What You Missed! Square1 Designer Program, Tumbler and Transfer Tutorial 12

Hey Everyone!

Happy mid-July already! WOW!  Can’t you believe it?!  Where is 2013 going?

The other day I told you I have been so very busy working on something HUGE and amazing with Square1Masterpiece that I haven’t had a moment to edit tutorials.  Well this video includes some great project ideas, inspirations and how to on using Square1Masterpiece which is just like using vinyl only SO.MUCH.BETTER!  You’ve heard me rant and rave and if you don’t remember all I’ve talked about and done you can always click on the Square1Masterpiece Category link here at AboveRubiesStudio….

It’s not just me that thinks so….Check out what Britten Lynn has said and done with Square1!

Also here are a few things by Shawn Mosch!!!

Check out this ustream video that was recorded live answering questions and showing all kinds of wonderful ideas on how to use Square1 and earn money crafting!

Here’s the link to get your hands on the Designer program….now remember a few things

It’s only $79.00 until Friday OR Until we fill all 200 spots!  After Sunday night we already have less than 100 spots remaining soooo make sure you get on that so you don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

Become a Square1Masterpiece Designer and start earning money crafting now right here!


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12 thoughts on “What You Missed! Square1 Designer Program, Tumbler and Transfer Tutorial

  • Whitney Cantrell

    I am watching your recording of the video last night and I am so excited. I am only about 20 min into the video and have already ordered my kit!! Can’t wait to see what exciting things are coming our way.

  • Deneen

    I finally got to watch the Ustream video and have decided to jump right in. Can’t wait to get my package and learn everything I can.

  • Robin

    Hi Megan, I was fortunate to have been able to watch live last night and my kit should be on it’s way soon. I am beside myself waiting for your classes to begin. Yeah! I hope they start soon.. it’s hard to contain my excitement.

  • Debbie

    Hi Megan, I was not able to watch the live feed, however, I just watched the tape and was still able to order my kit. I am so excited and I am very happy that I was not too late. I can’t wait to get started.

  • Maryann

    Another question. I know you don’t use a cutting mat with your cameo, but do I need to use one with my cricut when cutting the Square 1?

  • Kris

    Yay! I’m so excited! Let the fun begin! Waiting patiently for my goodies and the training. Well, kind of patiently!!! Thanks, Megan Elizabeth and Square 1!

  • Pam D

    Hey Megan,
    Got your email offer today and I don’t mean to be a kill joy, but I’m having second thoughts about this designer program. You talk a good hype but when it comes to the nuts and bolts, this isn’t a very good business deal for us/me.
    1. Product discount: As a designer/resaler, I thought we were suppose to be getting a discount on product! (at least 30%) If I have to pay full retail price for the product, where’s the profit margin for us? (even though it’s free shpg + a couple extra sheets)
    If this is going to be a business for us, there needs to be a profit margin for our part from the reselling of the product and so far I’m really not seeing any. So far I’m only seeing profit for Square 1.

    2. Price point. $20.00 for 8 sheets are you kidding me!!! That comes to $2.50 per sheet!! Are you living in the same economy that I am?? That’s insanely ridiculous for those of us who have to pinch pennies on a daily basis. I’m sorry but I would/could not buy it for that price, I’d go back to vinyl. It seems to me to be competitive with vinyl you’re going to have to have a better price point than that.
    I could buy several rolls of vinyl for that price. Yikes!

    Just bein’ real my friend.
    Pam D
    PS – I would have sent an email, but the sending ability is disabled right now for some reason.