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Happy Monday Everyone!

Britten here to maybe make YOUR day just a little brighter by sharing something that Megan and I have been working on for quite some time…

Who out there doesn’t need some extra cash?  And who wouldn’t LOVE to make that extra cash by doing what you love?   Are you ready to start making that extra money RIGHT NOW??  Then let’s get started!

“7 Things You Can Do Today To Start Making Money As A Papercrafter”  is an exclusive, FREE download available only at  It will give you simple tips and tricks on just how you can turn your hobby into cash.

Click here for your free download:  7 Things You Can Do Today to Make Money As a Papercrafter (Once you click the link – Click the Title a Second time for Protection and the PDF will appear.)

Best of all, this is just the start!  In the coming months, we will be bringing you more information on just how you can start making some extra cash with your paper and stamps! We’ll interview crafters who have successfully started their own creative business and share with you how they got started, how they stay motivated, and how they handle the ups and downs of the industry in these tough economic times.  We’ll give details, links and LOADS of information on just how you can turn your paper passion into more than just a hobby, but something to contribute to your family income, or extra fun money on the side.

To give you a jumpstart on starting YOUR crafty business, we are putting together a list of creative blogs and websites.  So if you blog about your papercraft projects, please leave your blog or website address in the comments section so we can add you to our list.  Then check back on Wednesday, May 2nd to download the list AND to find out how you can start making money with your blog right away!

Now…go scrap something!





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