Thankful! Black Friday Exclusives & Giveaway! 3

Happy Thanksgiving To YOU My Wonderful Friend!!!

Today through Monday are absolutely my favorite time to post and share!  I love to share things I am thankful for – special deals – and mostly GIFTS FOR YOU!!!  I LOVE GIVEAWAYS!!! 🙂

I have a few things for you today

  1. A Giveaway you Can Enter & Share for LOTS of amazing goodies!
  2. A Challenge for you or others you love
  3. Discount Deals just because it’s that time of year!

The Giveaway (Just click, like, share! That Easy!)

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Special Holiday Deals

One on One

Current Savings 35-60% OFF Discount Savings PLUS a Bonus FREE PassionPlanner and Welcome Success Kit with your One Year Achievement Commitment! I’m super excited to offer this to Gems who are ready to take it to the NEXT Level!

Ruby’s get to experience exclusive content, encouragement, training,  over 450+ hours of videos, and a whole lot more – the value of this is over $4,700 — but – because I BELIEVE with my whole heart it’s fully about helping those ladies at home who want to change their lives, add income to their families or just start something to feel their purpose again – I have broke it down into Monthly – no commitment – payments that you can come and go as you please but receive all the training on goal achieving, social media, blogging, direct sales success — well — business – life – balance – the way you want to have it! (not the way someone tells you it should be – but what is in your heart to achieve with a little help and encouragement!) – RIGHT NOW only $17.00 per month for my wonderful friends READY!

Diamonds take it to the next level and work one on one with me and our other collaborating coaches to customize a plan for you.  We dig deep on your goals – go even deeper with breakthrough interventions – help you with the practical and technical skills to build your blogs, mailing lists, client growth plans, social media target areas, and much more.  We take over 15 years of goal achieving, award winning and certified training directly to you one on one.  You can’t beat the accountability, encouragement, motivation and personal help to kick butt, make things happen and achieve on a deeper level!  Every. Single. Client. Has raved of their success since starting Diamond coaching with me personally.  Triple the size commission checks, explosive growth in their social media, finally starting the blog and knowing what they are doing, feeling like they have someone that really listens, understands and breaks through in the areas they’ve most needed.  And I tell you – my passion and drive are THERE more than a million percent!  Space is VERY limited in this program and you must apply so that we can be sure you are a match and we can help you actually succeed in what YOU desire!  We take this process very seriously so – if you’re ready – we have made changes to the program and you can apply – now!  

passion-planner Receive 10% off your regular priced purchase from PassionPlanner and AboveRubiesStudio.  I have been using PassionPlanners since 2014 along with other notebooks and my Daily 3s which are now all easily tracked and journaled here!  These are perfect for planning, tracking, reviewing your goals and dreams and living your life with PASSION!

Coupon: MEGANELIZ10 –

diff-collage DiffEyewear gives back and gives to you too!  I’ve become obsessed with Diff ever since I was first introduced to their #GiveBack program.  For every pair of Diff sold, they GIVE one pair of glasses to someone in need and partnerwith various foundations to really make a difference!  These are high quality frames and lens that will make you feel amazing and eye protected!  Check out the DIFFerence this season!

Coupon: RUBIES15  or  Free Shipping with RUBIESfree

(Not valid with any other offers, deals, coupons or special holiday pricing AND THERE ARE AWESOME Specials Just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I can’t beat – just let them know I sent you!)

believe in your selfie special coupon discount

There are special discounts on EXCLUSIVE Gift Set Boxes you do not want to miss out on!  I can’t give you all the details here -but if you visit you’ll get to see something new often over the next few days!

Shop now and 15% of your final purchase price goes directly to helping families in need this holiday season!!! So you can feel GREAT about shopping and giving TWICE!

Also – I can’t lie – for real – there is a contest going on for presenters right now – and it would be a HUGE Christmas gift to me to work so hard towards earning and winning that prize!!! <3 Just thought I would say!

black-friday-crafting-sales New Daily Deals just for You!Special Mystery Craft Stashes available for this special SALE Weekend ONLY at

Grab your own unique and special mystery stash of goodies up to 50% off retail pricing and more – my crafty friends will absolutely want to take advantage of this along with the $5.00 Stamp of the Month Set with qualified purchase that is so amazing perfect for the New Year Celebrations that will be here before we know it!

Shop now and 15% of your final purchase price goes directly to helping families in need this holiday season!!! So you can feel GREAT about shopping and giving TWICE!

There are other amazing goodies too – and I feel almost sad that I was unable to do 12 Days of Crafting Videos like I used to do – BUT – My focus is really on my LifeAboveRubies Gems and helping them achieve the life they’re after and succeed in their dreams!

I absolutely would encourage you – if you want to make the PUSH to really achieve in 2016 yet and gain momentum and clarity to bust it OUT like crazy pants in 2017 – come join us!  You can even just pop into our Private Facebook Group and see more what we are all about 😉



Challenge – How Many Things Can you List You Are Thankful For?


I encourage this regularly – especially with Daily 3’s – and I’ve been asked more than once – what are some of the things you are thankful for —- now I could be writing a long long time – but – I’ll just leave you with some knowing full well I’m leaving a lot off the list — My Challenge To You – Make a list in the comments below! It’s good for you – can increase your happiness and BONUS it actually gives you bonus entries to the giveaway above! 😉 WIN WIN!

Megan is Thankful For:

  • Breath & Life filling us all
  • Old things fading away to become new (and how my life proves that)
  • The Bible – greatest success book ever filled with hope, love, encouragement, tears, practical advice for every area of life.
  • Family that loves, cares, supports and helps
  • Children that seek kindness and obedience
  • My Salvation and freedom to see redeeming love over me!
  • Freedom in so many areas – it goes far beyond religious!
  • Ability to learn new skills and grow
  • The thrill of helping others live their dream and take action on their goals
  • The opportunity to coach Diamonds One on One and hear and see the joy and excitement as things take shape in their lives!
  • The opportunity and privilege to train under some incredible coaches including Dani Johnson and currently becoming a certified coach under Tony Robbins.
  • Being able to invest in my children, myself and others to truly believe that dreams come true, love won and grace reigns!
  • I love my condo! I love the community – my bedroom – our living room and my kids having their rooms filled with love and peace in these walls
  • The journey of AboveRubiesStudio Past, Present and Future.
  • Under the ARS Journey would include 100,000 DVD sales and DVD production of things I have loved and been able to share
  • The ability and times I have been able to fly all around the world and speak, teach, share and present my heart
  • Amazing authors and speakers who share their wisdom and knowledge to glean from
  • Music – the joy of singing and relaxing, celebrating and existing.
  • Makeup! I love playing like a little girl still with new makeup and styles and just enjoying how it makes me feel and helping others feel that inside and out.
  • Amazing blessing to be able to go on Television and share experiences and things I love.
  • Fantastic partnerships and collaborations to share with AboveRubies friends – they absolutely thrill me!
  • The vision of what I believe God has for part of my life and the hope of seeing things come true as God provides and opens doors.
  • Earned Vacations from incredible work and client support
  • My Cricut to create fun gifts, and projects for my home
  • Coffee – FOR REAL! 😉
  • Personal training
  • Amazing food – sushi – fresh fruit and veggies – PIZZA – hoagies – ohhh yeah!
  • Essential Oils – they’re amazing for aiding in so many physical and emotional needs!
  • Play time with my kids and experiences we get to share
  • I LOVE MY CLOSET!  (Just saying!) I have a bigger closet than I used to have bedroom! 🙂
  • I am so thankful for my deck that overlooks a gorgeous field and tree line thats just calming in all weather
  • The personalities of each of my kids – how different they are and how much like me they can be!
  • Sunglasses – yes – I really really love fashion glasses and sun glasses
  • Jewelry – it makes me feel pretty
  • Journals to keep track of thoughts, goals, dreams, blessings, achievements and more
  • Creativity and uniqueness no one else has! – I’m thankful for that for you too!
  • Minerals, Gems and Salt lamps
  • WATER – just love water – the things we have in free abundance – just think about that!

I could keep going on and on – but I know how long this post already is!

Leave me a list – I don’t care how long in the comments – SCIENCE Proves expressing your gratitude makes up 10% happier INSTANTLY! 😉

Hugs and Love! Truly so very thankful for you dear friend!

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3 thoughts on “Thankful! Black Friday Exclusives & Giveaway!

  • Linda (LilGreenBug)

    So much to be grateful for! This is the short list!😘
    I’m so grateful that I still have my 86 year old parents! What a blessing!
    I am blessed to live in hands down one of the most beautiful and inspirational places on earth….the Pacific Northwest. I love the sound of the surf and the wind in the forest. And am SO Grateful for my sweetheart whom I have loved since I was 16 years old. That’s a LONG time!
    Most of all, I am grateful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without whom none of these other things would be possible! I am grateful for my crafting experiences and my trip to CHA, that brought so many wonderful and inspiring women into my life in a very real way (for instance, you, Megan!). I am grateful for the delicious spring water that comes from our well. Soooo good! I could write a book. But I’ll stop here and give someone else a chance to share. Love, abundant blessings and hugs to all.

  • Dennise (Dee) Robinson

    So many things God has done for me to be grateful for. He has blessed me in so many ways I don’t even know how to list them all. I have been through a lot and things still aren’t perfect in my life but the one thing I always tell people is that God has always taken care of me and I have no fear that he will continue to do so. He saw to it that I got out of a job that I should have gotten out of long before I got “Laid Off” (long story there) It wasn’t until I had been gone from the job a few weeks that I realized how much stress it had put me under and I was truly grateful to be out of it. He took me though the nearly two years of being out of work. He saw to it that I had the money to make it. I thought I had been saving money to put a down payment on a house but God had other plans. I was less than $200.00 away from my goal when I got laid off. The only thing I had in the next 21 besides what Unemployment I had and a little bit of temp work was that “down payment” money. It was enough! When he put me back to work in Dec. of 2013 I had less than one half a months bills in that savings account and just $30.00 in cash. God supplies all our needs. He gave me a job that I could not be more grateful for. At my interview when the owner asked me what I was looking for as far as wages I told her what I had been making when I got laid off and I would be honest if it could be even close to that amount I would be happy. She asked me “ok so if I started you off at $??.?? and hour you would be good with that? The amount quoted to me was .25 cents more an hour than I had been making when I got laid off. I was hired on through a temp service and when I was rolled over to a permanent employee a few months later it was with another .50 cent raise and there has been another $1.00 an hour raise since then. I have gotten to do a wide variety of things and learn new things while I’ve been there, including being able to use my crafting to create things for work.

    I wondered how I would ever save up money for a down payment again but God took care of that too. I was able to get a loan that didn’t require a down payment which aren’t always easy to get, plus the house has to pass an inspection saying that there aren’t any repairs needed. The first picture I Saw of MY HOUSE the first thought that crossed my mind was how I could decorate that front porch for Christmas. That was something that I hadn’t even thought about doing since before my mom passed away 8 years prior to me seeing that first picture of MY HOUSE. There was another obstacle though to it becoming MY HOUSE and that was the price point. Once again God took care of that and 8 months after seeing that first picture I got MY HOUSE for $27,000.00 less than that first listing price I saw with that first picture.

    There are still many things I intend to do with my house including setting up a dedicated craft room and workshop, of which I am working on slowly but surely. I have also been able to have a big yard to enjoy and have gotten a lot of it cleaned up and trimmed up after it had been neglected for quite some time, but it’s starting to take shape and look pretty good. I got to decorate my porch and yard this year for Fall and Halloween already and am starting to work on the Christmas decoration plans. My living room and dining room are disasters right now as I sort through all the decorations and put together just what I’m going to do but it is a good mess! LOL

    I am grateful for having two paid days off as well as the weekend so that I have 4 full days to rest, relax, and working on taking down the fall decorations outside and starting to set up for the Christmas ones. I am grateful for a boss who is a praying boss and thankful that we start our weeks off on Monday mornings with a devotional and prayer to start our week off right. I am thankful for a church that is more like a family to me than just a church. I am grateful for all of my friends and family, blood, adopted, crafting, facebook and all.

    I have been blessed in so many ways and this is just the beginning and a small part of the list.