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top-secret This is an urgent message to everyone on the Above Rubies Studio Staff and Design Team! I have some top secret projects in the works and if what I’m about to tell you goes public, I don’t even know what will happen… so don’t share this with ANYONE!!! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone on the team! You ladies are absolutely phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier with what the Above Rubies Studio Team is shaping into… This team is super talented and I can’t wait for you guys to start showing off your work!

Now, down to business…

Club Ruby

You already know that “Club Ruby” is coming up FAST. Well, the first month of supplies are already in!Ā  We have AMAZING papers, embellishments, ribbons and other things all ready for the Club Ruby design team to start crafting with and making videos. We have a very talented team of web designers and developers working on the website. This is an extremely professional web design team, so be ready to be impressed! Even the logo itself is going to be enough to make you stop and take a second look – SO cool!

Club Ruby is going to be an amazing resource for learning and inspiration! And it’s not just for Cricut users, it’s for ALL Crafters at any skill level. You already know from following the Above Rubies Studio blog that our guiding philosophy is that we’re all about the CRAFTER; educating, helping and inspiring the crafting community, and Club Ruby is no different.

We don’t have all the details finalized yet, but there will be several “levels” of membership including paid and FREE (no strings attached, I promise)! It’s going to be something that everyone can be a part of!

If you thought Cricut A to Z was packed full of info, you won’t believe this … and it’s not just for Cricut users, either! And just to give you a taste, here is a brief list of what will be included:

  • A massive video library that is unlike anything else – and exclusive to club members only!
  • Personal and Private Journals
  • Forums and Message Boards
  • Money saving tips
  • New and fun craft techniques
  • Showcases and Galleries of Member and Design Team Projects
  • Featured Projects
  • Projects for Cricut and Non-Cricut users
  • Projects for other die cutting machines (the Slice Machine, Sizzix, etc)Ā Ā  šŸ™‚

Of course, weekly videos, tips,Ā  and other fun stuff will always be on the Above Rubies Studio Blog.Ā  The idea is to offer MORE, not replace or take anything away… we just want to offer MORE MORE MORE! šŸ™‚

Gypsy A to Z

gypsy-dvd007 Alright, I know a LOT of people are going to be upset about this, but its for good reason, trust me!Ā  We are going to delay the release of the “Gypsy A to Z” DVD for a week or two … but DON’T WORRY Team!Ā  We have a Special Bonus that will be well worth the wait… you’re going love what we have in store for everyone. To give you a hint, we’re adding an additional $9.00 value for FREE for anyone who purchases “Gypsy A to Z”… this is SO big!

I can’t even convey how excited about this DVD I am… If you liked Cricut A to Z, you’re going to LOVE Gypsy A to Z. Ā  Tammy Skinner added so much of her “Gypsy Genius” to this DVD and her projects are to die for! I was so fortunate to have her come out and work with us… and it really shows in the DVD.

So, start gearing up for Gypsy A to Z”… it’s going to be THE resource for those who want to get MORE from their Gypsy. The advanced projects we created are so “outside the box” and everyone will be right there learning how to do it with us. They will be the Envy of Crafters everywhere! I think people are going to be BLOWN AWAY when they see everything that is included on the DVD (and then some).

Top Secret Mission!


Above Rubies Studio is on a Mission!Ā  A 5,000 Blog Reader Mission and it’s GOING TO BE HUGE!

By far, this is the BIGGEST Event Above Rubies Studio has EVER had!Ā  We are on a mission and we will hit it, BUT, this means BIG things for our readers!Ā  We are talking top secret prize packs unlike ANYTHING EVER done before!Ā  We have prizes like:

  • Cricut Expression Bundles – That’s right I said BUNDLES meaning we are going to have MORE than ONE!
  • A Provo Craft Gypsy with Tools and More – YES A GYPSY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DVD Education Packs
  • A free year subscription to Club Ruby
  • Cricut Cartridges – Some of your choice and some we choose for you – BUT BIG STUFF!!!!!
  • AND THE GRAND PRIZE – I can’t EVEN BRING MYSELF to say it – IT IS SOOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, Sean (my husband and partner in crime šŸ™‚ ) doesn’t even know about it yet, but it is COMING with this Mission!

The way this is going to work is – everyone will have until June 15, 2010 to participate – IF by June we reach 5,000 subscribed readers to the Above Rubies Blog, we will be holding drawings for ALL these prizes and MORE – and even if we don’t reach 5,000, we are still going to have large drawings for those who participated – so don’t worry! šŸ™‚

When we get closer to announcing our “mission” to the public, we’ll have more information on how to participate… But I CAN tell you that we will have a tracking system in place so that we can track everyone who participates… and you will be able to “earn” more chances to win šŸ™‚

This is going to be HUGE and lots of fun!

Make sure that you don’t say ANYTHING about this Mission until we are ready!

p.s. Remember this is TOP Secret this message is for those who Read it ONLY!! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

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