Where DO You Want To Be? 6

Hopscotch Scrapbook 12x12 LayoutsEasyAll of everything coming up in April – I’m just jazzed up, pumped up, excited!!!  And I HAD to take this ONE LAST opportunity to share the Hopscotch Workshop on the Go in a scrapbook layout before it’s gone for good because this stamp has found a place in 8 different projects in my craft room and it’s about to be gone. for. good! 🙁 NOoooo!

Anyway – last chance to Grab Seasonal Inspirations HERE and enter to WIN the customer goodies!

I had such a response of excitement over the last scrapbook inspiration video – I thought – YES – do one more this week!!! 🙂

Isn’t that stamp just awesome?!?!  What could you see using it for?

Thanks for watching todays Tutorial!  I really hope it inspired you to create something and get jazzed up about where YOU want to be! 😉

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Don’t forget THURSDAY NIGHT is out LIVE VIP Event with LOTS and LOTSA giveaways and fun for those who come – learn a little more about what’s up with LifeAboveRubies.com and so many other things – I know I’m so vague, but it’s so exciting!





Just for fun and an introduction for some – THIS Is kinda what DCI Videos are about – and what you can expect to come! 🙂 I LOVE doing them!  Thank YOU so much for the opportunity to share!!! 🙂


Enjoy the Moments!


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6 thoughts on “Where DO You Want To Be?

  • Cindy Haren


    Just wanted you to know that I needed to hear what you had to say today in your DCI. It’s been a struggle lately and I needed that reminder! Just so you know, the things that drew me to following you are your enthusiasm and passion for what you do and your love for the Lord and others! I can’t wait for the new website and Thurs. night’s video, many blessings to you and your family!

  • Dennise (Dee) Robinson

    All I can say is AMEN! I have said it so many times that the only thing I’m sure of anymore is that I’m not sure of anything except that the Good Lord has looked out for me my entire life and I know he will continue. But I have to say thank you because I needed to hear it today from someone else as well. This has been a crazy up and down year so far and I am so thankful for HIS faithfulness and knowing even when I don’t feel it that he is there and will continue to be.

    I have so much to get figured out right now but am determined to do so and there is another song I keep trying to remind myself of almost daily. One particular line of it that says “I am persuaded that HE is able” and I am so glad he is because so often I am not!

    Thank you Megan for all you do!

  • Carmen Elrod

    Hi Megan! Thank you for doing this tutorial! You have given me super ideas what to do with this kit! I have it and love it! You are such an inspiration to myself and so many others! I am counting the days till the launch party!!!! Your parties are always the Best!
    Thank you Megan for being you and for sharing with us!
    I feel so very Blessed to know you!

  • Florence Oberkramer

    Thank you again for the tuesday tutorial – I really look forward to them and my kit came in the mail today.I’m anxious to give it a try and just may copy your layout.
    Thanks so much – you are such an inspiration to me – I think you are so sweet and honest and true. Its refreshing.

  • Sue Cross

    Thank God for everything he does for us. I enjoyed you speaking of God, don’t ever quite. Loved the song.
    I Love your tutorials, watch them all the time. I agree with Florence, you are an inspiration to me. I am 70 yrs young so I don’t want to start a business or blog but, I enjoy watching you.
    I can’t believe Gradyon is a year old all ready. The kids are growing so fast it seems like yesterday they were babies.
    Time is going so fast that we have to be read for God to take us home.