Crafting on a plane! Pack and plan for crafting on the go

Hi all!

At the airport heading to HSN for an awesome time crafting October 23!

Britten is with me this trip and she made something absolutely AWESOME!!!

If you watch at 6:00am or 2:00pm eastern time and tell me what Britten made I will enter you in a fabulous drawing for some awesome goodies!!!

Before I left I quickly filmed this video showing you what goes in my carry-on to scrapbook, card make, craft on a plane! This also works for other travel too! Everything I’m sharing is TSA compliant so you don’t have to worry about your goodies being taken at check point! Leave those scissors and liquid adhesive home and check out this video for exactly what to bring on board!

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the moments friends!!! See you tomorrow on HSN or where you can watch live as well!!!



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  1. Lory p says:

    Saw it! Awesome paper house! Love the glue glider!

  2. Brenda Haskin says:

    Not sure where you want a comment about what Britten made…. but she used the Maple Manor kit from SVG cuts (love those guys!!) To create an amazing holiday house!!! She is soooo talented!

  3. Linda Boedeker says:

    Britten made a holiday house from the SVG cuts Maple Manor kit. It is adorable. Thanks for an opportunity to win some goodies.

  4. Carol says:

    It’s the house that Britten built, and yes its awesome!
    The link to the video is not live, no video available.

  5. Kim says:

    The christmas themed house using the Glue Glider Pro. I ordered the Glue Arts Bundle, this was a great value and the second time I’ve ordered but a girl can never have too much adhesive or glue guns.

  6. Iva says:

    Am I the only one that can’t view this video? I pasted the address
    in my browser and I got the message page not available.

  7. Kathy D says:

    Britten built a house using the Maple Manor Kit. Would love to see your video you mentioned and hop you can get it up and running. Have fun you two!

  8. Tina Jignstin says:

    A cute Christmas house is what she made!

  9. Kimberly Colson says:

    Britten did an awesome job on the Maple Manor House. I haven’t had the guts to cut that one out yet. Great job on the show Thanks for sharing with us.

    kimberly colson

  10. Kimberly Colson says:

    Brittens house was amazing and so were you. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Janice says:

    Holiday House. So much talent between you two.

  12. Kathy Olson says:

    The Christmas House!!! How fun!

  13. Gabi says:

    I couldn’t view the video either.

  14. Susan Luchini says:

    Christmas House

  15. Janie T says:

    Loved the house Britten made, beautiful.

  16. Ann says:

    Britten made the Holiday House (fabulous) with the Glue Glider Pro.

  17. Diania says:

    I purchased the Pro Glider earlier. It is very easy to use.

    She created a beautiful paper holiday house. Thanks,

  18. Lynn says:

    Britten made a holiday house, cannot find video about crafting on the plane. :(

  19. Debbie Tucker says:

    She used the Maple Manor house from svgcuts and made a Christmas house what a good idea I have that file think I will give it a try

  20. Nancy says:

    Britten made the cute holiday house – love svgcuts!

    Don’t get on a plane much – but need to write down those tips!

  21. Womack says:

    Britten made a beautiful holiday house. Way to go Britten!

  22. Anne D says:

    Own the glue glider easy to use. Britten made the Holiday House

  23. Samantha Mallory says:

    Britten made a Holiday Paper House.

  24. Blanca says:

    Britten made a beautiful holiday house.

  25. Mary Rita says:

    Hello there. I have tried to watch the YouTube on how to pack for crafting on a plane. The link you have on your website ( does not work. I’ve tried several times this morning, and I get a message that it is not available. Thank you.

  26. evelyn says:

    hello, well you make jewelry, calender days on a frame, Britten made a paper holiday house. Great show, you should had been on the hold hour.You also make a card with Rudolf the red noise reindeer.

  27. Jessica Beougher says:

    I am super excited as I am getting the glue glider pro!!!! Yea for me! Brittian made a holdiday house…super cute! I love watching you ladies be crafty so much inspiration!!!

  28. Kim McNaughton says:

    Britten made that amazing house!

  29. Marion says:

    Britten made a beautiful paper holiday house!

  30. Judy says:

    Bitten made a beautiful Holiday house. I also could not view the video on utube.

  31. Lynne says:

    She made a beautiful holiday house.

  32. Melanie says:

    She made a holiday house. I don’t have the glue glider yet.. but will be getting it soon.

  33. Connie says:

    Couldn’t see the video… Britten made a house. i would love to know what we can take on a plane for crafting.

  34. Cindy says:

    I couldn’t access the video either so I went to the Above Rubies Studio you tube channel and found the video.

  35. Deana Hayes says:

    She made a holiday house

  36. Sherry P. says:

    Britten built a beautiful paper house!! Would love to have the pattern! Enjoyed seeing you present the GlueArts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive on HSN!

  37. Kris says:

    Britten crafted the SVGCuts Maple Manor kit (just love owners Mary and Leo Kowal!) and put a Christmas spin on it. Great job, Britten! Megan Elizabeth, your top was so pretty and you were great at 2am PDT. I’m waiting for the next showing coming up in an hour!

  38. Lorraine says:

    How cute! Britten made the Holiday House.

  39. Becky says:

    Britten made and absolutely Adorable Christmas house!

  40. tucsoncarol says:

    Britten made the holiday house, and no the link to the video does not work. You have great stuff on HSN. I buy from them all the time.

  41. Cathy Nelson says:

    What a beautiful holiday house Britten made. I would love the glue glider as part of the goodies!!!

  42. Lynn Miller says:

    Britten made the Holiday House. It was so darn cute!!!!!

  43. lory penniman says:

    saw the awesome paper house early this morning, said my post was waiting moderation.. not sure where to enter for prizes

  44. Beth says:

    Great holiday house .. So lovely

  45. Linda Reiser says:

    Britten made the Holiday House. Cute!

  46. Kim F says:

    She made the Holiday house. Love it:)

  47. Sharon says:

    It’s the cute Christmas house!!! What a great idea.

  48. Amanda Haynes says:

    Britton made a really awesome house and btw Megan you looked really cute.

  49. Tammi Dorn says:

    Britten made a fantastic Christmas House! She always makes such amazing things!

  50. geri dygert says:

    Britten made the Holiday House. The house would make a good center peace on the holiday table. Love it

  51. Judith says:

    Loved you on HSN. Brit made a cute Christmas/Holiday house.

  52. Pat says:

    You looked great on hsn Megan, Britten did the little cottage house.

  53. Robin says:

    Just love the Holiday house Britten made. Ans as always you looked great (really radiant). I bought my Pro Glider today. Safe trip home.

  54. Victoria says:

    Absolutely adored the holiday House Britten Made. Megan you look awesome. So awake considering your day started so early!

  55. Victoria says:

    She made the holiday themed cottage house from paper and the glue glider pro.

  56. Nancy Maddy says:

    love the house Britten made and I had to order the glue glider pro and refill.

  57. Joan says:

    She made a darling house.

  58. Joene says:

    Britten made the adorable house that was on HSN. You look great Megan. Just wish your segment was longer. I would love to see you do something with Square 1 on HSN also. Bet it would increase sales. I love it for pictures of my grandkids that I have on my frig, but have never used the colors for making anything.

  59. Jean S says:

    Britten made the house from the SVGCuts Maple Manor kit and changed it to a Christmas themed house. Fantastic job she did!

  60. Mary H says:

    Britten made the Beautiful SVGCuts Maple Manor Christmas house.

  61. Dee says:

    Britten made a wonderful house. Complete with all the little Christmas lights attached using Glue Glider Pro adhesives. Was glad to be here so I could watch you today on HSN. I even recorded the early morning one so I can watch it as well but it was on at like 5 am my time.


  62. Sue Manning says:

    I just watched your HSN appearance. You did great, and Britten’s house was incredibly detailed and awesome!
    I particularly liked the little lights. Nice job both of you.
    Thanks for sharing always..

  63. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    Britten’s paper house was beautiful and your presentations of the Glue Glider were flawless as always. I also really liked your use of all of the various materials that can be adhered with the adhesive. I have purchased 2 complete sets of Glue Glider adhesive due to your hsn appearances…great product !

  64. Kathy H says:

    Enjoyed the glue arts presentation. I thought the Britton Christmas House was cute. Much easier than a gingerbread cookie house I tried.

  65. Mary says:

    Britten made a wonderful paper house. Great Job!

  66. Lucy says:

    Britten made the cute paper house!

  67. Doree says:

    I am so excited! I FINALLY ordered by Glue Glider! Good job today! Britten made the cute house….what amazing talent! Keep up the great work!

  68. I watched the 2:00 show and you don’t look to tired for as much sleep you got the last couple of days. Love Britten’s mansion from svgcuts all decorated for Christmas!!!

  69. kerry says:

    Britton made a holiday house!!

  70. Kathy Tracy says:

    Britten made a beautiful Christmas house using Glue Glider Pro for the whole project! Very nice….I really love that idea. Great job Megan on HSN….love your dress, you looked so good!

  71. Kelly Seabold says:

    Beautiful house made from Maple Manor…GOEGEOUS and inspirational!


  72. mary s says:

    Love the paper house and the Advent calendar. I picked up a glue glider pro. What a great tool.

  73. Mabel says:

    I got to see you on the 2:30 airing. Stopped in the middle of cutting grass to watch you. Love the house that Britten made and wish they would have shown more of it. Love Glue Glider…it is the only tape runner I have right now. Nice job Megan…they need to give you more time!

  74. Tammy Hancock says:

    Britten created the beautiful Holiday House!

  75. jaci says:

    She created a beautiful per holiday house.

  76. Tina Michael-Dahlmann says:

    Saw you on both shows on HSN, Megan. Good job. Britten made the beautiful holiday home. Do you know specifically how she attached the light sets as I know I would have a hard time doing it even with my Glue Glider Pro?

  77. Colleen says:

    Beautiful house, would never guess it was made out of paper if it wasn’t mentioned. I had to order the Fiskars Fuse bundle today. I have Sizzix and of course several Cricut machines (my favorite), but I love how you can ink the images on this machine. Im sensing a new scrapbooking addiction!

  78. Andrea says:

    I just saw the show on HSN. I dvrd it ans was able to watch it this evening. Britton made the adorable Christmas house. I loved it and the frame. Looks like the one from ctmh. Love it!

  79. Teresa Moore says:

    It’s the house that Britten built, Just great !!!!! Love , Teresa

  80. Jeri says:

    Britten made a fabulous and amazing house.

  81. Joan Barch says:

    She made a paper house from SVG cuts. I use them all the time in my cutting machine. They made really cool designs and the glue glider makes it so easy to make cards and scrapbook pages with their designs!

  82. Patti says:

    I missed you on Tuesday but caught you at the HSN site, You did a great job. Its so nice to see someone familiar (like I know you) :) Britten did an awesome job on the paper house….simply amazing.
    I love the glue glider.

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