Why Did You Stop, What Is This, How & a Giveaway!

Welcome Back!

You know it really is such a thrill to me to see you here today!  I have had some bubbling questions over the last week or so asked in different ways by different people – but the gist is – why did you stop this and what is that?direciton

So I jumped onto Facebook LIVE and answered while I was getting ready the other day and here is the replay for you – just incase you or a friend missed it.

I’m honored and thrilled to be working, training and coaching under the Robbins Medanes Life Coaching Program (yes as in Tony Robbins) to continue my education to help those who are ready for life to be different! <3 Is that you? Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, anxious, stressed, don’t know how to make it work feels? If so – I’m dying to give you a big virtual hug, take your hand and show you how I turned things around, others have turned their lives around and how you can too!

ALSO – can you believe we are coming up on a whole NEW Thanksgiving and Black Friday?  I LOVE this time of year a RIDICULOUS amount – if you have followed AboveRubiesStudio.com for any length of time you probably already know that 😉

I normally love to bless you and others around AboveRubies with a 12 days starting Black Friday – but since I have made all of the shifts and priority adjustments – I have decided it will be done a little differently this year – BUT – we are STILL going to have giveaways!!! YAY!  I love doing them! Love love LOVE that my collaborators and partners love doing them and blessing you as much as I do – sooo – stick around!

Below this video – I have two giveaways to tell you about – and YES – we are starting them early!  and YES – You will LOVE them!!!


I have two things to tell you about that YOU can enter to win – nothing crazy that you have to do like stand on your head, pat your tummy and paint a blue kangaroo – nope!  Just invite and share some love! 😉

Giveaway ONE going on RIGHT now at https://www.facebook.com/groups/YouniqueAboveRubies/  – See the thing is – I have a few rules as a presenter of Younique which you all know I love and believe in so much. So the ONLY place and way I offer specials, discounts and giveaways on all things Younique is for my Above Rubies Beauty VIPs – and I truly do mean you are my VIP!  Anyone can be a VIP that desires to be because I adore you – but I won’t force you! 😉  Just fun makeup tips, additional helps, special resources, fun giveaways and VIP only specials – SUCH GOOD SPECIALS – like – REALLY! 😉  So come on over and join us and invite your friends! 😉

Giveaway TWO thats just getting ready to start

through Rafflecopter – so you’ll have to come back here to enter and share some love starting Thanksgiving until Nov 30, 2016!

It’s pretty simple – but you’re going to love the fun!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Thanks about it for now!  – Thank you again for stopping by and spending your time with me!  IF there is anything at all I can do for you or you’d like to see – just let me know!  I adore you!

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