A new way to use Pop Dot Foam and Packaging: TNT 35

Here’s a totally explosive and FUN fun FUN way to use pop dot shaped packaging!Ā  This video is a little longer than the average TNT but I think you’ll love it šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image


I do need to say once again:

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35 thoughts on “A new way to use Pop Dot Foam and Packaging: TNT

  • Traci K

    LOVE this idea! Now I wish all the ones I have gone through I never got rid of. Oh well I am sure I will be going through even more. Hope your feeling better quickly and a speedy recovery if they do decide to do surgery. I was wondering where you got your table? I am redoing my loft and that is where I do all my scrapbooking and I am looking for a large black table like that. Thanks Megan for all do!

  • Ellen ā™„ Cardmonkey

    Hey, Megan … So this is a cool idea, but I was wondering why you have any leftover “packaging” from pop dots? I USE every last bit of my foam dots material — whether it’s cut to shape or some random shape I cut from the “packaging” to use as a pop dot too, especially if I’m giving dimension to a center or edge that’s not going to be seen. For example, if I had those diamond shape “leftovers”, I might trim them down into foam strips and put the straight pieces of double-sided adhesive foam into a storage baggie for another day. Otherwise, I save the off-cut sheets and just snip away, stick …and voila! Odd shaped pop dots work JUST as well as ones cut into circles, squares, diamonds and strips. Waste not, want not. Glad to see you smiling.

    Ellen ā™„ CardMonkey

  • Sherlock Hoka

    This was a great idea, and I’ve been using it for years since you get a great lattice work. You no the old addage, “Never throw any scrap away, it can be used for something.”

  • Emilie boyd

    Great idea. Now I’ll use those Martha Stewart glitters I have been holding on to because they are almost too pretty to use.

  • sandra snowton

    this is a great idea, and as i was reading some of the other comments, their ideas are great too. i for some dumb reason never thought to recycle my pop dot sheets, but, it all makes perfectly good sense and i will never discard another one.Thanks everyone for sharing, it was extremely helpful!!

  • Diane K

    Sitting here in the early morning of what is to be another 100 degree daytime weather day in Indiana….now I know how I’ll spend the afternoon…trying out this great idea with foam packaging! You certainly keep us scrapers motivated with these simple ideas that produce gorgeous embellishments. Sending you sunny day smiles and thanks.

  • Rebecca

    This is a wonderful idea! I love the way that it turned out! I think it would be great with your cut to size foam for the perfect shaped embellishment on a project!!!

    I continue to pray for your health and wellness daily! I hope that you are feeling better every day! šŸ™‚

  • BarbaraJ

    Gorgeous!!! Where do you get your originality from??? You can bet I will be using this idea soon! Thanks, Megan!

  • Judy

    Megan, If you put crystle effects or a clear glaze you get a stained glitter glass effect. I have done this & it looks great! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas they are super awesome!!!

  • facsmom

    I love your videos. I would have liked this one even better if you had had zoomed in shots while you were doing the technique. I don’t currently use this product and could have benefited or been enticed by seeing the actual lattice and peeling up close. Keep praying for your health . . .

  • Robin

    Megan- So, so, so great to see you and your infectious smile! I don’t know if this was recorded prior to all of the recent happenings, I am still praying for a complete and speedy recovery from all that you have gone through! What a story!!! I am sorry that this accident occurred on such a special day for you! BTW, you are fine without your makeup!! Much rather see you with no makeup than not see you at all!!!

    I so look forward to your mailings and always open them FIRST!!

    Blessings to you!

  • Kathy Shanley

    Meghan: What’s going on in Tampa in September? I live in Sarasota and would be interested in coming! Blessings for your continued recovery! Kathy

  • Linda W

    Megan, it’s wonderful to see your bubbling happy self in this video showing us yet another great crafting tip! Hopefully, this is part of your journey to full recovery very soon.

    I usually use up all my packaging from my pop dots. Now, I will save some of the packaging for this wonderful instant lattice look.

  • MommyMe

    Megan, another fabulous idea for stretching our stash, without having to run out to buy a special embellishment. Oops, I take that back…I don’t have a stockpile of glitter…yet. I’ve actually done something similar, but not with the packaging.
    I’m glad you shot several videos before the dental procedures began. We still get to see your smiling face, and spend a few creative moments with you! My prayers continue for you and your family.

  • Cheri

    This is a great idea. I use my pop dot packaging for more pop dots when I have that type, but this is a fun new way to use them. Thanks for showing us this technique.

    DJ’s Sundries

  • Karen

    I love this idea! I usually don’t purchase the pop dots in that shape, but they are now on my shopping list. thanks for sharing.

  • Carmen

    What a great idea and way to use something that may otherwise get thrown away. I don’t usually throw much away, oops now you know what my studio looks like. Thanks again. I’m new here so I’m kinda out of the loop on your health issues but I will pray for a full and quick recovery. Love your work and luv you. God bless, CarmenG

  • Mags

    OK…now I am so dissapointed in all of the packaging I have tossed in the passed I think I will have to keep everything from here on out in case you come up with a use for it! OMG, this is so cute! My husband always brings me things he thinks is really trash with a twinkle in his eye and says, here you want to craft with this, and I say , yep, I can use that, and he looks so dejected, well, now I am dejected b/c I have thrown away something I could have used! TFS…

  • Joann

    Wow Megan this is such a cool tip! Thank you for sharing this, I use dimensionals by SU and I love the pattern it leaves behind… I can so see myself creating all kinds of things with this! Thank you!!


  • Linda Walls

    Hi Megan, I just wanted to pass a tip on to you regarding using glitter or embossing powders. Instead of using paper or carstock try using a coffee filter. The glitter and embossing powder doesn’t stick to the coffee filter, less static cling and less waste of the product you are using. Plus coffee filters are inexpensive, once your done just toss the coffee filter in the garbage can.

  • Penny

    this is super cute. I have used the left over pieces for those odd shaped items I want to pop up. But this is much cuter.

    Thank you Megan!

  • Alice

    Great idea …. you can also use the leftover sheet from stickers, like the ones with stars, hearts and circles …. also all of these scraps work great as stencils for spritzing colored solutions such as diluted paints, Tim Holtz colors, or even a strong tea solution for an distressed or aged look. And for adding a surface decoration for fabrics. The larger dot scraps are a good size to replicate the keys of a typewriter with a hand drawn or stamped letter on the key …. you can block off any of the holes you don’t want with painters tape. Thanks for the video!