November 2012 Special Announcements, News, Giveaways and PARTIES! 21

Happy Announcement day!

Wow this is a LONG video with a TON of announcements and things that you will want to mark your calendars for!

We have prizes, giveaways, sales, and oh yeah, a PARTY!  WootWooot!
Don’t miss the special new Product Announcement towards the end of this video too! We are so excited! 🙂


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To recap: Starting Back Friday November 23 kicks off the 12 days of Black Friday which is going to be AWESOME!  We have a giveaway every single day and new products to feature at ridiculously LOW prices! So exciting!  And the last day of the 12 days we have a really amazing grand prize giveaway with Tanner Bell!  So much good stuff!

Square1 Masterpiece Christmas Party Thursday November 29th Starting at 10:00am EST, ending with a live Ustream at 9:00pm EST with Me!

Also November 29th kicks off the 12 days of Christmas sale at which there are many videos and really amazing prices that you can’t miss! Lots of free goodies too! 🙂 LOVE the freebies!

Ok everyone! You enjoy the moments today and always!  See you soon!

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