.

  • BJ

    The time and money saving tips I use have been shared by others. I recycle paper and packaging and shop with coupons. There are many suggestions to organize your space. The best tip I can offer is to organize your scrap area in the way that best suits your needs.

  • karen branch

    I save my leftover scraps of paper & card stock then colour co ordinate them in a folder , its a great way to save cutting up a whole sheet of card or paper , when you only need a small piece .i also make punchies from scraps .

  • Lisa S.

    One of my favorite time-saving & money-saving tips is in the way I organize my scraps! It’s easy to find just the paper I need without cutting up my 12×12 deco papers for a small piece — no paper waste, and I’m finally using my scraps that used to be piled in a drawer. I wrote about it on my blog and have received quite a few emails from those that have switched to this method and love it, as I do.

  • Melissa Smith

    Past 39 yrs have done all kinds of crafts(fiber,paint,thread,wood,jewelry).Use all in my scrapping and card making. Always made all gifts for family. Recycled household items for all my crafts.(think outside the box) I use coupons and always do sales and the clearence isle.Most of all having fun.

  • Valery Green

    It helps not being an impulsive shopper> If I see something I want in regards to a large ticket item, I will shop around and do my homework. I don’t have credit cards so I usually save until I reach the amount of my item and this has rewarded me to be debt free.

  • Valinda

    Hmmmm. . . using my scraps, shopping around, and reusing stuff. Also, I like to get discontinued wallpaper books from stores (you really have to call and beg sometimes!) and use those papers for cards and bags. I don’t use them in my scrapbooks unless I can test them first but they are great for other projects.

  • Rochelle

    I have a closet where I keep all packaging from just about anything we buy.. e.i. baby wipes, acetate packaging, I take the chip board out of old 3-ring binders that my kids are going to throw away for projects.. I save a LOT of money that way….

  • Diana B

    Over the years I have collected all types of letters, stickers, misc embelishments and paper. Those that I no longer need; I give to my grandson to make cards and pictures for his Mom & Dad. I have donated to Day Care Centers and Churches.
    I have a scrapbook room that allows several friends to get together and scrapbook. We share papers or emblishment if one of us needs something special to complete a layout. Everyone uses my cricut so I have a “crop can” that they can put whatever $$ they want to give…when we have enough $$ we purchase a new cartridge or replacement mats.

  • Lisa Lahiff

    I def. love my coupons!!! You can find so many fun ways to save by signing up for clubs to restaurants online too! My fav. organizational tip is SHELVES! Never can have too many open faced shelves! Thank you!

  • Margo

    Instead of buying stickers, I use Cricut, Sizzix dies and a variety of punches to make the majority of my lettering and embellishments to save money. Did have to invest in the tools first – now I’m getting the benefit!

  • Sharon

    I save anything from the containers that air freshener beads come in to the vinyl zipper bags that sheets come in to store my scrapbooking supplies.

  • Jan Foselli

    I’m hoping to learn from everyone else! All I can say is that I don’t throw much out so I organize all my scraps by color & pattern and then use them to stamp sentiments on or sew photo mats with! Also, I still have a few punches I like so I’ll punch out a bunch of shapes to save time in the future!

  • Delise

    I have found really great deals on cricut stuff on ebay. I always look for free shipping too. I love my 12×12 cricut. I can cut out several things on different color paper instead of having to cut and put ea. color at a time.

  • Kimberly

    I have taken folders and I put all of my scrap paper in by color and then I have them in a 12×12 clear box. That way whenever I start a card, I look at my scraps first. I really have been using them up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the give away

  • Heather

    Thank you for all of the awesome giveaways! I save money buy watching ebay for cricut cartridges, looking on the local craigslist, using coupons, waiting for good sales, buying clearance, and shopping thrift stores for buttons and other goodies to use for embellishments. My friends and I sometimes go together on orders and share shipping costs, too! To save time I sometimes spend hours and hours just cutting things out on my cricut to use on layouts and cards..then when I got to create I have a bunch of cute things to choose from!

  • ShariKay Brantley

    I keep all of my left over scraps in large plastic bags sorted by color. I always check those bags when I start a project to see if I can use anything in there. Also, I shop yard sales for ribbons, buttons, lace etc. I’m always checking things out to see if they are craft worthy.

  • Suzie

    Always wait for free shipping from online craft stores before ordering or get together with friends and get free shipping on $50 or more orders,shipping costs a lot and never go to craft store without coupons. Thanks for the chance at all your great giveaways!

  • debbie

    I never buy anything unless it is on sell and when it is on sell,things like paper i buy more than one. i also try make all my cards and invitations. thank you for all the chances to win these prizes

  • Elise R

    I try very hard to keep a list in my purse of what I need or would like, that way when I am tempted to buy an impulse item, I look at my list and it reminds me what I really want.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Lisa LeMay

    Hmmm….well, I did get my husband to buy me my Cricut Expressions cutter to save on ebellishments. i Spent a TON of money on stickers etc…but now I make my own! Saved TONS of money that way. ๐Ÿ˜› As for time saving tips, well I am still working on it. LoL Take care!