CHA Goodies to Giveaway and Tuesday Tutorial for You 792

Lots of stuff was found and spotted and samples were gotten while at CHA in Chicago 2011.Β  Now its time to share some of those with all of you!

I also have a Tuesday Tutorial and Special thanks in this video to several of the sponsors of Today’s Video and this 21 days of Prizes!!! πŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

Once AGAIN I’d like to thank the Sponsors of our 21 Day Event:


Melanie Brown

Scrappin’ Easel

Square One

Mr Cricut Crazy


Ask Megan a question in the Comments section!Β  ANY Question at all!Β  Now, while I won’t be able to answer everyone IMMEDIATELY or quickly – with getting over 600 comments PLUS everyday – its going to take a while, but I thought it would be fun if with today’s post I had a centralized location of a question you would like to know about Above Rubies Studio, Megan Elizabeth or YOUR FAVORITE Crafting Tools.Β  Anything at all!Β  Just ASK away! Maybe you want to know what my favorite candy is, maybe you want to know my Dog’s name or kind of dog he is, maybe you want to know something about my kids or our home….. ASK away!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Β  (Please don’t expect immediate answers to these questions, this is or fun, if you have a concern about something customer service related, please use our Comment Form or Customer Service Support this will provide you with more immediate service to any real pending questions or issues. THANKS!)

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792 thoughts on “CHA Goodies to Giveaway and Tuesday Tutorial for You

  • Debby

    Love how you made the page dementional. Been so much happening here with School beginning for my son on Wed. that I have missed a lot of your tutorials and whatever else is in the works. Time to catch up if I can.
    angel hugs

  • Renee Benson

    Hi Megan
    I have two questions:

    1. Were might I find a reconditioned Expression to purchase for the best DIL in the world. First I bought her the baby cricut and when I bought my CE2 I picked up the “baby cricut”, gave it to my boy friends 17 year old and was going to give her my Expression. Now, I do not want to part with it, so I need to find one soon.

    2. Also, since I’m able to use Imagine carts with my CE2, I have been buying them up and now I want an Imagine so much I cannot stand it.

    I’d really be much more antsy to get it but I had to have surgery on my hand and boo hoo can’t craft for 6 weeks. I’m on permanent disability but always manage to make sure I hook all my friends up with Cricuts and carts; I love to share my love for Provo Craft and their Cricuts that I cannot quit sharing!

    I love your DVD’s for the Gypsy and the Expression, just need the one for the CE2 and the Imagine when I get one. thank you for making my crafting fun and just love the cutting guide also!
    God Bless you, your family and Above Rubies!

  • Briana

    Well I wanted to ask you how you balance all your time? As far as being a Christian, being a mother, a wife and continuing to maintain your business and traveling! I bet it’s got to be tough, and it’s sounds to me like salvation is ahuge ipart of your life, just wondering how you do it? Oh ya plus trying to home school, dang Girl almost forgot that part, lol!

  • Christeen Baker

    Hi Megan Guess what I got Friday off work so will be able to join you at 11.30 am Sydney Australia time ie 9.30 pm your time. Whooo hoooo can’t wait! My question relates to scoring. Which is the correct way to fold the card after you score it. I have seen you and others do it both ways so does that mean it doesn’t matter? I have the Martha Stewart scoreboard which I have also had problems with tearing. I wish I had known about the before I bought it as at the time I had the choice of both the Scorpal and Martha Stewart.

  • Dorothy

    How can I recycle my mats once the stickiness has worn off? I heard that you have shared this in the past, but would you do so again or tell me where to find this info? I hate to have my mats to go the landfill if I can refresh them!Thank you so much!

  • Sandy Panda

    I am new to your sight and love what I see so far. I am re-designing my craft area, what are your favorite organizational tips and products?

  • Sew Sweet N Crafty

    Have you heard any word on any new Licensed cartoon character cartridges???? I LOVE to have a Cricut Cartridge of the Care Bears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, any of those Characters from Cleveland, Smurfs, Jem and the Holograms and many more cartoons from the 80’s. Yeah 80’s!!!!
    Have a Crafty day!

  • Sandra J

    I have been so excited to watch you on Thursday night but I just found out that I have to work πŸ™ so my question is: Will I still be able to win anything if I can’t be online at that time? Thanks for putting so much hard work into your website! I love it and come here often now that I have found you.

  • Glenda

    I think you said in the past that your husband and you both run your business, does he craft as well or is he a behind the scenes type of person? I would love your job. To create and be there for your children you are blessed! Thanks again, and look forward to Friday!

  • Margaret Wise

    Do you use the Imagine much? I was wondering how it works with the Paper Layez, because you can’t move around in the imagine like cricut expression? The Easel look awesome, like the megnatic part so you could use as display, also.

  • Nancy

    Can you show another session on how to score a card in order to make pin wheels? I’ve done it but I think seeing you do it will be the key. Thanks so much!

  • Kimisue

    How did you get started with your website?
    How do you come up with ideas for projects and how do you select the tools you show us in the tutorials?
    Have you ever been given a tool that you won’t preview on your site?

  • Cindielu

    How did you get your blog going. I don’t know if what I have to say will interest any one! Does that matter so much? Should I just start and see where I go, I spend soo much time in my craft room, and I would like to share some of my stuff…. Thoughts?

  • Marion

    How many hours a week do you put into your blog and videos? Its such a great resource for all and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it!

  • Debbie Painter

    Besides your Cricut’s, what is the 2nd most favorite item you use to craft with? Great questions, so far! I do hope you will print the answers when you answer them so we can all learn more about you & your family!!! πŸ™‚

  • Helena

    do you know anyone that has bought a reconditioned expression? I want one but the $200+ price tag is too much for me. Does Cricut stuff go on crazy sale for black Friday? I can wait a few months.

    and you are the best – I have so much fun watching your video’s and learn so much!!

  • Kayla

    What do you think the easiest and most effective way to get your name and style out there in the crafting world? I would love to be considered for a design team or featured somehow.

  • Kristi

    Question….question…ok…how bout a riddle of sorts…

    10 copy cats are in a boat. 1 jumps out. How many are left?

    Its a brain tickler I know =)

  • JO

    I haven’t read thru comments yet, but the first thing that popped to mind is: How do you organize all the STUFF??? “STUFF” is not negative at all, just factual – paper crafting involves a lot of “STUFF” πŸ™‚

  • Bonnie Garrett

    Boy Megan, I would say responding to these posts can be a full time job! Thanks so much for all you do – I really enjoy all of your videos and your blog!

  • Roz B

    I cannot get crafter’s companion products for cleaning and resurfacing my cricut mats in Australia… is there something else I can use (that may be available here) that would not damage the mats or the cutting blade?

  • Anna

    Hi Megan thanks for the chance to ask questions.
    An answer for the Dorothy re recycling mats. Wipe them down very hard with babby wipes then let them dry. They are reconditioned then.
    My question is about the cartidges that are able to be used in a cricut expession and the CE2. Can the cake and image cartridges be use in either or both of them? I am looking at getting a new Cricut next year and want to take advantage of the one that will use all the different cartridges and also work with my Gypsy.

  • Gayle

    First I must say u should get “Business Woman” of the year. Cricut does not give too much info on how to put their cricut designs to good use. I cut out all the pieces and can’t always figure out how to put them together. For example #2 in Art Philosphy. It’s a card with a hole, liner, icon grid etc. My simple mind cannot imagine how to use the grid over the rectangular hole. I am not in a rush, because this involves most of the Art Philoshy cart, which I dearly love. I have 3d flowers everywhere and try to think what u would do with all of these gorgeous blooms. How many children do u have? Does ur hubby help u with ur crafting? Ooops too many questions. Thanks.

  • Christina 4635

    Are you able to keep up with your personal crafting/ card making/ scrapbooking while running your family and business at the same time? Sometimes I think we have unfair expectations of ourselves and I would love to hear your view, Thanks!

  • Karen G

    I want to by a scorer for card products….any suggestions? Is one better than another? also…disappointed that Cricut doesn’t support svg files and scal….any other cutter out there that does he same or better job for the price? Looking to add to my cricut family….

  • Donna Dial

    Again very cute, creative paige, I reeeeallly love the magnetic boards. I guess my question would have to be what others have asked, HOW do you get it all done? You are one busy lady. Thanks again for another great tuitorial.

  • Pam Knight

    Do you ever take a tour to different Scrapbook Stores across the USA? It would be awesome to see you work in person. If you ever do, please come to South Mississippi or South Alabama. Thanks for the invite to ask……

  • Kathy H

    Well Megan….I would love to know how you come up with such fantastic ideas to share!!!!! I get stumped alot but you always seem to keep things current. How do you do it and how do you find the time?

  • Thelma N.

    The ink that the Cricut Imagine uses, does it hold its color or does it fade after time? Thanks so much for all your info. I love scrapbooking but to often I hit a creative block.=(

  • RobertaB

    Do you prepare your posts and videos all in advance or do you do it all as you go? Wondering about how many working days you have a week since blogging and customer service can be 24/7 sort of responsibilities.

  • linda

    Would love to know where you come up with all your great ideas! also would like to know what
    glues you use for scrapbooking, putting cards together, boxes,do you use ATG or other glues also
    mine sometimes seem to come apart. Also crafters companion glues.

  • Heather W

    I’m still fairly new to all this. What cricut cartridges would you recommend to the beginning crafter? Also what embellishments go with just about every project for a beginner?

  • Teresa Branch

    No need to answer this question…but I always wonder “where does she get the time to get it all done?” I admire you so much. By the time I do all my to dos for the day, IT’S ALMOST GONE. Take care of yourself. I enjoy your spunk and energy.

  • Teresa

    I was looking into “Making The Cut”. I decided to purchase it, then found that it no longer supported the Cricut. What computer program do you recomend?

  • Ginger Simons

    I have been scrapbooking for awhile now, but am thinking about trying cards. I need to get a scoreboard, which do you recomend? Also what tool that isn’t used in scrapbooking would you say is essential when making cards. Thanks for all the wonderfull videos and giveaways

  • Evelyn

    What are you doing to get sooooo much energy? You do so much things! and What kind of theacher are you for your kids? a strictly of lovely of….. one? have a nice day!

  • Kathy F

    I guess my question is the same that many others have already asked….how do you find the time to do all of this? And do you have time to actually do your own complete scrapbook albums ?

  • reta

    This would be such a great addition to my scrapbook/craft room. i can only imagine how much space this would save on my sb table. Really want this.

  • Judi Farrell

    I am still confused as to which Cricut cartridge can be used in which machine. I know some are compatible with some machines and not with others. For instance, can you use a cricut cake cartridge with a Cricut expression. Can you use an Imagine cartridge with a Cricut cake cutter? Etc., etc…… I have never gotten it straight! πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  • rennie breznik

    I have tried to use stamping glue from martha stewart and glitter but it never seems to get enough glue to adhere my glitter….what do you find is the best glue for glitter with stamping? And what do you use to clean the stamps after?

  • Julie

    Why isn’t Paper Layerz true 12×12 (without the border)? It would have made finding the correct spot on the paper much easier when using the E2.

  • Phyllis

    Trying to get organized … How do you keep all your scrapbooking/cardmaking tools & papers organized so that you can go right to them? Thank you for all you share … you are a true inspiration.

  • Moira

    Megan Goodmorning,

    So I am wondering everytime I watch your bogs, and read them, how did you get started doing this as your job,and how did you “in” with the scrapping “crowd” that travels and such? This is right up my alley, but can’t do it fulltime. When starting to scrap other’s work (as a job,) how much do you charge… it by the album, or by page? I have been asked to do this and I want to be fair, to myself and the party asking. Thanks for all you do……Blessings…….Moira

  • Carol

    I love the new mat. How do you determine what to charge for completed projects? I’ve heard it’s X times the cost of supplies, what is X?

  • Sharan Grubbs

    Are you going to be coming out with a E2 A toZ? I find I spend a lot of time positioning the cursor. Easier to use Gypsy or original E for paper layerz. Need to get more comfortable with this because the old E was going to be given to my daughter. At this point, I can’t part with it.
    Thanks for all your blogs, tutorials and give-a-ways. Sharan

  • Eva Laney

    When will the Cricut Craft Room open to the rest of us??? Any Idea on when the pink end caps will be out for the E2? Probably better to ask Provo Craft, but just in case you might know…lol. Love all you do for us Megan, Thanks.

  • judy

    Can you explain how to use embossing paste? I’m having trouble with it still oozing under the template and messing up the design? Thanks

  • Debbie C.

    Why is the Gypsy mat numbered in the corners differently than the actual cutting mats are? The actual mats start with the same number (either 1 or 12) and move horizontally & vertically the same. The mat on the Gypsy starts with 1 horizontally and 12 vertically. This makes it harder to deal with. Is there some way of changing the Gypsy to match the actual mats that I do not know about?

  • Ann Diehl

    How can a person find the time to craft with a house to run & a full-time job & a part-time job? And where do you get your ideas? I have a hard time coming up with my own ideas for cards & scrap book pages. Do you know of a web site that just features layout templates for scrap book pages? I’m very new to scrap booking & any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Johanne L.

    With all the things you do, is there anytime left for you to do personal scrapbooking projects? A few months ago I started a new job and I have difficulties finding time to do crafting. Do you have a few tips for me? Thanks and have a nice day.

  • GrannyCharlotte

    Hi Megan. How hard is it to set up a blog? Is there a good tutorial out there on how to do it? Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  • Marilyn

    If you were to give advice the two questions are:
    What is the biggest No-No to avoid in scrapbooking? and
    What is the biggest Absolutely, Positive thing one should do with scrapbooking?
    Thank you for the all great give-a-ways…love your blog…thank you!

  • Geri

    I have two questions re scrapbook pages. Do you always use paper protectors in your scrapbooks? How do you handle pages with multiple stacked embellishments – do they scratch the pictures on the facing page? Appreciate any hints on this subject. Have you used the Cinch from We Are Memory Keepers?

  • Kathy Tracy

    Good morning Megan, I wondered if you could share some tips on how you got started? Also, what are your best tips for someone trying to get involved in the virtual world of crafting and setting up a blog or a website? I want to participate with some of the other people you refer us to to win some prizes but I do not know how to do that without a website or blog. Thank you

  • Melissa L.

    Do you use cricut design studio? And if so, can you explain how to cut from multiple cartridges without using a jukebox? I’m confused about that but LOVE my design studio. (I’m way better with computers than the gypsy lol) Thanks again for another awesome chance to win!

  • Dee

    Do you think it is possible that Cricut will ever come out with a program we can buy for our computers that will allow us to use our own designs not just something we’ve welded together from their own cartridges and send it to our cricut to cut it?


  • Karen

    Good morning Megan,
    My question to you is…you are a VERY busy mom with young children, how do you find time to work, create, travel, etc? I am an empty nester who works full time and workout about 2 hours each day and find myself not getting much at all done. I am so inspired by you and would love to know your secrete in being such a creative success.
    Have a super Tuesday!
    P.S. Would LOVE to be a winner!!! πŸ™‚

  • GrannyB

    Do you “burn out” and just need time by yourself? A huge THANK YOU for all you all the time you have invested for us in the crafting world!

  • J Lar

    Good morning Megan – when I bought my cricut, it came with a little zippered container that had all these tools in it but I have never used 3/4 of them – I don’t even know what they are what there purpose is. Do you know?

  • Lisa S.

    What system do you use to photograph your projects for your blogs? And what program do you use for editing photos? I keep changing mine up — my lighting has been the issue so far. Initially it was my camera, but I got a better one and that helped.

  • Jean Moe

    Do you ever have any down time? just to relax aside from working on paper? Like a little get away with hubby with nothing else going on? you both deserve a break!!

  • Betsy

    Do you know of any kind of table-top portable drafting table? I need something to work on when I’m coloring images ~ I feel like I need to stand up when I color ~ I thought a drafting table would work since it’s slanted. The problem is, I don’t have space in my scrapping room for a drafting table. So I though something portable that you could just sit on your regular work table would be good.
    Love you videos ~ I learn a lot from them!!! And I liked how you showed various products today ~ gave me ideas on how to use things!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m a winner this week!!!

  • kristy

    Hi There Megan!
    21 days is almost over. :O( Everyday I am excited to see what we have the opportunity to win. Where is the best place to purchase the paper layerz from? I am on a serious budget of money and time. The layerz is a great way to save time trying to pull out my color wheel and then try to find paper to match.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Donna R

    I’d like to know how and why you developed your new paper line. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I just have the Personal Cricut but I still think iot will work in that. Thanks! Have a wonderful day.

  • Julie

    I don’t have the Imagine cricut but was considering buying one. How much ink does this machine use and are there separate chambers for each color?

  • natalie

    I discovered your website this summer while looking for product info on the Cricut Imagine. It was my first ever Cricut purchase and I love it! My only stumbling block is finding the time to explore all it does. I have your Imagine A to Z DVD and LOVE all the info it provided, but I’d love to see more Imagine ideas in your videos. My question is…can the multi-color PaperLayerz be used successfully in the Imagine? If so, how? Thanks for all your creative inspiration…and your boundless energy! Blessings to you!

  • Linda

    Now that you have come out with your new paper to help the “color challenged” and the beautiful designs you come up with to combine the cricut and your paper, What do you have next on your great mind. Maybe color cordinated embelishments to go with your paper? YOu are so blessed, but I know you know that and appreciate it.

  • Houselady

    When did you start your business. At what point did your blog site become a business. And, what did you do before this business? Do you have a degree in marketing or business. I am so impressed by your success!

  • Maxine Wallis

    I saw a question on how to restore stickinesss to mats. I have the opposite problem. My last few mats have been TOO sticky. I have tried the patting with hands but hasn’t helped. Any other suggestions?

  • Anna G

    I am looking forward to your live webcast on Thursday, but I will be out that evening and won’t be back on time. Will the webcast be repeated later?
    Another question is about the cuttlebug embossing folders. What is the best way to ink the papers to make the embossed surface stand out? How would you use the card-size embossed papers on a 12″ x 12″ layout?

  • Zandria

    Not really a question, just wanted to say hi. I’m the girl that met you in the bathroom at the expo in jersey. You talked to me and my friend about the teresa collins stamp maker . My friend wanted a bagel stamp. do you have a video of your craftroom? I guess I did have a question !

  • Jeannie

    no questions but a few suggestions: Use of other cutting machines so we can see them in action. Maybe re- design website so it’s easier to find information for club ruby. A low band width option to watch videos for those who don’t have high speed Internet. How about an option to be a paid member for a year (with discount) instead of a monthly charge. Love all you do, keep up the awesome work!

  • Sandy

    Hi, Megan, I love your videos because you talk plainly for people like me with a hearing problem to understand. I usually cannot understand young people talking because they talk fast and slur their words. I love this new Scrap pin Easel. It looks so handy to use. My question….don’t you ever get tired??? You are a lady full of energy.

  • Connie Lewis

    Love your website and all your teachings, especially DVD’s. I’m so looking forward to your DVD on the CE2 – as I’m having such a hard time with the conversion (loved my Expression so much, but gave it to my daughter and granddaughter to enjoy!) -Now I’m forced to use the CE2 for everything and find it not so user friendly. I know you will help out in this area with your DVD and can’t wait until it is released! I have all your others. Thanks for all you do – don’t know how you do it, but sure glad you do πŸ™‚ – sure does help all of us out here! Thanks again!

  • Phyllis Antosz

    Hi, I am wondering why some papers seem to buckle in the scrapbook? I love your DVD’s and hope to someday get the expression 2. Hopefully you will be answering the above questions so we can get the answers to. I have the same questions as some above.
    Thanks so much for all that you do.

  • Ruth

    I would like to ask you what do you do with the inside of the cards you make. I would love to see some examples! Major road block for me!!
    Thanks again Megan for all you do and for all of the give a ways!

  • Judy

    As a Club Ruby member- we used to be able to preview upcoming DVD’s, is this still available? Where on the site can we find the videos? Can’t wait till Thursday night for the new website and all your exciting announcements!

  • Jennifer H

    Megan you do a fantastic job with this blog and your tutorials! My question is, what color is your crafting room? I need to paint mine and I can’t decide on a color.

  • Janice

    I know you have a lot of different tools for your crafting but what I want to know is which one is the most necessary (not exactly your favorite)but which couldn’t you do without.

  • Jane

    You are AMAZING! I asked a while ago, but I will ask again. Where can I get or how can I craft paper that has white sparkles on both sides to use with my 3D Winter Lace snowflakes? I want to make them as gifts and to put on my Christmas tree.

  • Liz R

    I think most of the questions have been asked… Anyway I love your blog and just finished watching the Theresa Collins Stampmaker DVD and it was great. Are you going to do any videos on making a photo stamp? Again love your blog.

  • Barb A.

    What do you think of 2-step stamping? Which stamp and color shade (light or dark)is used first? Thanks for your videos. They are very informative.

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan.

    I know you are married christian mom of 2 young children at home, doing home schooling. Then you are blogging & updating your website with video tutorials, and managing your own home business. I would LUV to know, how do manage to do it all?

    U rock, Megan. U a a SUPERMOM, and I just Luv your website, and all your video’s. U are such an inspiration to all us, everywhere in the world. πŸ™‚



  • Cynthia Guy

    Megan-Thank you soooo much for the video and the time you invest into all of us. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your time and inspiration.

    My question: What is your absolute favorite Bible verse. And why?

    Hope you’re having a fantastic day.

  • Janet S.

    How do finf the time to do everything, lol. I know your husband is involved in your business, which is awesome, any other family members?

  • Karla

    My question is …. when you have time (I know, you’re saying “WHAT is time?!” LOL) would it be possible to do a few tutorials using the Cricut Create and its functions. I just recently upgraded from the Cricut V1 to the Cricut Create, and there are a number of features on it, and I’d love to see your take on them.

    Thanks …. and hope you are having a super day!

  • dianne davis

    Your videos/tutorial are awesome!!! Easy to follow & understand.
    How does a person get into CHA???
    I live in SE GA, & the only thing that is available is CKC(over 100 miles away). Most big name products like Cricut etc… are not represented or used. Is this normal for all of CKC??? TFS & may God bless you & your family

  • Jackie "B"

    I would love to know how do you balance all the things you do. Are you on a tight or flexible schedule? Do you plan everything before you start your day? I think you are amazing and keep on doing what you do best. Thanks for the chance to win and the 21 exciting days.

  • Francyne

    WOW … lots of questions and love here!

    Megan, if you ever feel overwhelmed, what do you do to get away from it all ? … If only for a few minutes.

  • Elsie

    Hi Megan, Just curious as to what is your most widely used tool? I cannot be without my creative memories shape cutters. I love them. They are quick and easy!

  • Judy Resop

    Were does your crafting back ground come from? Mine is self thought. My Grandma knitted & crocheted, But not me. And now I am learning fun & awesome things from you & I’m old enough to be your mom…LOL!

  • Linda Anne

    Have you ever seen the game where you draw five random lines on a piece of paper and then the next person has to turn those lines into a picture? I would like to see more tutorials like that. Something that uses 5 random items from scrap or card making leftovers. So, how do you get your inspiration?

  • Rachel

    Hi Megan! How long do you plan on homeschooling your kiddies? Do you think you can show more projects you do with them using the Cricut and your lessons? I teach in a small private school, and I like any and all ideas even though I’m in middle school (haha sometimes they still like the things that your kids would like).

  • Tanya Thompson

    I love your blog. Is starting up a blog difficult? Where did you go when you were first wanting to try it out? I’m still getting use to my computer (kids are grown and left the nest so now it’s all me)so…how “computer literate” do you really need to be? Thanks for all you do and all your inspiration…

  • Linda j

    Are you a college graduate? And if so, from what school and what was your major? Thanks again for these awesome 21 days. Such a great idea.

  • Kayla

    How old were you or when did you make your very first scrapbook, and what was it a scrapbook of? Thanks for everything. We all really appreciate you!

  • cheryl

    Hi Megan, Love your videos. for the new cricut crafters what would be your favorite 10 cartridges they should have in their library? thanks so much. Have a wonderful day!!

  • Cyndi Stephenson

    Well, I do have a question. Do you know how to use the center point on the Expression 2? I love this machine but I had just gotten used to the old Expression and all of it’s functions. I am also interested in what type of dog you have and what his name is. I have 3 mini dachshunds and a litter of 6 puppies that are 2 weeks old. Thanks.

  • Debi Lym

    Do you and your husband work directly together every day, or does he have another job and helps you on the side. My husband and I ran our business together every day, and while it had its moments, I truly cherish our time together, and sometimes wish we could go back to those days. πŸ™‚

  • Jelayne

    I love your tutorials and contests! I think I keep seeing a 2nd A to Z dvd for the cricut (expression) cutter. If so I would love to get my hands on a copy of it. But its not in your store. Do you plan on selling it soon? Thanks for all you do. Hugs.

  • Stacey

    As an at home mom, I know how busy home life is…so How in the heck do you find a balance?!! A rhetorical question…as I know that each of us must find our own balance that works for us πŸ™‚

    Also a tip for Martha Stewart Score Board users – my paper used to tear very easily…until I realized that you don’t have to push so hard to get a great score. Just a light, gentle touch and you have a perfect score and no torn paper!

  • Christine Tinsley

    Will the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy ever be available by itself to purchase or to purchase from other than Close to My Heart?

  • Shirley Fread

    I would like to know how you find the time to travel, do projects and tutorials, and make time for your family? I would say your family is very lucky to have such a talented person among them.

  • Michelle

    Megan, I have been using the Stick Away and Stick and Spray products to extend the use of my Cricut mats. I really like the products but I have been having trouble with the adhesive sticking to the acrylic protective overlay of the mats. I do wait sometime before covering the mat after resticking, even overnight. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong?
    I look forward to all of your videos and posts, Congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for sharing with us!

  • Heather

    I have a cricut but haven’t started playing with it yet, so will probably find out my question then, but I’ll ask it anyway. How does the blade know where to go to start cutting your paper with the different images. For example: with paper layerz ( I think you’re a genius for inventing that), you move the blade and it cuts the image perfectly. How does it know at which part of the image to start cutting, to know if they’ll be enough of that color to fit it all in.

  • Diana

    Good Morning, I hope it is a beautiful day in your part of the country. We live in Mena AR and it is one of God’s most beautiful creations, I think. Do you use the Xyron Creatopia system?

  • Judy

    How do you stay focused on one particular form of scrapping? I get distracted when I see a lot of the more elaborate art forms and always have to try out new ideas. Sometimes my scrapbooks go from simple to shabby to altered art and make no sense..but I try to stay focused on the topic of the book…I’m in way to deep…no help for me now.

  • Pam Blair

    Megan, would love to hear more about your precious children and husband. Also, would love to see you do a video on your scrapbook room, how it’s set up and how you keep it organized. Loved today’s video. Thanks again for always giving and sharing with all of us. You are truly awesome.

  • Judy Cromwell

    How do I make sure my smaller letters on my Cricut get cut properly? Seems my small letters tear or don’t cut or I tear them off when I’m removing from the mat. Any hints? Thanks

  • Vennese

    How where you able to start this full time? What took you to the point where you knew, you would be able to get sponsors, etc. and do this full time? I think you folks are an awesome inspiration for us crafters. The endless imagination to come up with different things 365 days is mindblowing. KUDOS to you!

  • Shelly

    Well as of my post there were 228 and I read them all. I truly believe Megan that you do what you do by the grace of God. There is no way anyone can juggle what you juggle without Him. lol. Here is my question. Just getting into some dimensional use and came across article on Glossy Accents vs Diamond Glaze. Have you used either and if so which was your favorite? Now a non-craft question, what would your favorite date night consist of?

  • Irene Baker

    Megan, I’ve used your paper layerz for about a month now, and I must say they are pretty nice…cuts very well in my Expression. I’d like to see a 6X6 square of the various colors along with the 4X4 for cutting. Sometimes I really want a 5 inch cut for my layout, and this would really come in handy, instead of using a whole sheet. Thanks for the giveaways!!

  • Julie

    Were you homeschooled throughout high school? If so, what did you do for English class your freshman year?? (I have one dd who will begin h.s. next year at home and I’m still trying to figure out what to do for English.) Thanks for any insight you can give. Love your Above Rubies Studio. Have a great day!

  • Judi S

    Oh my… thanks so much for all time time you have put into sharing great ideas and products! This has been so much fun! My question is…do you like the Scorepal product? or is the MS score tool just as good? Just curious. Bless you all!

  • Shelly

    Ok Megan just watch Tuesday Tutorial, any chance that you could add just a written list attached to tutorials as to Cart and what you cut and at what size, something we could print and put in our craft books. Thanks

  • Katie O

    Do you let your kids scrapbook with you?

    I have a 3 year old son who won’t let me in the craft room without him. He glues and stamps in his own scrapbook.

  • Paula C

    How do you get any crafting done with a family and dog? ;o) I am struggling with the balance and never seem to put myself (and my crafting time) first…ever!!

  • Lyndra

    Megan, what is your favorite tool? Good for you to be able to craft everyday with homeschooling, family, home, business, etc. I homeschool and do not get to craft much at all. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jo Ann G

    Girl, you are one busy gal with running a business,etc., and taking care to help others. Just keep in mind to burn that candle only at one end so you stay healthy. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, too. Been there, done that.

  • Karen

    First, I’m in awe of how you keep your blog so fresh. What challenges do you face in keeping your blog regularly updated while doing all the other things you do? And do you have a favorite “method” of scrapbooking?

  • Valery Green

    Im looking for a project that I can create party decorations and/or favors for a girls sleep over. I have the cartridge slumber party but can’t come up with any creative ideas. I know I will probably will have to use more than one to be creative but just need HELP! Thanks

  • Kim

    How did you first start your blog and gain such a following and how long did it take? Also, along that line, how do you get companies to send you items to use…did they find you and see how popular you were with crafters? Inquiring minds want to know. So glad you are out there sharing with us. πŸ™‚

  • Renee

    I hope you answer all the questions on a page where we can see all of your answers! I can’t seem to cut lightweight papers without them shredding and tearing, I have tried different settings, is there a secret to this?

  • Heather

    I love the new CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I will be getting mine in a few days and can’t wait! Do you have any of the Creative Memories cartridges and if so, how often do you use them? That easel looks like it comes in pretty handy! Would love to win a prize during your 21 days of fun! Have a great week!

  • Joan Polete

    I have time now to craft, but there is sooo much on the internet, how should one spend their time to be most productive? Seems all I do is surf the web and not get any crafting actually done! I spend time on your site but there is just so much out there. how do you organize your time and still be so productive?

  • Joy

    I’ve been watching your videos and trying to determine the “must-haves” to get started. Would you mind posting a list of the tools & supplies you recommend for beginner scrapbookers and card-makers? Thanks.

  • Julie

    I have the Cricut Design Studio program and don’t really know much about it. I would love to see you do some videos on how to get the best use from it. My question: do you know if Provo Craft is planning to continue to do updates for Design Studio now that they have created the Cricut Craft Room?? Thanks so much!

  • Carol Read

    Hi Megan….Here’s a fun question….

    What was your very first cartridge that you fell in love with??? The first “GO TO” cartridge for you??
    Love your site…love what you do for us and soooo appreciate your work! THANK YOU!

  • Lisa Reber

    I have a Create but just recently graduated to an Expression. Now that I can cut 12×12 I am looking for a cartridge that will create decorative background pages like a doily or lace trim or other decorative edges and shapes. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Jessie Conger

    When, where and how did you first get into just scrapbooking? Because we all know you took it to a whole new level and man do we love you for that!!

  • Krysta

    As a new Cricut owner, I don’t want to be purchasing every cartridge that comes out. I mostly make cards and would prefer to have a collection of about 5 cartridges that are very versatile for every occasion. What would be your top 5 for cardmaking?

  • Nadine

    Hi Megan!
    Did you ever come to Montreal? If yes, how did you find this city? Also, do you know if there’s a craft show (like the CHA) but in Montreal, Canada?
    Keep up the good work! Your great!!
    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  • dori

    How did you get to into the business? Also, would love a tour of your craft area. For me, out of sight, out of mind, but I can’t have everything laying out; so how do you deal with this?
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Bonnie Beck

    What are your favorite items to upcycle into crafts? i.e. Candy tins, glass jars, cereal boxes etc. I’m looking for upcycle inspiration πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Wow, I love your simple layout! I have this cartridge and absolutely LOVE it! How do you come up with your project ideas, where do you get your inspiration? Thanks for sharing!!

  • Marcie Smith

    My question is: How do you store all of your cricut machines? Like you I have several and often use a couple at the same time. I would love to see how you store yours so that they are handy. Do you have like a layered cart. I am thinking of building my own and would love to seeing ideas from others.

  • Sandy Bayles

    Love your blog and have been a follower off and on when I can. Have your DVD’s. I dont know how you do all this. Thanks for all the giveaways and good luck to everyone. Its been awhile since I won anything……….

  • Ronnie

    Do you have a nanny or babysitter for Ben and Genevieve? I know I have a hard time scrapping – my grand daughter (3 years old) is always coming down from upstairs, and I just cannot scrap when she is around – always wanting to get involved. Therefore, I scrap in bits & pieces.

  • Jenni

    awesome! i can’t believe people keep coming up with such amazing things to make crafting so dang easy! i would LOVE any one of these things..honestly. thank you for such creativity, megan.

  • Lisa R

    How did you get started with Above Rubies Studio and with the blog? Also, how did you approach the company that now makes your Paper Layerz to share with them your idea?

  • Connie Lewis

    I’m constantly amazed at all the new stuff and love that you show it to us the way you do – thank you! I would love to see you coordinate your PaperLayerz paper with embellishments and foofaf for us to make our scrapbooks and cards extraordinary. That is, in all your free, spare time that you don’t have! But, it would be nice. πŸ™‚ Love all your creations and teaching style.

  • Florence Oberkramer

    Totally love your videos. Think you sold me on the scrap n easel. Are you going to do anymore video series on the cartridges? Will there be some videos on the E2?

  • Allison

    Love the Tuesday tutorial, I am a CTMH consultant too and have not had a lot of time to play with my cartridge. Is there anyplace in Canada that carries the Scrap N Easel? It would be a great teaching tool.

  • NanetteMT

    I would like to know if you are a full-time crafter and if not how do you find the time to do all this? It seems like I can barely find time to make a card and I can’t even blame kids ’cause there aren’t any at our house…lol.

  • Valerie f

    No questions just want you to know, you are a uplifting person. And it makes me smile at how you have grown in your business endeavors. God bless

  • Poquosonmom

    Ok first of all thanks again for all you do for us crafters, videos, ideas, giveaways, and the beautiful smile you always have. Second is since about all the questions that I may have asked have been asked in crafting I want to ask a question of intrest in the area you live. I love Lancaster area of PA. Are any of your neighbors Amish and do you have any connections with these incrediable women who use their talents in quilts and foods for their families? They are such hard workers and all.

  • Gail Sc

    How do you balance your time with family, friends, and srapping/website, etc.? It seems like I do not have ENOUGH TIME to do all I want to do – it is great learning from you and seeing all of the fun ideas – thanks ~ Gail ~

  • Penny

    Love what you do! My question is: What are the 2 Cricut cartridges that you go back to over and over again? The ones you use the most or couldn’t live without.

  • Patricia

    Hi Megan! I would like to know about the financial side of having a blog and doing videos. Do you have to pay or do you get paid? I know that you get products given to you to try out but are there any other expenses when you first start out? Thank-you!!

  • Charity Brown

    I would like to learn how to make a design that has a word arched like a rainbow shape one way and then arched like a rainbow shape the other way…does this make sense?

  • Eleanor

    How do you determine how big a design is going to actually be without cutting out samples of everything? (example: a 2-inch item might seem to be a lot bigger or smaller than 2 inches)

  • KathR

    What made you get into crafting , specificaly using your cricut, and starting your blog, which I would like to thank you for, by that I mean all the wonderful ideas and tutorials you give us…
    hugz Kath…

  • Norma Weiss

    Where did you get your daughters name ‘Jenavieve’? (I think that’s how you spell it) Anyways, my daughters name is also ‘Genevieve’ and spell differently. I first heard this name when I was in High School and told myself that this would be my first born daughters name. Her nickname is ‘Gena’ but pronounced ‘Jenna’. One reason we nicknamed her…for my husband couldn’t spell her name. LOL!

  • amy

    What I would love to know is how you are able to figure out these machines so well? I have had my expression and I still can’t figure out what settings to use for different materials.

  • Cathie Forman

    I would like to know how you find the time to create the wonderful projects you make. I would also like to know how you started your business.

  • Dee

    I just want to say “THANKS!” for all you do! Don’t know how you get it all done! Was wondering if you are going to be doing an E2 DVD? I’ve learned soooooooooooooooo much from your other ones!

  • Katherine A

    This is a cute LO Megan. You make everything look so easy. I know you love dimension on your scrapbook pages but don’t the turned up edges, etc get flattened when you put them in an album. Also, do you use page protectors b/c they would flatten things out as well?

  • Beth W

    I have loved this on going celebration. I have been thinking of getting some of your A to Z DVD’s to be able to use my toys to the fullest. I have an expression not the e2 should I get the A to Z that is out now or the coming addition…is that one geared specifically toward the e2?

  • Kim T

    Megan I am really in need of a new paper trimmer BUT I am left-handed and wondered if you have heard of a good one. I currently have the Woodware trimmer with interchangeable blades but I can never get a perfectly straight cut due to the blade wobbling because it is set for right-handed people.
    Great video, the scrapping easel looks great.
    Kim xXx

  • debbie

    Do you and your family have a special christmas tradition you do every year and what is it? I love the holidays starting with halloween going thru to new years. It is such a great time to craft and give to your family and friends.

  • Lucy

    Iam not sure how to cut the proper sizes on my cricut…for instance if i was doing a boy and girl doll…and wanted the doll body to be 5″…Thank you for chance to win.

  • Diana

    Since I am trying to decide if I really need a new cricut. I would like to know the differences between the machines I think this would be helpful for any one deciding on which to get.

  • sandy d

    I love seeing new products thanks for doing the work to find the best new ideas and how they work. I am dying to see the new stamps. They are a fun add-on to the cartridges. Thanks love your new paper!

  • Stephanie

    I enjoy Above Rubies Studio. I am just wondering how long have you been scrapbooking and where did you come up with the name of “Above Rubies”?

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    Wow, Megan!!! The hits just keep on comin’!!! What a huge giveaway!!! I’ve been wishing for the Art Philosphy cartridge bundle, but it’s just not in the budget right now! Hubby just lost his job, so no crafting budget right now! Love the Paper Layerz, the purple Expression, the Scrappin’ Easel, all of it is awesome!! My question for you is: How do you keep things in balance with your business, your crafting and your family??? I pray that God will continue to bless your endeavors! You deserve it, girlie!!!!
    Big hugs!!

  • Islandnami

    It seems like the Cricut Expression is your die cut machine of choice. Do you prefer it to the Imagine and all the other die cut machines from other companies? Why? πŸ™‚

  • sondra nunnally

    So appreciated your very informative video today. I ordered the Scrap N Easel yesterday after watching the demo on your site. Called my hubby in and he gave me the ok for the price of it. Can’t wait to get it. Now, after watching today I saw several more items I want to order. I am for sure going to get the Singer Stitch So Quick as soon as I can. My first time to learn about it. I have been wanting to do some stitching on my layouts and cards. I did have a hard time hearing you since I have one sided hearing. I think it is because of that, and you talk a little too fast for me. Anyway, I strain and play the videos over and over till I catch everything. Love your bubbly personality! Thanks S

  • Kathleen

    Have you ever met Marie Osmond? Love her too besides Donnie. She is a very crafty gal! She sews, designs handbags & accessories, home decor, dolls, you name it. I bet she scrapbooks and makes papercrafts too.

  • Linda Wagner

    Hi Megan, what do you see in the future, more travel, perhaps adding more to the family, and how is hubby coping with the many tasks being done with your company.

  • Edwina Brown

    Hi Megan! I live about 2 hours from you. Can we meet for lunch one day half way for each of us? I can’t drive so my Mom would bring me.

  • Lyndsay

    What got you started scrapbooking? Then what made you think of starting up this site? It’s great and very helpful to those of us getting re-started in this wonderful life.

  • Bobbi Ann

    Hi Megan are you coming out with a DVD just on the E2? πŸ™‚
    I have your A-Z cricut & A-Z gyspy. I learned alot from them.
    I have watched them over and over. I am getting a E2. My neighbor is buying my cricut. What about a DVD on diffferent stamping inks, sprays & etc ? Thanks have F.U.N.

  • Beda Stoner

    Do I have to have a blog to enter into your contests? I read on here someone commented that they didn’t have a blog so couldn’t win prizes. That would make me so sad cause I love your blog but just don’t have time for a blog myself. Hugs

  • Laura

    Have you considered doing different patterns within the Paper Layerz pages? One row of Happy Dots and one row of stars and so on for a different look that still matches with the coordiating colors.

  • Cynthia V

    Your schedule must be so jam-packed. How do you balance all that you do? Must be exausting at times. Thanks for sharing and caring. Best to you. Ü Cynthia

  • Connie

    Trouble shooting? How do you know when it’s the blade, pressure or speed that is the problem? Such as tearing or leaving a small space uncut or the “fold” spots are cut instead of creased.

  • Pat

    I recently upgraded from the Baby Bug to the E2, but I kinda wish I bought the Expression instead. Can you give your input on whether or not it would be advantageous to have the Expression. Some functions seem so much easier on the Expression. Thanks Megan ~

  • Dana

    I use the CDS and Gypsy for ALL my cutting . . .is there any reason to upgrade to the expression 2 if I use these software programs for all cuts? My initial feeling on what I’ve read is NO. Curious your thoughts? Thanks!

  • Tonia Holm

    Megan, I know you are married and have small children and I was just wondering how many hours you are able to craft daily? Are your children in daycare when you do videos or in school? With hubby? Just curious how you do all that you do! Thanks so much!

  • KimMJ

    Wherever do you find the time? πŸ˜‰ Lately I don’t seem to be able to find the time for projects. When I do have some time it never seems to be enough.

    Thanx for another video and for the chance to win some goodies!

  • Kathy Silvernail

    Your videos are amazing!!!! I would love to own a gyspy, but not too computer savvy. Is there a learning curve? Thanks for the chance to win product. Kath

  • Whitney Cantrell

    I love all the wonderful layouts that you show us. How long does it take to come up with them? I seem to take forever and then I still don’t like many of them.

  • Carmen

    HI Megan~ I love the scrapin easel~ I think it would keep things on the project so organized~
    I was wondering what you know about selling projects that we craft? Are there certain laws that forbid you to sell what you Make? Thanks Megan, for all you do! You are My Greatest Inspiration!

  • Lydia

    I appreciate your videos since I learn something each time I watch them.
    My question: What triggered your getting started in the direction you have gone? Along with that would be about having your husband be so supportive. Was that just a natural thing for him?

  • Kimberly

    How do you do what you do and take care of your family. I’m a new stay at home mom, just started the roll of 1st lady at my church just a few months ago. I need some type of guide on taking care of myself, my family and being there for my church family. I really admire you and have the dream to one day start a card business. Please keep me in your prayers.

    Your sister in christ

  • Jenny

    This is the time of year I get back to scrapbooking and cardmaking. I just can’t seem to stay inside during the nice days. How about you, do you find it easier to scrap during rainy/winter weather?

  • Janet Sisk

    Have you considered joining forces with other companies? I would LOVE it if CTMH had papers like Paper Layerz to use with our new Art Philosophy Cartridge or even specific DVDs to go with it. I sure would like that for my customers. πŸ˜€

  • Kellyz Krafting Again

    What would be your best advice to someone just starting out with scrapbooking and cardmaking? It can be about must have tools…best stores to shop at (i.e. online vs in store)….scrapbooking cardstock…etc…I would like to hear what you have to say.

  • Lisa LeMay

    How did you get your business started? I would die if I could run a home business in the crafting department. My kids are my life and I will stay home with them as long as I can. However, money is always a necessity. You are a wonderful SuperMom!!! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Take care! πŸ™‚

  • Sally Mason

    Love your inspiring ideas and many thanks to the generosity of yourself and your sponsers for making this event happen….. good luck everyone

  • Cydney

    Any tips for making envelopes? Mine always come out wonky and don’t fit the card correctly. I bought an envelope score board – can’t remember the company – the board is purple. I can’t seem to make that work even after seeing a video. The lines are off kilter every time. Help! I have been buying envelopes at the craft store.

  • Sharon Canter

    I am new to your website and fairly new to the Cricut Expression (bought it as a retirement present to myself). I have so much to learn about the Cricut….. where is the best place to start as a beginner. I have purchased a lot of cartridges, but have a problem keeping images “organized”…knowing where an image is without going through most of the books to find it. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for all of your inspiration.

  • Christina Eagan

    Hi Megan!
    When are you planning to do a Tuesday Tutorial using some of the Tattered Angels products? I have missed them if you did one and would love to see what your take on them is! Thanks again for all that you do!

  • Valinda

    Hi Megan. Thanks for all these great giveaways and all you do. You are awesome!! If you could only have one tool other than your cricut what would it be and why?

  • Connie Bragg

    Seems the closer we get to the giveaway, the slower the clock ticks. I am waiting for the big day. Praying for the easel. Thanks for the demo.

  • carol

    when making a layout for a scrapbook do you do 2 page spreads or just individual pages? How do you make the album flow so it keeps the viewer interested.

  • Pamela

    If you were commissioned to make a paper line based on a city anywhere in the world, what city would you choose, and what would you incorporate into the line to make it unique?

  • Raven

    Enjoyed the demo today with the new paper. All in one embelishment stop.

    Question: When you want to create but have no ideas…what do you do to get inspiration?

  • Rebecca C

    When I started making my own cards I had so many questions so went on line and found your site and just loved it. I get so much information from you.

  • Melinda

    I am curious what led you to start your own blog and website, was it just to inform people then it turned into a business or how did it all start and Of course, it’s got to be hard with 2 sm. children. Nice that hubby is in the “business” with you, he gets a good understanding of what is going on where most husbands don’t understand or get it. I too am trying to be a Proverbs 31 wife!! God Bless


  • Lisa W

    Hi Megan, I always wonder how you get everything done with your young children? Do you video at night when they’re in bed, or do you have someone watch them for you? Just wondering, because I run a daycare in my home, and it’s almost impossible to have more that 15 uninterrupted minutes at a time! I think it must be hard to juggle your business and family. Kudos to you!

  • Betty-Jane Caspick

    Hi Megan, First I just want to thank you for inspiring me (& everyone else). I sometimes have trouble figuring out how to fit my pieces together after I have cut all the layers out on my Cricut. There were slits to indicate folding but try as I may, I could not get the house from the Just Because cart to look like the pic. Does Cricut have a website to which we can refer and ask questions? Thanks for all you do!!

  • Lydia

    Hi Megan – We have started a “Cricut Club” inspired by your CDs. They are great! Do you focus on cutting and decorating a page at a time in your scrapbooks or do you cut ahead based on the topics you will be scrapbooking? Do you get time to scrapbook???

  • Vicki Shaw

    I am new to Above Rubies Studio and I love it. I would like to know how long you have been scrapbooking and how do I try for one of the great free prizes? Do I just make a comment?

  • Leann

    I would like to know when you started crafting and did you need to take classes or watch videos to learn new techniques and ideas? Has your ideas become easier to create as you scrap longer

  • Dawn

    What’s your secret for simple masculine cards? I have a hard time making cards for my son and son-in law. Even struggle for ones for my husband sometimes. Love all your ideas!!!!!

  • Wendy T.

    Okay, my question is: How do you find time to do it all? Run a website, create projects, videotape your episodes, raise a family, run a household…..

  • Luria

    Hello Megan,

    How do you get company’s to donate things to you for your giveaways and also how do you get a chance to preview new items that have not been released? Thanks for all of the great gifts and a chance to win.

  • Gayle

    I would like to know how your own scrapbook room is organized and which Cricut machine is your own favorite – the one you use the most? Thanks for all you do to help all of us.

  • Christeen Baker

    I know I have already posted one question but I really need this one answered or I might not get anything for my birthday. Hi

    I have a birthday coming up and was considering hitting the family up for a Gypsy. I have a question re the gypsy/scal2/expression. I have Design Studio but find SCAL2 a much better program plus I love all the free files from Svgcuts. So my question is if I purchase the gypsy and update my expression will this stop my scal2 from working.Β  I would be devastated to loose by Scal2 capability.

  • Terry

    Megan, How, how how do you do it!! I just can’t find the time to do it all, I work full time and I want to craft full time. So very little sleep. I am very impressed with your web site, tutiorials and all the great tips! thanks again. I would so love to have the Art Philosophy cart. I LOVE IT!! but don’t have it. So If you really want to pick a winner for that, PICK ME!!! PLEASE!! I promise to use it and take great care of it!
    Really thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  • Carolyn

    Where can I still get a copy of Sure Cuts a Lot 2? I’m desperate to get one!

    Also I would love to know what kind of dog you have, and what it’s name is. I’m a major dog lover!

  • Bibi Leak

    I’d like to know how you came up with the color layouts for “Paper Layerz” ? The process really intrests me. God bless you and your family.

  • Sue Anderson

    What is your advice for selling cards that we make? How do you know how much to price them at? Should they be sold individulally, or several in a set? Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks for all you do for all your fans. Love ya!

  • CathyinMN

    I would love to join you Friday evening, but the last time I tried, I was not able to get in. I was able to view you, but I was completely unable to comment. I tried logging on and/or creating an account or whatever, but it didn’t work. How do I do what needs to be done so I can join in? Is there something I can do before it actually starts (like a day or two or a few hours earlier) to make sure I don’t miss anything? I would really love to be able to join you live instead of having to watch it later. Thanks for all your great hints, tips, etc.

  • Carol Pringle

    I would love to know do you remember the first time you used your Expression and if so what was the project you worked on? Thank you for all that you share with us……hugs Carol P
    What are you five favourite Cricut Cartridges….?

  • Kelli

    I’m curious about all of your supplies (like cricuts, and big machine type things)…. how do you get them all? Are they all donated or do you buy most of them yourself? I love all of the demos that you do with all the machines and I’d love to see more comparison videos so I know what I want to go buy… but I don’t want you to have to go buy all the machines to demo. Lol, hope that made sense.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Cathy Plese

    I would like to know which cutter you like the most, Cricut, E-craft,etc and what are the differences between the various machines? A big thank you for all you do!!!!

  • Margie Taber

    I think you kinda answered this but I have often wondered if ever have to buy anything or do get most of ot donated kinda hard on the rest of us to keep up

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    Is everything on the original Cricut A to Z included on the new version 2 with more added to it or are some parts of the original left off? Wondering if I need both.

  • Mary

    I was wondering which cricut you like best? I have the original and the expression. I have a friend with the imagine..NAND doest like it.. I would like to have the new e2 but worried won’t like it as much as the original. Have the gypsy… Does it work with it?

  • Wanda

    I love your blog and your personality! I just started following you so where did the name “Above Rubies Studio” come from and who are you most inspired by? Thanks so much for all you do!

  • Helen

    Megan, you seem to have a particular white pen that you like to use on black or dark paper and cardstock. It shows up very well. The pens I have used don’t work that well. Which pen do you use? And thanks for sharing your tips and techniques.

  • Marilyn Caro

    Hi Megan,
    Love your videos. I have been looking into the Scrappin Easel and debating if I want one or not. I have trouble deciding what size to cut things with my cricut to fit on my layouts and cards. What is your take on this?

  • Patti

    I know that you said you weren’t going to do a dvd for the E-2 but on your latest expression video do you go over any of it? I have your gypsy and first expression video but I’ve got an E 2 and it’s just different enough that your special dvd’s would be great!

    Any chance?

  • Patti

    Oh my goodness,
    I watched your Tuesday tutorial after I posted my comment and you answered my ? on the tutorial. So you did put the E2 on your latest DVD. YAHOOOOOOOOO

  • GranShoo

    Hi,Megan. I have the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge, but occasionally have a problem getting it to accept my request of what I want it to cut. It gives some kind of message in the little window on my Cricut that I don’t understand .. something about mem. I’m thinking that maybe what I’m trying to cut is too large for the memory of my machine?????? My question is – Have you ever had a problem with your Art Philosophy cart like this?

  • Yvonne Villiard Bresolin

    Hi Megan! I would love to see a tutorial or 2 on setting up a Blog for sharing my cards. I’m told that I should have one but I’m embarrassed to say that I have no idea as to how to get started.

  • Brenda

    Hi Megan, no. 489 or so checking in. scrolling down a lot of the questions have been asked. But I didn’t see one related to paper colors.
    My son is very active in church, sports, scouts – you name it. I am stuck using the same colors blue & silver for sports, green & white for boy scouts. How do you break away from the same colors?

  • Janet

    Can you put the answers to these questions on your blog/website in some section or something? What is our favorite thing to do as far as papercrafting?

  • facsmom

    What fun to read all of the questions. You might be surprised how a few answers would take care of many questions. Crafting is your business AND you bring such positives to our lives. What do you do for “megan time”?

  • facsmom

    I’m going to try this again. Your are so positive and enthusiastic, a real high point in the day for a lot of us. Crafting is your business. What do you do for “megan time”?

  • Helen

    I am new to your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. My daughter’s name is also Genevieve. I was wondering what was YOUR inspiration for naming your daughter “Genevieve..”..

  • Jackie

    I am newly retired and would love to get my 8-year-old granddaughter into scrapping with me. Do you have any tips on where to start with her?

  • Grandma Quilter

    I really need to know more info on using my E2. Things like how can I easily move the cutting head to a new spot in the paper? I miss my old Expression for the ease of using the circle of arrows. I just can’t catch how to move easily on the E2.

  • Suzanne

    Hi Megan!
    First of all…I want to say “thank you” for all that you do…you are a great inspiration to crafters everywhere! πŸ™‚

    My question is about starting a blog…I recently created my blog on (I only got to creating a name) then I was stumped πŸ™ How much info should be included to create an interesting blog? Do you have any suggestions?

  • Linda

    Megan really enjoy your tutorials/video’s. Are you able to carry your children with you when you go on location/other places besides your studio? You are a very creative person and thanks for sharing your talents.

  • Cris - Country_craftin'

    Hi Megan…I absolutely love to watch all of your videos and I cannot begin to tell you how much they have helped me. Do you think there might be some “pRiM” items in the near future? I just love the country prim look and haven’t found too many items like that in the cartridges. Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas with us!!

  • peggy whisenhunt

    Did you start Above Rubies as a blog and then ventured into a business, just wondered how you get to go to all the conventions, offer all the prizes, etc. How did you connect with all of that and set up your business.

  • Carol I.

    My question…if you could do one thing over again, what would it be and why? Can’t wait to tune in on the 8th at 9:30. Thanks for making it later for everyone to join in.

  • Lenoria

    I would like to see the answers to most of these questions also when you get around to answering them! How do you organize your scrap space and do you have a whole big area, or is it a small room?

  • Shari p

    Megan I really enjoy tutorial tuesdays. My question is this are you ever going to do a tutorial on using cri-kits embossing tool in the cricut expression ? I recently purchased the embossing tool and ink pens. Would really like to see how to correctly use them.
    thanks for all you do.

  • Kathy Gallagher

    Hi Megan!. Wow this has been so much fun. You have so many dedicated followers. You are one amazing lady! This question may have been answered, but how and when did you become interested in paper crafting? Thanks for keeping all of us motivated. Hugs, from Ohio!

  • Sharon Harrison

    Do you have time for anything but scrapbooking? What other hobbies do you enjoy? You are an amazing woman. Thank you for all your resources and inspiration.

  • Andrene

    While I love my cricut, I am interested in expanding with an additional cutting machine specifically one I can cut svg files with. I saw your video at CHA with the ecraft and was hoping you could provide some guidance for me wit the ecraft or other similar machine. Do you own anything other than the cricut? Do you have a recommendation(s) to help me with my decision?

  • Malena

    Your videos are so well thought out and presented. To you have any training as a teacher? I’m a teacher and I know what kind of planning a demonstration like that requires!

  • Valerie

    Hi Megan,

    I have heard that the Cricut Circle carts are made available to the general public at some point in time. Any idea where one can get them with out paying around $150?


  • Barbara

    Could you do more videos on making cards? I don’t really scrapbook so I am mostly interested in card ideas. I still enjoy your wonderful videos and I can sometimes get ideas from them for my cards. Thanks for all you do!

  • Theresa Dixon

    I enjoy scrapbooking/cardmaking, I have a small homebase scrapbook shop and I sell products at affordable prices. My question is..Is there any website that provides make n take ideas for scrapbook shops. Thanks

  • Angie P.

    Ok. My question is who is filming you when you are like at the CHA shows? Is your husband involved in your business? Sorry, Thats 2 questions! πŸ™‚

  • Annette

    Megan, thank you for the chance to win these great prizes. What is you “always go to product” when creating a card or layout? Have a wonderful day:)

  • Bernadine

    first off, megan, i really enjoy your blogs. I am a bit new to it. i am also a bit new to scrapping and all. One thing i would like to ask you is, being i am from about 10 mins from you. Can you recommend a place for cropping. Do you go to local crops. We had a scrapbook place on 100, and they have closed up. I had just gotten interested in cropping and find it fun. can’t seem to find any nearby. And i don’t really know that many scrappers. any help would be appreciated. thanks. keep up the great blog.

  • Rose Koslfosky!

    I am still having a hard time with navagating around in the gypsy.And connecting the edges when you have reading glass eyes,makes it all even trickier. I have the dvd,I am not so sure if it was thorough enough andy suggestions?

  • carolyn hartle

    Hi Megan, Would love to win. Like the tutorial. Can you please help me find where I can order liquid applicade. I saw a tutorial on it but they never said where you can purchase it. Hope you can help me out and thank you in advance

  • patricia

    Hi Meagan, so my day has 24hrs. how many hrs. does your day have? πŸ™‚ will there be more videos on layers using the gypsy, while I’m getting better and I do have your AtoZ video I was wondering if you will do more? you know, with your extra hrs. in the day!
    Love what you do, I been following your blog everyday since I found you and love it all!
    oh! how do we get in on Thursday, I got skype will this be the way?

  • Judy

    I like that you used the Viva pen, there are a few different types by Viva. Which one actually gives the nice round pearl effect and what are the differences in the other types of Viva embelishments?

  • Gail

    Wow, it will take you forever to answer all these questions. My questions is……….Where in the heck do you find all the time for everything you. God bless you for all you do for family, friends, bloggers, facebookers, tweeters, etc.

  • Joan Peters


  • Kimberly

    I have just learned about your paper PaperLayerz. Just watched your video and you said that there are also plain one that your paper is printed on. Where can you get that paper. I know I can get yours from your site. πŸ™‚

    Also, fun question: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  • Dorinda

    How did you get started with your website? How often do you travel? As your business grows will you be adding to your design team? I love your tutorial.:)

  • Shelley

    I love this site! Do you have any tips on picking papers to mix when they aren’t in kits? This is difficult for me, don’t have that natural knack! I have a LOT of paper that wasn’t part of a kit, and would love to learn any inside info that you would share! Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes, and for sharing so many tips and tricks!

  • Shirley E.

    Will there be a DVD on the cricut E2 only? I have the first Cricut A-Z DVD. I know the second edition has information on it now for the E2, but I really don’t feel like purchasing a DVD that has information on it that I already have!

  • Wanda

    I want to thank you for always telling what products you are using in your videos. I like to see products used before I purchase. I love your website. One question – what sites do you enjoy going to to get inspiration? I hope you get a vacation after the 21 days of giveaways.
    God bless you and your precious family.

  • Michelle Cain

    Megan, I am so glad I found your site. How long did it take you to master the cricut? Your work is great.
    Thanks for all the chances to win.

  • Angela W

    How many hours a day do u work on your scrapbook projects? How many projects do u complete in one day? Thanks for all the inspiration you share. Hope your day is blessed.

  • Jenniece

    MEgan, I have tried to watch your tutorials and every time my computer crashes. What can I do to be able to watch them? I’m not that up on computers. Please help. I want to learn what you are showing us. Thanks.

  • Daphne Held

    Where on earth do you find the time to do all that you do with the little ones! I’m in awe of your energy and your creativity! Thanks Megan for all the great inspiration!

  • Celeste

    Hello Megan
    I really enjoy checking in with you each day!

    My question is:
    How do you accomplish all your crafting, as well as, take care of your family and home?

    I wish there were just a few more hours in the day to be able to do everything I want to do for my family and still create scrapbooks/cards without feeling guilty.

  • Lynne G

    This 21 days has been really fun. I am looking forward to the UStream (hope I can make it)! I am wondering how your business got started and how much time you put into it every week.
    Thanks and have a great day!
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  • shan marra

    How do I keep abreast of all the new cricut cartridges. It seems as though their are so many that I haven’t heard of and I have 114 in my collection.

  • Joene

    I too am wondering how you manage with two small kids and have the energy to do scrapbooking and be a business woman besides. As I remember there weren’t that many hours in the day when my kids were little. You must be Super Woman.

  • Lisa

    Being an animal lover, I would like to know your dog’s name and what breed? As for crafting, I think you are amazing. Thank you so much for everything you do and the chance to win something wonderful! Blessings to you!

  • Melissa Smith

    Need dvd on E2. I got the scrapping easel and I’m so thankful I did. Great for those of us with bad backs. Love your Home layout. What do you and others do with all the cards, layouts etc that you make?

  • Ellie

    My question is, how do you find time to do so much. As a mom and a wife you seem to do more than one person can accomplish. How do you do it? My kids are all grown and I can’t find time to work on my crafts.

  • Retha

    I have trouble finding things on blogs/websites, etc. Like in video you said can search blog for cartridge storage system, I can not find, please give me some advice/help!!! thanks for all the ideas–Retha

  • Tammi T

    I’m sure that sometimes you make a project that you don’t really need for yourself personally. What do you do with all of those things? Is there a schedule of sorts that you follow or do you just deccide on a project by project basis?

  • Tammy

    I had to laugh when in one of your videos you said you loved Donny Osmond. My first album was Portrait of Donny. I got it for Christmas with my first stereo. I have it on display in my craftroom. My question to you is what is your all time favorite song by anyone? Take Care, xo Tammy

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan!! Thanks for this fun giveaway love it!! Well my question: What is your favorite product of scrapbooking??? Thanks again, Hugs.. Maggy

  • JoAnne Freeman

    Love your site and appreciate all the great ideas you share. My question: HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE CHALLENGES AND DESIGN TEAM CALLS?

    There are so many! I am trying to figure out how to determine what challenges are active, what each requires and the deadlines, etc. Also design team calls are more frequent than I realized and wonder how to follow them all. Thanks!

  • Regina

    I actually have 2 questions…
    First, do you like the Expression 2 better than the original, and why?
    And #2-Have you ever used the Pazzle machine?

  • Rhonda Harre

    What is your favorite Bible verse and why? Do you find time to have a quite time each morning? Thanks for the many chances to win over the past 20 days. You are so creative and an inspiration to me. πŸ™‚

  • Liz C

    How far in advance to you shoot your videos and schedule your postings? Do you take an entire day and do a whole week’s worth and just schedule them or do you actually do them every day?

  • kim taylor

    megan my question is with young children how and when do you squeeze in scrapbook time i go to crops but that is usually the only time i can crave out some me time How do you find extra scrappy time?

  • Kai

    Do you ever feel like making your own embellishments (with all the layers) on the Cricut is too much work? How do you make it an easier process for yourself? (yeah, that was two questions, sorry!)

  • kim

    I have tons of cricut carts and get overwhemed with deciding what embellishments to use from it on my page and find I go to my premade items how do you decide what cricut images to use?

  • Kathy T.

    When I joined Club Ruby all your DVD’s were going to be posted and we could buy at a discount. Is this still available or when you changed Club Ruby did that stop?

  • Jody S

    I want to know how you come up with all the ideas. My mind goes blank when I sit down at my counter…..thank goodness there are tons of places to look online for ideas. Thank you!

  • Stefanie

    I really don’t know how you do it all. You are amazingly talented. I will be on a flight thursday night so my question is ” Can I still win if I am not online?”

  • Leanna

    Are you still singing??? Your voice is beautiful, do you sing at your church??? Hope I win your new
    papers, wow what a great idea. Keep the video’s coming, love your voice on the video’s, it is like I’m right in the room with you. Great job

  • Deann Murillo

    I have so many ideas that I would like to try (but not that creative to actually do it) and not enough time to work on them. How do you manage to juggle everything you do and create such wonderful stuff? Do you work on one thing at a time when crafting or do you have several things “in progress” all the time?