Megan Update on Teeth and THANK YOU! 97

Hey All!


I’m laying in bed taking it easy, lots of pain and swelling, seems much worse second day than first, hopefully start feeling better soon, this is not fun.


But here is the really cool thing!  I’ve been SOOO encouraged by your reaching out, and others reaching out going through the SAME thing!  I heard from a woman named Lesa Marie, and she just had all her top teeth removed and is going through it just as badly this week herself.  It’s so nice through pain to just chat with others, encourage each other, and find the moments that we can enjoy!


Several have asked WHY are you going through this at 28?  Well, 6 years ago in Jamaica, on my wedding night (got married in Jamaica), my four front teeth got broken off/knocked out with a Lawn Chess Piece….. Yeah….No more details required!

My jaw broke at that time and I spent 4 days in Jamaica without teeth and came home to get two root canals and caps put on.

Last year we discovered my jaw still hadn’t healed and I had a massive infection in my jaw/teeth.  The repeated the root canals, put on new caps and sent me on my way hoping that would “hold” for a few years.

That didn’t exactly work as planned, and a few months ago the infection was back and pain started horribly again.  All this to say, I had a lot of resorption in my jaw and in the remaining…. THAT is why I’m going through this now.

They removed two of the teeth and grafted my jaw to keep me smiling!  I’ll be with temporary teeth for a little while and prayerfully get permanents get put in soon!

I posted a few pics on facebook right after surgery which I know most of you saw – If you have an acct you can see it here.

It’s certainly not easy, and after hearing so many stories including my own, I want to start some kind of serious Donation fund of some type or something because insurance doesn’t seem to cover anything these days and it’s so hard to take on the financial burdens!  So many people struggling and I know how scary it is!  One day that’s truly something I want to do, but takes a lot of time and work to do that too…but know it’s in my heart!

I really wanted to say – IF you are going through anything like this right now, or having pains, sickness or troubles, I’ve been spending time praying for you!  I’ve been laying in bed and holding onto being as thankful as I can be for situations like this, for real help, for being here in Wisconsin with THIS team of Dr’s and friends around me that I would not have had in PA.  I’m thankful for treatment and I’m praying for many followers who have commented, posted and I’ve seen their troubles as well.  You all are incredible to be praying for me, I will take time to do the same for you!


ALSO, wanted to post, because I’m SO excited and thankful! When I got home from surgery, I had a package waiting for me from Melanie Brown of Courtney-Lane Designs – She is the Close to My Heart consultant who got me started with the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge and in her kindness and for a few videos – she sent me the Artiste Cricut Cartridge Bundle and I’m SOOOO jumping out of SKIN Excited!  Art Philosophy has taken over my #1 TOP SPOT of all Cricut Cartridges and this one is about to take #2 and I haven’t even played with it yet!  I’ve since pushed a Child’s Year, Forever Young and Create a Critter WAY down for these carts!  This is FABULOUS!  The stamps that go with it, everything! I’m laying in bed just holding the handbook looking at EVERYTHING I can’t wait to create!  So stay tuned for some projects when I’m up to it and THANK MELANIE BROWN!

I know many of my followers are CTMH consultants and I’m not minimizing any of you, but it is a huge Thanks to Melanie for sending me so many goodies from CTMH over the years and this Cartridge is such an encouragement to me right now as well!


You can order yours today right here Melanie does not pay me to share this with you, but she has sent me lots of products 🙂

Anyway – enjoy the moments my friends! I’m spending time praying for you all and I hope we can create some fabulous fun things together soon!

(Tuesday I start a Mini Series on the Cricut Expression 2 which is going to be SO fun and lots more to come!)

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97 thoughts on “Megan Update on Teeth and THANK YOU!

  • Carmen Elrod

    Hey Megan~ I am so sorry to hear that you had such a painful day~ I have been praying and will continue to pray for every hour to get better for you. I have never had teeth problems like this, but I do have chronic pain and Fibromyalgia~and I know how important prayers and support of friends and family are…. I cant wait to hear that you are feeling 100% better ~ very soon! Until then, just keep resting and icing and taking those medicines!

  • Andrea Asher

    Megan, I hope you gift from Melanie made you feel a little better and took the pain away for a few minutes!
    I have you in my prayers and pray that you get better and the pain goes away.

    I am scared to death to go to the dentist.

    Just not long before my sweetie passed away he had this done and he was waiting to get the implants after he had his bottom teeth taken out. He was in terrible pain.
    I made him smoothies everyday to take to work with him. I think he only missed two days work with all the pain.
    I take a lot of meds ( 16 a day) so he couldn’t miss much work……(prescriptions were a lot through his work).
    I hope by the time you read this in the morning you will feel great,,,,or at least much better.
    I will keep you in my prayers!!!

  • Sharon McDonald

    Is is difficult but it does get better as each day goes my. Beleive me, I have gone through it too many times, Major dental surgery with extreme pain for 2 weeks, 4 sinus surgeries, a hysterectomy, Uvula removed, etc… Surgery itself is no fun, the recovery can feel unbearable, but staying on your computer and talking to friends will get you through. Even when I was at my worst, I would read my notes from my friends on my phone because I could not handle the laptop. It got me through, nowing people were thinking about me. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Donna M

    Im glad you are looking at the brighter side of all this!! Hope you start to recover quicker. And FYI I’m a local PA lady!!!

  • Sandie Scott

    keep taking those meds if they aren’t helping you may need a different prescription some common stuff doesn’t make a dent for me. The most important thing is attitude just keep convincing yourself it is getting better and surprisingly it can. I remember my first real walk after open heart surgery, I went two blocks and had to convince myself I could get home but I did and the next time was easier. You will be able to enjoy that cartridge soon lots of prayers coming your way.

  • Janet Austin

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family as you go through this. Always trust in our Lord and hold onto his strength.

  • Ruth Evens

    Been praying for you Megan. My husband had all his teeth pulled a couple years ago. I know what he went through and can somewhat understand what you are going through. Thankful that you are able to get replacements! Someday this will be in the distant past and only a memory! Sounds like you are doing great other than the pain. You have some great ideas going there to help others. I was so discouraged earlier this year after spending 5 days in the hospital with an bleeding ulcer. Good to see you have such a positive attitude!

  • Katie

    Hope you are feeling better today. I understand the teeth issues. Over the past year for some unknown reason most of my teeth have broken off, so down to the gumline. And since I have no insurance or any pot of gold, I wait. I lost my job a couple weeks ago, before I was able to start my insurance(which I was hoping would at least make a dent in the bill–but it did not work that way. It have even affected my front teeth.One is broken halfway off and the other is cracked. Have never done drugs and have not reason why this might have happened. So am just waiting–I know the dangers of not getting them done, but right now, it is not doing to happen. I am to embarrassed to even talk or smile in public, especially hard when talking to patients. Sorry I really had not intended to write all this.
    Megan, I wish you the speediest of recoveries and relief for pain. And enjoy your new cartridge and goodies!

  • Cyndi back in PA

    Megan, what an unbelievable story. In the year I’ve been following you, your smile has always been beautiful, and it always will be – it goes way deeper than the teeth, girl! You are in my prayers, second day is always the worst when the anesthesia wears off, feel better soon!

  • Paula Noel

    He Megan,

    Hope you are feeling somewhat better! Hope you are taking your pain meds regularly, They probably have you on ibuprofen, just make sure you take it around the clock so you get the anti-inflammatory response from the med – really helps the pain from swelling. If your med includes narcotics and you don’t want the narcotic portion, just take the over the counter ibuprofen dose to keep the blood level up. Of course keep icing on and off and keep the head of the bed elevated and don’t eat hot foods. They probably told you all this but when you are leaving sometimes you don’t hear everything and just want to go home! I had peridontal surgery and jaw surgery and it’s very tough to go thru! Just think about your new smile to come and it will be all worth it!

    I know what you mean about the expense. Implants are unbelievalby expensive, and at the time was not recommended for me (I was then a smoker, and found out later that was why they did not recommend implants – if I had known that, I would have quit on the spot!) That is a wonderful idea to set up some sort of donation fund.

    Feel better soon!


  • Ruth G

    Megan, I’m praying for you and all those going through physical pain and tribulation right now. I am a former dental assistant and was so shocked to hear that you were having so many teeth removed at such a young age, but now that I’ve heard the story of how that came to be a good choice, I’m amazed at all you’ve endured. Good luck with your recovery! I hope that you find relief from your pain soon and that you feel the kind thoughts and prayers being offered up on your behalf.

  • Jane Dubois

    Megan… When your pain is bad, just stop and think what it would be like without the medication. That always makes me feel better. Everything could be much worse and thankfully and hopefully you will feel better day by day.

    Katie… I so wish I could help you out but financially am able to just take care of myself. Rest assured that you will be in my prayers and hopefully things will begin to look hopeful soon.

    • Retta Harrison

      Megan, have been praying for you. I am having surgery on my left wrist to remove a cyst. I have had several types of cancer over the years and have been lucky to have caught all of them early. Also we just found out our grandson has a growth problem and trouble with his liver. We are thankful for everything that good happens. Sounds like you are also. Rest and heal. That is the best medicine right now. I have so enjoyed your encouragement and talents.

  • Cathy Peper

    Hi Megan. Hope you’re feeling better. I have an idea what you’re going through having lost one of my teeth to resorption–which my dentist says is quite rare, but you know why you got it–the injury on your honeymoon. Unfortunately after lots of pain, my implant failed and I still have a hole there. Sending good wishes your way that you won’t have the same result. You probably won’t, again this was unusual.
    Enjoyed your CHA videos. Take care.

  • Joyce G

    Megan, I’m am so sorry you are dealing with this…soo very thankful you can replace your teeth. My mom (who lived to be 84) lost her teeth at age 28. She always told us to do everything we could to save ours. It was a very traumatic thing for her. I am praying for you and will send a pray for my mom to be a guardian angel to you through all of this. I do know for a fact how strong prayer is and how it can help you get through anything.
    Enjoy your new goodies!! All of my best to you and your family! I pray for you to have a quick recover with as little pain as possible! Keep the positive attitude!

  • Phyllis W

    Praying the pain will soon ease up and you will feel like your “happy self” again…..Wonderful to see that you can be this positive even with all this pain!! <3

  • Mabel

    Hi Megan, I am praying for you and a very speedy recovery. Don’t know what you are going through but will soon. I too am having to have all of my top teeth removed Aug. 28th. I have to have them done in two stages because of TMJ and arthritis in the jaw. I am so scared! But just the fact that you have taken the time to post today and fill us in makes me happy. God Bless you Megan 🙂 Also a PA girl here too!!

  • Christina

    Hi Megan,
    I just wanted to send you well wishes and prayers for speedy relief of the pain and swelling. You inspire so many people in so many ways!

  • Tricia

    Megan, thanks for sharing your story and why you’re having to go through this. I’m new to Above Rubies Studio, so I didn’t know what had happened to your teeth. I’ve prayed for you this morning and will continue to do so. Kudos to you for your transparency! What a blessing to others who are going through this!

  • Kimberly

    Hey M,
    You are in my prayers for sure and thought you might enjoy a funny story related to mouth surgery. Hope this makes you laugh because I think it’s quite funny now! When my daughter was 6, I had surgery on my jaw for TMJ and had my entire mouth wired shut for 8 weeks. Long about the 6-7 week, after consuming nothing but instant breakfast drinks and liquids for the past 6-7 weeks, we were celebrating her 7th birthday for which I made chocolate cupcakes. While I was mixing the batter, I got the brilliant idea to try to eat some of the cake batter. I was dying for some chocolate! I took a finger (clean, mind you!) full of chocolate cake batter from the bowl and smeared it all over my teeth and braces and proceeded to try to suck it through the tiny spaces between all the wires and braces and teeth. It proved impossible as the batter was just too thick to go through these tiny spaces… I just stood there with tears running down my cheeks and chocolate cake batter running down my chin and dripping down onto my shirt…..LOL. I can laugh about it today for sure and my hubby rescued me with a chocolate milk shake and a towel to clean up the mess. I hope you feel better soon and I hope this story made you smile!! Praying for a speedy recovery.

  • Jenn

    Megan, I am thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery. Your continued positive attitude will definitely help. You are a true inspiration! “Keep your face always to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you!”–Walt Whitman

  • Janet

    Despite the challenges you’ve been faced with, you continue to amaze me with your incredible attitude. You are such a witness to God’s grace and love He gives us freely. Keep getting better. I am sending you many hugs and prayers!

  • Kim

    Wow Megan, On your wedding night 🙁 so sorry to hear that, but more importantly…sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Praying that your pain is manageable and that you’re completely healed very soon! Onward and upward! Hugs!

  • Vickie Bracken

    One of my favorite sayings when facing great trials is “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. It’s on a small plague in my room. Our family has faced so many similiar trials with Autism, cancer and heart problems. It agree a donation fund would be a great. I teach preschoolers with special needs and often have to watch young parents struggle with medical finanicial burdens. Take it one day at a time and my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • Iva

    I am continuing lifting you up in prayer. I had all my teeth pulled at one time, top and bottoms, and I know what pain I was in. I can only image how sever yours might be. But just like the other posts, hang in there. It will get better and this will all be in the past. I too am waiting for my new Artiste cartridge to arrive so I can
    start playing!!! Love your posts. Wondering which I will play with first, my Artiste cartridge or my box of goodies that’s coming for the cropped event!!! God bless you.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    My heart goes out to you having to endure the pain, but the days ahead will be worth it when you have your problem fixed and back to norm again. Amazed you feel like posting in all your pain. God will see you through it and may He be glorified in it. Keep the faith and be strong in the Lord. I wish there was a way we could all 25,000 subscribers could send you a few $$$$$ to help you pay for your dental expenses. Insurance does not cover and nothing is reasonable in price. Would love to donate but you probably need to offer something for us to buy to raise money for you. Followers if you have any ideas, post them.

  • Sharon Harrison

    I am so thankful for all that you do and all the wonderful followers you have. I have had many trials and survived them all with the help from God. Having people around you to encourage and help maintain a positive attitude is so important. God has blessed you with many talents that you share with so many. They say that the second day after any trama is the worst so hopefully things will start to get better tomorrow. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.

  • Rachael Gregory

    I’ve been following you about this surgery and you’ve been really on my heart, my dear friend. I find it amazing that, although we don’t get a chance to talk like we used to, you are still so close to my heart. We will hopefully be able to see you at Christmas when we drive down. You are in my prayers, Megan.

    Love you lots,

  • Vivian

    Believe me, I understand very well the pain you feel in your mouth. When I lost my three teeth (below), I spent all night with two of the parties and the other almost out and the exposed nerve. The incident occurred at about five pm, and it was not until noon the next day I could get to a dentist, who extracted completely. I stayed all night sitting sleepless pain. I will never forget how painful was that saliva touched what was left of my teeth. Had no pain medication. Even today, (it’s been 38 years) I have nightmares of the incident. But I have a beautiful experience to remember all that pain. It was at the time I sought comfort from God in a prayer that I did. He could only console myself and so I felt it. I felt like crying on her lap and comforted me.

    I hope you’re recovered soon and that all the prayers that have risen to God for your recovery, you are helping to get through this. I join in prayer requests for your speedy recovery.

  • rhonda

    sorry your in so much pain. i keep you and your family in my prayers. you are a very inspiring person and you bring so much joy to us. wish we could bring it back to you. i hear your pain. i just had a reconstructive foot surgery and I CANT WALK.i cant craft much because i cant get up to get anything. its horrible. i am so so so tired of just sitting.its good to have friends to bring a smile to our face with scrapping things when were ill and hurting. huggs and love. get better soon.

  • Florence

    Hi there, Magen
    Just wanted to drop in and let you know your in my prayers. The pain should ease up in the next day or two.
    I also had 3 of my front teeth knocked out – I fell over my 110 lb. dog and hit the end of my desk – still have the desk with the teeth marks in it. I can understand the pain, although, mine was not nearly as bad as what you are going through. My teeth were able to be capped, thank goodness, but I can also understand the financial part of it – its expensive.
    I’m so excited that you are going to do a series on the cricut 2. I was so afraid that since the cameo came out that you would focus on that instead. I ordered your mystery box and am excited to see the contents. I love your paper layers, that’s all I use when I cut anymore especially the little stuff – it always cuts good.
    So, you rest now and get well soon, – You are missed by everyone.
    Hugs, FLo

  • Kim Thomas

    Dear Megan,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and suffering (both physical and financial). You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Are you having implants? I started this whole process myself with extractions, and all of the fun of the implant process. I’ll need four myself when I can afford them. For now I have little stumps, and TMJ pain becauce of the loss of teeth. It’s crazy when this happens to people that take care of your teeth. Take care of yourself, and know that you are not alone. Keep us updated, and when you need some encouragement we are here for you. 🙂
    Take care,
    Kim Thomas

  • Linda in Rosenberg

    So sorry to hear about all the problems you’ve been having and hope things get better quickly. We are so lucky we live in the country we do and that we have such good medical care available to us. A friend recently went to Kenya, Africa on a mission project. While there they did some work at a hospital. He and said if he got sick he WOULD NOT go to that hospital, the conditions supposedly really good for them was not acceptable and this is the best hospital in the area. We are so fortunate to the medical technology and facialities we do. Wishing you a speedy recovery!! P.S. I enjoy your posts and your sharing your talents!

  • Kathy Gallagher

    Oh Megan, I had no idea you have been going through this. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I had to have a failed root canal treated surgically and it was so painful and that was only one tooth. The only medication that helped me was Aleve. Yep, it’s over the counter and it worked like a charm.
    Hang in there sweetie! Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  • Judy Goodson

    Wow! What a horrible thing Tito happen on your honeymoon! What a trooper you are. You have inspired me with your courage-especially posting pictures right after coming out of surgery! Now II just HAVE to get the Art Philosophy cartridge. Wish they didn’t cost so much though. Take care. Every day will get better.

  • Maryann Gerber

    Hi Megan

    This is my second attempt to post to you. as I sent the first one. a message came back telling me to put in my e mail address. and when I went to do so. I lost my message! heres goes again!

    I’m facing the same thing. to have to go and have this done. I should have already had it done but I’m to scared to have it done. I have NO! family close to me and I’m allergic to every med out there. and they can’t give me anything for pain. but I’m told that I still need to have it done. I don’t want to have to wait til I have to in as an emergency. but that might happen and I have really know one to take me to have it done. so that makes it worse! I’ll just have to deal with it when the time come.

    And after ready what your going through! I’m in NO! hurry to have this done. and your have pain pills. can you amagine having it done with none.

    Please know that your in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you have a speedy recovery!



  • MommyMe

    I am so thankful for everything you share with us. You are a woman of considerable talents and gifts…Not the least of which, is your consideration of others, and a strong desire to teach and share. While life certainly comes with its challenges, your inspiring positive attitude shined through all you endure.

    I’m glad you were able to attend CHA, prior to this surgery. Perhaps, (with the aid of pain killers), you may enjoy a bliss-filled slumber; in which you envision all the wonderful projects you’ll make, with all the new products you’ve seen!

    Selfishly, I am thrilled about the upcoming E2 series. I was fortunate enough to receive one for Christmas, but I still don’t know how to use it! I DO use it all the time, but only when attached to my Gypsy…how silly is that?

    My prayers are with you, your surgical team, and your family. Speedy recovery!

  • Penny

    Megan, you have such a great personality I know you will be back on your feet and running soon. But take some time and rest and relax. Just sit back and think of all the projects you can make. I am sure that will help you get better soon.

  • Debra Gardner

    I ‘m praying for complete healing and restoration for you. It’s just like the enemy to try to take one of your most prized possessions (your beautiful smile). Well the devil is a liar and you are healed by the stripes on the back of Jesus and you will be smiling and enjoying the moments again very soon.

  • Noaleen

    Hi Megan, I love watching your video. Sorry to hear you are going thought this, I end up with faults teeth 27 years ago due to have very chalky teeth, its not fun have them but better than no teeth
    I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • Sheryl S

    Thinking about you at such a tough time and praying that healing goes well & fast. Tooth pain is never fun but so glad that you were able to find help – we all like that smile!!

  • Janice

    Hey Meagan I truely know how you feel. I have interstitial cystitis. I have been put on alot of pain meds. because the pain is so bad. What I didn’t know is that the pain meds. cause dry mouth. I knew it happened but it wasn’t so bad that I said anything about it. But the dry mouth caused cavities. lots of cavities. I had only had one cavity in my life. My mom was crazy about her kids teeth. When I went to the dentist I had a cavity in every tooth in my mouth. I was told it would cost $20,000 to fix it. I do feel blessed because we do have insurance but it only pays $1000 a year. So I have been having things fixed as I can afford it. The problem is no matter what we do they can’t get the decaying to stop. We having been working on them for 4 yrs. now. Now we are going to start working on a partial for the bottom teeth. I have had so much work done that I almost have panic attacks when I go to the dentist. But I know there are people worse than me in the world so I just go on. God Bless you and I hope your pain gets better.

  • Trix Sorensen

    I will pray for you. I had a total hip replacement last week and still have two knee replacements and back surgery in my near future, due to arthritis.

  • Lisa Kay Meiners

    Sending my thoughts and prayers your way…My boyfriend ordered Artiste Cricut Cartridge Bundle from Melanie and mine should be here Monday or Tuesday… I can Not Wait!!!! Note to self stay away from Large Chess Pieces…

  • Linda (LilGreenBug)

    Oh, Megan, my sweet, dear friend!
    What an inspiration you are to so many! You just keep smiling through the pain! You are amazing!! I am keeping you and your family in my prayers, as always!! I pray for relief from pain, strength to get you through, and a wonderful, miraculous outcome for you! You are beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed to call you friend! BIG HUGS!

  • Bella

    Praying for you Megan! It’s so had to go through something like that and with little ones at home that you are so used to being needed and now you have to be taken care of. I’m sure you are in good hands; Jesus’! Looking forward to what you do with that new cart! so excited!

  • Barbara Escalante

    I will pray for you. I had to go through the same thing years ago. I had to have my front teeth removed and posts put in. I did not have enough insurance and had to go out of the country to have the surgery. I had to have grafts on my jaw as well. I hope that you are well. The pain will go away eventually and the end result will be better. My prayers are for you.


  • Connie James

    Teeth are wonderful things, until they go bad. The enemy is a liar and the victory is yours. I am so impressed with the strength you have from your faith. Stay strong, pain lasts for a moment ( which often feels like an eternity), and as you already know no one can steal your joy. And from what I can see, you have a harvest that will not stop coming. Keep sowing in all your followers lives. We appreciate what you do!!!! Be blessed always……..

  • Qadirah

    Hi Megan, I have followed you for a year and I so understand what you are going through. I was in a car accident years back and broke my front teeth. I too went through the “restorative process and recently I was told that I had a “problem” with my teeth. At 61.. I had to have all my top teeth removed.. I know you will recover soon and I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile again. You are such an inspiration .. to so many folks… Take good care Megan… You are in my thoughts… 🙂

  • Sandy W

    I hope today is better Megan. I know when I had all my teeth removed at one time (long story), the second day was the most painful because I was fully awake and felt more. The next day, hunger took over and that actually helped because I was busy trying to think of creative ways to eat. LOL! Hang in there. It is all worth it and we can do anything one commitment at a time (even if that is just one hour at a time).

  • Beth Devitt

    Megan, I just left a comment on FB so I won’t repeat myself. But know that I’m praying. And a huge CONGRATS on getting your hands on the Artsie Cart. I’m hostest of a WSOTG with CHTM tomorrow and that is on my list to purchase.

  • robyn

    Hi Megan, my comment is a little different, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us because you have given me an insight into what my disabled son must have gone through. I knew it was hurting him terribly but hearing you has given me a much better understanding …he has limited communication…Thank God I insisted on more pain medication. I often think of you and will continue to pray for you …thank you for you have given me renewed confidence in knowing that I do know my son so will continue to fight drs when they say he isnt in pain

  • Wendy

    Sending healing prayers and thoughts your way. I have seen the photos and I can feel your pain just looking at them. Maybe we should share nightmare wedding days on your blog one day as yours sounds like it certainly was.

  • Cindy8256

    Megan, My heart and prayers go out to you. Hoping and praying for your speedy recovery. Miss you and seeing you with craft tips and projects!! God Bless!!! Cindy

  • Loretta Catlett

    Megan, hope each day will find you will less pain and soon will be back again. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to you being up and trying out the CTMH Artiste. This package is awesome! I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.♥

  • Katrina Cole

    Megan, I have been thinking about you and praying for rapid healing. I had to have all of my teeth pulled (19 at one time, upper and lower) back in February of this year. I got my lower plate immediately, but the lab sent the wrong upper. So I was without upper teeth for over 2 months. I am still adjusting but healing has gone quite well. I pray that your healing is good and complete.

    Also, what a wonderful blessing on receiving the cart. That was an awesome gift and I know it cheered you immensely. I really need to get myself a Cricut; it just hasn’t been in the budget. I know my crafting will increase greatly once I have that.

    Take care of yourself. Listen to your oral surgeon. And I will continue to pray that The Great Physician heals you rapidly.

  • Gail

    You are exceptional!!! Still worrying about other people and praying for them, amazing. Take this time to think of YOU and take care of yourself. We are all here waiting and praying for your recovery and to be pain free.
    Bless you Megan.

  • Mary

    Some people don’t have enough bone to have implants so they have to do removable teeth. I use to work in a dental office that did implants and gum surgeries. It will all be worth it in the end and you will feel better. Dentistry has come a long way but it is too expensive for most and so sad to have dental ins. and it doesn’t cover much. Keep you in my prayers.

  • Melissa

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, And WOW what a wedding night. I wish all the best. May God bring you to speedy recovery. 🙂

  • Bev

    Megan sending you all my prayers for a speedy recovery. You and your family are in my thoughts. I know you will have the prettiest smile once everything is complete. Take care- Bev

  • Pinkybetts

    Thanks for the great post and keeping us updated you will soon feel like a new women and it will all be a distant memory now that you won’t have anymore problems with infections can’t wait to see the new smile take care and get crafting lol.

  • Gayla Templeton

    Well, Megan, I didn’t know just what you were having done but now that I know I’ll have to tell you all about Scampy. He is a little 6 lb. Maltese dog. You know, the little white dogs with pretty long hair. Well, he was not that kind, the kind that they put on calendars. He lived in a puppy mill in SW Missouri. I’m sure you have heard horror stories about Puppy Mills and believe me, his was one of the worst. The lady that ran the place knew that an inspecter was coming the next day and she had to get the dogs out of there to avoid prosecution. I am invlolved with animal welfare and my normal roll is to help transport dogs across the USA from places where they are in danger of some kind to a safe foster or furever home. I meet someone with dogs and I load them in my car and drive them an hour or so and meet the next person doing a leg of their trip. Hundreds of dogs are moved this way every weekend and I help. However a rescuer I know sent an email that this big list of dogs had to be moved out the next day or they would be put to sleep and there were three Maltese on the list. I have had a Maltese of my own, one after another for over 30 years and they are near and dear to my heart. I called and volunteered to take the Maltese and went to St Joseph, MO the next day to get them. By the time I get dogs on transports they are cleaned up and I was not prepared at all for what I had in my crates when I got home. One boy and one girl were filthy but had been shaved down to the skin so a bath helped them a lot. I saved the one with hair for the last and it was a good thing. The first thing I had to take care of was a ball of poop hanging from his back end as big as my fist. That was an experience I hope to never repeat. After that was cut away his entire little butt was a big red sore that I treated. When washing his face I felt that he had no teeth. I had his papers that said he was 5 years old and I thought that there was no way. He had to be at least 10 or 12 years old and we started calling him Grampy. I finally got him clean and gave him a hair cut and made an appointment to take all of them to the vet the next day. When the vet examined him he told me that he not only had no teeth he has no jaw bone on the top or bottom. He had such an awful infection that went untreated that his bones rotted away with his teeth. You, more than anyone can imagine the pain he had to have gone through. The vet said that he was probably 5 to 7 years old so we have changed his name to Scampy and it fits him well. I placed the other male in a home right away as he didn’t seem as traumatized as the other two dogs and because of them behaving like feral dogs they are still here with me. I have a feeling that they always will be. They have come a long long way toward becoming civilized members of the household but they still have a ways to go. I live alone so I am able to put up with behaviors those with a family couldn’t. The little girl is potty trained very well and uses a piddle pad if she is not being taken out when she wants to be. He is another story but there is progress all the time and he is seldom having accidents. He is able to eat the small dog food just fine and has gained a little over a pound here being spoiled. If there are table scraps or treats he gets them first although the Maltese girl I had when they came does not appreciate that one bit. The little female is very shy but Scampy doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. I have a gate to keep them in the kitchen and closed in back porch and he can figure out more ways to get into the rest of the house than you can imagine but he really is a good little guy. I hope you enjoy hearing about another with problems like yours. Can you imagine the pain he must have suffered to get in this condition? I can’t but you probably can. So, get well fast and everyone here will be praying for you. The grands are here with me part of every week day and they are little prayer warriors. We have you on our list and will leave you there until you are well. Say a little prayer for Scampy so he can be just a little bit better boy and stay out of trouble. LOL God bless and protect you, Megan. Agape Love Gayla in Kansas

  • millie

    Hi Megan I so hope you feel better soon it is because of you that I got into scrap booking it was your videos that captured my attention with the cricut and all the beautiful things you made,your cards and layouts and all the other things you posted.I really hope you get better real soon and I can’t wait to see what you create with the artist cartridge and I hope the price comes down a little so I can afford to buy it I am a retired grandmother of 19 grand kids so there’s a lot of cards to make so hopefully the price comes down some so I can have some fun with it.God bless you.

  • Cecilia Spence

    Hi Megan
    I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos. It’s been given me all kinds of ideas. I’ve just been in scrapbook king and card making in the past year. My husband got me of cricket expression for Christmas 2010 and I have been learning a lot about it having fun with that then I went out and bought cuttlebug. So my sewing room has been changed into sewing room/craft room. Hope youfeel better living in pain is not for anyone. I know I have been for the past 25 years.

  • Jeri Phillips

    What a horrible thing to happen on your honeymoon and what a horrible thing to experience again and again. Prayers for a quick and pain free healing and success with this procedure. Your videos and shares are such an inspiration! Hope you feel like sharing more very soon!

  • Brenda

    I’m so sorry you had to go through all this all these years. It’s a shame that it happened at all, but especially on your honeymoon. I just want to say that you are an amazing woman to be going through all this and still doing what you do best and that is helping people with your videos, blog, etc…I pray that things go well for you and that this takes care of it once and for all!!! Prayers and big hugs!!

  • Elizabeth Morris

    My Dear Megan. I just got back from traveling and saw your posts. I can only imagine what you are going through. I too know the horrors of Dental issues and in this day and age, insurance is usually lacking when it comes to teeth. Dental work like yours can run tens of thousands of dollars. I know because I have a friend who was the victim of domestic violence and lost all her front teeth. It was terrible. She basically went broke paying for the repairs. Your desire to help those with similar problems I think is just another testament to your Faith in GOD and his mission for you here on earth. I am sure there are many people in similar situations like my friend and if there had been a fund like you suggest, she would not have lost everything. I can think of no better person than you to be the spokesperson for it.

    Your are an inspiration to many women and even in your current conditon, your smile lights up the room. Please accept my $20 dontation as the first one to support you opening the Megan Elizabeth Fund for Smiles :). If everyone here on your blog and facebook were to contribute even $5, you would be off and running with an amazing start to help not only yourself but many others as well. I am sending my $20 to this paypal address ( Is there a better place to send? Please let me know when you get it. If no one else wants to help, then use the money to buy a meal for you and your kids so you have one less meal to cook while you recover. C’mon crafters!! We call ourselves a crafting “community”. It’s time we really show it. Megan and others like her need our help, Let’s start a lasting legacy right here and now!

    Thank you Megan for all you do to keep us inspired, one SMILE at a time.

  • Vicki

    Hi Megan,
    I’ve been out-of-town and am new to all this but had been reading and wondering what was going on with you. Then I saw this info this morning and I am so sorry to hear you’re going through all that pain. They say the third day is the worst and then it starts getting better but remember my favorite verse Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” I’m praying your pain will ease and you’ll feel better soon!

  • Diana Simeroth, Reno NV

    I just read your posting. I was just as excitited to hear that you got CTMH Art Philosophy. I got mine several months ago. In the meatime, I decided to have a big birthday party for my husband next year. Why next year, you may ask. Well, it takes me that long to organize things anymore, plus I’m not as young as I used to be. anyway, I have the invitation, the big and large banner from Art Phil. and plan on using it for may for things for the party. Like you, it tops my list of cartridges. Storybook used to be my “go to”, but now it’s Art Philosophy. I sure to hope you get to feeling better. My husband had all his top teeth pulled a year and a half ago. It wasn’t fun around here trying to find things for his to “eat?” while he was waiting the the new dentures.

  • Shari

    You poor thing. I can’t imagine. I can’t even stand to get a filling so I can’t imagine all you have been through. Please know I am praying for you that your pain will stop and your healing will be quick. God Bless you Megan for all you do for everyone. Your family, your friends, your fans and God. You are a special and Godly woman and it is noticed. Rest as long as you can and know that prayers are coming your way. God Bless! – Shari