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Hello Everyone Interested In Sure Cuts A Lot šŸ™‚

I received an email today from the Creators of Sure Cuts A Lot ( and they provided me with a coupon to share with all my readers for an additional 10% off their purchase of SCAL version 2 šŸ™‚

Now, I have to admit to you, I have started reducing the amount of talking about SCAL on Above Rubies Studio for several reasons, since buying my Gypsy, I have not used SCAL.Ā  Even though there are many people out there who have never had troubles getting their Cricuts to work with the Gypsy and SCAL updates, I have.Ā  So I am actually very happy and content using just my Gypsy and since it is made by Provo Craft, and it works with the Cricut really well.Ā  I never had problems with it until I got my Gypsy, so it is still a great option for those who are not quite ready for the Gypsy in the meantime…. ANYWAY, to get back to the Coupon

10% Off Sure Cuts a Lot Coupon: Coupon Code 8774959

So those interested, I still wanted to provide you a way to save money, because that is what I am all about! I know the struggles of the crafters budget šŸ˜‰Ā  I’m here for ya! šŸ˜‰

The other thing that I did want to share is that while I used to be very active in supporting Craft Edge, since my Gypsy, I have changed my stance a bit.Ā  I also want everyone to know I am not associated with Craft Edge or Provo Craft as far as technical support or issues that would arise from using either of their softwares or machines.Ā  So while I LOVE to try to help you and find answers for you, I am just not good customer service support for these companies, if that makes sense?? šŸ˜‰

Have a great day!Ā  Enjoy the Savings if you choose to take advantage!Ā  You must use this code before April 12th to receive the 10% off you SCAL Software.

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25 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot Coupon

  • -Carla

    Thanks for the info… I have been considering SCAL but have talked to a few who have run into issues with the 2 different programs so I have held off until I have more confirmation one way or another..I do not own a gypsy yet buy hope to some day and I would not want to have any avoidable issues with any of it…so I agree, thank you for your honesty for people like me who know very little about this stuff in the beginning

  • Linda Weisholz

    For those of you who find the gypsy convenient to use, it’s great. As for me, I do not ever plan to scrap on the go. With SCAL 2, I like the flexibility of being able to create many of my own designs that I can’t find on Circut cartridges. Don’t get me wrong, I do own my share of Circut cartridges and use them too. I just love using the virtual screen on SCAL 2 because of its new features. Provo Craft really haven’t improve their CDS since I bought it. Yes, I update it and it loads the new cartridges as it comes. Also, I guess I just don’t want to load down my purse with yet another mini computer gadget. I already have and Ipod Touch and a cell phone.

  • Sandy

    I too appreciate your honesty and that will let us know that when you recommend something you are not doing it because you think you need to recommend something because they expect you to. I have SCAL, Design Studio and the Gypsy and they can each do things the other one can’t!! EX: in DS you can remove some of the elements of a design and cut it without as in a pillow box in the Wedding Solutions cart; you can remove the flourish and have a solid pillow box. Still can’t do that with the Gypsy. Miss the card projects as that is mostly what I do. My granddaughter is with me often and has watched your videos with me and then one day created her own “card making demo” it is adorable!

  • Megan Gravener

    I have never had a problem with computer bog and I always loved SCAL! It’s just been a matter of I haven’t been able to use it and get it to work with my Cricut since the purchase of my Gypsy.
    Scal is a WONDERFUL tool because it does allow you to do so much that isn’t on cartridges and there are hundreds of resources for files to cut. It’s really wonderful when you look at it that way! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • Brandi

    Morning Megan!! I wanted to stop and ask you if you had ever gotten a chance to play with MTC?? I purchased it a couple months ago and I am starting to figure it out thanks to videos on You Tube. Would love to know your opinion of MTC vs SCAL. Thanks a bunch!

  • Kim

    Hi Megan. I watched your video last night. Learned a lot. So today I am looking into SCAL. Does it automatically conect with fonts in the computer or do I have to transfer them into the program somehow. I am very challenged when it comes to this.

  • Gina

    I love SCAL2. I have been able to do amazing Cricut cuts from downloaded dingbats and fonts. There are endless resources & tutorials online. I have definitely curbed my cartridge buying. I am not a techi by the way.

  • Angi

    I have the Cricut V1, Expression, DS, Gypsy and 93 cartridges. I am interested in the SCAL to do any font or any pic without specific cartridges. Am I understanding you to say that since I have the GYPSY I will not be able to use the SCAL?

  • Phyllis

    I love getting the emails and so enjoy my tapes that I have purchased and can’t wait to see the new ones come out. By the way what they going to be? I am going to buy them not even knowing. Guess, I really love your tapes, huh?

  • Kristy

    I too am really concerned about trying to use my gypsy with my cricut now because I love SCAL and don’t want to lose the capability of using it anymore. Do you know if this has been resolved? I own a gypsy but I won’t use it if it messes up the ability to use scal! yikes šŸ™

  • Diana

    PLEASE, let me know if there has been any resolution to the conflict with the gypsy and the SCAL software. I would love to have the SCAL just for the font ability.

  • Linda Smith

    Just received Cricut Personal for Christmas and was directed to this site for info. Just needed to get some info about cartridges!!! Thanks so much!! Linda

  • Christopher

    I am relatively new to the scrap booking and Cricut world myself. I wouldn’t have bought a Cricut if it required cartridges as the only option. The cartridges can be extremely expensive and limits you creativity. Especially if you are on a budget. I have SCAL2 and although it took me a little bit to teach myself, I can now take my NETBOOK anywhere and use it just like I would the GYPSY. Even better, it has a 9″ screen for better viewing. I can watch tutorial, learn, create and when I connect it with a USB to my Cricut, I cut. Excellent!

  • Linda

    Hi Megan, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information. I have a question about the SCAL 2. I am a designer and was wondering if I created a pattern could I scan it and put it on my computer then transfer it into the SCAL? Thank you for your help and have a blessed day.

  • Sharon

    I read on the MTC website last night that they no longer support Cricuts so be very careful .. if you update the software it will probably render your MTC useless.

  • Sigal P

    hello Megan,
    I’m thinking on buying the “cricut imagine” machine or the “cricut Expression”.
    On the cricut site i read that the “cricut imagine” machine can’t be use with the cricut design software. Do you know if that means that i could not use the SCAL with it?
    thank you,
    Sigal P

  • Susan

    I have SCAL2 and gypsy. I don’t use them at the same time, but I use them both and have had not problems. I love my cricut, gypsy and SCAL2. I feel they compliment each other and and offer endless inspiration.Thank you