eCraft Machine from Craftwell CHA Look

Hey Everyone,

I’m very excited to bring you this inside look at the eCraft Electronic Die Cutting Machine by Craftwell.  (I’m also excited to say I won one in their drawings and I WILL be doing videos with this machine when I receive it in the next few months!  This machine is SO cool because you CAN use all of your True Type Fonts with it as well as their pre-designed images and the best part is – NO CUTTING MATS Required!  You can feed in rolls of paper for UNLIMITED Lengths, you can use the tray for images to just keep cutting and cutting and you can also draw and cut with one cut! 🙂  Take a look at what Emily is going to show in the demo!

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. As a new scrapbooker and looking for simple ways of scrapbooking I have to say I am really excited about this. I have a cricut and love it but this looks some much more easier, there is a lot on my cricut I don’t know how to do. I will definitely be looking for your videos on this! What a great find Megan!!!! I wish I could win one too!!

  2. Yay for you! I am actually getting one from them as well! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this matless wonder since last year!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Megan, that ecraft machine is sooo tempting, wish I could get it, but I’m new to crafting, yes I have said this before….:-)and I have my Imagine and I love it…but still very tempting

  4. How much does it cost?

  5. OMG, that looks so cool, I want one too!! I am soooo jealous Megan … LOL


  6. that is great! Gotta get the bank out and start saving for that one!

  7. Wow! I have become a big cricut fan but this looks facinating! I wonder how long it will be before some company comes up with the “perfect machine”. How much is this?

  8. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Neat Machine, what the $$ on this one. TFS looking forward in seeing your videos when you get your machine.

  9. Aimee Ritter says:

    I love this, however I have so many cricut carts that I think I will get the second machine that wont run my existing carts…Love your “shows”, I hope you had a great time at CHA!!!

  10. Ack, now its even better. I had just bought my E and happen to see this and thought maybe I should have gotten the eCraft instead. Now I am really upset with myself because I should have. I wonder if PC is going to try and make the next E similar or if the new CraftRoom is going to have such features and

  11. Love that the machine doesn’t use mats. What is the cost of this machine?

  12. Neat machine. What is the price?

  13. reta strong says:

    i checked the priced and it’s $350.

  14. reta strong says:

    the ? i have, can you use pieces of scrap paper or does it have to be 12×12

  15. reta strong says:

    i could not find the price of the cart.

  16. I really like this machine and looking into possibly purchasing this machine when it becomes available. Thanks for sharing

  17. Jane L chadwick says:

    This looks amazing. Not seen anything like this before. Would be interesting in finding out what this machine can do.

  18. The E-Craft doesn’t use mats(great savings there), but it won’t emboss then. Do you input into the machine what type media you’re using so the blade is at the correct height for cutting?

  19. Thanks for showing this die cutting machine. Wondering which craft stores carry this item for a touch/try/see demo? While I love,love,love my E, I’ll be checking out the eCraft fonts/shapes/paper/and accessory products.

  20. cool machine.

  21. Wow, I have seen this machine at the craft store, but I never had any idea how awesome it is!!!! Thanks Megan!!!!

  22. Wow this is amazing.I love it. I love that you can buy one image. I feel so bad about all the stuff (images on my many many cartridges) I have that I don’t use.

  23. What is the Model number on the new machine? Is it available now and where?

  24. Awesome machine! TFS

  25. Really looks cool, but too much money invested in my Crickets…BUT I wold have like to have seen a sneak peek at their upcoming machine the eBosser!

  26. Aleda Haynes says:

    Very interesting. Patiently (lol) waiting on instruction videos.

  27. Marcia Greene says:

    Looks like fun! I went to the website ( ) and they list it for $349.99.

  28. Very Interesting machine. Looking forward to hearing the pros and cons. Sandra

  29. Marcia Greene says:

    I went looking in a couple of other places and craft-e-corner has it, too, and cheaper.

  30. wow what a cool machine. I have the cricut expression and love it to death…look forward to more videos on this machine…Maybe?….Thanks Megan…

  31. Whitney C. says:

    I have been watching this machine. I want to play with one so bad. TFS Megan!

  32. This looks like a fun machine but what about all those cartridges and Cricut machines, Gypsy etc we already have. So much money put into that already!! But it sure looks fun. I hope you continue to give us ideas with the Cricut though. Just a wish on my part. I have your disks and love watching and learning all that you show.


  33. Very interesting! You now seem to like this machine above the Cricuts. I have all of the Cricut machines. I know you seemed excited about the Expression 2…so how is it? We can’t buy them all so which do you like the best. You can’t represent ALL of the companies…or can you?

  34. Wow, Megan! I think they have made improvements since last January’s CHA! I wasn’t too impressed with it then. Now it looks pretty awesome! You will have so much fun with it!
    Blessings and hugs!

  35. Margie Taber says:

    Megan,I also have been looking at this machine hopefully it will come to my house

  36. WOW…. That is a really cool machine! I love that you don’t need a mat for it… But I’m a PC girl….soooo what to do what to do???? LOL Thanks for sharing it Megan! 🙂

  37. Love the look of this machine ( Awesome ) . Thanks for showing us am looking forward to seeing more of the goodies you have to show us…..Love the paper that was used….already sticky….I haven’t seen any of this round our neck of the woods…..cheers

  38. that machine seems great, if i get another machine my husband will kill me. i need a machine that i can get images for cheap and dont have to buy a lot of stuff to go with it but i will check it out thanks.

  39. Linda Jamme says:

    Looks like a great machine and quiet too.

  40. Boy would I love to win this machine. Appears to be so much less complicated

  41. Connie Lewis says:

    Thanks for the demo Megan. This is exciting and I sure would love to have one! I’m like a lot of others out here, I have a huge investment in my cricuts (more than one) and 78+ cartridges. I just recently (past 5 months) found you and love you videos (I have them all)! I like the new stuff :), just please don’t do less. I check in every day. Thanks for all you do. Blessings, Connie

  42. Wow! that looks like an amazing machine! Would love to have one!

  43. This looks very interesting. I have too much money invested in carts for my 2 Cricut machines. I think my husband, who is very understanding, would blow a gasket if I bought one of these:) Thanks for all the cool info you share with us. God bless!

  44. I’ll be interested in seeing this in action :D. TFS!

  45. Hi Megan, I thank you for sharing this … I will share this with my fellow cricut gals! This machine is fascinating!! Maybe someday I may get it … Have fun with it … you will be envied by us gals!!

  46. Tammy Brownlee says:

    So many toys, so little play time! I will be waiting for your demos!

  47. Megan, curious to know if this will work with MTC software! Ladies check out Craft-3-corner. com for prices on this machine. If this work with MTC I am getting one!

  48. Edwina Brown says:

    I finally got to watch this . It wouldn’t work the first 24 hours. I really enjoyed seeing this machine in action. Very nice,but how does it compare to Cricut? I do like the thinness of it.

  49. WOW this is awsome, I will have to check it out. Will it work with make the cut?

  50. I just got this machine for my birthday in January and really like what it does so far. I look forward to seeing your videos for some new ideas. 🙂

  51. Lori Banks says:

    I just ordered it on HSN 2 payments of 147.47…not bad at all

  52. Question 1: Is the machine at HSN the same one as in the video? The pictures, just looked a little off and I couldn’t tell if it was. It’s probably just my eyes, but I couldn’t tell.

    Question 2: I was told that the machine sold at HSN need to be shipped back to the company to get the firmware update, is that true?

  53. Ops, edit! Question 1: Is the machine at HSN the same one as in the video above titled “eCraft Machine from Craftwell CHA Look”?

    After I posted question 2, I called the HSN and they didn’t know what the firmware version of the machine being sold there. I really would like to order from there, because shipping is free, payment option 2 payments and I have a 15% code(for new customers) I can use. If they’re selling the eCraft machine, shouldn’t it be the newer firmware version of 2.0?

  54. Answered my own question and I’ll let you know.

    I called the eCraft Comp. and she told me to ask the HSN to send me a 2.0 version machine. I think she also said that you can’t tell if it’s a 2.0 version unless you start the machine up. If they didn’t have one then the HSN could ask eCarft to send one to me. I’m not sure if there is an additional cost by having the eCraft comp. send it to me.

    I hope this help others who are looking for a eCraft machine, because right now the HSN has it as a two payment option and if you have a coupon code you could also save some more money 🙂

  55. I cannot WAIT to see videos with this!! I am so excited, because Andy worked with them and MTC is now available for eCraft, AND I just checked, and it is selling for $267.00!!!!!

  56. I own this machine. It will not cut unless you put cardstock under it. It also does not cut all images on the sd cards. It sits in my craftroom next to all my cricut stuff that I thought I would get rid of when the ecraft arrived. Boy, was I wrong. They also get mad when you complain out loud about how lots of the machines just simply don’t work. They only seem to care about a select few of special customers, and basically told me too bad. This is after they replaced the machine two times! Yes, two times! This one still won’t cut, and I’m through with it. I bought the cricut 2, and decided that the mat wasn’t so bad because at least it cuts!! Good luck!


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