Are You In? Do You Know What Today Is? 25

Well do you?  Today is August 2, 2012 and I’ve been telling you for awhile what was going to happen today, but I don’t know if you realize it or not???

TODAY IS THE DAY CROPPED MYSTERY BOXES SHIP!!!  If you are one of the LUCKY people who placed your Pre-Order on your Cropped Event Box they are coming to you TODAY!  This is VERY good news for hundreds of you, so, get your Scissors out and your Adhesive ready because the moment that box comes to your door you are going to start creating 2 challenges that you can then post pictures of on the website leading right up to the CROPPED EVENT September 21 – 23, 2012!

Oh, and BTW – in case you missed it – we are now up to over $4,500.00 in prizes and giveaways for Cropped Event JUST for signing up to join us and create FUN Challenges from Paper!!!!

WHAT?!!? You didn’t Pre-Order a Mystery Box!?!??!

Ok, I knew there would be many of you who just wouldn’t want to pre-order, you want to order something and have it sent immediately, so we ordered an extra few hundred boxes!  😉 😉  With hundreds of boxes already gone, the extras we have will NOT LAST LONG and they are only for a limited time (we will not ship boxes past September 7th), so head over to or and GET YOUR BOX NOW!

Don’t know what all this Hub-Bub is I’m talking about?  Ok here’s the scoop:

Watch THIS Video then head right over to

YouTube Preview Image

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25 thoughts on “Are You In? Do You Know What Today Is?

  • Rita Alexander

    Can’t wait to see what is my mystery box!!! and for the Cropped event! Good Luck with your surgery today…you are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the nurses and doctors who will be taking care of you! I hope and pray for your speedy recovery!

  • Nuchi Draiman

    I can hardly wait to see what’s in the box! 🙂

    I don’t know how many people were able to see this, so I am extending and reposting it.

    Special Offer and Giveaways Only for Megan’s Followers….

    Is everyone getting excited about Megan’s CROPPED event? I know I am!!

    How would you like to contribute to the CROPPED event and help yourself at the same time?

    The NEW Close To My Heart catalog is finally open to the public, with lots of wonderful new products—including the amazing Cricut Artiste Cartridge set!

    Anyone who goes to my website— during August and orders over $100 worth of whatever you like, including the Artiste set and/or Art Philosophy set, will get a FREE gift. You can choose from either a container of Glitz Glitter Gel (one of 7 colors—your choice of color) OR an Edge Distresser OR a set of Adhesive Springs . You get to choose! (Don’t add this item to your order. It will be ordered and sent separately –after you have emailed me at craftsluvr at to let me know which one you want.)

    VERY IMPORTANT–Be sure to click on the JOIN button next to the words “Megan’s CROPPED Event Success Party” so that she’ll get credit for your order!

    Now—to make it more fun for everyone…

    If you make an order of ANY amount—large or small–toward Megan’s party on my website, and then email me telling me on which pages in the new catalog you found these 3 items (Glitz Glitter Gel, Edge Distresser, and Adhesive Springs) then you’ll be entered into a Giveaway drawing for a FREE Stamp Set! (Here’s a helpful hint—the page numbers are on the outside corner of the bottom of each page.)

    How does all this help Megan’s CROPPED Event?

    I have already donated an Art Philosophy Cartridge set to be given away at the CROPPED event along with a bunch of other Close To My Heart products. But if at least 5 of Megan’s followers take me up on my offer and order over $100 worth of CTMH products in August, I’ll also donate a Cricut Artiste Cartridge set to the CROPPED event! (Your purchases will make it possible for me to afford to do this.)

    Most of you already know that I became involved with CTMH only because of Megan. I saw her demonstrate the Art Philosophy set and HAD to have it, and ended up becoming a CTMH Independent Consultant. So I like to do whatever I can to support Megan and show her my appreciation. I know many of you feel the same way. So let’s do what we can to make the CROPPED event even more successful and AWESOME!!

    (These offers are from me and not from CTMH or Above Rubies Studio.)

  • Nuchi Draiman

    Most important of all, Megan–you are in our thoughts and prayers! Hoping your surgery is over quickly, you have a speedy and complete recovery, and (since that’s important to you) manage to look as well as feel great the entire time! 😉

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Hope your surgery goes well and you are back feeling great in a short time. Praying for you. Excited about the mystery box. I have not been scrapbooking much this summer so this will get me back in the game.

  • Shawn Mosch

    I am SO IN!!!!! I cannot WAIT!

    (hope all goes well with surgery today!)

    Shawn ~ Above Rubies Studio Affiliate Program Success Coach
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
    Webmasters Earn Money Here!

  • Madonna

    I can’t believe that I’m taking part in Cropped Event 2012. I’m still very new to paper crafting….mostly card making and mostly sending my handmade cards to my family and best friends. I do enjoy this so much. But can’t believe I’m taking the challenge. I know there are so many skilled and creative paper crafters out there, and at first I thought, just can’t do this…then I thought …why not? I hope to learn a lot from all those skilled an creative people!!! Can’t live your life intimidated …right?! Like Megan says “Enjoy the Moments”!!! Can’t wait to do just that. I will be praying for you Megan…you will be fine. And with prayer you will have a speedy and restful recovery. WIll keep your children in my prayers as well…because what you go through so do they. Love and warm wishes to all of you, Madonna

  • Beth W

    YAY! I have been anxiously waiting for this day. Since I am in WI too i hope it won’t take too long to arrive. I can’t wait to see what is inside.

  • Carmen Elrod

    The first thing I thought of this morning when I opened my eyes was Today is the 2nd and my mystery box is being shipped! Yaay! I cant wait to receive it and get creating my challenges~ I know how nervous you are about your surgery and i am sure it will go well~ You’ve got so many people praying for you(including me) . Take care of yourself ~ I pray that you heal quicker than you ever imagined!

  • Christine

    I keep hearing “Mystery Box” and that seems to be an excellent phrase for it. What I (I’m VERY NEW to this) need to know is, what is a mystery box, and what do you do with it when you get it? I know all of you seem to know, but Megan is so excited and puts in so many words and goes off on so many tangents that I can’t seem to get a straight answer.

  • Sharon Harrison

    I didn’t think today was ever going to come!!! So excited about the mystery box shipping. Today will be only filled with prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery for you from all of us out in California. God will take care of you and make sure you are well for this wonderful event.

  • Sandy W

    My thoughts are with you today Megan, and for a speedy recovery. I hope you are including the Fiskars Fuse as part of the die cut machine review. It’s such a great machine and I’d love to hear what people like the most about it. I’m torn between buying that or a Silhouette and a comparison to our smaller die cutting machines may help with my decision. Thanks.

  • Robin Goens

    Got confirmation this morning that my box shipped…Yippee. This is the first time EVER that I’m participating in one of these online crops. Can’t wait to see everyone’s creations for the challenges.

  • Pam Brouillard

    Hope your surgery is a successful . Wishing you a speedy recovery as well! This is the 1st time I have ever done anything like this.I can’t wait! I am sure to learn a lot. See you in Sept. (lol…remind you of a song) ..Totally did not plan that! lol

  • Elizabeth

    I’m in! I did not realize that I could watch parts that I missed over video until today. I have things going on that Friday but will be free to participate on Saturday and Sunday 🙂 Super excited!!

  • kimmers

    So excited. I cannot wait. I am just in the beginning stages of putting together my own group so maybe we can do the next scrap box together. Thank you for all you do. You are truly an inspiration and a blessing.

  • Lisa Kay Meiners

    First get better soon Megan… My thoughts and prayers are coming your way… I too am recovering from surgery on my abdomen…. Second, I am so EXCITED to get mt Mystery BOX… I am happy that I did the preorder on your announcement day…My Scissors and glue gun ready… My crafty mind hopefully will be ready as well!

  • Kristina

    Praying for you today, Megan. And – I got brave enough to make a dentist appointment, too!
    PLEASE be sure to rest, mentally and physically, so that you will heal quickly!!
    Thank you for giving all of us a wonderful gift, on a day of “challenge” for you.
    Truly, God Bless YOU.
    -Kristina in Texas

  • Rita Alexander

    Hi Megan….I hope and pray you are feeling stronger and better every day! I received my Mystery Box on Wednesday and I guess I have a couple of questions about it. I would rather not put them on the public forum so I am wondering who I should direct my questions to and how I should contact them. I ordered it through ARS but the package came from Craft-e-Corner. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!