Happy 2nd Birthday Gradyn Everet! MLM 4

Today’s My Life Monday is in honor of Gradyn’s 2nd birthday that is TODAY!

**We will return to regularly scheduled videos and tutorials shortly – today is about my little man!**  (Details under pictures)

We had such a great weekend and day with family and cupcakes and Easter Candy!  We even had a fun little dinner out with Nan and Poppop!

I can not believe this little man is 2! I feel like I just told the world I was pregnant with him a few weeks ago – how does it happen!? But oh it does!

This is why Enjoy the Moments mean soooo much!  It goes SO FAST!

Gradyn’s current favorite in life is “Paw Patrol” particularly Marshall!

He was sooooo excited when he saw the “PaaAtrol Cutcates” we picked up for him!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing in my life and my kids lives as well!  You all are amazing and I so appreciate all your love and support through out the years!  You all are amazing!

Scheduled Programming:

A few notes I wanted to point out to everyone following along with what’s happening….

  • How To Tuesday’s – I want to know what you guys are wanting to learn!  I am excited to share a few things that I’m working on DIY speaking that help me in everyday life and business, but really, what are you DYING to see in action I haven’t asked in awhile! 😉  Just comment and let me know!

Enjoy the Moments!!!

Have an awesome day!

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Gradyn Everet! MLM

  • LilGreenBug

    Wow! Time flies! He is so stinkin’ adorable, Megan! Hope life is treating you well. Love and hugs to you and your precious kiddos!

  • Liz Lane

    Hey Megan! Happy birthday to your little guy! Time does fly! You are right–enjoy every moment!! I feel like it was just yesterday that my boys were that age and now they are almost 14 and 16! WHAT?! I still cannot believe that!

    So for Tuesday videos, this is probably so basic and if you already have a video on this, maybe you could direct me to it! Thanks! I really want to take a canvas (like you would paint on) and somehow get Isaiah 48:17 on it. I love that verse and I want it large and visible so that my boys (and me!) will see it everyday–I love having Scripture around so that when you see it all the time, you just suddenly know it by heart! 🙂 It’s that Deut. directive of posting Scripture everywhere-on the doorframes, etc!! 🙂 I am thinking cricut? But I am so not great with my cricut that I wouldn’t even know what material to use and how to make it all come together. I want it to look nice–not handwritten. Ideas?

    Thanks a bunch! And blessings on you, Megan! Liz in PA