Special Special Stuff Coming! July 10th is MINE! 36

Hey Guys

I don’t have a CTO video for today, but I do have a FEW things that I want you to mark on your calendars and get ready for!

My Final surgery for jaw/teeth is yet to be schedule officially because of a few other things that have to happen first, but it should be sometime in July so I’ll keep you posted!

BIG EVENT and NEW Product Releases are about to happen and I do not want you to miss any of them!

Mark your calendar for July 10th because there is two huge Announcements about to come out! You’re going to FLIP when you see what we’ve come up with!! There’s nothing like this! It has never been done before so its going to be SO fun and it’s SO unique! There’s been work going into this for MONTHS and there is still months more work to do! I hope I can get it all done! šŸ™‚ IF my health allows me to do so I’ll do a LIVE ustream the night of July 10th – Details to follow IF Teeth allow – BUT – The Announcement and the fun will start that day either way! šŸ™‚
We have two kits coming out and new classes and workshops that will follow those. We will be changing the way we do things on those, so you can not wait on them – they will be going going going FAST! And I can tell you now, we will not be reordering extras like we had done in the past! šŸ˜‰ First Release will happen NEXT Thursday July 5th perfect timing for your Holiday Weekend šŸ˜‰ and the other one well – I’ll announce that soon – I have to keep you on your toes somehow!


On a side note:

Who watched Craft Wars on TLC last night? I was totally cheering for the wonderful Christy Tomlinson, but Cheryl whipped it together in the end! šŸ™‚ Did you love it? Hate it? Want to compete on it? Want to be a judge? Give me your thoughts please! I want to know them all! It airs every Tuesday at 10/9c! Don’t miss next week! Maybe we will have to have a Craft Wars party on ARS some Tuesday night and we can “chat” throughout the show! šŸ™‚ Who’s in for that party???

Alright friends! Have a fabulous day! Very thankful for you again!

Enjoy the Moments!


Oh PS! Here is a little little teaser, you’ll never guess though šŸ˜‰


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36 thoughts on “Special Special Stuff Coming! July 10th is MINE!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for giving me something exciting to look forward to…July 10th! I can’t wait to see what you have for your new release!!!

    Megan, I continue to pray for you and your family. I hope, for your sake, that this is all resolved as quickly as possible! I only wish my dentists worked so quickly. This should be good for a smile…I have been WITHOUT a front tooth for over four months while they are working on my teeth, and it will still be several more months. I have to go out in public like this!! LOL! I am happy to see that they have not left YOU toothless while they are working on your mouth. You are very lucky to still have your beautiful smile! I hope my dental trials at least give you a chuckle! I do look pretty funny right now!

  • Liz Lumsden

    Oh wow! Your big announcement is on quite a day for me, MY BIRTHDAY! I know you planned it with me in mind, lol. Ugh, teeth. Good luck with that, will be sending good thoughts your way.

  • Sandra Joy

    There you go teasing again! Sounds exciting! I did watch the Craft Wars show last night. Cheryl did a great job on the playhouse! Very Creative! Again, wishing you a most speedy recovery. Big Bear Hugs going your way.

  • Jennifer Figorito

    So glad to hear about the updates on your teeth.
    I taped the craft wars, and now I already know what is going to happen. Drats on that. I am hoping to like it, as I watch so many of those competition shows like cupcake wars and chopped. If nothing else, it gets your brain moving to try and come up with your own ideas and designs.

  • Denisse

    Hey Meg! Tons of more good vibes and prayers going your way from NY.

    As for the show, I don’t know what to tell you. I got mixed feelings. Christy Tomlinson and Cheryl they both were very focused and competitive ’till the end. It was like, “if we can take the inside of Christy’s School Bus and put it into the Cheryl’s Schoolhouse that would have been the most amazing playground ever” but definitely creativity wise, it was no doubt Cheryl nailed it!. I may watch again next week but my only concern is if this is going to become a showcase and display for Tori Spelling and her entire family instead of a show dedicated to craft and regular folks like you and me who got that “special” touch to create beautiful things? We shall see…Let’s remind tune!!

  • Marilyn

    Looking forward to big announcements. Watch Crafts Wars and enjoyed it. Now looking forward to next weeks episode. Speedy recovery on your teeth/jaw

  • Sandie Scott

    did watch Craft Wars and enjoyed it. Had to root for Cheryl because I live in TN. I was surprised that she used the glue on the duffle. The idea was good but not well implemented she did a wonderful job on the schoolhouse though. As to teeth I hope the pain has lessened for you. I had a front one pulled 25 to 30 years ago with the promise of something to replace it when it healed and then went back to find out that they weren’ t allowed to work on military dependents anymore. Guess you can live without some things. But tooth and jaw pain is the worst!!

  • vivian kaufman

    It all sounds exciting. Hope you feel better and praying that all of this tooth business will be behind you soon. Have a bless day.

  • Betsy B.

    I watched Craft Wars last night and enjoyed it. Loved the outside of Cheryl’s schoolhouse ~ so cute. But the inside left a lot of room for improvement! I’ll watch again next week!
    Can’t wait to see what your new product(s) is!
    Feel better soon!

  • Debby J

    Hope you are feeling better after your surgery and all this tooth troubles are behind you for good.
    I watched Craft Wars and was really disappointed. I did not like the host or the judges, the projects-well, I thought it would be a competition using “craft” supplies that we, as crafters have around the house and be more realistic-something the normal crafter could watch and duplicate at home, not a frenzied attempt to craft and entertain. I commented on facebook about the show also and there were many others who watched and felt the same way. I gave it the first show and for me that is it. I think if there is nothing to watch on Tuesday nights I will be reading instead of wasting my time watching Craft Wars and Tori Spelling and her family.

  • Meriam Nielsen

    I watched Craft Wars and I cannot stand to look at Tori Spelling! I agree that they need to do something more realistic….and most of us do not have the luxury of a “team”. Didn’t really enjoy it that much. Went back to making my 4th of July cards instead.

  • littlen

    i watched craft wars last night. it wasn’t what i was expecting. i thought the contestants would be using regular craft supplies. i did think cheryl was was creative and her schoolhouse was cute. christy’s “school bus” just looked like a big mess to me. i’ll probably watch once more to see if it gets better or worse, but not sure i’ll be a regular viewer – not a big tori spelling fan and i don’t see what she adds to the program.

  • Crystal Nichols

    Megan is that how you got Sean to fall in love with you is to keep him coming back for more? (hehehehe)
    July 10th is in my calendar.
    I am praying for your health and the dentist/doctors you are going to see.
    I watched a little bit of craft wars and it was, eh, I could take it or leave it. What they did was impressive, but not up my ally. I will try again and see.

  • Vickie M

    Hope your mouth is feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than mouth pain.

    I was really disappointed in Craft Wars. It wasn’t what I eexpected at all. I thought teams would compete to see over scrapbook pages, cards, decorative painting, crafts around the house, etc. I probably won’t watch again.

  • Amy

    Hello Megs–I didnt watch the show last night…not to much tv watching around here with 2 very active boys (i think i may dvr it next week though). July 10th is on my calendar but I will be in CO visiting my sis but i hav web on my phone and she has a laptop so either way I’ll find out whats going on.

    Lots of hugs and prayers are going out to you with your teeth troubles!!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Is the teaser, Oh Cut it out?????? Marking my calendar for july 10th, cannot wait to see what is coming. I hope your teeth situation is resolved soon and you are back to feeling good. Even in your pain, you sturggle to keep us going. thanks so much. lol Peggy

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Is the teaser, Oh Cut it out?????? Marking my calendar for july 10th, cannot wait to see what is coming. I hope your teeth situation is resolved soon and you are back to feeling good. Even in your pain, you sturggle to keep us going. thanks so much. I have crafted for 45 years and I don’t think I could come up with an idea that quick, but I love the show and will continue to watch it each week. lol Peggy Sue

  • Jeanne

    Craft Wars was OK, as someone else said it would be more fun using thing you might have at home in your craft room or just hanging around. Tori tries and I did not mind seeing the kids, boy are they growing, any way this was the first show and it can only get better. I will give it a chance next week. It would be fun to watch and comment so lets have a viewing party sometime soon.

    Megan teeth can be very painful so I do hope you are beginning to heal.

    Hugs from Washington

  • Tinalala

    Loved the Craft War last night! I love Tori Spelling so I couldn’t wait to watch it. I loved the Red school house but there wasn’t anything to do inside. The Bus was awesome, but the Mod Podge outside was crazy! So inspiring!!

  • June Palasek

    Watched Craft Wars – was not impressed on allot of the work, comments etc., Cheryl did do a better job – however it was to be like a school house? Also, I’m not a fan of Tori Spelling. I will watch it again but the building part of the show – is that REALLY a crafty item???????
    Looking forward to the big announcement on July 10th. Get better Megan……….

  • Sherry Harris

    i did watch craft wars but it wasn’t t what I expected. I would prefer projects to make at home ie holiday, scrapbooking, new techniques. .i ain’t never gonna build a schoolhouse!,,, I don t care for tori spelling…need a host that’s knowledgable…someone like Carol Duvall. I wish you the best with your dental work.

  • Valerie

    I watched Craft Wars – strongly disliked Tori Spelling and as mentioned it wasn’t really stuff we can duplicate at home. It didn’t help that the sound was out of sync so had to watch the awful red lips moving without the sound coming outl.

    Hope your dental problem is resolved quickly. About to start my own journey down that road.

  • LeAnne

    Keeping you in thoughts and praying for you during all your surgery, etc. Don’t care to watch reality TV especially one that has Tori Spelling on it. Give me a regular craft show like Carol Duvall or Aleene even in reruns. I am not a fan of Tori at all so that is a big turn off. Take care Megan and hope you are back in tip tip health soon.

  • Carmen Lucero

    Hi Megan,

    I didn’t watch Craft Wars last night, I had Bible study. I did ask my hubby to record it, but he forgot. No matter, I’ll try to find a way to see it on line somewhere, especially since Christy Tomlison was in it. I’ve taken several classes from her and learned a lot of nifty things.

    I hope your dental work works out well and I hope to see you smiling even broader! Can’t wait to hear the big announcement!


    Carmen L

  • Ellen ā™„ Cardmonkey

    Hi Megan: July 10, hmmmm? Well, I don’t know if this is purely coincidence or not, but isn’t that a TUESDAY and Craft Wars airs on Tuesdays and … well … hmmm, did I guess??? Some sort of announcement as in what crafter might be competing that night??? Oh, I could hope!! A nice $10,000 win could pay for a lot of smiles (hint, hint). Well, if I didn’t guess, YOU should DEFINITELY give it a go — I’d really root for you there as I do in life.

    As to the show: Well, mehhh, I didn’t care for Tori Spelling much and can’t say I ever knew her to be a crafter. Then again, I’m not sure who I’d substitute in that role, and maybe her family invested in some production dollars? I could do without her kids invading the set. I didn’t care for the judges trying for a little “X Factor” judge snarly-ness between each other, and they could be a little less CRUSHING than some of the comments they made. I also didn’t care for the way they dumped a ton of odd supplies — first sports, then school — and gave them a project to make from these odd Dumpster-dive sorts of things.

    That said, if it’s a summer series, I wish they’d format it more like “Design Stars” … where 12 crafters start out competing with a specific project in mind for a week, then eliminating one crafter each week by a team of judges. Of course it would be filmed in a tighter timeframe (like a challenge a day) … and maybe have social media voting by the crafting public (e.g., a show blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as to who gets voted off. For example, one week they could have a kid’s birthday party project where the crafter would make everything from the decorations to the invitations to the favors, etc. Another week, maybe they’d make Christmas decorations, or a wreath in the medium of their choice. Maybe another week would be everybody being given a plain Ikea dresser or something and have them embellish it or make it their own through crafts …

    On this show itself, I liked the gym bag made by the crafter who got voted off … that tennis racket at the bottom was ingenous! However, couldn’t you see it with grommets at the bottom and rope strung through the grommets and then the tennis racket, holding the racket on (rather than hot gluing it to the base)? Mmmm, making it a bit more nautical like that? And Cheryl’s school house was OUTSTANDING. There was no beating how she used the composition books for shingles, and the pencil-framed flower boxes were terrific. I loved how she used the yardsticks for shutters, and the faux oversized pencils to hold up the patio roof. Christy’s school bus was neat, but too functional — they were definitely going for CUTE!!

    Would I go on the show? Sure!! I hope you feel better day by day, and get some more definitive answers about what you need to make you pain-free and self-assured that you’re beautiful because it’s coming from the inside, out.

    Ellen ā™„ CardMonkey

  • Lydia Matthews

    UNFORTUNATELY, I missed Craft Wars (darn it !) I forgot all about it . I hope to catch the next episode. As for Tori and her family, I love them and wouldn’t mind seeing them at all, some of these competition shows get a little dull at times, and they’re cute anyway.

  • Nancy Alberghini

    Continue to think of you and hoping that your feeling better…I too need to have a tooth implant and some bone grafting done, have been putting it off, but need to do it starting next month. July 10th the big surprise, you are planning this on my 8th Wedding Anniversary…yipee!!! I like Craft Wars, but have some of the same sentiments and concerns as others that have posted…and oh my the supplies that Michaels have been available for this show~~ wow……………..wouldn’t I love to have just a quarter of that šŸ™‚

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I watched Craft Wars and enjoyed it . I’ll watch again but I would rather see a show about paper crafting than crafting in general. Hoping this show will be the beginning of better things to come. In the meantime, still praying for you and your family and your health /dental situation. I’m really looking forward to July 10 and seeing just what it is that you are talking about and teasing us with !

  • Cydney Fowler

    I sort of like Craft Wars. Didn’t like the judges or Tori Spelling. Liked the competitors but not the projects they were saddled with. I was looking forward to crafts, not DIY make a tote bag and playhouse. It would be fun to see crafters compete to make the most beautiful jewelry, cards, layouts, decorations, etc. I won’t keep watching if it doesn’t get better. I loved Carol Duvall when she was on – I have a bunch of DVDs I recorded of her show. I also liked Crafters Coast to Coast when it was on. More fun, less snarly criticism, please – even Tori who wasn’t “judging” wasn’t very nice.

    Megan, get well soon! Love all that you do and best wishes for all you do.

  • Teresa M

    I hope all works out for you and your health.
    Craft Wars: Hmmmm….. want to watch a couple more episodes before ruling it out. I didnt find it amusing that the judges were rude to one another. How awesome would it be to have their “craft stash”. I did wonder what happens to their projects when completed.