How to Make a Father’s Day Card with Cricut Expression 8

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday June 16th and it’s time to make cards for the Dad’s we love!

This Tuesday Tutorial is a super fun card using lots of fun elements to say Thanks for Watching Out for us Dad! I don’t think there is much more personal or special things than a handmade card from the heart on occasions like this – so lets learn how to make Dad a card this Father’s day!

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What’s You’ll See Me Us in This Video: Cricut Fathers Day Card Howto

  • Cricut Expression
  • Cricut Gypsy
  • Cricut Graphically Speaking Cartridge
  • Cricut A Child’s Year Cartridge
  • Stamps from AboveRubiesStudio “I’m Just Sayin” stamp set
  • Stamps from My Creative Time Gift Card Sentiments
  • Stamps from Studio G
  • Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz
  • Megan Elizabeth Paper Layerz
  • eBosser by Craftwell
  • Sizzix Embossing folder by Tim Hotly
  • Glue Glider Pro


Handmade Fathers Day Card



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8 thoughts on “How to Make a Father’s Day Card with Cricut Expression

  • Irene

    Cute card. I’m gonna make one this week. But after watching your tutorial this morning, I have searched and searched, and I’m unable to find the Studio G Mini Alphabet Stamps online anywhere. Do you have any suggestions? They are a great size for card sentiments. Thanks.

  • Iva Suggs

    Great card Megan. I’m with Irene – where can we find the Studio G mini
    alphabet stamps you used. I’ve spent about an hour looking on line to no avail.
    Any suggestions? Thank you for sharing your projects.

  • Bibi

    What an adorable card. So sweet and I must say you did a fine job on all elements and so glad you covered the smudge on the inside heart, it would have bothered me too, lol So glad to see that we all do things like that but they are all fixable and you covered it well, no one will ever know, hehehehe!!!

  • Jo

    Megan I truly enjoyed both videos. I LOVED your Father’s Day card! You are super talented the way you whip things up on the fly! Love how awesome it turned out and its going to make someone very happy!


  • Melissa

    I have never been successful with those tiny letters. But I am going to try it again. I forgot Graph. Speaking had a clock it. Love this card.Thanks