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Hey Everyone

Today’s check this out was a hot pick from CHA 2013 and I’m here to share with you a few things about how cool this transparent printable film is.  You can use it on Wood, Glass, Metal, Paper, Textured Papers, Shoes, Fabric, You name it, you can heat or glue this film onto and it looks like it was printed directly onto the surface you apply it to.  I’m anxious to share more videos with you about this in the future, but I wanted you to be able to CHECK THIS OUT from Craft-e-Corner.com

YouTube Preview Image


Thanks so much for stopping by to Check This Out today! I hope you enjoyed and I’m DYING to know:

What creative surfaces and materials would you like to see this product used and tested on?  I’d love to know and try it out for you! Please comment!!!

Enjoy the Moments!

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14 thoughts on “CTO: Craft Attitude Printable Film at Craft-E-Corner.com

  • MommyMe

    Thank you for featuring this unique product! I am envisioning glass drink coasters adorned with images. I must have summer entertaining on my mind!

  • Linda

    What is the point of flipping the image? Didn’t you put it on in the direction it came out of the printer?

    I thought the point of scrapbooking was to showcase your photos, not see through them…

    • Deanna

      If you watch again, the printed side goes down. So, if you didn’t flip the image, it would be backwards. I love that, so you don’t have to worry about the printing coming off!!

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Correct if you don’t flip your image that images will be backwards as we place the printed side directly only the project we are adhering it to. AND Deanna is correct you don’t have to worry about the ink bleeding or coming off because it is protected by the film.

      Depending on what you are creating it is a very fun effect to see through them or tp do them on textured papers more than even pattern papers. 🙂

  • Jane Dubois

    Linda has a point about not wanting to see through the picture. Some patterns would distract from the picture. But I can definitely see a use for this product when I want to mount a picture on something that would ordinarily not be used. I could get creative with this.

  • Melinda Wasilchin

    Thank you so much for all of your reviews and videos!! You rock!! I would like to see this on clothing – maybe a t-shirt. Would it stay on through washings? Again, thanks for all the great info you provide!

  • Natalie

    I’ve tried this product with a friend, and we really had trouble with it. It looks super cool on pearl shimmer paper or paper with a subtle texture like handmade mulberry paper. We did use a heat laminator, set to the highest heat setting. However, we found that the material wouldn’t stick to textured surfaces very well, and even with smooth paper it peeled off REALLY easily when cool. We’re not sure what went wrong, or if that’s just how it works…

    Megan, I’m curious if your image stayed stuck on the glitter paper? Is it easily peeled off if you flick at the edge with your fingernail, even gently?

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Natalie, I have not ever had troubles with it peeling that easily. I will have to send an email to Ann to see what she suggests/recommends. Its still on my glitter paper now – Not entirely sure why it would do that. I know you CAN peel it off but I kinda thought it would take some effort and doin’ for that to happen.

    • Anne at Craft Attitude

      Hi Natalie; I like your picture:) and was sorry to hear about your experience.

      You’re right – it looks awesome on pearl shimmers and mulberry papers. The Attitude will get a good bond to most specialty papers with a hot laminator or iron. However, some papers may be more difficult to get a good bond to. You could use a craft adhesive spray and still get the look. Make sure the adhesive is archival and acid free. I’ve used Elmers Craft Spray and Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Spray. Megan says she loves Crafter’s Companion. Since you have a laminator, I would still use the laminator to squeeze it together.

      The Attitude doesn’t have any adhesive on it which is why for some uses, it requires a glue stick or craft spray. The reason it sticks to many papers with only lamination or a hot iron is because most papers are made with a bonding material which acts as an adhesive with heat and pressure and the “skin-like” nature of the Attitude allows it to mold and adhere to the paper. Some papers have more of this bonding material and some have less.

      Remember that you could also texturize your designs or photos by laminating to a textured paper and then peeling off the Attitude a few hours later. This creates a textured vellum with your picture or design printed on it which could be used for paper crafting.

      I hope this helps.