I Have Something Else to Show You 13

Hey there friends!


I have a few more videos from CHA to share with you!  The other day I posted several videos Britten Linn and I filmed at the show, now I have a few more for you today!

Let’s take a look at:

October Afternoon and the Midway Collection

YouTube Preview Image


Glimmer Body Tattoos (these are so fun and these tattoos stayed on over a week later – through shaving, washing, etc…AWESOME!)

YouTube Preview Image


Finally – I’m THRILLED Jinger Adams released her FABULOUS new lines of paper and Craft Test Dummies, Jenny and I were there to chat with her about it!

YouTube Preview Image



Guess what!?  We have something to share from EACH of these companies as Giveaways and Prizes for those who are going to join us in our Challenges with Cropped Mystery Challenge Event September 21 – 23, 2012! Get involved now before it’s too late www.CroppedEvent.com

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13 thoughts on “I Have Something Else to Show You

  • Karla (aka Scrappynut)

    I’M excited about the Cropped Event! I go on about 5-6 three-day weekend scrapbooking retreats a year, but I’ve never done a VIRTUAL crop….so I’m really excited. And, I’m very excited to get my mystery box!!! Whoo-hoo!
    Saw your pic on FB, Megan, and I just hope you are feeling better. I’m sure it was not a pleasurable experience, but in the long run it will all be worth it; so, big hugs to you for a speedy recovery!

  • Margaret K

    This is my first crop ever and I am so excited and I am hosting it for a few of my friends. I am so excited, my mystery box should arrive on Tuesday and I will be here to check it all out. Thanks Megan for making this posssible for us, you are the greastest. Good luck with a fast and super recovery. We love you

  • Jane Dubois

    Can’t wait to get that Mystery Box and the Cropped Event. I’m so excited. You have been in my prayers and you will continue to be there through your recovery. Carry a smile in your heart.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Love the videos, anxious to get my cropped event mystery box. glad it is not till Sept, I willbe out of town when my box arrives. Megan, hope your pain gets better and your are back with us soon. love you. Peggy

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Megan….thinking of you today and praying for your quick recovery . thanks so much for the video with Jinger. I love her new paper lines and it’s great to see her again. Any chance you’ll be on HSN some time with your products ?

  • Nadine from Calgary

    Thanks for sharing the videos- so much inspiration! I’m so excited about the crop! I purchased my box yesterday and I can’t wait for it to come!

  • Debbie Z

    Megan, I pray that you will have a quick, healthy recovery. Goodness knows you’ve been going through quite a bit. Hang in there!

    I’m so excited to see what is in the mystery box. It will be fun to take part in the crop for the weekend. I’m ready!

  • Sandy

    Continuing to pray for you, hopefully you won’t have to live in any more pain I loved seeing what was going on at CHA, looked like a lot of fun but not as much fun as we are going to have at our Mystery Crop. I know my box is on the way, so I’ll keep my eyes open.