Postponed Through Storm 2

Heylo my friends!

Today was supposed to be the start of our Tuesday Tutorial Series on DY Jewelry with a getting started package that Britten Linn and I put together.  Because of Hurricane Sandy that is severely impacting the East Coast I decided I wanted to give East Coast folks a fair chance to get their hands on this package as well.  There are limited supplies so we are going to wait until Next Tuesday at 12:00am EST to release this fun thing and tell you more about it and share our first video! 🙂

For today I thought I would bring you a Tuesday Tutorial Flash Back since my schedule is all off. I actually drove to Pennsylvania on Friday and arrived at 4:00am, only to find out the reason I was there was cancelled and the storm was hitting bad, so Sunday night I turned around and drove all the way back to Wisconsin straight through the night and arrived at 9:00am Monday morning.  So I’m a little bit off my track too with everything from this. Praying for safety and protection for all and that damage is minimal!

Here’s a popular video from awhile back! 🙂  Hope you Enjoy! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

Also, Here is a little “snack” of something we started work on last year, there is much more to come and I can’t wait to share the full “episode” with everyone from Above Rubies Studio very soon! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

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2 thoughts on “Postponed Through Storm

  • Sandy Christman

    I would love to get involved in the jewelry making.How do I get a kit and how much is it? I had a lot of problems with U Stream. If I can get in the jewelry kit I will join U Stream for the year and then I won’t have to worry about the comercials
    Thank you,

  • MommyMe

    I enjoyed the flashback! I actually remember the video from the first time around. I can’t wait to see more from the second video and find out more about the jewelry endeavor.
    The storm was incredible, but we are fortunate to have had minimal damage. I’m glad you are safe!