Of the New Cricut Hello Thursday Releases…. 34

Ok, so REALLY I am NOT going to buy more cartridges SUPER soon,

BUT of the newest Cricut Hello Thursday Releases, I want these two the MOST! (not saying I will get them too soon here – but eventually I will probably add…

Simply Charmed Cricut Cartridge – Newest Hello Thursday Cartridge – To me Simple Charmed is like an updated version of Doodle Charms – which is such a fav!  Full of different holidays and events in just cute little images!  ADORABLE!!?!?!  Amen!??!?


Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge!  Its just so cute!!!!  This would for SURE be my favorite winter/christmas cartridge I am sure!  If I owned this cartridge I would love using that nativity set on cards and layouts and the snow men – TOOO CUTE for WORDS!  LOVE!!! 🙂

Don’t forget about the other new Cricut Cartridges;

  • Country Life
  • Happy Hauntings
  • Rock Princess

Which ones are you most drawn too!?  Which is it you feel you NEED to add to your library???

I’m trying to be so good!!! 😉  😉

CHA is going to be bad for my wallet – I can see it now 😉 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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34 thoughts on “Of the New Cricut Hello Thursday Releases….

  • Lori B.

    It is difficult to pick a favorite… I REALLY do love them all. My wallet was empty before this new release so don’t know what I am going to do. PC will be the end of me! 🙂

  • Janet

    I LOVE them all and will probably spend months trying to get them at great prices. My daughter and I share them that is a great way to have them all! BTW I am new ot ypur site Love it, you are an inspirationto me. I’ve had my cricut exp for nearly 3 years and was totally frustrated with it until I found you and Robyn on Y Tube. I purchased your DVD and am having fun. My first project was a Birthday card for my granddaughter,nthing too elaborate but cute al the same. My second was a small card for Monique Griffith I really like it. Just needs a couple finishing touches.
    Thank you so much for your tips and ideas.

  • Jenny Kozar

    I really feel the NEED for 3 of them, of course the Simply Charmed the Winter Frolic and the Halloween one. I agree though – I am really waiting to purchase anything until after CHA (that is where I will need all my spare change!)

  • erintw2gs

    Love the Simply Charmed!! It looks like it’s going to be another exclusive cartridge though. The other four that were released yesterday say “Coming Soon.” But, Simply Charmed says “Not Available.” Just an observation.

  • scrapper69

    I only like 3 of them and they are the Happy Hauntings, Winter Frolic, Simply Charmed…. in that exact order! 🙂 I don’t like the other 2 for me… but they have lots of fun things on them for those who like that type of stuff…:)

  • KarenLinPA

    Simply Charmed & Country Life are the two new carts I’d like to have. I live in Amish Country, so I have plenty of photos that need farm stuff for the layouts. CL has more realistic looking images than some of the previous carts, which are a bit “cutesy” for me.

  • Marcie Smith

    I’m still paying off the last releases. These will just have to stay on the back burner for a while. But I think my favorites are Rock Princess and Simply charmed. Not so fond of Winter Frolic. Would have liked to see something a little less childish for Christmas this year. I know Christmas is for the kids, but it is also for some of us big kids too.

  • Theresa *Treefrog* Kelly

    Love them all but I will definetly be getting Country Life, I HAVE to have that one being a newbie Country Girl out here in the Hicks. LOL Already have some great gift ideas for it. So So Cute! They really outdid themselves with these new ones, they are all so cute!

  • cindy

    I am 100% with you! These are my must haves as well. So cute. Simply charmed was a bit of a surprise because no one had this particular one pictured with their “sneak peeks”.

  • Mary Ann Huntington (pixie grammy)

    My two favorite are Simply Charmed and Country Life. But, neither are in my budget so won’t be getting them for a very long time.

  • Nicole B

    I totally agree with your picks. I was so happy that PC was going to release a lot more cartridges, but now I am realizing the problem this is having with my bank account. LOL

    I am starting to worry about how hard CHA is going to be on my wallet, but you couldn’t pay me to miss it. I am traveling from Canada for it and am so excited. See you there!!!

  • Dana

    I love the Rock Princess because I have teenage daughters that are seriously into Rock music. Since I’m an October baby, I also love the Happy Haunting because Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.

  • Linda Carson

    I think the Winter Frolic and the Halloween one… wish I hadn’t just bought the 2 seasonal Halloweens last week!! The one I am waiting for is the 3 Birds on Parade. Love it!!