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Hey Everyone!  So I have been so MIA from the blog between getting ready for CROPPED Event, CHA, and Surgery tomorrow, I haven’t even posted the CHA videos from Youtube to my AboveRubiesStudio.com!  I feel awful, but I know you are all so awesome and forgiving!

I’ve been trying to post stuff here and there, but as soon as I get through this next week/two things will go back to, Every Tuesday a Tutorial, Every Wednesday a Check This Out, and every Thursday a TNT (tip and trick) Videos/Post.


Exciting things happening, so I want to share a few videos from this Summer 2012 CHA Show in Chicago.  We had a LOT of fun at our own booth which you will see first in this series of videos, followed by  My Mind’s Eye, Jillibean Soup and a few others I’ll save for a later post!!!



Britten Linn and Megan Elizabeth doing a quick tour of what we set up and are demoing!

YouTube Preview Image


Let’s now follow Jason around the My Mind’s Eye booth – Britten and I actually had a really good time hanging out with the My Mind’s Eye gang this show and got to know them better by accident through our first night going out for dinner….

YouTube Preview Image


I asked on Facebook what you wanted to see at the Show most and many of you ASKED for Jillibean Soup so here you go! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image


Finally – I KNOW you have been watching Craft Wars on TLC and this video shows the cute Play House that was created the very first episode of Craft Wars by the winner, Cheryl Burchett.  It was cool to see at the show and I wanted to share it with you as well!

YouTube Preview Image


Craft Wars is a really fun show to watch, but I don’t know that I watch it for crafting inspiration or even really feel like its a “CRAFTING” show – however, the good news is, the more successful that show is, the better chances at getting more REAL craft shows on TV and THAT my friends is something we ALL want! So definitely check the show out if you haven’t already!


Enjoy the Moments!


PS – Don’t forget Mystery Boxes for Cropped Start Shipping TOMORROW!  Do you have yours????

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7 thoughts on “CTO: CHA Summer Show Videos!

  • Nuchi Draiman

    Megan’s CROPPED Event Success Party

    Well–tomorrow’s the big day! Both because the new catalog will be up on my website at lovetocraft.ctmh.com, and–of course more importantly–because of Megan’s surgery!!

    Megan–I hope it all goes as easily and smoothly as possible, and that you amaze everyone with how speedy your recovery will be!

    So–while Megan’s dealing with her dental issues, let’s work on helping to make Megan’s CROPPED event as successful as possible!

    I’ll repost details for Megan’s CROPPED Event Success Party below. Besides the Cricut Artiste Collection set we are working towards, all Hostess Rewards will go toward more stuff to donate to the CROPPED Event!

    Here are the details again:

    This Wednesday, August 1st, the NEW CTMH catalog will finally be open to the public, with lots of wonderful new products—including the amazing Cricut Artiste Cartridge set!

    Anyone who goes to my website—lovetocraft.ctmh.com that day (Wednesday, August 1, 2012) and orders over $100 worth of whatever you like, including the Artiste set and/or Art Philosophy set, will get a FREE gift. You can choose from either a container of Glitz Glitter Gel (one of 7 colors—your choice of color) OR an Edge Distresser OR a set of Adhesive Springs . You get to choose! The item of your choice will be sent separately –after you have emailed me at craftsluvr at aol.com to let me know which one you want.
    Be sure to click on the JOIN button next to the words “Megan’s CROPPED Event Success Party” so that she’ll get credit for your order!

    Now—to make it more fun for everyone…

    If you make an order of ANY amount—large or small–toward Megan’s party on my website, and then email me telling me on which pages in the new catalog you found these 3 items (Glitz Glitter Gel, Edge Distresser, and Adhesive Springs) then you’ll be entered into a Giveaway drawing for a FREE Stamp Set! (Here’s a helpful hint—the page numbers are on the outside corner of the bottom of each page.)

    How does all this help Megan’s CROPPED Event?

    I have already donated an Art Philosophy Cartridge set to be given away at the CROPPED event along with a bunch of other Close To My Heart products. But if at least 5 of Megan’s followers take me up on my offer and order over $100 worth of CTMH products on Aug. 1, I’ll also donate a Cricut Artiste Cartridge set to the CROPPED event! (Your purchases will make it possible for me to afford to do this.)

    Most of you already know that I became involved with CTMH only because of Megan. I saw her demonstrate the Art Philosophy set and HAD to have it, and ended up becoming a CTMH Independent Consultant. So I like to do whatever I can to support Megan and show her my appreciation. I know many of you feel the same way. So let’s do what we can to make the CROPPED event even more successful and AWESOME!!

    (These offers are from me and not from CTMH or Above Rubies Studio.)

  • MommyMe

    Megan, good luck with your surgery! You and your surgical team are in my prayers. (While you’re under, I hope you’ll have visions of Sparkle Lightz dancing in your head!)
    Nuchi, what a fabulous offer! I wish I were in a position to contribute. I wish you, your promotion, and the Cropped event success!

  • Gayla

    I don’t know how you get anything done. I’ll be praying for you during surgery tomorrow. God be with you, Sweetie. Thanks for the videos.

  • Tami

    God be with you and your family during your recovery. Craft Wars didn’t seem like a craft show at all. In “the old days”, DIY, PBS and Better Homes & Gardens had real craft shows on. I miss the old days.

  • monica

    Hope your surgery goes well Megan, and that you have a speedy recovery.

    I’ve watched 3 of the episodes of craft wars, and I’m just not crazy about it. I would rather watch a show on how to do different different crafts than watch yet another competition type show. Hopefully craft shows will make a come back, I really miss them.