Uniformed Scrapbooks of America and KanBan Crafts 15

Hey Everyone

As promised, here is another day at the Summer CHA 2011 Trade Show!  In this video I’m going to be showing you two booths of great products and things I think you are going to L.O.V.E. LOVE! 🙂

First thing you’ll see if the Uniformed Scrapbooks of America.  This husband and wife team are amazing first of all, and they are expecting very soon too which is just so stinkin sweet and I’m so happy for them!  BUT, Charles served in our US Armed Forces in Iraq and they came up with this wonderful Scrapbook that is perfect for ALL Military Families and Loved ones.  You can see more of their company and their albums at http://www.UniformedScrapbook.com.  Right away I thought of Nikki, Scrappin’ Navy Wife and many other families who have husbands, fathers, brothers, all serving.  So this is just AWESOME and fully patented and supported by each branch of our Military.  AWESOMENESS!

I also stopped by and talked to Lianne over at KanBan, I met her for the first time at CHA in January out in Anaheim, CA and then we hooked up again when I went to HSN just a few weeks ago.  I stopped by her booth and their Action Wobble Cards are SO stinking ADORABLE and creative, just fun stuff and so SUPER SUPER easy!  Their kits are REALLY great for those beautiful cards we want to put together in a hurry, but want it to still look amazing and thoughtfully professional, KanBan is whatcha need!  You can visit more about them at: http://www.kanbancrafts.com/usa/ the quality of their products is ABSOLUTELY superb! I’ll be sharing more in upcoming videos their products as well! 🙂

Ok well enjoy and check back tomorrow for more CHA Show Floor footage!  You never know who we will run into and what you’ll see!

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15 thoughts on “Uniformed Scrapbooks of America and KanBan Crafts

  • Elizabeth J

    hi megan,what a great idea for the military,i have 3 airforce,army,marines thank god my sons are home!!!thank you…love it..

  • Lynn Mann

    I love the uniformed scrapbooks and that fact they can be personalized. The Santa one is a great one for the holidays too! I love the cards from KanBan, particularly the rocking cards!

  • Lisa Rial

    I just love your videos. I watch them during my work day. I’m a school bus driver and while i’m waiting for the students i’ll watch a few of them. As I am a new gyspy owner and still learning,your tutorials are great.
    I thankyou for them.
    Lisa Rial

  • Tammy Grover-Lupold

    Thank you to all our military loved ones. Also, thank you to the families who support their loved ones. God Bless.
    The scrapbooks are an also idea.

  • Jane McCarty

    My father and uncle both served in the military during World War II. They were from West Easton, a small borough in Pennsylvania. This tiny borough of 0.3 square miles sent 200 men to war–nearly every single eligible man. Many other towns sent their men off to fight for our freedom, and I am grateful to every one of them. My nephew is following in his grandfather’s footsteps by serving in the army in Afghanistan. He asked me to make a calendar for him of pictures of him with his buddies when he was on leave for his 21st birthday in August. A small token of my appreciation!