Enjoying Life’s Moments: Life Changes and Little Smiles 66

Hey Everyone Happy Sunday!

If you read Friday’s post – I said I’d be sharing some of Enjoying Life’s Moments with you, and today is the PERFECT day to start because I have some major changes in my lifestyle that I need to start TODAY!  I’m definitely going to need the support and encouragement of my friends and family here at AboveRubiesStudio and I HOPE that this may encourage a few of you as well!

Without getting into TONS of details about my personal health, I’ve been having a few health struggles for several years.  I’ve had hormonal and “female” problems since I was a young girl (12, 13, 14 years old) and I’ve had multiple miscarriages. I’m not telling you all this to make you feel sorry for me in ANYWAY, but to hopefully encourage those out there who are struggling that there can be hope and help beyond what may meet the eye!

Recently I have been faced with a few other health challenges.  Being here in Wisconsin is just another exciting provision and blessing from God that I am in the right place at the right time.  I started seeing someone at a place called Restore Health in Oshkosh, WI and through a long process and testing found out that in order to drastically start changing some problems with my health I HAVE to change my diet and I have to start on a 21 day Purification of my body.  I’m actually going to go through the Standard Process Purification Program. This is a Homeopathic and Diet System to cleanse the systems of the body.

I’m going through this with supervision of my health care professional and following the exact plan. Its ONLY 21 days, but it is a little scary to me at the same time too!  Its ONLY Organic Fruit and Veggies for 11 days and then ONLY Fruit, Veggies, Fish and Organic Chicken for 21.  I’m a BREAD GIRL! I can give up sweets, but BREADS oyy!   I’m finding out my body craves it, because its feeding a bacterial of sorts in my body!  I HAVE to get rid of it to be healthy! I’m READY to be healthy and loose a little more weight too!

It sounds like a NO BRAINER, give up food you LIKE, for the LIFE you love!  But for some people its not THAT easy and THAT simple.  I just want to encourage those that are out there and MAYBE are struggling, that changing the habits and the WAY you eat REALLY can change and SAVE your life!

I’m looking forward to starting this process today!  A Purer way of eating and a new way of living!  Praying for healing and a start on attacking what’s in my body that should not be!  A HUGE Blessing is that God made our bodies the way He did and places health care professionals in our lives to help us heal!

THOUGHT for today:  What Health Challenges are you facing?  What Changes can you make in the way you eat, exercise or LIVE to KEEP living a LIFE worth Enjoying??? 🙂

And because this is about Enjoying Life’s Moments – Here are a few snapshots that I certainly enjoyed THIS week! 🙂


Left to Right – Top then Bottom:

1) Jenavieve slept on my check from 7:00am until almost 10:30am – I had a lot to do, but it was too precious not to enjoy and she was exhausted!

2) This is the “before” picture of starting this new Purification!

3) Enjoying Icecream with the kids “one last time” before the Purification!

4) Celebrating with Surprises for National Craft Month on Above Rubies Studio and really excited!

5) Yummy and healthy silly face snacks for the kids that they enjoyed!

6) Bensen loves being a “statue” at the YMCA! He also asked me the other day if I made a “steak” when we walked in because the pool was closed.  It took me awhile to figure out he was trying to ask if I made a “mistake” in reading the schedule! 😉


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66 thoughts on “Enjoying Life’s Moments: Life Changes and Little Smiles

  • Vicky Hale

    Girl….I will be following and praying for you all the way. I could stand to loose a few pounds myself but my coworker has been struggling with her weight for years and can’t seem to shed pounds. She too has girl part troubles which seem to make things tough. She is a wonderful woman and I hate to see her stuggling. Thanks for sharing, I wish you well! And thanks for sharing all of your wonderful talent…you have inspired me in so many ways and I now find myself think “enjoy the moment” when things get a little rough. You’re the best!

  • Nancy M

    It sounds like you are doing the same diet as my daughter with no wheat products and only organic foods. My daughters family has been doing it for about 2 months and she says she will never go back, that I should try it. I know that you and your whole family will feel better when you are done. My prayers are with you , good luck and keep us up to date on your progress.

  • Jane

    I know how hard it is to get started but once you get going it will get easier. I always ask God to walk with me through anything that is going to be tough and, every single time, I know that I am not alone. It is such a comforting feeling. God bless you and heal you.

  • Donna

    I will be thinking and praying for you every day, I know you will be able to do this. Remember you have God and most of all your family behind helping you. Good Luck

  • Liz

    YOU CAN DO THIS! I gave up white sugar, white flour and wheat (breads, pasta, etc) in December and the first 3 days were hard. Around the same time I had to give up caffeine (hormonal stuff, too!) Yikes! But…truly after 3 days I felt SO much better–better, clearer and even brighter (if that makes sense). I would have NEVER thought I could be around breads and sweets and not give into temptation to eat it, BUT here’s the wild thing–they are not even tempting any more. My body doesn’t crave that stuff anymore. The weight loss piece has been slower than I would like, but I think it is due to hormonal changes (hello mid-40’s!) and I am the process of figuring out that piece. The Lord has helped me and He will help you. Blessings, Liz in PA

  • Dana Martin

    Thank you so much for being open with us…I am a new subbie of yours…I know God sent me your way..He does work in mysterious and unffy ways at times, even thru scrapbooking! Your are most certainly in my prayers for strentgh and how God wants to heal you..His will be done. Sounds trite but you know what I mean. Please keep informed as your sisters her in cyberland stan beside you. With much love and hugs from us, Dana

  • Cindy

    Good luck to you! I would be very interested in hearing how this turns out for you. I have been considering trying something like this myself but without knowing if it was worth the sacrifice or not I haven’t tried it.

  • Dee Dee Tibke

    I live in Arizona now but I am from Oshkosh Wisconsin. I go back every year to see my family. They all still live there. What part of Wisconsin do you live in? I am a bread girl also but realized a healthy life is worth more.

  • PJ

    I wish you the best on this venture! There are many sites on the internet with legitimate healthy meal plans for you to seek out once you and your caregiver are comfortable with your physical and emotional health. Yes, our physical health plays a very important role in our emotions and intellect, and vice-versa. God is always surrounding you, talk with him, talk to yourself….just do it. You’ll love yourself. I am sending some extra strength for you 🙂

  • Gail

    Megan, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Look at all the wonderful things you have done in your life….your children, your business, your kindness but most of all encouraging others on the way. You are an inspiration to many. My hubby is pre-diabetic so we are now following a diabetic diet. We have both lost 20 pounds and feel better. We have a long ways to go but it is a start. We will all be praying for you and as many have said, God is right beside you every step of the way. Peace, Gail

  • Marla

    I can totally relate! I’ve been vegetarian for years, and most recently pesco-vegetarian, but I’ve allowed the pounds to pile on nonetheless ~ there’s no meat in cake, cookies, chips….you get the idea! I started a 30-day weight loss/healthy living challenge on April 1, and today is reevaluation day for me. I’ve done great, and feel great, and you can too! I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

  • Shawn

    I recently cut soda out of my diet completely, and for me that was HARD! I used to drink about 6 cans of soda a day, and it was purely for the caffeine (I was always SO TIRED!) Then we found out I had a sleep apnea and was not getting quality sleep at night. Once I started treatment with a CPAP machine at night I was able to go down to one coffee and one soda per day. Then, just over a month ago, I decided to cut out the soda . . . and now I have dropped about 7 pounds!

    I know you can do this!

    Shawn ~ Above Rubies Studio Affiliate Program Success Coach
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  • deb

    Megan, I just got done with a detox that I was doing for my health. I missed the bread and cheese, but I feel so much better. While I will not be going totally gluten free or dairy free, I have found some healthy alternatives. Pray, pray, pray. That really got me through some of those days. Enlist a friend to be your buddy also. That was a great encouragement for me to have my friend call or text me. I am looking at doing this detox seasonally in order to get rid of those toxins regularly.

  • Julia L.

    You can do it! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008 which basically means I cannot eat gluten as it is poison to my body. Gluten is found in so many places that you wouldn’t imagine. It is a cheap filler that a lot of companies use even in things that don’t appear to “need” it. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye and as well as has tons of cross contamination issues with Oats too because they are often transported in the same trucks, etc. So I have been gluten free since 2008 and have never cheated! Now I am currently on a weight loss journey. I want you to know that if I can do it, then you can make the changes in your eating habits that you need to as well! I’ll be thinking of you!

  • Barbara

    Megan, I wish you the best! I have just found out that I have to give up wheat product and that is going to be hard because I like bread
    good LuckBarbara

  • ...Christin...

    Megan, I understand where you are coming from….I am 30 and have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Have tried some fertility options and have been told I have PCOS and MUST change the way I eat as well! It is hard…but like Liz mentioned, a few days into it….you feel so much better! I have been on the South Beach Diet for almost a month and am almost at the 10lb mark! Feels great! Once you get started and see the results of the great work you do! You will want to continue! By keeping your mind occupied with Above Rubies Studio stuff and videos that we all love getting…you will will do great! I love opening my email to find something from you! Keep your head high and a smile on your face….Good Luck! We are all here and cheering you on!

  • Michelle N.

    Megan, I know you can do this. You are a very strong person and I know God will be by your side through this. Can’t wait to hear the updates and how good you feel. Love ya

  • Lori Apgar

    Wow! What a bunch of good reasons to put your health first! So glad you found something that should help. I am a bread girl too, but gave up everything for 9 months last year to lose weight with MediFast. I have gained a little back, but I just need to get off my butt and exercise more and I can get it back off…..it is the starting that is the hardest part. I wish you well as you start your new health chapter! You have a wonderful support system ~ don’t be afraid to use it!!!

  • Ruth G

    Best of luck to you. I also will be interested to see how this all turns out for you. I’ve had thoughts that I might need to do something like this (my sister and step sister-in-law have gone gluten-free and organic and feel much better), but am resistant because it would mean big changes for our whole family or cooking separate meals…I’ll be waiting to see how things work out for you! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Bridget

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It really does help people like me to hear what others are doing and inspires us to make changes in our own lives. I’ve been thinking so much about doing something like this for a long time. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) so I have hormonal issues as well and it’s very difficult to lose weight. I struggled with infertility for several years because of it. I did finally get pregnant and now have an amazing 9 month old son, but that wasn’t without difficulties either. He ended up being born 10 weeks early because I developed preeclampsia. So needless to say, I’ve had some health issues plaguing me for some time now as well. Keep moving forward on your journey and keep sharing and inspiring! I’m sure you will feel amazing! 🙂

  • Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    Megan, I can totally relate to all of it. I suffered a miscarriage 30 years ago, and the pain and loss of hope is something you never quite get over, even after many joys that have followed. I have had one daughter, Emily, who is a real blessing. Six days after her birth, I suffered the first of what have been five strokes. It turns out that I have a disease called “antiphospholipid syndrome” (or “thick blood”) that caused my female problems in my teens, miscarriage, as well as the strokes. Treatment has been simpler than one can ever expect — one adult sized aspirin a day! I’m now gong through another health challenge: my pancreas no longer functions. I have to get more testing, and I’m nervous. Very honestly, crafting has been my outlet and my solace. I think of nothing else when I’m working with paper and glue, other than the joy that my craft will bring to others, and the fun I have in creating.

    I will also tell you this: diet modification can bring about significant changes to your world! (I need to undertake this challenge too and lose a significant amount of weight too … but… ) In any case, my 82-year old Mom has been gluten-free for more than a year. It’s tough, but she feels 150% better and survived a massive brain stem stroke with 100% recovery — and she gives credit to diet changes. My older sister credits her 100% remission from breast cancer to diet changes — raw foods and Vegan. So I guess I need to listen to THEIR success too!!

    BEST of all good things to you in your NEW YOU!!

  • Karen B

    I know of the power in prayer and we will do our part in praying for you. Thirty six years ago I had to make a change in my diet by elimating cheese, butter, CHOCOLATE, meats like bacon & sausage and other things, in fact anything good. With the help of the Lord I have accomplished that diet for my MS. Sharing with God and us will help you in your journey to a healthier body. Blessings to you!

  • Pamela B


    I think you were speaking to me with this post. I have been struggling with a health issue for years, rheumatoid arthritis, and I know for certain that diet is a major contributor, as it is with every condition. I always try to eat healthy with organic foods, but the key word is “try.” I do well, then get cravings and blow the whole thing! May God give you the strength you need to embark on this new journey. Thanks for sharing. I know that your sharing will help to encourage many, including myself.

    • Shari

      Cut out all dairy, sugar and gluten and I promise in 30 days you will feel SO much better. It’s not easy…but its SO worth it. Let me know if I can help.

  • Kathlene E Tuengel

    I am so excited for you. I have been going to do the cleansing of my body also, as I know it is the first step to lose weight and to get out the bacteria, and yes, the worms that we may have in our colons. I have put this off for almost a year, but this week I have called to schedule an appointment with my PCP at the healthcare clinic and will go through the blood work process and then get on the cleansing schedule. I need to lose weight and I hate being overweight. I am 64-yrs old and am raising children again, two grandsons and a great granddaughter, they keep me busy, so I need to stay healthy for them also. I wish you the best and you are doing the program correctly by having your physician help you. Good luck.

  • Marissa

    I wish you the best of luck in your new challenge. It might be hard at times, but you can do it! Thanks for always being so positive and showing us such beautiful crafting techniques! My prayers are with you!

  • Pam

    So important to be healthy inside and outside. good luck and have fun with it! We’ve recently made some changes as well- no dairy, no grains. It just makes you think differently. We need to eat to live, not live to eat! Stay strong & focus on what you CAN eat. It helps!

  • Pam

    Megan, as many people have said, once you get going you will feel so much better, you will wonder what has taken you so long to do something like this. I have MS and have been on a gluten free diet for over 3 years, as well as off caffeine. It has helped me tremendously.

  • Linda W

    Wishing you success on your new endeavor to good health. I find that when I want to lose a few pounds, all I have to do is stay away from bread and pasta.That’s why I don’t bake bread anymore. I have a real weakness for fresh baked bread.
    I too had my share of women problems. After many trails and tribulations, I raised two great kids! Again, I had women problems pre-menopause that had to be corrected medically.
    I am presently 62 years young and in fairly good health. Now, I just try to eat healthy and stay away from certain additives.

  • Michelle Trimble

    Thank you for sharing this. I have a lung disease, bone marrow disease, and a tumor in my heart. I struggle with my eating habits also. I feel so much better when I eat healthy but I love the immediate gratification of that cupcake or crescent roll. I needed to read your story and all the comments today because I needed some encouragement and I feel like I got that. I’m not alone. God answers all our prayers. We only need to open our eyes to see the answers. I’ll be praying for you. Please say a prayer for me also. Love, Michelle

  • Antoinette Hoskins

    Megan…think of what you CAN have. We all have some sort of “favorite” in each food group. I have given up breads, pastas, butter, and so many other things, but when I focus on the yummy fruits I like when I need a “sugar fix” it really helps. AND…when you think of what you CAN have, well…it just makes eating fun again. 🙂 God bless you and keep you sane through this! Just be careful if you take any hormones…I have had more problems with that, including breast cancer. Going “natural” is the best way, but it takes time and patience.

  • Debra Peloso

    Megan, I wish you much success on your journey. We all face challenges that we wish we didn’t have to at times. You are beautiful and its not all about extra weight. Our society encourages everyone to be little toothpicks. Its how you feel that concerns you and I agree that anything that makes you feel better on a daily basis is a blessing. If losing a little weight is a bonus then run with it. Keep in touch with your higher power and he will always be there to carry you when you need him. GOD bless.

  • Linda Woolsey

    Sweet Megan
    It really is true what some other posters have said. After a few days, you don’t have the cravings for carbs. As you know, I started my journey to better health last June 15 and have since dropped 90 pounds. I’ve cut WAY back on simple carbs. I seldom eat bread, potatoes, rice or pasta anymore. I LOVE pasta and that is the thing I miss most. I do indulge myself once in awhile, but not on a weekly basis as before. Drink plenty of water! Sometimes we think we are hungry and our bodies are really trying to tell us we need to be hydrated. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I’ll be praying for you and be there with you in spirit! You have my #. If you get discouraged or need to talk, give me a call! Love ya, girl!!! Hugs!

  • Audrey

    Hi Megan,
    I know you can do this. I am a diabetic with kidney problems. I had to go on a vegan diet to eliminate the need for dialysis. No eating anything with a face or comes from anything with a face! I have been living this way for approx 6 months and feel better every day. My kidney function is returning to a better state. I have an IV flush once a month but I am so much better now. To me I would love to lose the weight but my main concern was and is staying healthy. I eat plenty of veggies and some fruit as fruit has sugar and I need to be careful as a diabetic. i no longer desire meat or milk, eggs, ice cream or any of that stuff. At first it is hard but it becomes a way of life and I always ask for things at restaurants and they are always glad to make substitutions for me.
    God Bless and I will pray for you!
    Love ya1

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Megan, Praying for you during this transition. I have a feeling you’ll do just fine and can succeed at anything you want to do and with the Lord’s help it may be less difficult than you might be anticipating.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I know you will feel great after all you will have to go through. I just found a book about eating certain foods due to what blood type you are, so when it arrives in the mail, I am going to try it and see if I don’t feel better because of it. Its not a diet, but you eliminate foods and eat only what is recommended for your blood type, Mine is A positive. And peanuts and peanut butter are good for you, yeah, I love those things. I will try to keep you posted on how it works and my progress. Good luck Megan, change is hard but all well worth it. Your children are just so precious. Cherish the closeness as much as possible, because they grow up so fast. have a blessed day.

  • Linda Jamme

    Good for you that you are taking this step. I have never done a purification diet before but I do believe it kind of kick starts your immune system and cleans out the toxins in your body. One day at a time!

  • Shirley E.

    You can do it Megan. I myself am going through health changes and diets myself. Had 5 stents put into my heart less than a week ago. We’ll do it together!

  • Debbie C.

    Megan, you can do this. You are so strong and positive. God knows what you can handle and never gives you more than that.

    You inspire me, I’ve needed to make changes to my diet for awhile, I am going to follow your lead and make those changes!

  • Tracy

    You are an inspiration in more ways then you can know. Sharing these personal details of your life just helps us all relate to you that much more and for me, I feel like I’m not alone with my health issues. Thank you.

  • Vickie Bracken

    Being proactive about your health is where is begins. This is by no means for sympathy but I myself have Chrons Disease, have had a brain tumor and kidney cancer. I learned to read and study all I can about my diseases and then to actively be involved in my doctors choices. He says if I don’t come with a notebook and questions then he knows I am really sick. I also follow a really strict diet. My friends tease me alot but they know how much pain it causes me if I don’t. Megan, I rely alot on faith, hope and prayers. You can do it! We will all stand beside you.

  • Sharon H

    Megan good for you to be brave and smart enough to venture out in to the world of healthy eating! Not to say that everyone should do the same thing, but when faced with health challenges it takes guts to make that decision that YOU must make yourself THE most important person in your life in order to be there for your kiddos and other family members. Like many others who have already written comments, I also have had to make many changes to my diet and feel sooooooo much better when I stick to it. So far I haven’t given up bread products yet, but am leaning towards eliminating them and starchy vegetables. I just ordered two new cookbooks right before reading your post. One for quinoa and the other for chai, both of which have multiple health benefits. Anyway, keep up the good work and you’ll reap the benefits. Thanks so much for sharing your life and joy with us!

  • Bibi Leak

    Will definately keep you in prayer as you begin this exciting journey to a healthier lifestyle. Praise God for His comfortor that you can call upon for strength and encoragement. Remember that God never leads you down a path that He has not equiped you for, So glad that you have chosen to share this with us so we can keep you covered in prayer. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Janice

    There are so many of us out there struggling with weight issues if not more. My daughter challenged many of us in the family with body for life (sort of) only we will eat more veggies. She has made it a challenge with rewards of gift cards at the end of each two week period for the biggest percentage looser and the one who eats the healthiest, point wise. So several of the family are going to do it. What a nice way to help us all acheive our goals. Good luck in your efforts, Megan.

  • Janet Trapp

    It’s sounds like candida and I pray you can get past this. I know with God’s strength you can do it. “I can do all things through God who stregnthens me” keep saying this over and over and you will be able to do it! I will be praying for you!

  • Brenda

    Hi Meagan,
    I ate raw for 27 days…..not easy……but do able. I was hoping to clear out some impurities and feel good as well. Unfortunately, it did not work for me and I am finding out 2 years later that alot of my issues are muscular in nature so even though eating raw did not help my issues I am sure it did not hurt me and the pounds I lost were a appreciated benefit. I also went on a very strong probiotic and that helped my stomach issues tremendously!! I wish you well on your journey to wellness!!!


  • Shari

    Megan, Reading this I was only the second paragraph in and I was screaming at the computer….IT YOUR DIET! I have been living the same thing and eventually it got me bedridden and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I found out after much testing that I am allergic to just about every food you can think of. I can eat 4 “meats” they are turkey, cod, salmon and haddock. I am allergic to ALL grains and all legumes and a lot of different fruits and veggies. A holistic type doctor was put in my path by the grace of God and 1 1/2 years later I am able to manage this and live my life again. This is of couse making a VERY long story a short one. I too did a detox diet, however, I was not allowed fruits for well over a month because the natural sugar still feeds the yeast in your stomach. Let me share with you that it WILL get worse before it gets better through the “die off” stage but stick with it! You will feel cured if you find the strenght (and it does take willpower and strength) to stay with it. If you are interested in any of the information that I have on my detox diet or receipes that I have collected please let me know, I would be happy to email them to you. I know EXACTLY what your dealing with and pray that you find the strength and will power to fight through it. So many people, expecially woman, have this issue…some can tolerate it….most can’t and it manifests into so many other things that doctors seem to just know how to throw different medications at. Whether its insomnia, stomach issues, female issues, headaches, fatigue, etc. I am so happy you are on the right path!! You go girl. Contact me anytime. sharilovestoscrap@gmail.com

  • Christine

    Megan, I know exactly what you are going through. I have a disease called Policystic ovarian syndrome. It has many negative side effects one of which is infertility. I was recently put on a medication that makes me I’ll unless I eat “clean”. This is very difficult but with the help of my husband, family, and the Lord I will get through this. Reading your blogs cheers me up and now even more so. I hope we both are successful on this journey. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and inspiration.

  • JenL

    Megan, you can do this. I love Standard Process. Their products have changed my life. My husband and I have completed the 21 purification. It is not as bad as you might think. We did not feel starved in any way. The changes that you body can make when it has the right fuel is amazing. Good luck on your healing adventure! I will try to message you on facebook and share some tips for making your important life changes. Congratulations!!!

  • patty shipley

    megan i am a diabetic, had a heart attack and was addicted to food. 1 year ago i started by fasting and asking for God’s help on a no sugar way of eating. now i eat only veggies and fruit very lilttle meat some eggs. i have lost 30 some lbs. but more importantly i am eating correctly. i could only do it with God’s help. so i will pray for you and encourage you to stay eating right. it isn’t easy but i have done it and you can also do it you will feel so much better!

  • Joanie K

    You can do this ~ You are a strong women ~ My little sister is going through something similar and she also loves her bread but her doctor told her it was gluten that was making her sick ~ 3 months of eating good and with not gluten she is like a new person feeling great ~ You will see results in your health which will make it so much easier to continue on your new Journey ~ Enjoy & Embrace your new Life!

  • Cheryl Cicioni

    I decided four weeks ago to give up eating wheat and what a huge difference it has made. After reading the book” Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight”, by William Davis, a preventive cardiologist, it was frightening to see the damage that wheat is causing everyone from belly fat, arthritis, IBS, crohns disease, ADHD, diabetes, high cholesterol, possibly autism, etc. etc. etc. I immediately dropped 15 pounds without any difficulty and have no more cravings to “graze” on snacks. We have been given a “snow job” by the food industry to make everyone think that healthy whole grains are healthy, which in fact they are not and are causing the public, our kids included, to develop visceral fat. You don’t have to go without meat, dairy or eggs to do this. But it is important to minimalize the carbohydrates and eat lots of veggies, nuts, and become wheat free.

  • Debbie

    Know that I’m praying for you. Remember that nothing comes to us before it goes through the hands of Jesus. He will get you through it.

  • Sarah, Devon, England

    Megan will be praying for you, you are such an inspiration. Maybe the following will encourage… I had to give up gluten a while ago and the pounds fell off…I put most of it back no I have found that I can bake gluten reduced!!
    I SO agree with your enjoy the moment, recently lost a dear Christian friend to that awful disease, cancer, she taught me two:
    To trust in God
    To make the most of every day and all those around you.
    She did not catch discover the original lump in her breast as she was not pressing hard enough under her arm, so please share with all the women you know.
    God bless

  • Sarah, Devon, England

    Megan will be praying for you, you are such an inspiration. Maybe the following will encourage… I had to give up gluten a while ago and the pounds fell off…I put most of it back no I have found that I can bake gluten reduced!!
    I SO agree with your philosophy to enjoy the moment, recently lost a dear Christian friend to that awful disease, cancer, she taught me two huge things:
    To trust in God
    To make the most of every day and all those around you.
    She did not catch discover the original lump in her breast as she was not pressing hard enough under her arm, so please share with all the women you know.
    God bless and remember that he is with you always.

  • Jennifer Gagne

    I also have PCOS, like some of these ladies, and have been struggling with it for about 6 years. I was blessed with a daughter 6 years ago, but since then I’ve had nothing but miscarriages and heart ache 🙁 Diet really, truly, is the only way to consistantly control it. Cutting out all preservatives, and processed sugars goes a really long way. Eating 5-6 small, BALANCED meals, and making sure you get enough fibre and protein are also important. Mix that in with a good exercise schedule and you are golden 🙂 It’s alot of hard work and preparations, but it becomes a habit so quickly and before you know it you’ll actually be CRAVING your own healthy, clean, foods instead of anything else because your body knows how good it makes you feel!!! I turned 30 this year and I am praying that my hardwork will be rewarded with more children. Just remember not to look at this as a negative, but rather a postive because you now have the motivation to not only get yourself healthy but to also teach your children how to be healthy and happy so that they can grow-up eating properly and understanding the importance of what they put in their mouths and how they treat their bodies. My thoughts are with you!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂