Why START – 30 Days and more…..

I’m so excited to share so much with you ALL of April! ¬†There is a LOT happening and guarantee something for everyone! ūüėČ

My Whole Heart Went In….

As we hit April, I’m incredibly reflective over March and all the incredible things that happened this past month, not only for myself – but for many Precious Gems here, friends and “family” alike.

You see earlier in March I got back from an incredible earned Cruise from Close To My Heart¬†and not only was that reflective for my heart and soul, it was also incredibly inspiring to dive in with my whole heart to the month of March coming back to “business”. ¬†I had the incredible privilege of working with some incredible “gems” this month and watching them skyrocket to next levels, higher income levels achieved, title promotions, team members added, goal achieved!

As I kept mulling over my 2016 Vision and Goals and my why’s behind them – my whole heart has gone in – deeper & deeper – to LifeAboveRubies.com and working closely with each GEM. ¬†Dedicating my heart and my time – working diligently to thank, reach out and encourage clients and customers. ¬†You see I’ve fallen short of that – several times – throughout my “career” with Above Rubies….but without doubt every single person that touches Above Rubies through comments, through purchases, through membership through being a team member – is SO important to me and my HEART desires to thank and SHOW each one what you mean – even when I’ve fallen short or dropped the ball. ¬†However, whole heart, all in, there’s been a HUGE shift all over again in everything Above Rubies is and means to me – AND increases in things I never expected which is ALWAYS the best!
I was inspired watching the efforts put forth – WHOLE HEART efforts – coming out and the magic that literally happened…it unfolded right before my eyes when excuses (lies) were dispelled and the whole heart went forth in efforts of faith!

Maybe you’re one I’m talking about, or maybe you’re like 95% out there wondering, how do I see these results and start achieving my goals? ¬†How do I increase my income? How do I build the relationships that matter? ¬†What am I even doing? How do I find my WHY that drives me to make a difference and have a purpose?

ENTER APRIL 4th 2016 – the 30 Day Challenge (re)START!

I want to invite you to come join me and the LifeAboveRubies.com GEMS in a 30 DAY Success Buildling Challenge!  

AND – I have an EXTRA special offer for you FOR joining this challenge – something I’ve never done before with LifeAboveRubies!!!

I am SO committed to removing excuses and to helping you see the WHY YES I can have success!

I want to see you sky rocket just like Cynthia V. did in March promoting 2 levels in her business! Bobby T. reaching a commission check 4 times the amount ever received before! Mandy L. reaching Purple Presenter by pulling her heart and team together it inspired ME to join HER just to help her reach her goal! Angela W. who received such amazing reviews in her office, she received a huge promotion and pay increase.  Kate B. added 16 new team members to her team this month alone and Jen Y. who has her focus and drive back sending out samples and building relationships and loyalty all over again!

Imagine what can happen for YOU in April!

Here are a FEW Ways You can DIVE IN – Work with ME and TAKE ACTION to start ACHIEVING what YOU Desire!!!

  1. 50% OFF VIP Ruby GEMS FOR LIFE at LifeAboveRubies.com – details – HERE!
    30 Days Fresh Start
  2. 30 Day (re)START Challenge – Build Success Habits to have the business, blog, or lifestyle YOU desire – START achieving your goals! Join Now simply START!
  3. Join me LIVE and CHAT with me to talk Success Principles (*Alternate Date!) Thursday April 7th 9:30pm EST – YouTube.com/AboveRubiesStudio
  4. Baby I'm Worth It! Become a Close to My Heart Consultant – because Baby You’re Worth it! For only $75 – you not only get a kit full of the tools and organization you need to START (over $200 value usd) – you ALSO get to choose $50.00 in Select Product Credit to complete you kit with items YOU want to create with! AND April is more rewarding than ever. Not only do you get your beautiful New Consultant Kit at a new, lower price, but when you submit $350 in personal sales within your first 30 days**, you get your choice of either a FREE Cricut¬ģ collection or $100 in Select Product Credit‚ÄĒand that‚Äôs in addition to the Straight To The Top start-up bonus that you‚Äôll earn along the way! While my personal MAIN focus is on LifeAboveRubies and our GEMs there – when you join the Precious Gems CTMH team – you become part of a family that is all about success and we will help you take action as you develop in a craft you love! START HERE!
  5. Become a Diamond GEM and receive One on One Personal Coaching to help you get a roadmap and clarity Рthere are only 4 Positions available for this exclusive and elite training program.  Working with LifeAboveRubies coaches directly to steer you into success. Training specifically tailored to your specific goals and needs in business, blogging, youtube, social media and so much more! APPLY NOW!

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