Showing My Cricut Spirit! 68

Today was nail day and as I was sitting in my nail tech’s chair I was admiring all of the beautiful nail polish colors. They are all so gorgeous and as some of you may know, hair stylist/nail technician was my former career life, therefore I’m especially a sucker for new OPI brand colors!!!

OPI has just come out with a new color line in honor of Shrek the Third and there it was….

The color of that big green ogre! It hit me!!!!

I had to get my toes painted… I needed it, I needed it now!!!!

Because not only is this color the same as everyone’s favorite ogre, it’s also the SAME as EVERYONE’S favorite bug….
Drum rolll please!!!!!!!!!

I present to you……
Cricut Green!!!!!!!!
(the real color is called “who the Shrek are you?” by OPI)

Then…. I just had to take it two steps…I mean two toes further!!!!

Quickly I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up for my nail tech to see! “I need that circle Cricut head on my toes! I must I must!”
Scratching her head my wonderful friend shrugged her shoulders and said, “ok Megan!!!”

I proceeded to explain I’m ready for CHA and I will see all my Cricut friends…this is just tooo perfect!!!

Sooo here it is… What do you think???

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