Shopping and Crafting with Teen Brother! 1

5 MINUTE EASY DIY CUSTOM SHIRTS While this isn’t a traditional “in studio” Tuesday Tutorial.  I thought it was pretty fun to take my teenaged brother to a craft store and then make a REALLY Easy Custom DIY Tshirt with him for his Air-Soft Team that he plays on.  Now, while I personally am not a fan of the team abbreviation – they are the Tactical Urban Recon Division ….. yes he’s 15, and therefore he wears a shirt that says – T.U.R.D.  – *sigh*

But it was still super fun to hang out and make an easy project with him and say hello!

I decided to upload it in two parts so you can choose if you want to see the horrible mess of shopping together LOL or just watch how easy it is to make the tshirt!

Part 1 – Shopping!

Part 2 – Making!

Part 3 – It’s Finished!

I hope you enjoyed the CRAZY adventure and something a little different on the blog today!  I’m excited to be home now and get back to sharing in studio!

It’s been a busy few weeks leading up to the INCREDIBLE Launch of – we have welcomed so many amazing women into this membership!  I’m so excited that they are willing to dive in, start achieving their dreams and take hold to change their lives!  We got it down business, life and balance the way you want it!

All new courses come out every single month – how to really maximize and grow Instagram, Ways to Motivate yourself, Focus on your Why’s and LOTS and lots more!  The 30 Day challenge REALLY amazes me how it’s such a great starting point and incredible way to focus and take little action steps each and every day to form habits to change life and business!!!

I hope you enjoy it!  I also have 3 more spots available for Diamond level Members who do get monthly one on one coaching directly with me and I’m SOOO honored to work with such amazingly talented and dedicated professionals! is on a mission to give back and keep growing…

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As always – I love and enjoy you all SOOOO MUCH and thankful you are here!!!  Don’t stop being you and rocking at all you do!!!

Enjoy the Moments!

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