Hexa-Trend Scrapbook Layout Tuesday Tutorial 13

I’m calling this the Hexa-trend because Hexagons were one of the HOT things this CHA.

 Really its a very simplistic layout that I think most could enjoy and recreate on their own.  I think it’s always fun to see “what’s in” and see what you can create with it – just once.  Most “trends” you can move on from quite quickly, and its interesting to see how many people use it the same or various spins on it…. I hope you enjoy!


Some of the things you’ll see me use in this Video:

I’ll see you guys soon! Enjoy the Moments!

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13 thoughts on “Hexa-Trend Scrapbook Layout Tuesday Tutorial

  • Bobbi Ann

    Love the layout :> Thank you for all you do.
    Hope your surgery goes well for you. Take care of yourself and do what they tell you to do.
    It is very hard not to do things you are used to doing everyday. I had surgery on June 4th I still can not do everything but more and more every few days. Take care!
    P.S. thank you for CHA videos

  • Margaret K

    Love the layout. Take care of yourself, prayers going your way. Love the Tuesday videos I am learning so much from you. Thanks so much

  • Barbie

    You always take simple and make it look so good. I’m sure that crafting helps to take your mind off your problems. It does for me. Take care and I will be thinking of you as you go through your recovery process.

  • Linda W

    You did a great job in your video, but do take it slowly, let your body heal. Yes, I too, tend to make my LO less busy to highlight the photos. Thanks for another wonderful idea.

  • Vickie Bracken

    Love the Hexagon patterns can’t wait to try it out!! Thanks so much! I have great faith that your surgery will go well. Take time for the recovery and I will look forward to your videos when you are well.

  • Kathy

    Love the tutorial. I’ll have to try it. Good luck with your oral surgery. Get plenty of rest and take great care of yourself!

  • MommyMe

    I would never have considered following this trend! Thanks to you and this layout, it’s worth a go, (for at least one card)! You and your surgical team are in my prayers. Do your best to relax, (with two little ones), and allow yourself to heal. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • Karla (aka Scrappynut)

    LOVE IT!!! Hexagons and scallops are my two favorite shapes. I also love the idea of using Paper Layerz, and since I have bought so many Paper Layerz packs, I think this will be part of my next project.
    Good luck with your surgery!


    Love the layout and spent some time last night cutting them out on my Expression. Have been thinking of something like this but not as good as this.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I learned something new for the Gypsy! I didn’t know about the drop down menu. It’s always driven me crazy because I will create a layout for cutting and need to go back and add another word or letter at a later date and won’t remember what cartridge I used. I would waste so much time going through all the cartridges trying to find the one I’d used. I didn’t know that you could click on the top bar and it would tell you what cartridge was in use. Thank you! Now I’ll be able to spend that wasted time doing more layouts.
    Hope you are recovering quickly.