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30 Days Fresh Start 30 Day (re)START Challenge!

It’s the first Monday in April and we are so very excited to be diving in collectively and building and refreshing goals and habits of success together. (pphhheewww thats a lot of ANDs but truth be told – its all true!)

This is ALL happening over at right now and I wanted to share the info – the downloads and get YOUR voice in on this!

A few things I wanted to point out about starting this 30 Day Challenge and open up the floor to you to ask questions, send in your goals and desires and share your whys! (leave me your comments below – send an email – or JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE!

We would love to encourage you, help you find accountability and start achieving!

The purpose of the 30 Days is to give you a clear roadmap to take action – even a few small steps each and every day are steps closer to your hearts dreams – lets get there together!

This 30 Days we wanted to give you a few extra tools to work with as well – over the next few weeks – we will be sending out overview emails to help you keep motivated and pick up right where you left off.

For those Gems who aren’t really sure if they’re ready to take this challenge on, these emails are a great way to see more what this is all about and just take a few baby steps implementing what we share as well!

I encourage you to head over to now and visit the 30 Day Challenge Page TODAY! Get started with Day 1 and grab our free 30 Day Start Pack to.. well – START!  (Grab Your Download HERE FREE!)


Please note the change on the schedule for our LIVE EVENT this month – we scheduled THIS MONTHS call for the 1st Thursday which is April 7th at 9:30pm EST – JOIN in on the conversation and ask questions, get answers as we lay out the Principles of Success in Action at



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One thought on “Business: ALL IN YES! I’m So GLAD You’re In!

  • Dee (Dennise Robinson)

    Looking forward to the 30 day challenge for a number of reasons. Since I moved last Oct. it’s been a roller coaster for me. Finished moving on a Sunday, fell on a Thursday and spent a good 6 weeks not able to do much of anything toward unpacking let alone refinishing the bedroom floors which needed done before things were set up in there. (my recliner was my best friend lol). Trying to get things done after that was still a slow progression because there were still things I had problems with. Won’t go into deep details but to say Satan has thrown a lot at me in these last few months besides my fall I’ve had financial setbacks due to having to replace appliances and other issues as well. Finally got my house to at least a livable form just in time for my sisters visit the week of March 12-19 ( The sister we just found out about a little over a year ago) We had a great time and found out that she and I have a lot of things in common and our lives parallel one another so much in what we like, have done, and what’s happened in our lives that it’s almost scary. But I have to admit these last couple of weeks with all that has happened these past few months, that after her visit I personally sort of crashed. Body, mind, and spirit! It’s as if I was a hot air balloon and someone all of a sudden let all the air out. I’m so hoping that this 30 day challenge will help me get it all back on track.