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Hey Everyone!

I know there have not been tutorials lately and I have a BUNCH recorded, but I am so busy working on something HUGE with Square1Masterpiece PLUS working with Ambient Light TV and Brooklyn Bridge Films, that I have not had a chance to edit them and post them (because it takes lots of time!)

(More on what’s happening in video and info below)

Before I dive into those details – I STILL have the sale running at AboveRubiesStudio.com on the Stamp and Card Maker BUNDLES! This is a huge value of over $140.00 for only $24.97! This price will not last long and there are other great sale items too for celebrating the 4th of July. I know many of you were on vacation and did not receive the notice so we extended the sale for everyone!  I’ve been shopping dollar deals recently at other craft stores like Michaels and Craft-e-Corner.com and so I wanted to extend out super deals as well because I know how much I LOVE a good sale so I hope you do too! 🙂

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Square1Masterpiece Earn Money Crafting Program!

This is HUGE! This is unlike any other home based business program you’ve ever seen! This has been hard work!  This is true dedication to making you successful in crafting so we need your commitment to us as well!  Let me break down a few details for you!


Square1 Design Specialist Program

Regular Startup Cost: $99.00 ($938.00 Value!)
Available right now for: $79.00
Only 200 specialist positions available.

Program Includes:

Square 1 Product (Over $140.00 retail value)

1.       24 sheets 8.5 x 11’s  – Retail Value nearly $60.00
2.       2 Megan Elizabeth Color Collections – $40.00
3.       7 SVG Images and Fonts – – $20.00
4.       Starter pack of business cards printed on Square1 material  $25.00

Specialists Discount (Savings!)
·         30% of all Ink Jet Printable Product
·         Discounts on all other Square1 Product

Business Training Courses ($798 value):

  1. How to Create with Square1Masterpiece (Print it, Cut It, Transfer It, Reapply It and more!)
  2. Building Your Business 101: Goal setting, Branding, Platform
  3. Social Media Building 101
  4. Educating Consumers and Sharing Yourself: How to sell without ever giving a sales pitch or begging someone to buy!
  5. Building a “Catalog” of Projects You Make and How to Make Them
  6. Setting Prices that will attract Sales
  7. How to make the most of Craft Shows and Online Sales
  8. Reselling Square1Masterpiece Ideas and Inspirations

Information from Doug:
“We want to prepare you for success and give you tools and ideas to really jump start your very own creative business. Megan is an expert in these areas and has the experience and statistics to back this up.  She is dedicating her time to help you succeed.  She will be offering these initial training courses at no additional cost to you (Over a $798 value) just because she loves when people explode doing what they love!  Megan can show you that by following what she lays out for you and by being committed to follow through, you will be able to earn $200 or more every month only working a few hours doing what many of you already do anyway! Crafting!

If you want to sign up for this incredible program join us at Square1Masterpiece.com/blog Sunday night July 14th 9:30pm EST to get questions answered and sign up to success!




We can still use YOUR HELP!

We are not near our goal, and that’s ok – I am still so very truly blessed by this all and so thankful, but!

It’s also doesn’t mean I’m “giving up” yet! We can still make this happen!  It can happen quickly by sharing, by understanding by $1.00 from every person this reaches!  If we don’t reach it – you keep ALL of your money!  If we reach it – you get something AMAZING from it!  Hope to count on shares and help still!  Those who post on their blogs, or other media sites, let me know!  If you share and do that I will make sure something special happens for you as well!!!




Interviewed with Lehigh Valley Live check it out right here!


Here is some videos from Tuesday and deal shopping I did!

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

If you can’t find some of these same deals go ahead and check out AboveRubiesStudio.com and Craft-e-Corner.com for some great deals right from home!

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