Cricut Expression 2 Live Interview with Jinger Adams 29

Hello Again!  It’s Megan and I’m in Provo Craft Booth with Jinger Adams right from the CHA Show Floor January 2011 show…Check out this video and Jinger shows us the new Cricut Expression 2 – The Limited Anniversary Edition.  This machine is going to premier exclusively on HSN April 26th with Jinger and when these machines are gone they are gone.

YouTube Preview Image

The thing that I really like about this machine is the touch screen (no more overlays) and the preview cut light.  Its really a sleek machine and it allows you to cut from BOTH your Imagine Cartridges and the Original Cricut Cartridges.  This machine DOES NOT PRINT, so don’t get confused it doesn’t replace the Imagine Machine, and in fact if you HAVE a Cricut Imagine Machine, I wouldn’t rush to buy this one, even though there will only be a few made!  This is an exciting year for Provo Craft being the 5th Birthday of the Cricut so they are planning to party all year!

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Don’t forget we have MANY more videos coming from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show) and we will also be talking to Provo Craft more about their new Cricut Craft Room which I know you are all excited and dying to know about!

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29 thoughts on “Cricut Expression 2 Live Interview with Jinger Adams

  • Rhonda Harre

    Thanks for the information on the Cricut Expression 2! Looking forward in hearing more about it on HSN and from you! Thanks Megan for the information you are bringing back from CHA.
    Happy 5th Birthday Cricut!!!!!!!!

  • DianeK

    Thanks Megan for the CHA peeks! Looking forward to the HSN presentation of this new Expression 2 on April 26th and more booth/display/demo videos. I sooo want to go to a CHA show.

  • Cathy Barwick

    Thank you so much for your comments “wouldn’t rush out to buy”. Ha ha! I needed to hear that. I just upgraded last year to the expression when my baby bug died. I love it! I have not been as excited about the Imagine EXCEPT for the fact you can add in your own color codes to match paper. I use a lot of Stampin Up paper and some are now DC and it would be nice to print a pattern of paper that would match. I don’t think I would get the dimensional look I do with the images on the imagine, so I’ve not really looked into that. BTW, I have your Gypsy video and

  • Cathy Barwick

    I love it! (sorry my finger hit the wrong button) Your video is what really taught me how to use it, thank you! I also love your FREE guides on your side of how to cut papers and your sketch sheets. I normally make cards but have now started to scrapbook and I can see I will use these a lot more. I do have a favor. Do you have any sketch sheets for 8.5 x 11? I have two albums I am working on that I purchased a long time ago and they are the smaller size. Thanks again.!

  • Victoria

    Hi Megan, love your Web sight, I don’t have one and most likely won’t, not that computer smart. Thank so much for keeping us informed on the CHA, I enjoy seeing other as well as you on whats coming our way. Victoria

  • scrapper69

    I’ve already saved the date… I’m soooo gonna get this machine…. I like the fact that I can use the Imagine Cartridges with it…. I don’t own the Imagine but really liked a few of the cartridges….. so now I’ll be able to get them and cut them without owning the Imagine….. LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  • Billie

    Hey there! Got to say that YOU are a great teacher! I bought all your videos and the Cricut A to Z has taught me more than I hoped for. I have the Baby Bug, the Expression and the Imagine.
    I never tried to use any of them till I bought your videos…also have Gypsy A to Z. I don’t think that I would want or need the Expression 2. You agree? Please oh please make a video teaching video for the Imagine. The short one that came with my Imagine is useless! Love your knowledge and that you are so willing to share it all with us. You go girl!

  • Carmen

    Hi Megan, thanks for all the info, love all your videos, learn soo much from them, will be looking forward to the rest of the cha vidoes that you will have coming,

  • Addy Wyonch

    What a great looking machine. I can’t believe they keep coming out with new and better machines just after I buy one I have to buy a newer better version. I guess it is all part of the love of the craft.

  • Linda W

    From what I can see on your CE2 video, there’s only two improvements that I could expand on how I might use the CE2. I would like to learn more of the capabilities of this machine and to see how it works up close and personal before buying.

  • Cheryl

    Looks like a great machine…setting my HSN calendar to watch. I have the expression and love it…so I am anxious to see more demonstration on this one…Thanks Megan…

  • Paula

    If the overlays are going away then I wouldn’t be able to use my expression without a gypsy or design studio. Why would they do this? It forces us to buy something we may not want doesn’t it? This is a turn off and would send me shopping for other brands

  • Shelly

    Megan, OMG another machine for us gals to get “possibly”! My the decisions we have to make, etc. Sure looks like a fun machine but we sure have no idea on the cost … My guess similar to the price of the Expression ….guess we’ll have to wait till April! Thank you for sharing again!

  • bonnie

    this new cricut sounds great. What is the difference between this and the cricut image? Also do you know what price range this empression 2 will be?
    Love your videos…


    I am excited about the new E #2 I suggested years back to put a light in there (sure many others did as well)they did that, no key pads even better, and the TOUCH SCREEN is what I love about it. But, I have 2 E, 1 Create, 1 original, I am trying to figure out where to put another one ( I think this is an OBSESSION). But you say not to run out and grab it–does that mean that we can still get it later? Now the Question is as some have already asked WHAT’S THE PRICE? THAT WILL BE THE MAIN DECIDING FACTOR FOR ME…And thanks Meg for keeping us informed…