Freebie Friday Fly Away Butterfly and LOOK What’s New! 12

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Freebie Friday!  Last week was a big tester for me to see how this was all going to work technically and with over 800 of you downloading our first ever FREE SVG we encountered a few troubles!  Sorry about that!  This week I tried making it EVEN easier and I also show a video on how I download and use the SVG from start to finish!  I hope it helps you, and we DO have a technical guy (aka Sean) working on why that error message comes up on some browsers and not on others…we will get that fixed, but this video shows you how to just ignore it and still get your FREE SVG File! Here is today’s Free File!  Access this by



Here is the Video I did showing how to access this as well in case you’ve had any troubles at all – and I am really sorry to those who have had any difficulties at all – it is meant to be just awesome and fun to get new goodies every week – not to cause stress – so for those of you that wrote me saying it was – here is my public deepest apologies as well! ENJOY them PLEASE! 🙂

Guess What Else!

The NEW Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz and Chipboard Alpha Stickerz are NOW IN!!!!

These are the newest, latest, hottest things and I’m so excited that you guys are having fun with these fabulous products with me!  The Inks really are amazing and I’m THRILLED they came out soo well! I really tried to do some more “unique” colors with the Navy Blue and the Bright Citrus Orange as well – let me know what your favorites are!  There are 10 Ink Edgerz in all and 6 colors of Alpha Stickerz!  Enjoy them PLEASE! 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Freebie Friday Fly Away Butterfly and LOOK What’s New!

  • Rebecca

    Sorry to post twice, but I had to let you know that I just PLACED MY ORDER!!!! I’m really excited about using the products I ordered just now. I’ve only been inking edges with a black pad, so I’m looking forward to the variety. I have to say, though, the shippping costs are a real bugger! I’m glad that I planned ahead for my order all at once. I really didn’t expect a third of the cost to be shipping. Sorry, Megan. I have to say in your defense, though, that your product costs are low enough that I didn’t mind paying the extra for S&H. Thanks for the great products!!!!

  • Wanda

    Good Morning, I have gotten last weeks freebie as well as this week’s and it tells me the order is processing for both. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for all you do for us!!!!

  • Amy

    WOOHOO!! Thanks for this AMAZIN freebie 🙂 Can’t wait to get my inks and alpha’s…OMG, i’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to your products! They coordinate amazingly well and using them is soooo much fun for me…luv all that you do 🙂

  • Christeen Baker

    Oh I am soooo glad Sean is on the job. What with your move to Wisconsin I was a bit worried. I must have missed something in all the announcements about what the move was all about lol. So happy things are going great.

  • MommyMe

    I am so excited for you! I love all the colors! Thanks for the quick intro video, too. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  • Joan Peters

    I just tried to order the stamps and the chipboard letters, and all I could find was the balck stamp pad. What happened? Are you sold out all ready? If so, when will you have more in and how can I get them before every one else purchases them all.